What is said is not as important as what we hear and what we feel. That is why we make an effort to experience conference in a setting where the still, small voice of the Spirit can be clearly heard, felt, and understood.

I for one am completely apathetic towards the general concept of Valentines day but in the spirit of the occasion here is some Tatooine Ghost trash for your dash. 

Were you aware of the presence of the Indy Scruff in this scene because I had to read it twice to make sure.

Cold Harbor Battlefield

The Battle of Cold Harbor took place from May 31 to June 12, 1864 during the American Civil War, and is considered one of the bloodiest battles in United States history. Union general Ulysses Grant led his men against Confederate general Robert E. Lee in what would turn into a bloodbath, with the Confederates decimating Grant’s troops through the course of the two weeks of fighting. It was one of the last battles for Grant, and one that he would call one of his largest regrets.

The Cold Harbor battlefield is also believed to be one of the most haunted military sites in America, with locals reportedly hearing sounds of the battle to the point where cannon fire, gun fire, and the sounds of screaming men are sometimes reported in the local newspaper. Tourists claim to still smell gunpowder when they visit the historical landmark, and both the Cold Harbor National Cemetery and the Garthright House, located across the street, are said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl.

It’s about this young guy who is able to see ghosts but after some attack from a spirit monster (these are called Hollow), a Shinigami (Soul Reaper) girl grants him her powers to become a Shinigami as well so he can protect his family. Then a lot of stuff happened and she gets arrested by the Shinigami higher-ups and is sentenced to death because of reasons. So, of course, the guy risks his life to go and save her from being executed.

me trying to explain Bleach to someone

I think I failed

anonymous asked:

I have a head canon where Tentoo comes up up with a big proposal for Rose and when he goes to ask Jackie for permission, she says no at first just to screw with him. But she say yes after watching his face turn white as a ghost and worrying he might pass out.

Jackie would totally mess with him. And then probably give him a protective mother lecture that he’d definitely already heard before and then she’d probably just tell him to stop being daft and get on with it and send him home to rose saying she appreciates the sentiment but Rose had proved long ago that she didn’t need Jackie’s permission to do anything.

in the spirit of valentine’s day, let’s talk about doctor/rose headcanons and such (or doctor who related headcanons in general)

Free Tarot and Oracle card readings and a Coupon Code

I am currently in the process of updating my shop, and it is very very boring. To break it off, I thought that I would try and get some Tarot and Oracle card practice in. To thank whoever helps me out, I am offering a coupon code for my shop to anyone who gets a reading from me. The coupon code will be for 10% off $10. 

Anyhoo, on to rules

-I am not doing private readings today

-I don’t do third party readings or “when will ______ happen” readings. I will do a general for a set period of time though. 

-All readings will be 3 cards. 

-If you don’t pick a deck, I get to. The decks I have on hand are the Isidore Tarot, the Tarot of the Magical Forest, the Ghosts and Spirits Tarot, the Nicoletta Ceccoli Tarot, The Enchanted Map Oracle deck, the Wooden Tarot, and the Vintage Wisdom Oracle deck

-If I feel weird about your question I may decline or suggest a rephrase. 

I hope you will trust me to read for you, and thank you in advance,

Kayla G

You know…
I think about this a lot…
What if there are no gods…
But there is an afterlife
After we die we go and wait to be reincarnated
But spirits that have let themselves go crazy and mad with rage and sadness stay.
And that’s how houses get haunted and peopled get possessed
Maybe it’s not God’s faith that defeats these demons
Maybe it’s just faith in general
Maybe it knocks the spirit back into their senses
Makes them realize what they’re doing…
I don’t know
But it sounds really logical…
So just have faith
It doesn’t matter what you have faith in
Just have faith

My older sister actually gave me an interesting theory on Specter Knight while she was driving me

she told me that she thinks he didn’t have some previous life he’d died from, but perhaps wasn’t ever human at all and was more related to some otherworldy/inhuman being from another dimension that perhaps the enchantress had summoned because of his handling with the dead/otherwordly creatures that seem to be ghosts/spirits/undead and such. now this has a kind of ‘demon from another world’ feel, and I questioned her about the whole calling people mortals thing being perhaps he had just become immortal and was referring to the fact of others being mortal/able to die. Her response was that if he were an other wordly being, perhaps he never had an understanding of human moral/emotion/being in general and therefore does not understand them and calls them mortal to refer to his not being of their world or something

I personally like the ‘had a previous life before them’ idea but I thought it was a neat take on it and that i’d share

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Hey Babs! Well, it's kinda obvious, but Cora Hale? I'd love to hear your "general opinions." :)

Hi! and omg. yes. Cora. :DDD

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS

ship with:  if it’s not obvious by now Lydia~

friendship them with:  Boyd. BOYD. Stiles. Erica. Lydia. Derek. Allison. Basically everyone and anyone?

general opinions: jfc. i am still kinda bitter over the whole “written onto the show to take over Erica’s storyline and be a potential match for Stiles” that seemed to be her canon character concept,  BUT. i love her to bits. she’s a survivor. A little angry wolf girl, but still really… tender about it all? like—believing in ghosts + spirits and petting Derek’s hair…?

i wish adelaide kane would come back. guest star for an episode or two. OR have someone just MENTION HER NAME. maybe even her BROTHER could mention her??? that’s my ultimate dream. for teen wolf to stop forgetting about their old characters.

