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In no way way am I out to attack this confession, but to anyone that thinks Minah has a bad attitude, I would love to show you how Daisies see Bang Minah. Minah is sensitive, especially when her fans are mentioned and holds them close to her heart. She is caring toward her sisters even though she is the second youngest. She’s an incredibly hard worker and never misses the chance to express how much she wants to show in her performances. The most admirable thing about Minah is her optimism. No matter how little she’s slept, how intense of a diet she has, how much she’s practiced, or how busy her schedule is, she is always smiling brightly. If you truly want to be apart of any fandom, start by seeing them through the eyes of their fans. ♥

Big thank you to minahsday for helping me!

Klaroline has a moment. It’s touching and heartfelt. These two are almost too adorable for words.
—  Buddy TV

SO I DREW THESE TWO JERKS as a 30 warm up because I love them both dearly and because I wanted to draw them being friendly with each other? Maybe a couple of years after the movie and they have a flat somewhere together because they’re just so used to having each other around? And everyone makes jokes about how Hermann and Newt should just date but Newt doesn’t get it because he doesn’t see that smile that Hermann gives him when he goes off on a tangent but everyone else does gosh I just love these two

This is an open apology to anyone who followed me expecting me to be a single fandom blog, I am so sorry

cs gtky

3 Fun Facts

  • I‘m a dork and I know lots of useless movie trivia
  • I talk to myself pretty much constantly, if I’m not talking I’m singing (badly)
  • I only wear mismatched socks

Favorite CS moment

  • IT’S YOU

Other OUAT ships you <3

  • Captain Charming
  • Captain Floor (true love let’s be honest)
  • Captain Cobra Swan
  • Frankenwolf
  • Scarlet Beauty
  • Snowing
  • Wooden Swan (I AM TRASH)

Other fandoms

  • Parks and Recreation
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • New Girl (though I’m not as involved as I used to be)
  • Idk I watch a lot of shows


(under the cut because REASONS) (also not edited at all what are you talking about)

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room cleaning blog rates!

so my room is a mess and i totally should clean it, so i decided to post this, and when i got done cleaning, rate all the blogs! yay motivation. It should take me about an hour idk

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The reason fans are freaking out about a Rocky Horror remake is because they will be taking this amazing movie that so many people love and ruin it. Without the original cast, it won't be half as good. In the article they talk about modernizing it, but that will just ruin it even more. We don't want this thing that we love to be destroyed by its remake.

If it’s going to be so bad, no one will even remember there was any remake…

idk I just find it weird that the same fandom that enjoys watching people performing in front of the screen while the movie plays behind them, and shouting at the screen, is now so emotional about the remake because it will destroy the movie.

Don’t dream it be it! No matter what your appearance, gender or weight is! 


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out of mamooty and mohanlal, who would you say is the face of malayalam cinema more? i know they're both legends in kerala but i was watching this movie yesterday where the hero said a dialogue like "amitabh is to bollywood as rajnikanth is to kollywood as molanhal is to malayalam cinema". idk i was just wondering what you'd think lol

ahah, I’ve heard that dialogue in a Telugu movie I’m pretty sure. And you’ve asked me the existential question of the Mollywood fandom. Wow. Coming from a hardcore Mammootty fan I can admit that it’s quite true that Mohanlal was/to a degree still is the face of Malayalam cinema. Up until maybe 2012 everyone thought Malayalam movies were about that sorta overweight man with that ‘komban meesha’ and lungi. And that man is Mohanlal, who is honestly the most loved actor in Kerala. Here’s why: 

