day 3 of sasuhina month was crossover and as ive mentioned before i really love crossovers!!! but i had a busy day today and even after a 5-hour nap i’m still tired ahaha thats why im late yet again and i only have this 10-minute doodle to show…………………………… but it’s better than nothing!!!

it’s a sasuhina x egoshipping crossover ^______^


holy shit keith & i’s friend carly just had her long time best friend and boyfriend (bill’s) baby on her own birthday that’s so cute i’m so happy for her and them and their new family ugh i love babies

now to make them some delicious reheatable dinners to bring over because that is what adults do when their friends have babies

when we went to poland to a pottery town for a day on the trip. we went to a restaurant incredibly tired, and they served us bread with some sort of spread. in the dim light it looked like butter with interesting crunchy bits in it, not that i really cared bc i was so damn hungry, i just spread it all over a piece of bread. it did not taste like butter but it was delicious and had a very nice texture. turned out it was dripping with bacon, onion, and apple (and maybe mushroom) in it, i am very happy i was so hungry and wasn’t told what it was bc otherwise i may not have eaten it. every night i cry that central european food is so underrepresented here hobraeuhaus doesn’t count


Sorry for the spam. I promised someone I’d do those a long time ago. I have more but I’m SUPER lazy right now. Gonna go make some dinner.