Being Pushed Out

Most days I am excited to start over somewhere else. At this point, I am drained of the Orlando culture. The superficial relationships, the elitist attitudes, the dwindling scene in general, the lack of surprise and excitement I feel when I go out because I already know everyone and have to have the same horrifying small talk, the ghosts that roam the spaces I sometimes fill, the increasingly intricate paths of relations to one another…I am trying to live out my last months here with high spirits, an appreciation for home, and love for my friends (who I do love), I just get overwhelmed with the incapacitating inclinations that my fairly large group of acquaintances, past loves, and present endeavors possess that pressure everyone to stifle being uncomfortable, and being ultimately human. I don’t want calculated risks in my life anymore. I want risks. 

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19 and.. 21 (keep the answer to this one PG tho.. *bricked*)

Lmaooo I can’t believe you’re trying to censor me rn n_n

19: Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

So weird, I keep talking about this with a friend of mine. This used to be a no, but after talking with him I think I’m more open to the idea. But in general, no.

21: Are you religious?


Thank you😻😻

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12, 19, 26 ? I hope your day is going alright, hun.

12. Do you prefer tea, coffee, or cocoa?


19. Do you believe in ghosts/spirits?

Why not?

26. Do you like ball-jointed dolls?

Dolls in general are creepy.  ;;  I hated them growing up.

I’m doing okay today, just a little stressed cause i was too sad yesterday to do work and now i might not finish in time before class.  ^^;;;;



On sleep

I don’t sleep enough. I never have. Never have been able to keep a schedule, fall asleep on time, or out of anything but sheer exhaustion or chemical induction been able to sleep. On the rare occasions I get a full night’s rest, I dislike the feelings of being well-rested. I derealize from my surroundings, spirits and shadow people visit me, and in general, nothing feels real. It’s far away. Much like in Fight Club, the Narrator’s explanation of it describes it wonderfully.

I feel too…in control. I get uncomfortably lucid. Maybe sleep deprievation has the nice effect of taking the sheen of reality and covering it some. It lets my brain run too fully, and then things get loud. I go hypomanic sometimes, or depression takes over and I ghost room to room or stay in bed.

On that note, why does drifting room to room without purpose seem weird to people? Can’t I walk into a room, stand at the doorway, and walk away without saying anything? Or is that odd?

[— I feel so great playing John, seriously. Before this, I had a vast knowledge of paranormal crap that I was doing nothing with. Fae, demons, angels, ghosts and just general monster-y crap, I can do threads with all of that stuff. So give me a nudge if you want to plot, I am happy to do so.

Also, i’m finally doing replies *cue yays from unseen audience* —]

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BlueBell Fairy<3

Strange Superstition: Stepping on a grave. I believe in spirits and ghosts so whenever I visit a cemetery I try to be as respectful as I can. Also just respecting land and places in general. If not I feel like it’ll come back to bite me in the butt later ‘cos whatever dwells there might be pissed I did something.

Like Clockwork

When Danny finds an old grandfather clock that belonged to his great-great grandfather, General Cornwall Tanner, he decides to put it in the middle of the living room - right in the way of anyone walking by. Despite the clock not taking up that much space, the other residents of the house start bumping into it left and right, leading Danny to snap and smash the antique to pieces. From the rubble that was the clock, the ghost of Cornwall Tanner emerges and thanks Danny for releasing his spirit once and for all. Danny bids his ancestor a farewell and spends the next three months sleeping in Michelle’s bed because of his newly formed fear of ghosts.

Meanwhile, Joey and Jesse time each other to see who can do a radio broadcast the fastest, a plan which soon falls to pieces as their radio show has a set schedule and can’t be finished any sooner than any other episode. From the rubble that was the plan, the ghost of Cornwall Tanner emerges and thanks Joey and Jesse for releasing his spirit once and for all…

Okay  bu t
What I really want is a deranged Ceindrech okay like

Can you imagine some creepy eyeless girl stalking around and moving things around all ghosty like
I can imagine dark spirits and ghosts would just flock to her too seeing as she’s pretty well a beacon to spirits in general anyway and just
*whispers* deranged!ceindrech fricking with people

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Any tips for creating vengeful ghost OCs?

Vengeful spirits are often said to have either died in an upsetting way (murder, suicide, car accident that wasn’t their fault, etc) or went through previous trauma and feel restless until they can exact their revenge on whoever caused it. So keep that mind. I’d also research more on the subjects of ghosts in general. Everyone has a different interpretation of them so I would try to focus on “real” experiences with vengeful ghosts and find the similarities between stories. You can then use those as your building blocks.