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if i left anything out/got anything wrong let me know please but i have a lot of people asking what’s going on and i can’t keep typing things out because this is exhausting to think about

I’m mega proud of Dan and Phil for doing an impeccable job presenting The Brits. They are just getting better and better I am so ridiculously happy for them. 2015 has been incredible already and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for them. All I know is that by the looks of it, it’s gonna be one heck of a year!

Lifted me up and watched me stumble.

I don’t think Madonna ever meant those lyrics to be interpreted literally, but after the Brit Awards last night that’s exactly what happened. Her cape was tied too tight, and she couldn’t untie it fast enough. Her dancers pulled her backwards down three steps of stairs by the neck. I only just rewatched the performance for the first time since last night. I’ve felt too bad to watch it until now. When I saw it live last night, my heart literally skipped a beat when it happened, and I couldn’t enjoy the rest of the performance. 

What I see now, that I didn’t see last night, is how amazingly she pulled it together and got back up. After a potentially seriously injuring fall, she could have walked off stage or played in safe for the rest of the song, but being Madonna, that was naturally not an option. She got back up in a matter of seconds, and finished the performance effortlessly and flawlessly, sang live pitch perfect and danced has ass off. A fall like that would limit anyone, but Madonna felt she had all the more to prove, and gave it another 10%. 

I’m so proud to call myself a Madonna fan. She’s a true professional, a true artist, and one hell of an entertainer. 

Perfectly Imperfect

Pairing: Michael/Gavin (Mavin)

Rating: Teen+

Words: 614

Summary: It’s never shocking for Michael and Gavin to be closer than most platonic relationships. In fact, it’s more unusual when they aren’t.


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He takes you to an awards show- Harry

"What if I trip over? What if loose Harry? What if the fans hate me going?" Doubts were taking over your mind as you ride in the back of a limo with Harry, the rest of the band and their girlfriends to the Brit Awards. This was your first ever awards show and you were beyond nervous. Harry’s hand squeezes your knee, making you jump and snap out of your thoughts.
“You okay?” He asks, looking concerned.
You take a deep breath in and nod, not at all convincing him.
“Don’t worry babe, you will be fine,” he says reassuringly, “hold on to my hand and I won’t let you go, I promise.”
You nod again, struggling to speak through all your panic.


The limo pulls up right outside the red carpet, you can already hear all the screaming fans. You look out the window and see all the flashing lights of the cameras. A feeling of panic washes over you again, you look away and try to calm yourself down.
The driver opens the door next to you and motions for you to get out.
“Ready?” Harry asks, offering you his hand.
You grab his hand and take another deep breath,
“Ready as I’ll ever be.”

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What would the allies and axis do is they switched bodies with their s/o for a day?

(Toomany characters!)

Germany/Ludwig Belischmidt:  Ludwig would think the whole thing was quite awkward and sudden, immediately going to Arthur to yell at him, assuming this was his doing.  After confronting the Brit, he’d try to spend the rest of the day like he usually would, ignoring the fact that he was in your body.  (During training, however, he was completely distracted by your breasts and how much they bounce when running.  A new respect for women athletes has been formed)

Italy/Feliciano Vargas:  One of the first things Feliciano would do—without even thinking—is cusp his—your— breasts, exclaiming how being in your body feels so strange.  Throughout the day he’d be unintentionally embarrassing you by commenting every so often how your body is so gorgeous and downright perfect.  The entire day, he’d be completely respectful towards your body (aside from the occasionally dirty remark).

Japan/Kiku Honda:  Kiku would be stunned by the change and would be completely embarrassed that you were in his body and vice versa.  To him, it’d feel like he was inappropriately invading your body, even though he had no control over it.  He would have the upmost respect for your body and would be terrified to do anything in worries that you would be offended (which posed a big problem when he needed to go to the restroom).

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are you from england??

No, I am not. But my husband Tom Hiddleston is.

I mean I’m GLAD I’m not from the UK.

Why? Because that means I’ll be eating shortbread and tea cakes and Percy Pig candies and Cadbury chocolates all day long. I’ll be pissing tea 24/7 because tea there is GOOD. And I had authentic English tea, and the ones here in America CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO COMPARE TO THE HEAVENLY TEA THE BRITISH HAS BACK THERE. 

Oh, this is a fact: I will literally live out the rest of my days reenacting all the scenes from Harry Potter if I were there, so help me God. 

I will probably be in a polygamous relationship, too, since everyone there is so beautiful. They talk beautiful, they look beautiful, and they are so POLITE even if they’re trying to be MEAN. I have met a few Brits in my life including family members, and they are WONDERFUL. 

Nope, not from England. I’ll be under a restraining order because I will end up stalking The Golden Trio and demanding them to take me to Hogwarts. 

And I’m pretty sure I will end up marrying blunaowl, too. 

I’m not from England. It’s too perfect there.


I bet we all knew why Perald had done her hair in such a way. I mean come on!! It’s all over those meme instagrams and popular “relatable” twitters. She knew that she’d get a lot of publicity for having such a hair-do. Now of course people would be curious to know who she is, and with that now she’s known more than the rest of the girls— YET ONCE AGAIN! smh , this girl tries too hard sometimes, makes me sad to see that most people don’t even know who the rest of the girls are … 😔

Adam’s night off

Adam Lambert can’t wait to see Madonna perform tonight, but he’s having a well-earned rest.

"We played Wembley Arena last night [with Queen]. The audience was on fire," he told us. But he has his own solo album, The Original High, coming soon. "It’s very different than the Queen music. It’s definitely a pop album with a lot of R&B, house music influences. But the songwriting is timeless."But he says this doesn’t spell the end for his Queen collaboration. "We have some other things we’re going to be doing. It’s not the end. It’s just a pause button."