For Azula Griffon, hope you like it, I will make an ask blog for these cuties, but only if your okay with it Azula

[ Took a lifetime to finish, had to go buy new paper, I didn’t have the right color sharpies, it was a swear but oh well…. ;-; ]

I got a headache from this and all the markers / worth it

curls up in blanket and hopes that homework will go away

We’ve had a migraine for seven days . We have 35 hours at work this week (we love our new job at Hot Topic btw), and we are freaking out.

We have sunglasses on us at all times, have blue light filters on all of our electronics, have tried baths, ice, cold, tigerbalm, peppermint, lavender, massage, even sinus medicine.

Otc stuff touches it for an hour or so, and then it comes back with a vengeance.

We’ve recorded three videos (one of which is about why we haven’t been posting videos) and haven’t been able to do any editing.

This isn’t just a headache, my friends. This migraine is pure evil. Just when I think it’s gone, it hits me like an ice pick. It’s so so bad.

Thankfully we can wear sunglasses at work without being laughed at. We saw the eye doctor, and she basically told us we should be wearing sunglasses whenever we even think about light. Sigh.

Any suggestions from any of you spoonies would be super appreciated. We’re at a loss.

Love you guys!


i dont understand why yall are sending me negative messgaes about this, copying is an actual issue. like im not accusing people for no reason, plagiarism isnt cool and when i see a blog blatantly copying another without credit, thats plagiarism. like its a big deal in the real world so i dont see why its okay here… its annoying and shouldnt be done. if you didnt find it then dont claim that you did.