I just want someone who will play with my hair, turn me on in inappropriate places, share a pizza with, quote spongebob with, and will make me smile just by thinking about her

People who think the Game of Thrones dragon lady’s name is Khaleesi


“Rafael!” Madeleine squeals and bounds over to hug him. “I thought you guys were gone through the weekend?”

“Aye, no! Daniel moved up our airline reservations. Apparently his firm is having issues with some big government contract,” he rolls his eyes.

“A very important government contract,” Daniel replies as he strolls around the corner and affectionately wraps his arm around Rafael’s waist. “I apologized to your family profusely, dear. They understood.”

“You’re just lucky they like you,” the shorter man smirks before turning back toward Madeleine. “Any problems while we were gone? I know your father doesn’t like you staying here unsupervised, although if you ask me he really needs to take the stick out of his a-”

Dan nudges him gently. “We trust you, Maddie,” he tells her with a small smile. “Everyone makes mistakes. You just have to learn from them and move on. Although I do hope you didn’t get too bored all alone in this big apartment?”

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This is a nsfw Underworld Cophine AU. Yeah…lol basically this takes place after the first movie sort of a re-write of the second movie shmexy scene…, ao3

“I’m fine!” Delphine growled as the door to the storage unit was closed and her frantic partner lit one of the candles she’d brought in from the truck. The air was warm and stale, but the sun was up, as was evident with the burns that were slowly healing. Hands captured her face, turning it towards the light. “Cosima…”

“Delphine…Let me see.” The shorter woman was dripping wet, but her medical training was preventing her from doing anything but making sure the blonde was ok. A small smile tugged at her face when she saw the marks disappearing. “Are you in any pain?”

Delphine shook her head but she couldn’t hide the color of her eyes even in the candle light. She was hungry. Not the hunger that was sated with wine or the food she’d consumed when she was human. No the hunger that came to her allowed her to hear the woman’s heartbeat. She could see the subtle movement beneath the pale skin and she itched to take the smaller form into her arms, to sink her teeth into the side of the soft neck and swallow mouthful after mouthful of the sweet lifeforce that coursed through her veins.

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I know this would probably not happen, but I think something similar could still happen (by chance) and it’s so cute anyway that I though you guys would like a little fluffy idea before the finale. 

Beginning/middle of season 2, Waige is just starting out and things are really good but awkward. Walter notices how Sly likes to play with Megan’s hands or her hair. He notices how much it makes Megan smile, and wants to be able to do something like that, but he 1: isn’t sure if he really wants to/should and 2: doesn’t know how to do this. One day, while walking through the garage he sees Happy working on the machine in front of her when the behaviorist sneaks up behind her and covers her eyes before whispering, “Guess who?” Walter slinks away before he can see her elbow her boyfriend in the ribs before turning around to yell at him but then kiss him. 

So he tries it on Paige that evening while she is working on paperwork in the quiet loft. She smiles like a lovestruck teenager and blushes before turning around to give him that dazzling gaze. They chat for a bit and he can’t help but blush a bit too when she kisses his cheek and strokes his arm before returning to paperwork. He realizes that despite the stupidity and immaturity of the action, she smiled and he loves that. (Plus, he’s never liked contact, but his thirst for her is slowly growing to be unqeunchable…) 

Days later she does that to him. She always found the little peekaboo game so silly, cliché, and ridiculous. She may be one for romance, but why scare your lover while asking a question that has an obvious answer once they smell your scent and hear your voice? For some reason, when Walter did it, she loved it. So she returns the favor. He laughs and it reminds her of music.

They still find it so silly but continue to sneak up on each other and steal a giggle, small talk, or contact. One day the team finally sees, and they cannot stop laughing. Mr. 197 and the brilliant translator… who knew they’d love something like that?

I might fic this haha idk

inspired by this latest piece of art from waricka!

Pale fingers caress her cheek, and the Sun Queen turns her face away.

“I’m with you,” she says, and her voice is a hollow thing. “But I am not yours. Don’t touch me.”

Something uncurls in her chest at the way his jaw clenches. Satisfaction, she realises, as if from a distance. For the first time since her knife split Mal’s heart, she smiles.

