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Aaaand there's another Sophiam breakup teaser, virtually the same as the last one. I guess that's in case people didn't see the first one. hollywoodlife*com/2015/05/28/sophia-smith-liam-payne-break-up-instagram-dubsmash-friends-ross-rachel/

Thanks for the tip-off, Anonymous—I’m not sure if you’re the same anon from this ask so I might owe you another thanks.  This article is from Hollywood Life, which pedals M!M’s official narrative:

The article, like the one below, reassures fans that Sophiam are still your “mom” and “dad” and “relationship goalz” despite their break up reference from Friends.

If M!M did not plan on teasing a break up yet, then Liam’s shade has surely accomplished that.  If this isn’t the usual bait-and-switch and trolling for hits, M!M is likely testing how readers react to the news, since the Hollywood Life article includes a poll asking, “Are Liam and Sophia 1D’s Cutest Couple?” and the results depressingly say “yes” 66% to 34%.

Might this be a sign that Shamphiam is slowly on its way out?  I would not get my hopes up, but we can hope…

Defending My Girl- A Sammy Wilk Imagine (Requested)


I was beyond excited to be in Chicago for our next stop of the tour. We had been touring the U.S for the past month, stopping in the biggest cities and their biggest venues. Overall, Magcon was a great experience. I met so many amazing people only in the past month, like Jack and Jack, Sammy, Nash, Cameron, Matt, Aaron, Carter, Taylor and Mahogany.

It was definitely awkward being one of two girls around so many guys, but we all became one big family. I was added on to the tour last minute and wasn’t as well known as the others, so I always felt like I had something to prove.

I was currently waiting to get on stage and do my set. I had three song covers planned out, the same songs I had been doing each stop. I did my vocal warm ups backstage, as I waited for Nash and Cam to get off stage.

“You’re gonna be great Y/N, you always are.” Sammy whispered in my ear, surprising me.

“Jeez Sam, you scared me.” I said holding my chest.

“Sorry! I didn’t mean to, I just wanted to wish you luck even though you don’t need it.” Sammy said smiling down at me. If I had gotten close to anyone over the past month it was Sammy, he was beyond kind and we really connected. I hoped this would someday turn into something other than friendship.

“Thanks!” I replied as I brought him in for a hug.

The crowd and the vibe was great, Chicago was an amazing city. Finally, I was about to do my last cover, “Superbass” by Nicki Minaj, one of my favorites.

Not even halfway through the song, the crowd was so hype. Then suddenly, my earpiece turned off. I shrugged it off and continued like nothing happened, I couldn’t ruin this. I then noticed the crowd going wild and screaming, before I could turn I felt ice cold water cover my entire body. I was too stunned to even continue singing, I turned to see Jack and Jack holding an empty bucket, they were smiling…how could they smile this was beyond embarrassing for me.

I tried to put on a brave face and continue with the song as I was interrupted once more, by Matt squirting whipped cream all over me, where did he even come from? This was the final straw, how on earth could they do this.

I ran off stage, doing my best not to cry, locking myself in my dressing room. I sat on the floor against the door, the tears now flowing down my face. My body was soaking wet and sticky from the whipped cream, my outfit probably ruined. Not to mention hundreds of people just witnessed this and probably got videos of it to upload to YouTube.

As I was having a breakdown I heard muffled voices coming down the hall. I recognized the voices to be Aaron, Carter and Taylor.

“ Yo that was amazing, they got Y/N good!” I heard Carter say.

“I don’t know man, did you see her run off stage she looked pretty upset, but it was still funny as hell.” Aaron said as the other guys laughed.

I couldn’t believe they all decided to prank me in front of everyone. I knew the guys liked their pranks, but why did I have to be the guinea pig to be pranked in front of an entire audience. Why couldn’t they have done something off stage?

I glanced at the clock on the wall and knew the show had to be over by now. I had to confront everyone. I slowly stood up and left the room, still dripping and feeling sticky.

I walked down the quiet hall to the group lounge where we usually went after our shows. As I opened the door the guys and Mahogany turned at looked at me. They all laughed, except for Sammy who looked saddened. Their faces changed once they saw my expression, which was probably full of rage. I didn’t even care that I was soaking wet either.

