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ok so "knowledgeable people" say xander is straight and you believe it but louis has stated multiple times that he is straight and you dont believe it? oh thats right "management made him do it". people like you are the exact reason he and harry never interact anymore

Sorry…when has Louis ever said he’s straight? I’ve seen @Louis_Tomlinson and print Louis Tomlinson say he’s straight, but I’ve never heard it from the man himself. It’d be so easy to clear up those pesky rumors by simply saying outloud on camera - “I’m straight.” But he’s never done that…weird. Especially considering how many times he’s been asked about rumors that annoy him like on 1D Day and during the Four livestream. Instead of saying he’s straight when those questions are asked, Louis (real Louis, not the fake Louis you’re referencing) can never seem to come up with any rumors that bother him or can only say he hates the rumor that he’s bad at football.

I don’t think management made Louis say he was straight, anon. I think they did it themselves using his account. I guess you probably also believed that Louis did nothing with his life except eat Dominoes, drink Yorkshire tea, and watch X-Factor and Big Brother until this year. Yikes.

Louis and Harry never interact anymore…right. Harry attended Louis’ mom’s wedding and his sister’s birthday party because he never interacts with Louis. Louis was able to recognize that Harry was too out of breath to complete his Ready to Run solo earlier this year because they interact so rarely. Harry stared at the screen during Louis’ solo with shining eyes and a smile because he was just so happy that it wasn’t him having to interact with Louis. This bit of their Summertime Ball interview was definitely not Louis interacting with Harry. This is definitely not Harry and Louis interacting on GMA. Harry had NO CHOICE but to interact with Louis here, even though he only called the name of two of his four bandmates and could have easily skipped Louis.

Anyway, those are just a few moments of them interacting from the top of my head. You have a point though - they certainly don’t interact much. It’s weird because usually their bosses would intervene and make sure it appears as though they are friends, even if they aren’t, especially because Louis and Harry are a really popular pairing among fans. Huh. I wonder why nobody would step in to ensure that Harry and Louis interact more publicly, especially when fans talk about their non-interaction so often.

It’s not like they have anything to hide, right?

My Lightverse AU headcanon thingy and what it’s about.

Disability is NOT a horrible thing!

The thing with Lightverse is Lockdown and Prowl are people who’ve been shaped vastly different ways by an ableist society. 

Lightverse is mostly about Prowl’s journey, but Lockdown has one too that’s kind of behind the scenes. They come face to face and realize they’re observing the directions their own lives could have taken if they made different choices.

Prowl learns to love himself after finding out he’s worthy of being loved by Jazz, but Lockdown has feelings for someone he can’t have and thinks it means he’s not worthy of love even though he badly wants it.

Prowl believes he has worth because he says so and strives to get better at what he does because he wants to, while Lockdown believes he’s worthless because that’s what society says and he continually modifies himself to better conceal his disability so he can fit in. 

Prowl is learning to heal and step away from everything society made him believe, Lockdown is wounding himself deeper because he can’t step away from everything society made him believe. 

Prowl wants to be a good person to the best of his ability, Lockdown doesn’t think there’s a point in trying to be a good person.

Prowl chose to believe Yoketron’s message that Primus loves him unconditionally and Lockdown chose to think Primus doesn’t care about flawed bots. 

Prowl believes society can change if it gets educated about the plight flawed bots face, Lockdown believes it’s flawed bots against society with no exceptions.

Prowl views his disability as an annoying hindrance, but he wouldn’t accept if someone offered him a means to make his disability go away. Lockdown treats his disability like a burden and he would get rid of it in a heartbeat if he could.

Prowl is blind and can’t see the ugliness of society’s mistreatment of flawed bots, but he can hear it when someone tells him he matters. Lockdown is deaf and can’t hear it when someone tells him he matters, but he can see the ugliness of society’s mistreatment of flawed bots. 

It’s not about one disability being worse than the other or not having faith in one’s God means people are bad. It’s the effects of an ableist society and how it creates fear and self-loathing.

Lightverse is about realizing YOU decide YOUR worth.


that ship meme ⇒ nine favorite moments [1/9]

JAL: And was it ever?
CHRIS: No. I’m gonna get sacked, Jal. The boss knows I’m a fuck-up.
JAL: Do you remember what you wanted the house to look like when you came out the duvet? Maybe you can sell that. You’re not a fuck-up, Chris.

I posted this to twitter, but I’ll do it here too:

I saw a couple of people theorizing that Misha was so drunk last night he fell on his face and made up the mugging story to cover it up. I can believe Misha falling on his face while drunk. But lying to cover it up??

I’d like to remind you of some of the things Misha has admitted to rooms full of adoring fans with high expectations:

Being gassy from minced garlic and having farts so noxious that the man behind him on and airplane lost consciousness… twice.

Playing Paul Bernardo in Karla and spending so much time in that man’s headspace that he started having dreams as Paul and caught himself leering at underage girls. (eta: the point being that while they were filming, Paul got in his head, messed with how he saw things, not that Misha was going to start creeping on minors ffs)

Going to a Santa convention, getting drunk, and pissing himself in a Santa costume because he couldn’t get out of it in time.

Tripping on acid at Burning Man and freaking out so badly his father had to sing him to sleep.

He has snuck into countries he shouldn’t have been in, lied about his qualifications in order to help people in a hospital, and been covered in baby poop. He was breastfed until he was six. We know all these arguably embarrassing things because he told us.

