1. She thinks she talks too long. I promise you, she doesn’t. Listen to her talk for hours on end, because you’re going to want to die missing it one day. 
2. She thinks she’s too fat. I promise you, she’s not. Kiss her arms and her stomach and her thighs and tell her honestly how beautiful she is to you, because look at her, you’ll never get someone with skin that glows like that again.
3. She thinks she’s too opinionated. I promise you, she’s not. Allow her to argue about why tomatoes are, in fact, a fruit, because even if you don’t believe it now, you will later.
4. She thinks she’s too loud. I promise you, she’s not. She gets excited about seeing you; there will never be a time you’re annoyed with that.
5. She thinks she’s too mean. My god, I promise you, she’s not. She’ll tell you about that one time she didn’t say hello back to the boy who ended up breaking her heart for the first time, because he used that against her a lot. That girl will do absolutely anything for you. So just fucking kiss her and turn on her favorite movie. 
6. She thinks she’s too ugly for you. 
Don’t be a fucking idiot.
Interrupt her by kissing her beautiful lips and tell her everything you love about her.
—  "Maybe you’ll be able to keep her longer than I did"// 06.22

Ever since I watched Markiplooper play Alien Isolation & I heard him mention how much he loves Mass Effect, I’ve had this idea!! Spongebob band-aid and mustache earpiece, he’s an Engineer and he is PERFECT.

Commander markiplier Shepard!!

For Markiplier, thank you so much for doing what you do, you are a good man and you have the biggest heart and your kindness renders me speechless!!


"My mom put me in dance class when I was a kid, I got into a lot of fights.”

What’s the point of being rude to someone who took time out of their day to ask you a nice question?! Yes maybe it was repetitive and it may have been an easy answer to find, but that person built the courage to ask you a question. Please show them appreciation or at the very least stop being rude. 

welcome to I never want to draw again hell gOODBYE

holy shit I actually finished something miracle of miracles. Based off the movie Patema Inverted

Also Inverted au ideas that I was talking about with 12freddofrogs under the cut;;;;

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Okay… whatever you do, don’t think about the first time that pregnant Omega Sherlock has a hormone-fueled breakdown.  Don’t think about how it would start from the stupidest, smallest thing… how John would be angry with him for putting the empty milk carton back in the fridge and muttering about it when they didn’t have any in the morning for breakfast, or the look he’d find on Sherlock’s face as he stands there blinking tears away as fast as he could.  Or how they’d just stare at each other in shock when he started crying in earnest, neither of them really knowing why.  Or how John would hug him and apologize and talk him down from it and Sherlock would just be moritified beyond belief afterwards, making him promise to never talk about it again.

Just don’t.

Little Bean Chapter 8

Rick wanted to skip the dinner thisweek.  Especially because this time, it was at Kate’s, and he couldn’t bring his Mom along as a buffer.  He was so tempted to pick up the phone and cancel, except for the fact that he knew his little girl would be heartbroken.  All she had talked about since Kate left them Sunday afternoon was seeing them again on Wednesday.  That, and he had made a promise to be there for Carrie, no matter how awkward their encounters became.  And as uncomfortable as it had become around Kate, Richard Castle never broke a promise. Especially if that promise included adorable baby girls with gigantic, soul-piercing brown eyes.

So now he found himself outside of her door, shuffling his weight from one foot to the other as Alexis bounced up and down with more energy than he ever remembered having. He knocked on the door, listening to the clanging of pots on the other side.  “Do you mind getting the door?” he heard her ask.  Considering he had wanted to bring his own buffer, he didn’t blame her for inviting someone else, but was somewhat surprised when he was greeted at the door by her father.

“Who are you?” Came the small voice at his side, his daughter looking at the unknown man with confusion.

Her dad laughed.  “I’m Katie’s Dad.  You must be Alexis.  I’ve heard a lot about you.” He reached his hand out to her, and she shook it tentatively.

“It’s nice to see you again, Mr. Beckett.” Castle said, holding out a hand as Alexis slipped past him into the apartment.  

“Don’t call me that, it makes me feel old.  Please, call me Jim.” He shook Rick’s hand and moved out of the way, inviting Rick inside.  Carrie was sitting on the floor of the living room, and Alexis had made her way to the kitchen, offering to help Kate however she could.  