Alina makes herself a monster. It is the least that Aleksander Morozova deserves. And the world will not survive the rule of the Darkling alone.

Somehow, she doubts anyone will consider it a favour


They are crowned. The priest trembles to touch them, even with the crowns.

Her husband (she supposes) fails to notice. Used to such things she thinks, and trembles herself, under the weight of centuries to come.

Her husband (she supposes) doesn’t fail to notice that. As she faces the cheering hordes (to terrified to stay silent), she catches the twitch of his hand, a single and involuntary movement towards her.

Her mouth curves into something sharp and bloody. The people cheer louder, as though the sound will somehow protect them from it.



The shadows crowd in on her, as soft as her name on his lips. The stone of the wall is rough against her back. She laughs at the repetition as the cloth of his kefta brushes her skin, warm from his body.

He should be cold. When Alina thinks of ancient things, she doesn’t think of heat.

“You have what you wanted,” she murmurs, tilting her head back. The light from a candle plays across her face, casting his into the darkness. She prefers it. “You have everything.”

“I do not have you.”

She closes her eyes. Leans into him, presses her forehead to his chest. “You have my support. You have my companionship. You have my power, as much as I have yours. If you wanted the rest of me more than any of that, you could have made a different choice.”

Alina doesn’t have to look at him to know the way his face twists, the way his fingers waver like he might strangle her (or something darker).

But he doesn’t.

“Then do not say I have everything,” is all he says.

He doesn’t touch her.


There is a part of Alina that knows the girl she was would hate the woman she is now. 

The rest of her knows that that girl died as surely as Mal did that day on the Shadowfold, with him and every other person she had tied herself to.

That Alina might have considered her weak. That Alina might have seen something noble in dying with the rest of them, in denying Aleksander Morozova his final prize.

The Sun Queen sees nothing noble in joining forces with him, but nothing noble in dying either. She thinks that the concept of nobility is probably lost to her. With the sun burning under her skin, she can’t afford it. 

It doesn’t take centuries for her to lose her humanity, for her thoughts to shift from the needs and wants of Alina to a giant scale with the world in one pan. 

It just takes power.


Ravka comes under their sway with ease. The rest of the world is not so difficult as she once might have thought, after that.

But there are still moments. No matter how great the threat of destruction,there will always be people who fight against whatever injustice they see. Alina realises, with some small shock, that she understands this better than the Darkling.

It is twilight when she comes to him in the study, finding him bent over a map. His hair falls from its tie in haphazard strands, and she thinks that once upon a time, her fingers might have ached to brush them back.

She lays a hand over his instead, surprising the both of them with the comfort she offers.

“You can’t make the entire world believe in us, Aleksander.”

There’s no denying the pleasure she takes at the way he jerks at her use of his name, every time. She laughs, quiet and amused, and taps his knuckle.

“We don’t need all of them. We just need enough.”

He lifts his head. She has no idea what she’ll find in his features until she’s face with them, and the ruefulness instead of rage makes her smile.

“You, of all people, should know that it will never be enough.”

She inclines her own head. “For you.” She makes to withdraw her hand. “That’s why you have me.”

A beat passes, a breath. And then his fingers - gently - catch hers. They tangle together, arms stretching the distance between them.

“I suppose,” he says, and doesn’t squeeze. Doesn’t rub his thumb over her palm, doesn’t do anything except stay as they are, “you are right.”

Alina smiles.

family first ❀ solo

the interior of the sphere building intimidates mijoo just as much the exterior does; big, curious eyes glance around as she follows behind a staff member down a hallway. she had been working a shift at nam family ddukbokki when woohyun let her off earlier than usual, with comforting words and his winning smile to make her feel better before sending her on her way to the sphere audition. she had thought about going home first to change, maybe get the smell of spicy food out of her hair with a quick shower, but then changed her mind when she decided she might get nervous if she saw her little brothers and sisters before the audition. she’ll see them later anyways.

“if you didn’t bring an application with you,” the female staff member begins and mijoo turns her head to look at the older female. “you can grab a blank one and fill it out as you wait. also, make sure to turn your phone off or put it on silent before you go into the waiting room.”

