8mm Mauser chambered AK variant, this rifle is a Mitchell Arms import. These are extremely rare and considered one of the “holy grails” Yugoslavian rifles, and AK’s for that matter. While a U.S made M76 can cost around $1,500 to $1,800, the real-deal-made-in-Yugoslavia examples that Mitchell Arms brought into the U.S will be in the $4,000 to $5,000+ range. However the owner of this rifle seems to be way overpriced at $8,500. No surprise it hasn’t sold yet. (GRH)

The smells and colours of warm June nights remind me of your skin, salty sweet like popcorn, and bad movies playing in my mind.
Movies I never watched because my tongue was too busy caressing the back of your throat, with gag-inducing eagerness.

You said my beer-breath tasted nasty……
But you kept kissing me anyway.

And my crappy car made strange noises all the way back, drowning out the sound of our bad singing.
The tape-deck chewed up the mixtape I made you, so we let the radio carry us home.
Summer is a holy grail, hidden from us by history.
Summer is an ancient ruin, waiting to be discovered.
A long slow stargazy night of whisky trips and constellations of broken glass spread across the ground.
I showed you the stars, pointing out the things I remembered my grandfather teaching me.

I’m a Taurus, I like to break shit.

“Like a bull in a china shop” my grandmother used to say, as she picked up the smashed crockery.
I break everything I touch.
I cried that first night I felt your heart beat, I was already guilty and doomed to fail.

—  giraffevaderA summer to fill this dead heart with wonder

1960 #Gibson #LesPaul #Sunburst at @rumbleseatmusic in #Ithaca #NY.

I love #Rumble #Seat - they always have tons of interesting and extremely rare #vintage #guitars, but when I dropped in today on my way through town I hardly expected to see the holiest of all Holy Grails! They even let me hold it! Wow. It was not heavy at all…I would say no more than 8 lbs. And surprisingly, the neck was fairly narrow and thin…not at all what I have heard about late 50s/early 60s Gibson necks. It was so comfortable…much smaller than my ‘61 #LP #SG #Jr.

Even if they don’t always have a “'burst” on hand for viewing, I urge anyone who appreciates fine #vintageguitars to visit Rumble Seat Music. The guys know their stuff inside out and are happy just chat about great guitars with anyone who loves guitars as much as they do. Shopping here is a really great experience! And I got to hold a guitar that is worth almost as much as my house! :D

The Second Master Has Arrived

Ah, what a quaint little place I’ve found myself in, filled with all manner of intriguing things to keep a lady amused. I’m quite certain that someone of my merits will have quite the time here. Oh, but how rude of me.

I am Misaya Reiroukan, scion of the Reiroukan family of magi, and Master of Rank 2: Cherubim, in the Second Holy Grail War of Tokyo. I’m a superlative magus who emphasizes elegance and grace over all things.

Simply put, I’m here to have a good time with everyone here. Just to clarify, my idea of having a good time is winning the Holy Grail. Because I don’t lack common sense, I’m more than willing to make alliances for this.

I’m afraid the dog that I normally partner with isn’t here. While I’m sure any replacement would outstrip such an incompetent familiar… he was rather useful in some aspects. Therefore, I would like any Servant available to come forth.

Partnering with me has its benefits. While this world is primarily based off of a reality unlike my own, I still maintain my wealth. In terms of prana output, in my world at least, I am second to none besides a certain deviant.

In terms of preference for a Servant, I would prefer a member of the Saber class. Barring that, I would prefer a female Servant or a male Servant who was killed by a woman in his legend.

After all, such a Servant would know how scary a woman can be.

Let’s all get along, shall we?


by Ray Harkins

Playing in a band is hard. Playing in a band is also really fun, until it’s not, and then you “break up.” I realize that the concept of being in a band these days is pretty cliché. It’s also still a very unique and unconventional idea to collect a few of your friends, all of who have to play something different than you, learn how to play a few awful cover songs and then, the holy grail of playing your first backyard party! If you make it through all of this there is recording, playing “real” shows and eventually, if everything goes right, you go on tour. 

When I started Taken with a couple of friends back in the stone age (read:1997) we had no ambition, no plan, and no real hope of doing anything more than playing a few local shows. By 2004 we had toured the US and Canada numerous times and had plans to tour overseas for the first time when the band imploded. It wasn’t dramatic, people simply had to step down because of real life obligations (school, jobs). In 2008 we were presented an opportunity to head to Japan and play a few shows. We couldn’t justify to ourselves only playing shows in Japan, so we booked a show at Chain Reaction in Southern California and a few in Canada as well. This was our first reunion. People called it a reunion, and we thought of it as one, too. When we were offered shows in 2010 (a festival in Japan) and again in 2013 (a benefit show for the sound guy at Chain Reaction, Christian DaSilva), we “reunited” twice more. The idea of calling each of these random, occasional shows “reunions” started to feel a little cliché to us. They were opportunities we felt we couldn’t pass up, but none of us was in a position, or had a desire, to play in a band full time. Yes, we wanted to “reunite” as a band, but not in the way we had before. We didn’t want our shows to be reunions, but opportunities for us to come together: to create new music when the mood struck us and to play shows when we wanted, rather than “had” to. We talked about reuniting for good once we all realized we were on the same page about the level of commitment we could make to this band. We wanted to get back to the place where “Playing in a band is really fun,” and decided we’ll keep at this “until it’s not.” Late last year made our relationship status official, released a discography on Other People Records, and have plans to release a new EP by the end of 2015.

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Here’s a unicyclist dressed as King Arthur performing the theme from Monty Python and the Holy Grail on a bagpipe

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Name: Sarah

Date and Location: 3rd June 2015, Derby, UK

Last thing I googled: Sebastian Michaelis

Sexual orientation: Demisexual 

One place that makes you happy: My room because it’s usually quiet.

Favorite movie: The movie that has been my favourite from the moment I watched it is Monty Python and the holy grail. It makes me laugh every time and I will always love it.

What I’m wearing: Red fluffy pajamas

Last book I read: it depends if you count fanfiction as a book. The last fanfic I read was a Levi x reader smut, the last actual book I read was a book on England’s history.

Last song I listened to: nightcore Calling all the monsters

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favorite things tag

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Color - blue

Food - mac and cheese ❤️❤️

Smell - idk

Movie - big hero 6 or guardians of the galaxy or monty python and the holy grail

Texture - new sheets

Time of Day - early, like after morning swim practice

Day of the Week - the weekend

Celebrity - 1d

Drink - Grape juice
Precious Stone - opal
Animal - cats !!
Flower - tulips, roses
Font - times new roman. tbh….
Video game - does sims count …. sims 3

Sound - my flute… also i LOVE CELLO

Fruit - really good strawberries

Vegetable - i hate vegetables

Shop - idk but i like clothes shops

Workout -swimming

Boy’s name - names aren’t gendered :-)
Girl’s name - names aren’t gendered :-)

Potato chip flavor - cheddar cheese

Meal of the day - i loooooooooove dinner
Ice cream flavor - chocolate
Soda - root beer

Popcorn - Kettle corn
Season - Summer
Month - june/july
Word - ??
Disney Princess - Rapunzel
Insult - ??
Eye color - blue
Dessert - ice cream / cake
Candy - those strawberry ones
Restaurant - mexican
Language - latin probs or greek
Thing about myself - Everything

i tag matchingheadbands heauxconnor floral-haz louietomlinson and any1 else