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8. Come Back

“What’s wrong with that boy?” Natsu heard a random stranger ask, turning towards the voice he found a group of people pointing at him and ‘whispering’ to each other.

“I don’t know, probably has no parents, just another street rat.”

Rat? No he was a dragon, what was wrong with these people?

“Strange looking kid, scrawny too, his parents probably abandoned him or something.”

He glared at them, “No, my dad went away for a while but he’ll be back soon,” he said.

“I’m sure he will,” one woman told him, offering him a sad smile.

Nodding his head he turned to walk away from them, “Poor kid, probably will end up all alone.”

He felt tears burn in his eyes, no he wouldn’t! Igneel promised him he would never be alone again! They don’t know what they are talking about…right?

Slowly making his way back to his home, with a stolen piece of bread in his hands, he was just so hungry.

Sitting down next to the fire pit, he started to munch on the food, refusing to let himself cry.

Igneel was coming home soon, it had been a long time though, probably a few weeks maybe months even. But he would return soon.

Finishing off the bread he laid down, using his scarf as a pillow and curling up into a ball, hugging his knees to his chest tightly.

“Come back Igneel,” he whispered quietly, “I really miss you.”

Only to wake up the next day and still be all alone.

Humanity’s wings

Sam keeps a close watch on Cas for the first few days after his fall. There is so much that the former angel needs to learn. It’s staggering how much knowledge one takes for granted. But Sam is patient, and without skipping a beat, he begins to teach Cas the basics of humanity. With Sam’s guidance, Cas learns about using the toilet and the shower, shaving and brushing his teeth. Sam teaches him about healthy food, and how to tell when fruit has gone bad or meat is too burnt to eat.

Sam helps Cas through the first nights of humanity. At first, Cas is terrified of going to sleep without someone present. He doesn’t understand why anyone would leave a vessel without a consciousness to protect it. That’s what it feels like, he says, like abandoning a vessel. So Sam promises to watch over him while he sleeps, and when he wakes up disoriented and confused Sam helps him adjust to his physical form again. Cas never talks about it, but Sam thinks he dreams of heaven.

It could easily have been awkward, teaching a grown man how to button his shirt or tie his shoes, but Cas isn’t aware of the usual social customs, and Sam makes sure not to mock any of the questions Cas asks. He answers each of them patiently and as precisely as he can, whether they’re practical questions (like how to make a bed, or use cutlery) or emotional ones (such as why his chest contracts when looking at pictures of kittens).

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“My mom put me in dance class when I was a kid, I got into a lot of fights.”

future ryan telling past ryan “he’ll never talk to you again and you’ll miss his voice so much. sometimes you’ll call him just to hear his voice in the answering machine. he’ll write songs about you- you’ll know which ones they are. the songs, they almost always say he misses you but he’ll always avoid saying your name in interviews- you’ll know. you’ll watch so many of them. it’s going to hurt. my god is it going to hurt. but he’s happy. he’s so, so happy without you.”

I don’t know about you but I have this headcanon that as a child Tadashi did something really stupid and got Hiro hurt (or maybe he screamed at him or somethin and caused Hiro to cry and he wouldn’t talk to Tadashi for days and he just felt so bad that he promised himself never again) and is now completely and utterly afraid of upsetting his little brother.

Just a thought. Because Tadashi has literally never raised his voice towards Hiro. Not even during the getaway scene (It was more like Tadashi was projecting his voice to be heard rather than to yell at Hiro). 

Put the Car in Drive

The prompt: Overwhelmed with over flipping the switch and causing damage, Caroline leaves Mystic Falls and finds herself feeling lost and alone. She calls Klaus. How does it go down? What does she say? 

“You have exactly two minutes to tell me about being the bad guy before I hang up,” she muttered, “Go.”

She could feel his smirk through the phone.

“Caroline,” Klaus drawled in his thick British accent, “how lovely to hear from you.”