  • He has more characters to his credit that have managed to stick in Malayali hearts. A large portion of the golden era Mohanlal spent doing characters that good, and innocent- the common man. His characters in the past have been so very human in their frailties and strengths. That has some significant spill over into what the Malayali audience think of him as a person.
    Mammootty, although having done equally amazing roles, did a lot of art films, and complex characters- which aren’t as easy to associate with or digest as an everyday viewer. His ‘common man’ characters were repetitive, and there was even a genre named after the movies he did playing the upper class successful businessman who was a husband and the father of a 5-6 year old child, usually Shalini (brilliantly titled Mammootty-Kutty-Petty *Mammootty-Child-Suitcase* films lol). He also had a great downfall in his career graph during this time until New Delhi (also the year that dQ was born btw- but I digress), to the extent of planning on ditching acting and practicing as a lawyer. During this time Mohanlal was spinning gold. 
  • Speaking of which, the golden era was the time Mohanlal was in peak form. He had a keen energy and his spontaneous yet extremely natural flair in acting was something that was inimitable. Directors still praise him over his ability to take a shot in one take. He is a natural actor in every sense of the word; capable of shifting from tragedy into comedy with ease, apt for ‘almost’ any character, a trendsetter (’nee po mon-a dinesha! sawaree giri giri’). I feel like that some of that ability, and the ego attached to that has failed him over the years- like he doesn’t care as much anymore. 
    Mammootty is not a natural actor. He is a very decorated actor and is extremely critically acclaimed (eg. the most National Awards for Best Actor in the country), but his abilities are ones that he has had to develop over the years. He’s worked hard to get to where he’s at right now, especially considering he started without any film connections- as the farmer’s son who finished law school but wanted so desperately to be a hero like MGR. 
  • Mohanlal is very social and connected. He has large parties and is friends with most of his costars, especially the big shots. This includes the big stars in other industries (possibly why he’s very well known in those industries) 
    Mammootty is intense and reserved. This is an off-putting characteristic for most people. Both of them have a lot of power play going on and whatever friendships or interactions they make definitely aren’t just because they want to socialise. 
  • Mohanlal is seen as he super humble one, the calm one, the one you want to talk to. Humble is arguable *cough* Lalisom, the Complete Actor *cough*
    Mammootty is clearly NOT humble. Without a doubt. He is so proudly narcissistic. And most of the time a tad irritating to listen to unfortunately. Personally I like that he’s transparent. 

Ultimately, Mohanlal is the most loved one in Kerala. He is (or was?) the face of the Malayalam industry because his characters are everything we love. He is for most people the definition of Malayali masculinity, of a successful career, and of lovable personality.
However, for me they’re almost identical in acting ability. You really can’t compare their acting ability like you can their career graph or their off-screen personality. They have their strengths and weakness and both have roles that the other would never be capable of doing. They are both the greatest, most acclaimed actors the country has seen. It all really depends on personal choice. 

That being said, and me accepting Mohanlal’s claim as our figure head, I will still ALWAYS personally prefer Mammootty :)

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Amen to what you said about the children in fanart > what was shown in 700. I mean I love my NH kids but it's mainly cause of the fanart and cute stories. Not to mention the fandom make the characters cooler than what part 3 plans to do with them

Yeah, it’s just, they’re so poorly designed to me, Shikamaru and Temari’s kid looks exactly like Shikamaru did as a kid, wow boring. Sai and Ino’s kid looks real creepy and wears the same clothes as Sai??? Boruto and Himawari look dumb af, (especially their hair, idk, and their names). Rock Lee’s kid…like really, being real creative with these kids here.

Sarada is okay, I can’t help but think of Karin though, just because of the glasses, but she seems to have more aspects of Sasuke in her than Sakura, which saddens me. 

Choji and Karui and Asuma and Kurenai’s kids are alright

I don’t know, it’s just real disappointing to me, they’re so poorly designed and they seem so rushed, but when I see people’s fanarts of their own OC children from their favourite pairings, I can’t help but think they’re always so much better. 

Note: This is just how I see them. I don’t care about what pairings became canon at the end, they’re fine, I’m just real disappointed in the lack of creativity in the characters designs for them, and their names ugh. They could’ve just been so much better imo. I also like OC children from pairings that did not become canon, NaruSaku/SasuKarin kids etc. 

CS GTKY 2015

Three fun facts:

  • I live in small town USA and I am SUPER proud of it. I love my hometown.
  • I have a daughter who is 16 months old. Her name is Abigail.
  • I think my husband looks a bit like Colin O’Donoghue. This works out in his favor. ;)

Favorite CS Moment:

The one that makes me all gooey is the end of Season 3 - “You traded your ship for me?” “Aye.”

Other OUAT Ships:

Captain Charming and Captain Book are my brotps. (See also: Captain Floor ^_^) I like the idea of Scarlet Beauty although I have a feeling there’s something funny going on there. Outlaw Queen and S1 Snowing are good too (not a huge Snowing fan atm).

Other Fandoms:

Huge Austenite. I love all things Jane Austen. My thesis in college was about her. I watch The Blacklist (Keenler and a bit of Tom & Liz but idk what that ship is called – Keen?) and I used to be a McAbby shipper for NCIS but honestly there’s only so much crackshipping you can take before you give up. :( I’d like to see Natalia and Clint of the Avengers, too. 


Not so much a selfie, but it’s a pic of me. :)

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Fave blogs and why?

carpets-porn b/c funny as fuck blog

beardlessdragon for hipstery shit about dragons and being beardless (also she’s an awesome person and her blog is super funny)

johnssjumpers for fandom related things and hipstery things

spiritedawaybycalciferstotoro I met her at Comic Con London and her blog is pretty fab and the name is epic

sonderingbeing  for funny posts and for feminism / support for people type posts (idk what to call them, but she posts alot about this stuff and it’s all v/ good)

Theres 1 more but they changed their URL so ;-;

But i love all these blogs, yall should follow them! <3

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1. Why did you choose your URL?

cuz i wanted to blog about motogp and some other stuff i love so…

2. What is your middle name?  

don’t have it

3.If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet, what would it be?


