Which Game of Thrones king/queen would Les Mis characters follow?

Valjean: he’d probably try to stay out of the conflict, but he’d be rooting for Robb. After the RW, Dany.

Javert: swears fealty to Stannis and worships him. Very suspicious about both Davos and Melisandre, tho.

Cosette: Robb

Marius: dislikes all current kings, fanboys over Aegon the Conqueror

Enjolras and the Amis: want to overthrow monarchy

Thénardiers: Joffrey. After him, Tommen, to suck up to Cersei. Thénardier is also BFFs with Walder Frey.

The Patron-Minette: Balon. They like how the Ironborn think. When Euron becomes king, they are even more enthusiastic.

Gavroche: none, although he thinks Robb and Renly are okay people. He’d probably befriend Tyrion.

Fantine: Dany

Éponine: fangirls over Renly. After the shadowbaby incident, she finds out about R+L=J and supports Jon.

Monsieur Gillenormand: a Targ loyalist but grows impatient when Dany gets stuck in Meereen, so he’s overjoyed when fAegon shows up and join him.

Bonus scene

Grantaire *walks up to Jon Connington* *knowing look* So, you too, huh?

Jon: Yeah.

Attention, subjects:

Swear fealty to your Underground King and Detective Queen, and I promise your lives will be infinitely more awesome than they already are. All hail your chat King and Queen!

Also you’re all sexy as hell. That’s all.

- The Fire King