After their last scandalous passionate encounter, Caroline had sworn to herself that she’d de-Klaus her life—an Original Hybrid detox, if you will—and remove both him, and her feelings for him, from her life forever. When he’d promised never to return; she’d promised (silently) never to talk to him, never to think of him again. Unfortunately for her, she found this forever vow was hard impossible to preserve…at least where he was concerned.

And as a result, here she was: Parked in the middle of Nowhere Tennessee, her head pressed against the steering wheel. A bag of open Doritos resting in her lap. On the phone…with Klaus Mikaelson.

Caroline hated it! She despised herself for her weakness, for her Achilles heel. But Klaus? Oh…Klaus loved every minute of it. No—wait—that didn’t sound right. He didn’t just love it…he relished in it. Smug bastard.

“Is this interest personal or academic?”

Eyes closed, Caroline sighed. “I didn’t know who else to call…”

Hearing her dejected tone, that lackluster inflection, Klaus dropped his wry pretense. His voice low and gentle, he replied, “You called the right person, love.”

“Now,” he continued, his attitude a little probing, “What do you want to know?”

Caroline jolted back in the driver’s seat, allowing her head to rest comfortably against the headrest. Muting the radio, which seemed to be blaring music from Sad FM, she threw her arms over her head and spoke, unloading words in an agitated, need-to-vent manner.

“Here’s the thing…My mom’s dead. I don’t know if you know that or not, but my mom died. From cancer. Not from a supernatural curse, a rogue vampire, or a werewolf bite, but from cancer. Freaking brain cancer. Isn’t that ridiculous? To die of something so human—in Mystic Falls?”

Caroline hiccupped here, either to prevent herself from laughing or crying. She wasn’t sure which one.

“Anyways, I couldn’t deal with it. I just couldn’t. I couldn’t fucking breathe, Klaus. I couldn’t fucking breathe!” She paused, licking her lips. “So, I shut it off. I shut off my humanity…and I gave into my darkness. The one temptation I swore to myself, and to you, that held no charms for me.” She scoffed, obviously disgusted with herself. “I gave in!”

“And…?” Klaus asked with hesitation.

“It was amazing! It was awful!” Caroline checked herself. “I—I was awful,” she corrected. “Though I still controlled the bloodlust, I was a heartless and vindictive bitch. I terrorized my friends, my town, and perfect strangers who offended me for literally no reason.”

Klaus chuckled softly. Though he said nothing, it was obvious he took some odd delight in hearing her tale. And something else, too. What was it? Satisfaction? Pleasure? Pride? That’s it—that’s what it was. A part of him was proud.

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What not to do:

1) Don’t guilt trip me. I’ll never treat you the same. 

2) Don’t talk shit about me if you care. I promise you’ll never hear from me again. 

3) Don’t pressure me into uncomfortable situations… “But how do I know if you’re uncomfortable or not?” You ask.

4) Don’t manipulate me. 

5) Don’t let your ego think you have an influence over my feelings. Theres way more pieces to my emotional breakdowns than you.

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I feel like Koujaku and Mizuki kinda had an "experimental fling" where they both tried certain *things* with each other and promised to never speak of it again. But they both still do it often. B)

B) Oh I can totally see that, my sweet anon~

Koujaku and Mizuki are just chilling in Dry Juice after hours, enjoying a drink or two, talking about whatever comes to mind. Then, Koujaku casually sort of mentions how he finds Mizuki attractive -maybe when Mizuki talks about an ex or when talking about Mizuki’s haircut-, but, upon seeing Mizuki’s curious glance, Koujaku just back pedals out of that. He stammers as he explains that he meant it in a more platonic way since he finds women attractive only. But, Koujaku’s heart beats faster when Mizuki smiles and thanks him anyway. Koujaku tries his best to bury the strange, or at least what he considers strange, feelings toward Mizuki, but he has trouble keeping up with the conversation and instead focuses on Mizuki’s face and body; he notices the way Mizuki lips move as he talks, the way Mizuki gulps his drink and his throat moves as he swallows the liquid, the way Mizuki’s arm flexes when he demonstrates something without his jacket, and he notices just how much he enjoys Mizuki’s company.