“Why the fuck would you guys do that?” I screamed.

“Relax Y/N, it was a joke. You know we like pranks.” Gilinsky said.

“It was good too, you gotta admit.” Matt added.

“We got you so good, don’t even lie to yourself.” Johnson said.

Everyone else began laughing, I stood there with my arms crossed against my chest. How could they think this was funny. Suddenly, Sammy stood up.

“Yo guys chill, don’t you see how upset she is. You embarrassed her in front of all those people, I told you she wouldn’t take this how you thought. Why couldn’t you have done a smaller scale prank that wasn’t on stage?” Sammy said loudly, causing everyone to stop laughing.

I was so taken aback that Sammy would actually stick up for me and he wasn’t done yet.

“All you guys think of is yourselves, what if that happened to you? You’d feel as bad as Y/N does right now. Look at her, can’t you tell she’s been crying? How is this funny to you guys?” Sammy said, looking at me with sympathetic eyes.

“Wow Sam, I’ve know you since middle school and I’ve never seen you defend someone like this.” Gilinsky said, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah seriously, you never stick up for anyone or anything.” Nash added as the boys nodded.

“Maybe because he understands how hurt I was because the rest of you were too blind to realize.” I said as I began to feel really uncomfortable and suddenly more sticky. I left the lounge without saying another word and headed to the shower backstage to finally clean up.


After staying in the shower for longer than I should have, I returned to my dressing room and got dressed. As I brushed my wet hair, I heard a soft knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said in the farthest thing from my cheery voice.

Sammy entered the room. “You okay?”

“I could be better.” I said not looking at him.

“Everyone was talking and said they’re sorry.” Sammy said as he rubbed my arm.

“Then why are you here and they aren’t?” I questioned.

“Isn’t it obvious, I like you Y/N. It hurt me to see you hurting, I had to make sure you were okay. The rest of them put two and two together when you were showering, they finally understood why I was so defensive.” Sammy said trailing off.

“Wait, what…. You like me?” I said almost laughing.

“I do, a lot actually. This past month we’ve gotten so close and you’re such an amazing person. I can’t be the only one feeling the way I do, please tell me you want to take this to the next level.” Sammy said gazing into my eyes.

I was honestly at a loss for words, so I nodded.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Sammy whispered leaning down, kissing me softly.

The sudden sound of the door opening, broke us apart.

I looked to see all of the guys and Mahogany in my dressing room, each of them holding some sort of apology letter or gift.

“I’m gonna speak for all of us when I say we’re sorry Y/N. We just wanted to initiate you into all of this with a prank. We definitely took it to the next level and should’ve done something behind the scenes instead of in front of everyone. Sam was right, you’re lucky you have him looking out for you, he really cares for you. And we have every right to expect a retaliation prank.” Johnson said as everyone nodded.

“Thanks everyone I appreciate it. I’m so lucky to have all of you.” I said my eyes landing on Sammy as he squeezed my hand, the one I was the most thankful for.

“So are you guys like a thing now?” Mahogany asked smiling.

Sammy and I turned towards each other both of us smiling from ear to ear, nodding.

“Yeah, we are!” I said feeling like I was on cloud nine.

“Oh great, now Y/N’s gonna have Sammy involved in her revenge scheme.” Taylor chuckled.

“Totally, you know I gotta help my girl out.” Sammy said as my heart fluttered at the sound of him calling me his girl.

“You all better sleep with one eye open tonight and for the rest of tour.” I said as I began thinking of the best ways to get everyone back.

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So yah, I get that there are plenty of valid criticisms of Cullen ofc, but I find posts like that last one so off-putting. Like, it just seems like some people are really focused on turning him into some evil caricature and nothx to that x.x

Yeah, as always people are missing the effin nuance here? Then again, DA-fandom is as nuanced as a frikkin anvil thrown out an airplane to crush an ant. So no surprise here. Cullen critical behind the cut.