“oh, uh, yes…” with fingers curled around her phone and pressed against her thigh, mijoo forgets that the mobile is even there before it vibrates in her hand. she blinks in confusion, bringing it up to see the name written across the screen: sujeong.

mijoo gives an apologetic smile to the staff member, bowing her head slightly. “may i…?” she carefully questions, getting a short, “make it quick” in return. she nods her head firmly before turning away to press the talk button, bringing the mobile to her ear. “hello? sujeong-ah, can you make it quick? i’m about to go in for the audi–”

“yah, lee mijoo! go to the hospital right now!”

“hospital? why–”

“i don’t know the details either, but hwannie’s at the hospital!”

mijoo widens her eyes, her breath hitching at her throat. “h… hwannie?” she says quietly, the face of the said little brother popping into her head at the mention of him. she swallows and her palms start to sweat a little, the grip on her phone tightening by the slightest to keep it from slipping out of her grasp. she purses her lips together into a thin line.

“the girls and i are heading there now! we’ll see you soon!”



sujeong is no longer on the line and it’s silent on the other side, but mijoo keeps the phone pressed against her ear for another moment longer without a word.

“lee mijoo-yang?”

abruptly whipping around, the said girl bows deeply at the staff member. “i am so, so, soooo sorry for wasting your time, but i think i have to go! it’s an emergency!” her voice is frantic. “thank you for today!” she doesn’t wait for an answer before coming back up and turning on her heels, running straight on out of there and leaving behind the confused calls of her name by the female staff. she blinks a couple times, trying to ignore the tickling at the corners of her eyes as she exits the sphere building.

‘noona’s coming, hwan-ah…’

Chapter 450-"Last vacation day"

Friday came and Grace woke them up with her crying, Red went to get her while Dean sat up in the bed and tried to wake up as best he could. He got up and met them in the living room, Red sat down on the couch with Grace and fed her and Dean sat beside her, he looked over at them and gave her a sleepy smile making her giggle “Well this is our last full day here, what do you want to do?” She asked him. Dean sighed and put his arm around her and kissed her cheek “I’ve got another surprise for you” he said sleepily “All these surprises, I feel so special” she giggled “You should. You are” he whispered to her and kissed her cheek again “Here give her to me and go to the bedroom and check in the closet” he told her. Red handed over Grace and looked at him curiously “Go on” he told her, she walked to the bedroom and opened the closet to see a blue sequined dress and a box on the floor. She smiled and opened the box to see a pair of beautiful black high heels with diamonds on them “Oh Jon” she smiled and got up and went back to him, he had put Grace down to play so she sat in his lap and kissed his cheek “I love it and the shoes are beautiful” she told him “I knew you would, now go get yourself all prettied up, I’m taking you out tonight” he told her. Red giggled and kissed his lips but she broke the kiss and looked at Grace “But what about Grace, we can’t leave her alone” she told him “I’ve taken care of it, I hired someone to come watch her tonight, she very nice and Grace seemed to like her” he told her. Red shook her head and kissed him again “I love you” she smiled “I know” he boasted making her laugh. Red then hurried off to get ready, she fixed her hair and makeup and then dressed in the dark blue dress and heels and soon it was time to go, Dean stood in his suit by the door and waited for her and when she came out of the room his chin almost hit the floor. He let out a whistle and walked over to her, she smiled as he circled her looked her over “You look amazing” he told her and ran a finger over the skin that was exposed by the swooping neckline, she smiled as he stood in front of her “Of course you always look amazing” he told her and kissed her lips. Soon the babysitter was there and they kissed Grace goodnight and were off, Dean had made reservations at a nice Italian restaurant in town and took her for the nicest dinner ever, as they ate Dean would look over at her and smirk “Stop it” she told him “Stop what?” He asked with a smirk “Stop watching me” she giggled “But I like watching you.” He told her making her giggle more. They had a few drinks and finished their meal then headed for the beach, night had fallen and they were alone on the beach as the moon shine brightly over them, Red stared out at the waves as Dean stood behind her with his arms around her and his chin on her shoulder “What is it?” He asked “I don’t want to leave this has been the best vacation ever. I don’t want it to end” she told him. Dean chuckled and kissed her neck “Me either, but we’ve gotta go back to work. You know that” he told her, she sighed and leaned back against him as they watched the waves crash on the shore, he looked at her and then took her by the hand “Come on” he said and led her down the beach, they walked further and further until they were just outside their vacation home but he kept walking towards the secluded spot they had played in on their beach day. Red watched him with a smile and followed, when they got completely out of sight he pulled her close and kissed her hard and passionately and before she knew their clothes were hanging on the the branch of one of the over hanging palm trees. Dean picked her up and pushed her back against the rock that hid them and she wrapped her legs around him and her arms around his neck, as they kissed he slipped into her and she gasped and broke the kiss, he placed his forehead against hers and they smiled at each other. He thrust into her hard and fast making her moan out and squirm and she dug her nails into his skin making him growl and bite down on her neck, he pumped into her deeper and she began to shake and soon she was a trembling mess. Dean kissed her jawline and cheek and stopped until she calmed down, when she was breathing normal again he started again, she whimpered and moaned as he pumped faster and faster until he felt his own undoing coming, he thrust as fast as he could and finally released inside her as she came again. Her head fell onto his shoulder and she shook as he gripped her tight, soon they were breathing normal again and they hurried and got dressed but before they left he pulled her close and kissed her as his hands squeezed her tight “Don’t think I’m done with you” he growled. Red bit her lip and smiled then followed him back to the house, the babysitter was reading as she had put Grace to bed, Red checked in on her while Dean paid the girl and sent her on her way then he joined her the see Grace. They both kissed her then Dean grabbed Red by the hand and led her to their bedroom, he closed the door behind them then walked to her “Now let’s get you outta that dress” he growled. They kissed and he did just that, he laid her on the bed and crawled over and pressed his lips back to hers and they spent the rest of their night lost in each other.