4.Favorite colour?

purple and black

5. Favorite Song?

ughh i have it a lot but maybe Nancy boy and Lazarus by Placebo rn

6. Top three fandoms:

Motogp,F1 and Placebo 

7. Why do you enjoy Tumblr? 

-nice pictures,gifs,and stuff and beautiful people

8. Tag your top ten Tumblr Crushes:

espoo-07 predatorhead thefullmotivationispeople kasparslevblog missdecember1988 livinglikearockstar unreachablemotions naughtypsychopath i-am-just-lucky analisse11

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1. Why did you choose your url? because taylorisaunicorn was already taken

2. What’s your middle name? Bese

3. If you could own a fairy tale/fictional pet what would it be? unicorn

4. Favourite color? orange

5. Favorite song? idk A Little Death - The Neighbourhood

6. What are your top three fandoms? Paramore, Paramore and maybe Fall Out Boy or Taylor Swift sometimes

7. Why do you enjoy tumblr? there are so many cute and lovely people on here and I learn a lot about feminism and that’s v cool

8. Tag 9 followers to do this: bewholeagain paramorevil screamforever paramoreclique taylorsyorks daemonhale octavasblakes tea-time-with-twins essence-of-paramore

i just figured out why i’m wary of the v*ep fandom as a whole….. its bc d*n/j*nah is such a popular ship…….. dan is my son and like he would not go for jonah as a person like i can see situations where he would fuck him but they wouldnt have a relationship, he sees jonah as beneath him it would be like all the girls he sleeps with just to use them, and what’s different about his relationship with amy is there are things he admires about her, that’s what he really likes, otherwise he just sees people as tools to get what he wants and i feel like people who ship d*n/j*nah fundamentally misunderstand him and i cannot deal with that bc i’m petty

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Name: Meg
Nickname: Moog
Birthday: June 23rd
Star sign: Cancer
Gender: Female
Height: 1.67 m
Sexual orientation: Lesbian
Romantic orientation: Lesbian
Favourite colour: Peach
Time and date at the current moment: April 12th 19:10
Average hours of sleep: probably about 4? idk?
Lucky number: 24601 (see what I did there)
The last thing I googled: long rabbits
First word that comes to mind: stop
One place that makes me happy: Lohr
How many blankets do I sleep under: 1
Favourite fictional character: Garnet
Favourite famous person: um either Kirsten Stewart or andy warhol
Celebrity crush: Kirsten Stewart
Favourite books: The discworld series.
Favourite animes: Shingeki no Kyojin, Kyoukai no Kanata, Fairy tail.
Favourite TV shows: Steven Universe and QI
Favourite musicians/band(s): Vance Joy, Lisa Mitchell and Lana del Rey. Alternative trash.
Favourite games: ACNL, Fantasy life.
Last movie: The invention of lying.
Dream holiday: Japan
Dream Job: getting paid to blog
Wearing right now: My Mirai cosplay. I haven’t had time to get out of it.
Last book I read: Death Note

I tag: ponyzx, whosgotthewifi, fear-all-fandoms, thedarklordofpizza and alex-pygmy

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I found your blog while searching for G-Dragon blogs and started following you since you posted really nice pictures, not to mention the fact that you're really.. idk the word lol, mature (?) about what goes on in the fandom and such. Your sincerity and love towards bigbang is just really amazing and ilysm for it ; n ;

Thank you T_T

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1) Why did you choose your URL?

Because Suho is my bias and he’s really hot aha

2) What is your middle name?


3) If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

I feel like a mermaid would be cool. She wouldn’t be a pet of course, but we could be like friends. She could hang out in my pool or smthn idk. 

4) Favourite colour?

Pink or lavender!

5) Favourite song?

I’m really feeling Hurt by Exo rn 

6) What are your top five fandoms?

Honestly I really only pay attention to Exo but there’s also Supernatural, Bts, Kara, and Shinee

7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

I have met wonderful people who I love to talk to and learn more about. You’re all so kind to me ;; I also love the regular updates on Exo of course c:

8) Tag all 9 of your Tumblr crushes (they do the 8 questions too)

kingsuho | suhobos | thechooty | twinklay | junmyeonni | littleleafeu | banhsoo | yifanfiction |  litchepabo

Sudden thought-

Garnet was the one that was most against the idea of Steven being born and nearly hated him for Rose giving herself up to bring him into the world.

Thankfully that animosity didnt last.