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norrmanikordei Normani retweet a fake tca account for rt for 5h…

im curious to why people thing that a bad thing though….i mean sure it’s 5h vs lm which im not a fan of but like is it not bad to want to promote your own band?

i’ve gone through that last year with tca’s babe, it’s not like that :/ sadly some people don’t see things like you and i need to agree, it wouldn’t be a bad thing but here’s the problem: with that stupid ‘feud’ people created between 5h and lm, when one of the girls rt something like ‘pick 5h or lm this is war’ or like the type of tweet, it’s not good either. when dinah did it i saw an avalanche of ( idiotics of course) people coming with the x is better than y. it’s like reassuring to the petty fans that there’s a fight there and both girl groups cannot exist at the same time and be successful. if she had retweeted the official account only talking about 5h, that’d be amazing already.

Feature Friday: Gunnar Oden

Name: Gunnar Oden 

YouNow name: GunnarOden

Age: 22

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden

Current city: Stockholm, Sweden

YouNower since: December 2012

Favorite YouNow broadcaster: Hmm, that’s a hard one. But if I have to pick one, I’ll say Snowmarite. :)

Spirit Animal: Sloth ^_^

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook: @GunnarOden

School/work: I sell running shoes in a store, but my dream is to do YouTube/YouNow full time. ;)

What you did on your first YouNow broadcast:  I played music, as I do now, but people didn’t like me and voted me off (RIP dislike button) ^^.

Single or spoken for: Single

Secret talent: I’ve jumped over seven meters in long jump.

Last song you played on repeat: “Heroes” by Måns Zelmerlöw (the song for which Sweden won Eurovision).

Favorite movie: The Dark Knight Rises 

Social media pet peeve: When people use the word “fans” to describe their followers.

When we’re most likely to find you on YouNow: Around 7 p.m. GMT.

Best YouNow moment so far:  When YouNow glitched one time and I accidentally got 500 viewers ^^

Favorite YouNow gift: The bro fist ofc ^^

Describe the YouNow community in one word: Lovely

DIY might actually replace sm as my least favorite DIY was really fun and I love making the games and I love the entire aesthetic but I do NOT like the continuity with the other games. You’re going to fucking break up 9-volt and 18-volt Even though literally the whole purpose of their story in sm was about how they will always stay loyal and friends with eachother? Why are all te people most likely to be LOYAL(MONA jimmy t and 9-volt) to wario the ones switching to the other company? Why did you take the two new characters you introduced last game and give them CAMEO APPEARANCES? Also the fact that there’s no story at all makes me sad. It’s a good game I just don’t like how it messes up te flow of the series esp bECUASE in game and wario they’re all a part of Warioware again :|

  • what she says:I'm fine :)
  • what she means:Why is narry like this? why did harry say "we fit"? Did they test that out? Do they really fit? Also, why would he say he'd do niall on stage in front of thousands of people? Why did niall look so cocky about it? Did he do niall? Is that why he asked niall who the last person he had sex with was with that shit eating grin on his face in that interview? Was it harry? Why did harry grab nialls dick on tv like that? on national television.....what in the fuck happened in mullingar in 2010?

So…. I met Jensen.

It was amazing. I don’t have any huge stories like I did with meeting Misha last year since everything was rushed through very quickly, one day convention and all with 900 people wanting to meet Jensen since he hadn’t been to Australia in 5 years.

Still I got my special moments with him and that’s what I wanted.

I was so nervous going into this photo, I nearly started crying but the girls behind me were very good at distracting me, we chatted about OCC and last year’s AHBL.

But I was still teary and I was shaking a lot when we finally got around all the corners to where they were doing Jensen’s photos. They had us against a wall and we couldn’t see him; I wanted a glimpse of him at least before my photo or I knew I was going to burst into tears and I didn’t want that to be his first impression of him so I ducked around the corner and made the most horrendous squeak when I saw him smiling and saying hello to the next girl in line.

When it was my turn my hands were shaking and he turned and smiled at me and I stammered over a very high-pitched hello which made him smile really big and he said “Hello sweetheart, come here” and then pulled me in for the above hug which was so warm. (He smells really nice, just an observation). When I hugged him I realised that though he was as tall as I realised, he’s a lot thinner than I thought… Like putting my arms around him was easier than putting my arms around Misha.