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Like don’t get me wrong I’m rlly happy for all these people who got to be with someone today

But like

I was just over by myself at lunch at the back of the school.

And I missed the bus so I had to walk 2 miles to school.
Fun lmao. I prefer walking two miles over sitting on the bus next to someone I don’t know anyways.

But today just felt kind of just, lonely. For obvious reasons. And tomorrow both my parents are working so I’m legitimatly going to be all alone on valentines day, physically, emotionally, mentally. Woops lmao.

"Ashton, why did you make me this beautiful dinner?! It looks delicious!"

"Well, I wanted to congratulate you on your new job, plus… I wanted to talk about what happened, you know… And talk about what we can do to get you to get over it"

"Get over it? Ashton, you cheated on me with three different women. You cannot seriously expect me to just get over it!"

"Look Kai, I know I’ve made mistakes. If I could take them back, God knows I would, but I can’t. But now, we have moved to a new town, we’re surrounded by new people, and I was hoping that we can work on putting the past to rest. Kai, I will never cheat on you again. I give you my word"

"Hey guys, what are you talking about?"

"Oh, nothing sweetie, just that daddy just made mommy a promise, and that mommy sure is heck is gonna hold him to it!"

very-bored-anon replied to your post “i love my dad, i mentioned offhandedly that i’d lost all my comic book…”

Why do you dislike the Young Justice cartoon?

i have well over a thousand followers and i can almost promise you not a SINGLE ONE wants me to get into this rant again

run as fast as you can

princessellieloverps replied to your post: i will never understand why they had k…

…Which song?

A House Is Not A Home was from Promises, Promises which Kristin was still in at the time. 

ironic-miracles asked:

i know exactly how if feels to want to kill yourself, and i know that life almost never seems worth it, but whenever you want to die, just remember all of the things you love to do. if you die, you will never be able to play your favorite games, watch your favorite movies or tv shows, read your favorite books, eat your favorite foods, hang out with your friends, see your family or talk to anyone ever again. you will miss out on so much, but most of all, everyone will miss YOU.

(no matter what you think, i PROMISE that there are lots of people that care about you, myself being one of them and i know all of your followers do too. you wouldnt only cause yourself pain by killing yourself, you would cause everyone else unimaginable pain when they find out that youre gone. there are so many opportunities for you, no matter what you might believe right now. i know you can make it. youre strong, taylor. if you need anything, my ask box will always be open.)

Thanks for the offer


Attention followers. I know you guys don’t always see my posts. But please, if you see this one, read it… Promise me you will never ignore someone when they talk about killing themselves. I had a friend in 9th grade (we were 14) and when he texted his BEST FRIEND and GIRLFRIEND telling them he was going to kill himself. THEY FUCKING IGNORED IT BECAUSE “it wasn’t the first time he has said it, so I assumed he was just overreacting again” no. Fuck them. I lost someone I think I loved because they didn’t take him seriously. Luke had the most infectious smile. If he was around it was physically hard to be sad, and if you were down he would do everything in his power to make you smile. So please. PLEASE. Promise me you will always take it seriously and never ignore someone, sometimes they are telling you to know they aren’t alone. Having just one person say they care makes a huge difference.

[ Talking about ships, I wish people wouldn’t start a ship with me and then drop me. Like, that shit hurts. At least tell me why you want to drop it or something, that’d be nice. It’s happened often lately and I’m done with it and I’m losing my trust in people okay… ] 

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He was that little part in her life that her parents would most likely neither catch nor understand.
They actually seemed terrified and startled with it though. All those hours in her room she talked to thin air and the weirdest things she said, unable to make sense of it herself. It would make so much more sense to them. 
It would freak them out. And it caused him to have so much fun.

Sometimes he even scared her and forbade her to speak about it, which she took seriously after that one time, when she had woken up in the nearby forest at nighttime, nobody but him with her, refusing her to bring her home until she promised him to never break their rules again. He hadn’t been kidding. If she’d have made it worse, he’d have let her starve in the forest or thrown her in the small pond nearby. 

For him the three of them were really a kind of game. A life sized dollhouse he could play with. For a while. When her childish clairvoyance would cease, he’d journey on to a new family and fester on their souls just as much. 
It may not have been what he had wanted to be… but after his early death even before his teenage years, the little boy ghost found that sharing his feelings with the ones he could most closely compare. So he hooked onto the children around, the only source of life around, that he could still influence and manipulate.

