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Voltage Courtships:   Kyoga  -  Enchanted in the Moonlight


dragon age I N Q U I S I T I O N //meme >>> cutscenes [1/5] // I should remember you agreed to come willingly. 

Hey, taylorswift! This is going to be such a long speech but let me begin by telling you that you are such a role model to me. You carry feminism with such grace and class. It’s stunning! I aspire to be as classy and as graceful as you are.

This edit that I made, represents so much about you. Let’s begin with the color, Red. Red is such a meaningful color and you of all people know that all too well since your fourth album is called Red.

In this case, however, red represents power and at the same time passion and also strength. 

You are a powerful person, Taylor. Your influence is global. It’s astonishing. It’s amazing. You can inspire people to become better and that’s power. 

You are passionate. Your songs represent that you are rich with so much love and that you are willing to give it away. The depth of your love is so passionate. It’s beautiful and crazy all at the same time. You dazzle passion. 

You are strong. Your songs are enough proof of how strong you are. You are strong in a sense that you can pinpoint the wrongs and tell them in the most beautiful way possible. To be able to tell a story of a downfall takes so much strength. It takes a lot to be able to push through a lot of pain, it’s exactly like cutting a healed wound again but you, you welcome them and you overcome them. 

Red is your color, Taylor. You are red. You are the perfect representation of red. 

For all this that I know, I absolutely love you. You are a wonderful person and there are millions of others who agree and we all love you so much.


Allana x

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9 please :)


The problem was that the AI had a sense of humor. No one realized that at the time, because they’d spent over fifteen years coding the thing, migrating onto newer architecture three times. It was a very serious endeavor undertaken by very serious men and women, and so they assumed their very serious three-terabyte time-traveling program would not possess a sense of humor.

However, they were wrong. And when they told the computer to retrieve Shakespeare, it plucked four of Henry VIII’s wives from their lives, just at the point Henry had rejected them. Four very angry women, two of whom didn’t recognize the others, and two of whom hated one another, stood blinking in the middle of the observation room. Andre and Lisa, the two scientists who’d been shot full of smallpox vaccine and assigned the job of greeting the greatest playwright of all time, blinked at one another, then at the women.

The oldest of the women drew herself up - she was not tall - and said, accent so heavy they could barely understand her, “Where is Henry? Where is my king?”

And that was the beginning.

So I’m beginning to wonder if my slowness on editing is related to the lack of arbitrary deadlines. That kept me going on the original writing, but maybe I need something like that again now to help with edits. Unfortunately, I have no idea how I’d manage that. Not like I can just put it up online again, kinda defeats the point.

I think it's time I explained my random hiatus from Tumblr

I don’t think I ever actually properly explained what’s going on but I’ve been in Japan for about the past 2 months as an Exchange Student. So, because of this, I quickly stopped going on most of my social media and all of my games.

I’ll be gone for a total of 4 months and 2 weeks (I think? I forget, I’m sick atm so I cbf doing math) so I’m about half way through my trip- I’ll be coming back to Australia on August 1st.

I was originally planning to do fortnightly videos while I was here updating my trip, but my life here has proven to be way too busy to even allow me to begin to edit any videos. So I’ve kept a diary since arriving and I’ve decided I will do the videos when I get back to Australia.

I’m having heaps of fun so far- I’m extremely homesick and there are a lot of problems with moving host families (I have 6 different host families over my stay, whereas most people who go on exchange have one or two for a trip that goes for 4-5 months) so I have a lot of stress from that, but otherwise it’s amazing! My school is fun, my classmates are amazing, and ontop of all that, I’m learning Japanese- And that’s something I’ve wanted to do for years.

I’m happy to see that most of my followers have stayed even through my absence- in fact, I have a whole tonne more even though I haven’t been on- so I’m super grateful for all of you guys! I love you all!! I might be able to upload a couple photos from my trip to Tumblr soon- not sure, will see how it goes.

Thank you for sticking around ; u ; If you have any questions about my trip, please send me an ask- I will answer asap!

Timeless Chapter 14

Combine a tired ex-cashier writer and a sort of not sober sorter beta reader, and we’re a winning combination. Though I wrote 90% of this chapter wide awake sometime in March? I think? So we should be good.

This chapter features massive edits to the beginning. 900 new words, beta reader approved. I’m going to go slump in a corner now, a plush dragon to watch over me.

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