Anyway I kind of stammered a thank you and an ‘oh my god it was so good to meet you’ and he smiled at me and said the same back and told me to have a good day before turning to the next girl in line.

I started hyperventilating which wasn’t good because I was heading to my photo with Matt. God it was so scary but it was amazing. He was so sweet.

And then I was getting his autograph for a friend and I thanked him for something he said at the end of his panel (in his panel someone asked him what he had learnt from Supernatural and he gave this beautiful speech about never giving up, always fighting, and how we can always overcome anything) and I told him it was kind of exactly what I needed to hear right now and as I was saying this he looked me in the eye and smiled and nodded and then he said ‘Thank you sweetie, much love’ and blew me a kiss. I blew him one back kind of absently and then walked away with a dazed expression that made Clif shake his head at me.

Over all meeting Jensen was incredible. I’m so glad he came out here. So, so thankful for the opportunity. I really hope I get the chance to see him again because he’s an amazing person.

There are good people out there.

So I know ALL I have been posting about here lately is my book. But last night something happened I feel like I should share, if only because it’s the one way I can think of to thank someone for just being a really nice person. I was at the Newark Airport after my last appearance of basically a two week tour. I’d gotten up that morning in Rochester, NY and driven 4 hours to Rhinebeck, where I did an event. Then we drove ANOTHER 2 hours to Newark, where my publicist dropped me off at the airport to catch an 8pm flight home. I was SO TIRED. I had dinner, a glass of wine, and basically sleepwalked to my gate. As I was getting in line, this girl looked at me. “You ARE aware the line starts back THERE????” she snapped. I know she was probably tired too. And I was in wrong place. But the combo of exhaustion and emotion was just so strong that by the time I got onto plane I was sobbing. SO embarrassing, you guys.

Anyway, I got to my seat and tried to pull myself together, pressing my face to the window. You know that feeling, when you start crying and know it’s silly but you just CANNOT stop? Yeah. That was me. So I’m sobbing, and embarrassed, and finally the woman next to me taps my shoulder and asks if I’m okay. I told her I was, that I was sorry to be a nuisance. And she was just SO kind and nice to me. She talked to me and I started breathing and eventually things just felt so much better. It was a little thing, a moment, but it seriously meant the WORLD to this very tired, very weepy author. I only got her first name, and that she was flying into Raleigh for family reasons. But I did convince her to take a picture. So Anne, wherever you are now, thank you for your kindness. The world is a better place because of people like you. Love, Sarah.

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what would be your biggest fashion no-no's for males?

(last time I did one of these lists I got so much shit for it) but here it goes and this is just my opinion people wear whatever you want and watch the world burn for all I care:

  • cargo shorts or cargo pants
  • flip flops worn with jeans
  • mid calf nike elite socks worn with boat shoes
  • wife beater shirts/bro tanks
  • board shorts
  • cell phone holsters on belts
  • when guys wear shorts with blazers, button downs, and bowties like are your legs in a different climate than your upper half
  • fedoras
  • casual vests (vests worn over graphic tees)
  • ill fitting suits like what are you doing w/ your life bro
  • socks with those nike slip on sandals

It’s been a while since I last did one of these. But I recently unfollowed a bunch of people and need to follow a bunch of new people. So please like, reblog, or follow me if you post a lot of anything on this list, but mostly twenty one pilots so I can check your blog out and follow you back.

- twenty one pilots
- fall out boy
- panic! at the disco
- game grumps
- aesthetic stuff
- Space
- Jontron
- Hidden Block/Normal Boots
- Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter
- Olan Rogers
- kickthepj
- Kingdom Hearts
- video games in general
- funny stuff
- anime
- cartoons
- if you have cool oc’s (which are all of them :3)


Earlier this month, a Mexican Blog featured a picture of a resident asleep in the hospital. This post came with harsh criticism such as “we know the job is demanding, but with your salary the least you could do is be awake if a patient needs you.” Now, I just recently completed MS1, so I am not out in the wards yet. That doesn’t mean I am not familiar with the exhaustion that comes with it. Just last week, I had a meeting with my academic advisor at 9:30 am, only then did I find out that she came straight from a 36 hour shift in L&D. 36 hours with no sleep! Plus having the time and brain power to talk for one hour about a student’s summer plans and the like. It’s not only being a physician it all the other responsibilities outside the hospital. Doctors are people, not robots. 