shirexia asked:

ALSO Blythe/Faldric

+ They’re both free spirited people.
+ I don’t think Blythe would mind Faldric’s wanderlust.
+ Faldric is neither a nationalist nor religious so he wouldn’t buy into any anti-witch hype.
+ Faldric would enjoy making her smile with his many, over the top romantic antics.
+ They’d probably be pretty cute together.
- It would take Faldric a lot of time to really settle down. He just likes to be moving wherever he is.
- He will probably die hearing people chant his name.

Gifts Mom Will DIY Over

Stumped on what to get mom for Mother’s Day? Skip the drugstore card and show mom just how much you care about her by crafting a more personal gift this year. 

Read on for some quick ‘n easy Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to make her smile. 

1. Copper Pipe Plant Hangers (in under 10 minutes!)

What you need:

  • Copper pipes
  • String
  • Jewelry Wire
  • Hack saw
  • Miter box
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Embroidery needle 

Step 1: Measure and cut nine pieces of copper wire- three 12-inch pieces, three 3-inch pieces and three 3.5-inch pieces. 

Step 2: Cut three pieces of string, about two feet each. 

Step 3: Thread needle with a piece of string. File the string through the three pipes- first the 12-inch pipe, then the 3-inch and then the 3.5-inch. Repeat with all three pieces of string.

Step 4: Cut a small piece of wire and thread it through the 3-inch pieces of pipe, connecting them in a triangle shape. Twist ends together. 

Step 5: Tie a knot with the bottom pieces of string and then a second knot with the top pieces of string. 

Step 6: Tuck excess wire into one of the pipes and tie any extra string. Add an air plant and you’re done! 

2. Celebration Countdown Candles 

What you need:

  • Jar
  • Microwavable candle wax
  • Wick
  • Essential oils 
  • Rainbow sprinkles
  • Corn syrup
  • Candle label + calendar
  • Sticker paper
  • Popsicle stick
  • Pen 

Step 1: Using your popsicle stick, coat the inside of your jar with corn syrup. Pour sprinkles in while rotating the jar. 

