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Voltage Courtships:   Kyoga  -  Enchanted in the Moonlight


Whatever film I make, realism is always of critical importance to me. This realism can be staged, but if the footage doesn’t seem authentic enough to me, then I have no use for it — which is why we had to stop and restart filming on The Assassin time and again, making adjustments constantly. The same thing happens again in the editing room. If any given shot doesn’t look real to me — whether technically or in terms of the performances — I’ll just take it out. Only after such a selection process do I even begin to do the edits. So my editing process is not dictated by the script. Even if a shot ends up ambiguous this way, I’m OK with leaving some room for the imagination.

We talk with Cannes Best Director winer Hou Hsiao-hsien about the beauty and authenticity of The Assassin.


dragon age I N Q U I S I T I O N //meme >>> cutscenes [1/5] // I should remember you agreed to come willingly. 

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This "-ie" doesn't fool us, Ellen. So the game of Risk - Silas U edition begins.

Bring it Vivian.

Hey, taylorswift! This is going to be such a long speech but let me begin by telling you that you are such a role model to me. You carry feminism with such grace and class. It’s stunning! I aspire to be as classy and as graceful as you are.

This edit that I made, represents so much about you. Let’s begin with the color, Red. Red is such a meaningful color and you of all people know that all too well since your fourth album is called Red.

In this case, however, red represents power and at the same time passion and also strength. 

You are a powerful person, Taylor. Your influence is global. It’s astonishing. It’s amazing. You can inspire people to become better and that’s power. 

You are passionate. Your songs represent that you are rich with so much love and that you are willing to give it away. The depth of your love is so passionate. It’s beautiful and crazy all at the same time. You dazzle passion. 

You are strong. Your songs are enough proof of how strong you are. You are strong in a sense that you can pinpoint the wrongs and tell them in the most beautiful way possible. To be able to tell a story of a downfall takes so much strength. It takes a lot to be able to push through a lot of pain, it’s exactly like cutting a healed wound again but you, you welcome them and you overcome them. 

Red is your color, Taylor. You are red. You are the perfect representation of red. 

For all this that I know, I absolutely love you. You are a wonderful person and there are millions of others who agree and we all love you so much.


Allana x

Just Watched 7x01 of Winx

Not bad.  I recorded myself watching so now the debate of if I want to edit and post that begins (fellow Winx blogs that follow what are your thoughts? Should I?)

Edit: holy hell I did not see all those notes!  You guys are so sweet I can’t even!  Guess I’ve got editing to do tonight!

So, this is a song we wrote with one of my friend for our music class and we had to show it to the teacher today but its crappy and i coudlnt edit the beginning so sorry for my voice and all the stupid chat we are having but i was really nervous haha… anyway, we made that song and we did a mashup with give me love by ed sheeran too bc i thought that it would be cool ahah, anyway, I hope you like it and once again, sorry for the crappy audio and the crappy voice :) xx