Anyways, what followed is a series of photos of residents, nurses, doctors, and students from all over the world “asleep” on the job with the hashtag #yotambienmedormi which is Spanish means “I fell asleep too.”

We must remember to show empathy towards our patients, but also our colleagues.

I encourage you all to share pictures with the hashtag #yotambienmedormi . 

PS- Have you ever fallen asleep at the hospital?

Celebrities are not role models. They signed a contract as actors, singers, whatever, not to raise your kids.

Like that last shit I heard on tumblr: apparently two guys from one direction have smoked weed and everyone is like “think of da kidz!! bad role models! WOW weed?!?1 omg” (and where they smoked (peru I think?) it was also legal so people complaining are real dumb)

If your daughter/son is like “oh guy from  boyband did weed imma do it too!!” sorry but it´s you who failed as a parent, it´s not the celebrity´s fault.  If I were a celebrity I couldn´t care less about being a “good role model”.

Ok, so, to all the people, which I know are out there, who say they didn’t make any mention to Margot being gay last season, and how they need to deal with the abuse that made her so like in the books.

Well, first off, they did in fact define that she was a lesbian already. Heck, they did so her first ep I think. Right before she and Will had sex he even mentioned that he knew he wasn’t her type, and one of them said something about how “wrong proclivity for the parts”.

So yes, they didn’t outright say, Hey! You’re/I’m gay! But honestly, that’s a good thing, they shouldn’t need to. I mean in real life people don’t go around shouting I’m gay! At every new person they meet. So why should Margot?

It’s an established fact in the Hannibal universe, and as the family is quite well known, all the people in the world of the show know as well, which is why Will says what he says, because he knows she’s gay.

Oh, and on the abuse part, that’s something Bryan Fuller changed. In the books it was the sexual abuse Mason did to her when she was young that made her a lesbian. But Bryan felt that was just a horrible way to do things, her only being gay because of the abuse she went through. So he got rid of the sexual abuse, and made it so she had always been gay. Something we know is fact due to mention of how her Father wrote her out of his will because of her ways.

Last night on my break, I became a person I haven’t seen myself been in probably years. Even if it was for a split second, I didn’t like who I was or how I acted. Buuuuut. I do commend myself for acting how I did because I stood up for myself and those around me.

In the break room there are two TV’s and they can be two different channels. They don’t mind what you put on the channel. A couple months ago, I raised deaf awareness at my hotel and they made sure to include captions on every TV we have in the hotel that is publicly displayed like that. Hotel rooms are optional, of course. But they made sure to give everyone an option to have CC on the telly. And to have it on at all times. I don’t ever watch the telly during my break because I’m not all that much into TV (I’m a movie person) and I usually spend my break time texting my husband.

Someone said she didn’t like what was playing on the telly and I’m like fine, I could care less, I’m not watching it anyway. I WIIIIIISH she didn’t have the nerve to say, “the words on the screen are stupid and pointless, why is it even on there? Some deaf bitch probably put it on.”

I’M that deaf bitch that fought for deaf awareness in this hotel. Nobody’s ever complained about it, at least not to my face anyway. People who had trouble speaking English actually stated they understood English better when CC was on rather than hearing it spoken on the telly.

So she took off the CC and continued to go on and on about how “this shit is so retarded, everybody here speaks English what’s the need for it.”

That shit pissed me off so I stood up immediately and just went off.

“Excuse you???? I’M that bitch that fought for this "shit” to be accessible for everybody in this hotel who the fuck are you? It’s not just for people who can’t understand speech, we got people here who follow spoken English better when captions are on.“

"Whatever, it’s annoying anyway. It’s retarded.”

“You need to erase the word "retard” from your vocabulary before I erase it for you.“

"I’ll use retard however I want whenever I want and this caption shit is retarded I don’t want it on.”