By the end of the night, Mizuki comments just how flushed Koujaku is, which Koujaku blames on the drinks he had, but, before Mizuki leaves, Koujaku stops him and out of the blue kisses Mizuki. It was more of a sudden impulse, all the feelings that Koujaku had buried inside of himself- his plain attraction to his friend, his male friend- just exploded and everything within him just screamed to kiss Mizuki. Mizuki was not, as Koujaku expected, angry, but more surprised and confused, but he decided to try it out, and he kissed Koujaku back, full force. They both ended up sleeping together, and while Koujaku begged Mizuki to forget about it, more due his conflicting emotions due to the revisit to his sexuality, they would end up sleeping together once in a while. B)

Lies (Part 5)







You told me you were coming back                                                                
Promised it was real and I believed that
But if I fall for it again
I will be a fool
If our love is at the end
Then why do I still want you?
But I guess I got no valentine
Send me roses I just let ‘em die
I was crazy thinking you were mine
It was all just a lie

I looked down at the neatly written lyrics jotted on the paper before me in my handwriting. Andy had always talked about how writing songs is like therapy and I never really understood until now. Though I doubt that the song I had written would ever reach the light of day, I was still getting my emotions out. They had festered inside me for too long.

Its been two months and nothings changed; I’ve had no contact with Andy and instead have pushed myself into my work. At the moment I’m the Manager of PVRIS (pronounced like Paris) a new Electro-Rock band but I’m slowly getting tired of the same old thing but I’m also scared that if I quit I’ll have nothing to occupy my thoughts and I’ll slip back into the darkness I was in when Andy first left.

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after reading a piece i’d written about people not accepting the fact that i’m asexual, my friend sent me this text:

“I’m sorry if I’ve ever made you feel uncomfortable while talking about boys or asking random questions. I promise I’ll never ask you a question you are not comfortable with. I don’t want you to ever feel like it’s weird to be asexual or you to think that we think you’re a prude or that we think it’s just a phase or whatever. We’re not judging you at all. You be you. You embrace your individuality and your asexual-ness. You perfect the way you are and I’m sorry once again if I’ve ever made you feel bad about it. I love you so much and I never want to hurt you or make you feel bad about yourself.”

i cannot express how happy and relieved i felt when i read this. i’m so glad to have a friend who can accept me exactly the way i am.

Michael Clifford Never Be Alone Chapter 5

That night I get no sleep. I can’t just bail on meeting them at the airport can I? I promised them I’d be there, and I want to see them. The only thing stopping me is facing Michael, how am I supposed to act towards him? I hate that he didn’t just stay to talk about it, but then again we’re talking about Michael.

It’s 5am and I am rushing to the car as I need to be at the airport to say goodbye to them, I am exhausted from the lack of sleep but I’ll try to get some when I’m back.

I am there only 30 minutes later and I try to look for the gate where they have to be when I notice him with his messy blue hair and my hair starts racing. As I approach them Michael notices me and I can just see in his face that this is going to be the most awkward acquantaince ever.

“I’m here guys!” I annouce once I’m fully at the group.

“Good! I thought you weren’t going to come!” Ashton says

“I’m not going to see you for three freaking months, of course I’m going to see you before you leave” I laugh.

“We don’t have long before we have to board though” Luke says and looks at Michael.

“Yeah, Lindy, can I talk to you?” Michael stutters and I feel the anxiety bubbling up in me as I nod. We walk a bit away from the guys to sit on some seats.

“I… I just want to apologize for what I did yesterday” He begins

“I’m really confused Michael, I thought you only thought of us as friends?“ I ask

"I do!” Michael says louder, “Well, I thought I did” he whispers after that

"Michael what are you sayi-“ I start but get interrupted by a loud voice annoucing that their flight is boarding.

