I’ve always defended Dr. Boom because I like his card design but now that Blackrock Mountain is out we have a bunch of really cool cards with four health that can die to the random splash damage from a single Boom Bot and it’s become clear to me how broken the card really is. 

Shenanigans like this really hurt the game because if you don’t play completely broken cards like Dr. Balanced you gimp yourself and in turn you shy away from playing the cards that Dr. Balanced easily counters, like the all cool new ones listed above. 

Please fix this Blizz, thnx.

Excuse the lazy editing, but I needed to be able to see this for a drawing I have in mind. Anyway, so me and my friend were on the internet and we saw these shirts and it was like, Destiel, so beautiful redneck au right here. Sam came across the shirt designs and thought ‘what a wonderful gift for them’, and this happened.

Mad Max: Fury Road

To simply say that I loved this movie is not enough.  I need to do more.  

I need to strap a flamethrower-guitar playing gimp to the hood of my 1975 Ford Falcon, and drive it through the wasteland at 200 mph head-on into a semi-trailer full of high octane rocket fuel on its way to Bullet-town.

Best action movie of the decade.

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Fury Road Reviewers: The women in this movie…

I want to be the fighter swinging back and forth on the pole on top of your war rig. And also I want to shoot missles.

Like realistically I’d probably end up as someone’s hood ornament, because I’m not sure I’d want to live in a world without contact lenses and wifi, but I’m not going to let that deter me from pursuing my dream of changing my name to Lord Cuntmungus and driving a mutant land ship that looks like the result of an illicit three-way between Satan, a Bagger 288, and the evil truck from Duel. I want a vehicle that looks like what you’d get if Optimus Prime had a really severe nervous breakdown/midlife crisis and started eating his own children like a car/robot version of Goya’s Saturn Devouring His Son. It’s important.

We need to hire a person in a gimp suit who plays Megadeth songs on some sort of musical instrument made from chainsaws and human femurs.

Do you shoot missiles from you bra? Because I think that’s the aesthetic we’re going for.

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ooo smash asks um. whta r ur opinions on me (ike)

ike is interesting. i feel like he’s kind of looked down on but he’s pretty alright. he’s very, VERY strong but he suffers in speed and maybe range, and his recoveries are gimped rather easily. he’s still good when played right, though. ike has a very strong spacing game and he’s really good at racking up damage. he might struggle with KOs though but it’s alright

ike’s a very weird character. you don’t see him much, but it’s mostly because ike is GARBAGE against projectile characters. for example a few weeks ago i faced an ike main at my ontario smash weekly. both times i played pac-man, and i 2-0′d him, 3 stocking him in the first match and 2 stocking the second. ike can’t do much against projectiles, he has no option, so you’re forced to play keepaways with ike until you’re scared to do anything risky. he’s alright though

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A simple chalk brush and playing around with hard and soft settings on a simple round brush.

I’ve got the basics down from way back when I was in…oh god, my senior year of high school/freshman college (it was 10 years ago oh my GOD). Back then, I used a mouse though. I’m hoping the adjustment from mouse to stylus won’t be too difficult?