And if his power was to live at something that was supposed imaginary… as long as there were children around, his soul would not cease to exist.

Letting go.

I know some will keep scrolling, read some, or maybe not even see this. And that’s okay. I’m sorry to whoever has read my post these past two and a half months. Almost 90% are about my ex. And I know that gets annoying. But this will be my last post about him, maybe. I can’t promise I will never talk about him again, because that’s a lie. But I am about to work on letting him go completely, because it’s what I need to do. And I’m hoping that maybe getting everything out is what I need to do. So you should probably stop reading by now and just know that I am trying. And if you’re reading this, you should probably stop also. But I figured I shouldn’t be a vagina and that I should let you know this is in fact about you. beninoandrew95

He was my bestfriend. And it’s not easy to let go of someone who impacted your life hardcore. And it is not easy to never talk about him when I’m sad or when I see things that remind me of him. Both of which occur a lot. He was there for me through a lot of my bullshit. So it’s hard to have to deal with certain situations alone. And we spent almost every day together, so everything reminds me of him. This boy was the cherry on top to me. He was my first true love, and every other first you could imagine. He has everything I had to offer. My heart, my secrets, and my virginity. I don’t regret that by any means. When I first met him he had a girlfriend I didn’t even know about until later. And after her he dated my bestfriend at the time. Wow Taylor, you’re such a horrible person. But it was instant attraction. I had a boyfriend during the time of meeting him. Now I had enough respect for myself and he never cheated on anyone with me and I never cheated with him. I knew instantly I was head over heels for this boy because I told my boyfriend of the time that I was sorry but I was in love with someone else and I couldn’t be with him. We broke up after Christmas break and here I was. Wanting this boy who stole my attention. He played a major role in my life when we got together. He saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. I let him in completely because I thought when you fell in love, the other person wasn’t supposed to hurt you. We went through a lot together. I saw every side possible of him, and vice versa. People warned me about him. But what did they know? I was completely in love with this perfect human being. He was good to me at first. Or so I thought. But then the cheating and the lying followed. I thought maybe I could fix him. I thought I could fix everything. More sex? More attention? No friends? More time together? What could I do to make him happier and be enough for him? Now it’s sad when a fourteen year old girl has to question how to better herself for a boy. But here I was. I needed to be enough for this boy. When he took my virginity I swore that would be enough to make him happy. It wasn’t too romantic. It was in his truck on the beach the night before my quincenera. Classy. He was my escort and the day of my quince he convinced me I was the most beautiful girl in the world to him. He got drunk that night and swore he loved me and that I was his only one. Victory. I thought. It wasn’t long until I got pregnant and it wasn’t long until I had a miscarriage. I wanted to tell him so bad. But I couldn’t and that killed me. Eventually I knew I had to. It wasn’t an easy night telling him. I knew me being pregnant wouldn’t ensure keeping him around. And I would never do that to someone. But that still haunts me. And it’s hard to let go of that guilt that I couldn’t take care of something because I was damaging my body. He still continued cheating and lying to me. So I mean even telling him wasn’t worth it. He didn’t really care and I shouldn’t have expected him to. I guess that’s more reasoning. He would go on these kicks of threatening me that he would kill himself if I wasn’t with him or if we fought. I wouldn’t have been able to live with myself and he knew that. It got so bad that I wanted to off myself with hopes he would be happy. It was horrible. When he gave me my ring I figured that now things would go as planned. We would be happy. But that wasn’t the case. He still continued these weird games with me. It never truly ended. He told the girl he cheated on me she was an easy piece of ass with me right there and then he swore he would cut off all ties with all of the girls. I believed him. He told me he knew I was his soulmate and that he just used all of those girls. Things were going well for us. But that could never last. We separated for a few months and then of course ended back up together. We tried working things out and I fell even more in love with him. The beginning was bumpy. There were still girls that he cheated on the girl he was with during out separation that still believed he wanted them. There were so many nudes of different girls and so many messes I had to clean up. But I honestly thought it would work. I looked forward to the happiest future with him. Marriage, kids, everything. But he really couldn’t love just me. And I guess that’s just something I need to accept. The night he left I was shattered. I still am. I don’t know how I plan to trust another person in the future. I probably won’t. He fucked me up. Bad. I’m back on medication and back to my old habits. And I know none of that matters to him. I don’t matter to him. I never really did. But I love the boy, still. He has my heart and I probably won’t get that back. I care about him more than I will ever care about myself. But I hope to god that he is happy. He deserves it even though he treated me like shit. I miss him, but not the relationship. And I hate that things ended how they did. And it frustrates the hell out of me that he tried to make it seem like I wanted him back. I don’t. I know I don’t. I wouldn’t try to ruin something for him. Especially happiness. He was the happiest and saddest moment of my life. I’m trying to let go. I will let go. And I’m hoping this will help me. I don’t have any closure with him to know why he did what he did, or anything. I never did get that from him. But I don’t need it. I know I’ll get through this without it. I just need to work on myself for a while. And again, I hope this works.

