Day 4: Favorite Sad Scene

It comes from my least favorite game, but it is the scene that has just broken my heart the most concerning Riku. When he is confronted in Chain of Memories by “Sora” who questions why the light could hurt him if he was really Riku. And it just makes me so sad cause Riku’s just so afraid that the darkness is all he has left.

I made the edit all foggy because I wanted it to look like a flashback to a bad fake encounter with his best friend. Something that my boy, Riku, can put in the past. 

“So… he really isn’t here anymore…” Looking through his phone contacts, he couldn’t find Roxas’ number anywhere. He went around to the bunker where he usually stayed and wasn’t there either. He had jump to conclusion, but this wasn’t the first time a friend of him has left this city without saying goodbye. It wasn’t their fault. Sora let out a sad sigh, looking at his phone again. “I’m still going to keep my promise… we aren’t the same at all. You deserve to be your own person…”