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Hi Shiro how do you imagine grays flashback during the six months of living with juvia and also how do you imagine the reunion of gruvia and the forgiveness that juvia maybe give to erza? sorry for my bad english

Hello anon!

I’m not quite sure if you’re referring to the time they were living together or Gray reminiscing those times while he’s away. Anywho, I’m all in for heart-wrenching headcanons when it comes to Gray so here we go:

Gray headcanons

I think he feels terribly guilty for leaving Juvia behind without a word and for being away from her for so long.

He probably spends many nights staying awake till late because he’s thinking about her. He grew used to spending all of his time with her, so living on his own again feels very lonely. He wonders how she’s doing alone and his chest tightens at the thought of her worrying about him and repeating on her own the daily routine they used to do together. He hopes that when they meet again she’ll forgive him and swears to himself that if she doesn’t, he’ll do anything to earn her forgiveness He misses her smile and cheerful laughters and her scent that lingered all over the place. When he stares at the empty space on his bed, he remembers that time when she tried to sneak in and smiles to himself, thinking that he would love to hold her close to him at night.

Sometimes he has dreams about her. Some of them are pleasant, where he comes back to their home and she greets him happily and buries herself in his embrace. Some are nightmares where she says she hates him for leaving her alone or worse, sometimes he watches her die and wakes up drenched in cold sweat.

He thinks about her during the day too. When he strips, her image tends to pop in his head, scolding him for dropping his clothes all over the place. Or when he’s eating, he remembers them eating together. Juvia asking him if he likes the food and if he would like some more, to which he always complained that he hadn’t finished his dish yet to have more. He also recalls those times when he would prepare a thank-you-for-cooking-for-me-every-day dinner and turn the kitchen into a mess.

And I’ve lost every bit of my soul for muffin’s headcanon where Gray finds out about the rain in the village and breaks down and calls Erza to tell her he quits and she tries to knock some determination back into him. I know it’s not likely but it’s so deliciously angsty, omg slay me!


I’m not going say much because I’m writing a little something about it and I’d end up revealing the whole thing, but what I can say is that I wouldn’t want it to be only rainbows and unicorns. I want a confrontation at some point where Juvia releases her frustration and Gray…yeah, I can’t really say, hee. To be frank though, I’m hoping for a kiss after everything is said and done. *swipes tears* I need a tissue

Erza x Juvia brOTP

Ahh, the brOTP that has kinda left some sourness in our hearts lately. I’m heavily leaning towards it being humorous (because the angst is reserved for Gruvia, huehuehue). I think Erza will drop on her knees and bow (to which Juvia is surprised if not shocked at first), tell Juvia that leaving her in the dark was her fault and that she’ll accept any punishment and then Juvia says that she doesn’t hold any hard feelings and understands her reasons like the kind and selfless little nugget she is and everything is fine Natsu throws confetti and welcomes the proud gruvia shipper back on board, just kidding

I don’t know when I became so angst thirsty, I originally signed for the humor in this ship haha! 

Habits and Habitats

2nd May 2015

I spent the best part of yesterday sitting in the kitchen of my shared student flat with two female flatmates, we drank what seemed like an endless amount of tea, watched election parody videos and chatted candidly about a variety of topics such as life before and after university, the strange yet fascinating habits of other individuals in the flat and of course, the life and times of a student in our humble abode.
Our kitchen always reminds me of those simplistic yet sign-ridden areas you used to find in those residential trips back in high school. There is no homely feel to the place, no mood lighting, no vibrant or cosy choices of paint, no wooden chairs with the latest incarnation of puffy cushions pulled right out of a NEXT catalogue by your mother, or even the familiar fridge magnets of home that I often hark back to. Yet for roughly eight hours yesterday, we sat and reminisced about the past several months that we had been living together, it wasn’t the military-esque surroundings or the seriously uncomfortable, broken chairs we rested on that kept in the kitchen for so long, it was the familiarity of the each other’s presence and riveting conversation that aided those seats being filled for most of that day. It’s ironic that yesterday was the longest time anyone has spent in the most social area of the flat without alcohol, the irony coming from the timing of this social gathering, roughly a month before we all move on.
Parts of me will miss this place, more so for personal significance than anything else. This was the first place I called home outside of my parents house back in Northern Ireland, it’s the first place I haven’t shared a room and the longest time spent away from home. New friends have been made, alliances forged and stories to tell my fictional grandchildren, or so the story goes.
Saying that, however, I’m ready to move on to a different place.
Let’s get one thing clear, student halls, quite simply isn’t for everyone. This isn’t me declaring my regret for signing up to this “rite of passage” but I can assure you that it comes with baggage that I’m positive is exclusive to certain living situations within theses halls depending on age, male to female ratio and the often larger than life personalities that dwell within their respective walls. In this flat for instance, there are two pairs of people with the same name, which was confusing at first until freshers week/month/year was over and drinking habits started playing a part on how to differentiate the similarly named people, there is a gay man who plays to the stereotype in both an amusing but sometimes desperate way, an ex-marine with a short temper and even shorter attention span, a nervous economics student who is excellent with musical instruments but terrible with money, just a few examples of the many colourful people residing in this place.
But with such a diverse gathering, it wasn’t always going to run. Most of the major but temporary falling outs in the flat can be put down to alcohol consumption, but unfortunately this has been a year long issue, divides in the flat and relationships that have been built on fear, sex and boredom. Naturally, the unstable nature of this spilled outside of these two people, causing everyone else in the flat to either have an opinion or something gossip-worthy to tell their friends.
Simply put, being a mature student in halls has it’s advantages and disadvantages, as you can imagine. Suffice to say I’m ready to move on, into a more mature, quieter and what I hope to be, cleaner place to call home.
On top of that, the wall to uni is much nicer from my new digs next year than the current trek consisting of a dodgy park and road crossings that put lives at risk each time one decides to cross.