My best friend's responses when I showed her the Girls Like Girls video
  • Bf:oh no what happened to her face
  • Bf:she's hot tho
  • Bf:oh the other girl is also hot
  • Bf:are they gonna kiss?
  • Bf:they're so gay for each other what even is the boyfriend doing there
  • Bf:awh they're painting each other's nails
  • Bf:*taps on phone screen* oh good there is still time for them to kiss
  • Bf:oh my god what an asshole
  • Bf:yaaaasss slay him
  • Bf:now kiss
  • Bf:awh she looks so happy that's so cute
  • *end of the video*
  • Bf:wait no that was too short i want an entire movie of them

did you ever go back and find him? the man with the lion tattoo?

34/365 Days of Outlaw Queen