"I’m so sorry” Michael whispers and hugs me tight before he leaves to the gate.

“No Michael! You can’t just leave it like this?!” I yell after him but he doesn’t listen and disappears as the other guys watch us intensely.I sigh and walk to the other three.

“I guess this is goodbye, please skype me as often as you can” I say as I pull Calum in for a tight hug.

“I promise” Calum whispers as his arms hug me tight.

Next I hug Ashton and he tells me that he’s going to miss me and he’s going to call me as soon as they land in Europe.

Lastly I hug Luke and he looks at me with a look of pity.

“Michael told you didn’t he” I whisper in his ear as he hugs me tight

"Yeah” He whispers back

“Please get him to talk to me, Luke. I can’t handle these three months without talking to him. He’s going to try and shut me out but please don’t let him get away with it” I start to tear up and Luke pulls me away about and his hands cup my cheeks and brushes away the tears.

“Do you really think Michael could go even a day without talking to you? You are literally everything to Michael. It’ll all be fine, just give him a little time to process what he’s feeling right now” Luke kisses my cheek as they all wave and walk past the gate.

What he’s feeling right now? What is Michael feeling? Does he feel regret? Shame? Does he feel something for me? The thought both scares and excites me. I’ve never really gave me and Michael a lot of thought cause we always made it so clear that we were not interested in each other and that we’re just best friends. But now that he kissed me, it’s a whole other story.

I type a quick text to Michael before I crawl back in bed to hopefully catch some sleep.

- I know you’re not really of a feelings talker but when you’re ready I’m here x

And with that I close my eyes and eventually get some hours of sleep until the buzzing of my phone wakes me up at 4pmIt’s a message from Michael. My finger hovers over the button to read it but I eventually press it.

- I need a bit of time to think, please? I want to skype you tonight but I’m not really feeling like talking yet. sorry x

At first I’m angry, but I get it. This isn’t just a normal thing that is easy to talk about, our friendship is on the line and I think neither of us is willing to lose it.

- Okay, just call me on skype when you have time x

I text back and open my laptop. I do some school work, finish some reading when the familiar tune of skype starts playing. My heart beats really fast as I press the answer button and Michael’s face pops up, he looks tired but he still manages to look handsome anyway.

“Hey” Michael smiles softly

“Hi” I almost whisper. This is probably the most awkward we’ve ever been.

“How is Europe?” I smile, trying to get this awkwardness to go away

“It’s great, it’s really pretty here! I’m really tired though” He answers and with that he jawns which makes me jawn too and he laughs.

“Isn’t it pretty late back home?” Michael asks

“Ehm yeah I guess” I check my phone to see the time, “It’s 1am” I shrug.

“And why are you awake again? You’ve been up since 4:30 or something” Michael says

“Hey, you said you would skype me so here I am alright?“ I chuckle

"Right” Michael mumbles and there’s an awkward pause again.

“Michael?” I whisper softly in which he hums quietly.

“I’m scared” I carry on whispering

"Me too” Michael sighs and he’s not looking at his screen anymore.

“I don’t want to lose you over this Michael” I can feel myself tear up.

“Lindy I can promise you that you won’t” He answers and he’s looking back at the screen, “as long as you still want me around I’ll be there”

“What does that even mean, Michael? I’m still so confused about everything that happened” I mumble

“I haven’t really made up my mind yet” Michael sighs, “I know things are hard right now but I promise I’ll try to talk about all of this as soon as I know what’s going on inside my head”

“Fine” I answer, “Promise me you’re going to kill the shows out there okay? You’re going to do great" I smile

“I’ll try my best” He smiles back

"Do you still want me to come visit in a couple of weeks?“ I ask, unsure if he still wants me to be around him.