Ok. I snatched the remote out her hands and put that shit on mute. “Now neither of us know what’s going on on the telly.” “Bitch is you ghetto.”

“No, bitch, but in 2.5 seconds, I CAN be—you wanna go? We can do this all day but nothing gonna change aside from me whooping yo ass cause when I leave here captioning will still be on there whether you like it or not. Come on.”

No fighting went on, though. Just a lot of cursing and low blows. I don’t know WHAT came over me because I haven’t gotten to that point in years and it takes a lot to get me that pissed off, and a lot to calm me down. People were standing between us (it was like a reality show lmao) and holding each other back. I wasn’t ever going to hit her or anything, but don’t you ever pull some shit like that, saying “retard” or saying CC is stupid, or calling me “that deaf bitch,” and we won’t have a problem.

She did reach for my hearing aids and tried to take them out, though. I think she was trying to pull my hair. I did pull her hair.. And some of her weave came out.

At the end of the day, I was right, she was wrong, CC was back on, mute was off, she had to apologize to me.

Then I went home.

Bow chicka wow wow.

league of legends starter sentences (part one)

sixty jinx (league of legends) starter sentences! 

‘ rules are made to be broken… like buildings! or people!
‘ stay still! i’m trying to shoot you!
‘ i’ll give you to the count of — time’s up! ’
‘ duck! hehe, just kidding, that won’t help. ’
‘ gotta die sometime!
‘ smile! it’s called gun play. ’
‘ any last words? ha! no, just die. ’
‘ seriously, screaming helps… not at all. ’
‘ no need to be scared — or alive. ’
‘ you’re starting to bore me. ’
‘ i accidentally did that on purpose. ’
‘ you’re my favorite waste of bullets. ’
‘ you’re not laughing. ’
‘ tcha-tcha-tcha-tcha!
‘ katchoo!
‘ everybody, panic!
‘ i feel like i forgot to shoot something… ’
‘ scream along if you know the words!
‘ i’ve got a recital, and everyone’s invited!
‘ who wants a solo? ’
‘ let’s just behave… said no one, ever. ’
‘ wait, i’m thinking! urgh… how do people do this? ’
‘ i’m trying to care but i just can’t!
‘ [name]? stands for [name]! durr. ’
‘ whatever, let’s just start shooting!
‘ now where was i? oh, right, wreaking havoc!
‘ hold on! i’m about to say something really cool!
‘ ask me if i’m listening! hint: i’m not!
‘ i don’t even think once about blowing stuff up!
‘ ‘she’s such a loser, always ready to cry!’ t-t-t-ta!
‘ you think i’m crazy? you should see my sister!
‘ i have the best intentions!
‘ i’m wearing lots of belts! for no reason at all. ’
‘ bullets!
‘ who needs reasons? ’
‘ i’m crazy! got a doctor’s note. ’
‘ all part of the plan i just made up!
‘ what if i had a gun that shot other guns? ’
‘ aww, c'mon, what’s the worst that could happen? ’
‘ i really need a new gun. but don’t tell my other guns. ’
‘ what’s in my violin case? violence. ’
‘ guns don’t kill people. i mean, until you shoot them. then they kill everything!
‘ i’m bringing guns to the knife fight! hehe. ’
‘ say hello to my friends of varying sizes!
‘ three guns means never having to say ‘i’m sorry’. ’
‘ welcome to snoresville! population: you. ’
‘ but where are your other guns? ’
‘ you’re gonna chase me, fat hands? ’
‘ i’m over here, fat hands!
‘ hey, should we blow something up? ’
‘ you’re the worst weapon ever!
‘ hey, think we can wreak havoc forever? ’
‘ you know i can replace you, right? ’
‘ maybe we should settle down and live peaceful lives. —— haha, nope! you’re a death machine for life!
‘ oh, look — i’m opening my box of care! oh, wait — it’s empty!
‘ three, forty-one, nine and lift off!
‘ i’ll be right back! no one die screaming without me!
‘ that really hurt… my feelings. ’
‘ that was almost not close at all!
‘ they… got me… ’