Okay but real talk people say that god never makes mistakes and that’s their excuse for being trans/big/homophobic but literally god fucked up so bad that he ended up having to completely drown and destroy basically everything he had ever build because it sucked so bad that he hated everything about it and then had to make an eternal promise every time it rains even a little bit that he wouldn’t do it again. Also people say that god is “perfect” and yes that’s true completely but context of words change through out time and the original meaning of the word perfect is finished/complete/wholey done and that’s what he is he is the complete and his disciples/children are just a part of what he is. There for you have literally no excuse for your bigoted ignorance.

"If they want to lave, then let them. Why would you keep someone who doesn't want to stay?"

Those exact words you told me that 2 AM when we were talking about how I fucked up our what’s supposed to be blooming relationship which tuned to carnage.

Life has been fucking me up for the last 18 years of my existence, but nothing had me prepared for the whirlwind of emotions you brought me. It’s weird, how you promised you’ll never intend to hurt me but  again try to and not say that you know I’m hurting.

Oo, nakakapanghinayang, nakakapanghinayang kung ano meron tayo o kung ano ba dapat meron tayo ngayon kung di ako nagselos, kung di ko sinunod puso ko, pero hindi ako playsafe. I tend to say it straight. Hindi sa nangungumpara ng ibang relationships sa atin, pero the fact na pinapamuhka mo na magkabigan lang tayo, after all the things you said to me, nakakagulo na. 

Ang sabe nga nila don’t give up on somebody you love, tutal, hindi naman na mabilang kung ilang beses na nagpakatanga ang isang tao sa isang bagay na hindi para sakanila, di ba? gustong gusto natin eh, be it at all costs basta makuha lang natin yung gusto natin kahit alam nating gusto na nila kumawala, mahirap.

you have been the best downfall and the greatest lesson i have learned, dahil sayo I know na I will conquer all, just don’t haunt me when i get over you, kasi I will , or will not get back with you.

Remember when we used to talk nung January 1? ang saya no? and now we barely talk, naalala ko nung sinabe mo sakin “bakit kaya sila umaalis sayo? dahil baka sayo?” oo, dahil sakin, dahil love is a trial and error process, ayoko eh, i did not feel comfortable kasama sila, pero with you, you’re hell but in a pattern where it feels like i’m in heaven. puta ang bagal ng laptop naglalag.

bakit ka ba nanlamig, G? ano bang nangyare ayo? bakit lagi mo nang kasama bestfriend mo hanggang 11 ng gabi? diba dapat ako yun? diba dati nagpapaalam ka pa sakin kung sasama ka ba sakanya magkape sa tabi lang ng condo mo? alam ko naman nagiba ako, pero dahil angiba ka din eh. naging cold ka, pinaasa mo ko sa kung anong akala kong mangyayare. nasira ang friendship namen ng isang kaibigan ko dahil sayo, dahil gusto ko akin ka lang, kahit na walan akong karapatan naangkinin ka, kasi madami kame eh, ayaw mo lang aminin. yung dinner last january 18? wala yun eh. akala ko talaga meron, AKALA KO LANG TALAGA.

I’m moving on na, i can do this. I will get over you. i’m not gonna count the days of moving on from you, because i’ll count until the day until my breath held its last.

i still love you, but i don’t need to, because i don’t need to love you. but i still do.