"Of course I still want you here! But you should get some sleep, you look really tired”

“Wow, thanks for the compliment Michael” I laugh, “ but I could say the same thing about you”

“Goodnight Lindy, I’ll try to talk to you tomorrow okay?” Michael says and I nod

"Yeah talk to you soon, goodnight Michael” And the skype call ends.

As soon as I couldn’t see his face anymore, I missed him. I’m scared of what’s going to happen between us. Does Michael have feelings for me? But also do I have feelings for Michael? And if so, what was I going to do with these feelings when Michael doesn’t return them. Everything will change because of one kiss, No matter how silly it sounds. I’ve always found Michael attractive, he’s funny, he knows me inside out. He is always there for me.

What if I do really love Michael?

DUM DUM DUUUUM, I’m so excited about this! I hope whoever reads this that you’re enjoying it

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I'm bi and my 'friend' (more like 'i fucking hate you, fuck off') is the biggest homophobe and she doesn't even realise it and I actually want to punch her. I've tried to make it clear that I don't want to be around her and she just keeps following me and my other friends around making the most ignorant comments ARGGHHH

have u made it very clear??? like clear like “fuck off i literally dont want you around me” clear????? bc i suggest u do that and if she follows u again, educate her!!! when she makes an ignorant comment fucking burn her ass with facts and statistics!! make her look like a fool!! i promise she’ll never come close to u again

GIRL TALK!! - come talk to me about girl problems, your crushes, music, books, tv shows, ask for advice, ask me a question and just talk to me about anything!!

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[P1] My friend, datemate, and I are all very close and we recently told each other we were all fickin. My datemate and I don't often express it vocally, but our friend never stops talking about how they're kin and how they have headmates and lately that's all our conversations have been about. It makes me really upset because I feel like we'll never be able to talk with her about anything else because somehow she manages to bring it up and make it the main topic. I'd talk to her about it, but

[P2] this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Every other time we talk to her about something going on, she either promises she won’t do it again but proceeds to do it anyway or somehow gaslights the shit out of us. Our friendship is toxic to begin with. It kinda makes me understand why some people don’t like fickin, it’s really annoying how that’s all she’s about anymore. That’s not what fickin is about, you shouldn’t let kinship consume your entire life. [END]

I resonate with this article so much. I found myself early in my teen years before I fell off the wagon (to get back on again a few years later) being ashamed of my catholic and Pentecostal roots. I had been hurt by my home church and promised to never return. I did. God used them to fund my trip to Uganda. He’s given me an internship there this summer that has just happened to work out. It’s crazy. I am just so in awe of what God has done and how he’s brought me back. I am so comfortable with what Sarah talks about in this article. I felt like I was reading thoughts I hadn’t been able to express.
It just shows me God is a God of continual reconciliation and revival.

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my boyfriend makes me want to hurt myself with the things he does, but i love him so much. he made me promise not to hurt myself or hed never talk to me again, and i didnt for 5 weeks and then he made me freak out about a week ago so i cut and told him i did, none of us brought it up. he sees my arm today during lunch and wont talk to me or text me and i was crying and shaking at school and fuck i scooby dooby don't know what to do

Murdoc: Wot does he do to make you wanna ‘urt yerself? I sense a controlling manerism from ‘im tha’ shouldn’t be there. What he is doing, isn’t helping you, hun. It ain’t healthy. Please don’ cry. Don’t shake. I’m here alright? Uncle Muds is here fer you. You don’ deserve to be treated the way you are being treated. I honestly suggested taking a moment to think abou’ what you need. I know you love him but if he’s hurting you, tha’s a problem. Love you kiddo.

What if I ask you out tomorrow morning? I’ll bring you to the coffee shop I saw the other day because we weren’t able to have coffee together last time, remember? I’ll make it up to you this time, I promise. Because in nine days, you’ll be leaving the province and I won’t be able to see you for a long time again.  I would love to spend the whole day with you, talking about the littlest things, about the both of us. Tour me; let us explore the places we’ve never been to and we’ll make the most out of the time God has given us.