Sleeping with you

Feels like I’m just sleeping alone

If you’re pushing away baby please let me know

I try my best to give you everything you need

Cold shoulders and silence tells me everything

I thought we were something. I thought we were more

Intensity rolling off of you like tidal waves

The way you feel behind me, that adoration in your eyes, that sweet smell between your thighs

Is all. that. I. crave.

Girl this love is different… don’t you see?

I just need you to take me for me.

I’ve said all I can say

I’ve done all I can do…

All I need from you is to open up to me

If this isn’t love… Then tell me what it is?

This is so deep… It’s more than I can stand

anonymous asked:

What do you think of the members of the Apollo and Poseidon cabins?

Apollo and Poseidon? Interesting combination, but none-the-less, I’ll do it alphabetically.

I find Aiden O’Reilly to be a sweetheart, but he worries me, I must admit that. His passion in everything he does I adore, as well as his attitude to other people, but his opinion of himself makes me seriously concerned for him, and his future. I see something changing in his love life in the not too distant future, too. He needs to simply open his eyes and conquer his fear, and he will find what he desires.

I also find myself worrying often about Alexander Edrickson. In training, he pushes himself way too far, but from the looks of it, we have a young star in the camp, who is rising quickly! His concert the other night outside was a great success, and the TV show seems to be going well. I see bright things in his future (no pun intended). 

Young Cassie Turner is such a sweetheart, considering all the stuff she has been through in her life. And such a graceful young thing, too! I love the relationship she shares with her younger sister, as it’s truly an adorable one. 

Elijah Turner is a very skilled dancer, and again, an absolute sweetheart. The Apollo cabin is full of those, it seems. I love seeing his interactions with other campers, and his protective nature towards everyone in camp makes him one of my favourites from the cabin.

Now, it gets a little tricky, when it comes to Isaac Reed. That boy is an enigma, as while you may be convinced he’s showing his true colours, that’s not all there is to him. He’s one to watch.

When talking about Jonah Zale, joy immediately comes to mind. He never fails in brightening someone’s day, which is what I find so endearing about him. He is such a lovely person to see around the camp, and I look forward to what might become of him and Sydney Clarke.

As for Miss Kallista Amory, well, things are about to get interesting for her. There’s something she’s been hiding for a long time that’s about to come out into the open, and it may well cause a few tears. I definitely would say, however, that out of both cabins, she is the one who’d do best if she was my child. She has a good head on her shoulders.

The adorable Lucy Mercury, the youngest of both, is probably the sweetest person I’ve ever had the delight of encountering. I enjoy seeing her interactions around camp, and if all goes to plan, her love life should get interesting very soon.

And finally, Lyna Callen! For someone who lost both parents at such a young age, Lyna is such a sweetheart. She always throws herself into challenges, and I enjoy seeing her around camp.

kyungbootysoo asked:

Say 5 nice things about yourself and then reply publicly! Send this to ten of your favorite followers! Have a beautiful day!

So late to answer this but let’s see

I have pretty nice eyes
I think sometimes I’m capable of being adorable
Even though I say I hate people I actually love people just not their decisions and try to help and be there for everyone
I’m one of very few open minded and non-judgmental people in my school
I’m pretty okay at graphic design

This was kinda hard but thank you for this I needed to focus on the positive ^-^