Step 2: Micro the candle wax and then add the essential oils to the mixture. Place the wick in the center of the jar and pour wax in slowly. Allow wax to solidify. 

Step 3: While the wax is setting, print or create a calendar label on sticker paper and cut it out. Fill out the calendar month on grid, ending with the day of what you’re celebrating, like mom’s birthday or a special date you’ve planned for her. 

Step 4: Once wax has hardened, add the stickers to the candle. That’s it! Let the countdown begin and the good times roll. 

3. Custom Phone Case 

What you need: 

  • Laptop or Casetify app (available in both the App and Google Play store) 
  • Mom’s favorite photos or prints 

Step 1: Go to Select your device, case type and layout.

Step 2: Connect to Facebook or Instagram and drag and drop some snaps of you and ma. Add some stickers to spice things up!

Step 3: Choose a filter and save. Voila! Your case is ready to go. 

4. Custom Apple Watch band 

What you need:

  • Laptop 
  • Mom’s favorite photos or prints

Step 1: Go to 

Step 2: Connect to Facebook or Instagram and drag and drop mom’s favorite photos or prints. 

Step 3: Choose a filter and save. Ta-da! Add to cart, sit back and wait for mom to be awed. 

Tell us: how are you spoiling mom on May 10th? 


Anonymous said:

I’m feeling really angst-y right now, so if possible, can I please request an angst-y Lee fic.

She looked stunning, a long flowing midnight blue gown sparkling under the lights. Her hair was elegantly curled and piled on top of her head, her eyes shining as she laughed.
“You’re a lucky bastard, Pace,” someone whispered in his ear as they passed. He grinned as she buried her face in his chest, her cheeks bright red. Her scent wafted up, filling his nose and making him smile even more as they danced across the floor. He could see longing glances from the men on the floor, and jealous looks from their female companions. Everyone adored her, wanted to be her, wanted to be with her. What a shame he’d fucked it up.

Lee took a deep breath and watched as she laughed in the arms of another man. He had been the lucky bastard once, he mused as he swirled his drink, his day dream of what might have been fading. She had been his, one hundred percent, utterly and completely. She had been devoted to him, just like she was to the man she was dancing with now. He recognised the man, an actor whose name currently escaped him. He had a good reputation, both professionally and romantically. There were a few young starlets who had nothing but good things to say about him.

Lee could only sit there and watch as friends and associates of his own went up and whispered in the other man’s ear, making him grin. He bent down and kissed his lady’s cheek, escorting her back to their table before heading up to the bar. Lee straightened up on the bar stool as the man approached, keeping his eyes on his drink. The man ordered two glasses of champagne before Lee even had the courage to look up.
“You’re Lee Pace, aren’t you?” the man asked. Lee swallowed.
“Yeah,” he answered.
“She told me you were here,” the other man continued, his voice hardening, “She also told me what you did.”
“Yeah, I know what I did,” Lee said, taking a sip of his drink.
“You had a diamond there,” the man didn’t seem to know when to shut up, making Lee glare at him and clench his fists, “And you threw it away for what? A drunken fumble with some stick insect.” Lee drained his drink and stood up. He had a few inches on the other guy’s height and used it to tower over him.
“I know what I did,” he said, his voice rough, “I fucked everything up and I don’t need you to remind me.” He turned and walked away.

He was heading for the exit when he saw her. She must have been coming back from the ladies room. She froze when she saw him.
“Lee,” her voice was quiet, and filled with hurt, because of him.
“I’m sorry,” he said, “I’m so sorry.”
“Lee, I loved you, and I told you that,” she said, “And what happened? I found you in bed with a woman six years younger than me.”
“I’m sorry,” Lee repeated.
“Well good!” she snapped, her voice raising loud enough that people nearby turned to look, “You should damn well be sorry, you should be ashamed! I gave you everything and you threw it away! For a drunken one-night stand!” She stormed past him and back into the arms of her new lover. Lee pushed his way through the exit and let out an angry yell.

He’d been stupid. He’d been idiotic and a fucking fool. And he lost her because of it. He would always be sorry, he would always regret the drunken decision to take some random girl home. He would always regret losing her.