March 19 - The other day I talked to you, I said that I wanted to document our relationship more. You asked me how I was going to do that. At the time I wasn’t sure. I knew that I wanted to do something special though. So here we go. We’re currently 4 months into our relationship “officially” but it began much earlier than that. I remember various things about the past 3 years and how our relationship has grown. But I don’t want to just remember some random happy and sad times. I want to remember as much as possible. I want us to be able to go through this blog someday and read it over together, reminiscing on everything that happens in our lives; everything that we go through together. 

You mean so much to me. You life me up and hold me there (hence this photo) when no one else is able to. And I wouldn’t want anyone else to do it either. You are my boyfriend, my best friend, my true love. Today begins my documentation of our journey together.