So, I think it’s fair to say that if Misha fell on his fucking face while drunk, he would have told us all about it… and not made up such a big story. 


i cant believe luke castellan sarcrificed himself because all he wanted was a good father and i bet he thought he was doing the right thing but in percy’s pov, percy made it seem that luke was the bad guy when luke just wanted what was right and in the end he chose to die anyway when annabeth told him to eat the ambrosia and he declined because he thought it was the right thing to do i cant believe this is a childrens book


I feel like people need to be warned about this because a lot of people expect me to be fluffy all of the time when Bruce is with someone in ANY relationship. To those people here are some things you need to remember:

Bruce does not think he is safe or stable. He believes he will ruin anything he gets too close to

Bruce believes he is the monster that his father told him he was

Bruce believes that people can do better than himself. 

Bruce is always waiting to run. Nothing last, nothing is good forever, and in the end he can’t get too attached because he’s going to need to run when things go wrong. 

the other big thing… he believes these things about BRUCE BANNER. 

HE is sometimes afraid of the Hulk. He sometimes hates the Hulk… but 90% of Bruce’s problems lie with his feelings about who he is AS BRUCE BANNER. 

This makes relationships highly difficult. Even friendships… because he does not believe he is worthy of a relationship. 

Side note: Just because Bruce is not easy to have a relationship does not mean he’s not worth trying to have a relationship with. Just know that he’s going to drive you nuts with self pity, self loathing, and self-doubt. But he loves deeply, he care infinitely, and he will carry you to his grave if you let him in. Just know it’s not always a fun ride. 

i have an undying need to discuss the “mistake” scene in a game of shadows becaUSE REASONS

okay can we just talk about how devastated holmes looks when he finds the chess piece on the stage instead of the bomb? like FOR REAL

like he can’t believe he just made a mistake. like he can’t believe moriarty just played him like that. even. holmes is very much aware that moriarty is as smart as he is, but he didn’t see this one coming. of course this isn’t the first time he’s made a mistake, because he’s human, but there are lives at stake. 

he throws the chess piece in anger, exclaims that he made a mistake. he’s so pissed at himself. he tries to get where the bomb actually is, knowing that he’s probably already out of time, but he tries anyway. 



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Thranduil, more than just a pretty face

Can you please take a moment to appreciate Thranduil?

That one character which made us believe in the beauty of fictional characters?

The one character which gave us, girls, all the reasons to be jealous of an elf perfect hair?

He is one of the characters I wished he can show more in Tolkien books and got thrilled when Peter Jackson introduced it to The Hobbit movies. 

It’s a fascinating character and with the so little time it appeared in the movie, Lee Pace - once again - managed to make us fall in love with it.

No one can describe Thranduil better the man who portrayed him himself : 

He’s an elf on the other side of the wild. And from what I read, he’s still there. Where everyone else went west, all the other elves went west, he’s remained. And that’s an interesting mystery for me to unravel as the one playing him. What kept him there? What is it about Mirkwood, that dangerous, corrupted forest that felt at home to him?There was that, there was the idea that he likes to have a good time, that he’s fun. You know what I mean? That he’s powerful, privileged, wise, very, very old, and he’s fought in all of the great battles of Middle-earth. And he’s now locked himself away in a fortress, away from the trouble of the world. That’s interesting. There’s an interesting psychology. There’s a wisdom to it, but there’s a detachment to it.

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He is gracious,and Lee added that extra glamour to the character which made us fall in love even more with it. We wanted to see more…

The pain in his eyes and the many emotions we can see through a single stare - once again, Lee Pace has proved that one face expression can speak louder than 1000 words.

Personally, I would not see any other actor playing Thranduil better than how Lee Pace did. He did such a magnificent job to tell us - in my opinion - that Thranduil is not as cruel as he appears to be but his pain, the loss of his wife , made him shelter himself in that cold-hearted shelf - maybe he is afraid of getting hurt again if he allows his guards to be let down? this, will leave it to you guys as Thranduil resembles so many different things differently from one person to the other.

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Well done once again Lee. 

Always a pleasure watching you on the screens.

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all he’d heard was derek talking about a get together
with everyone, and nobody had even asked him to 
come. they just asked if he was going. so when mark
had caught derek alone with meredith, he had to ask.
their excuse for not mentioning the get together, was
because they believed he had no interest in going. 
relcutantly, they gave him a time for the get together
and he dismissed himself. 

he had arrived at the frat house that meredith called
home, with callie and arizona. meredith was there to
greet the three, as they hung up their jackets. she
directed them to the living room, where a table of 
drinks, along with some others were sitting, arriving
earlier than they had. 

mark made no hesitation to excuse himself to the
bathroom, before jogging up the stairs to the second
floor. out of the whole house, there was only one
bathroom, and he had thought of how much of a 
problem that would be, with all the residents in the

however, when he reached the top of the stairs and 
turned into the hallway, he met an all too familiar face
in mid-step. one that he thought he’d seen the last
of. lexie grey.

‘ hi… ‘

he managed to mutter out, seeing as the last time
that the two had even talked was when she’d broken
up with him, followed by her revealing her sexual
relationship with karev. after that, he found it hard to
even look at her; but before she’d moved, callie had
told her that sleeping with addison wasn’t any better;
and he believed it.

‘ you’re here for the uh, party? ‘

What hits me about Hook in the sneak peek is the fact that he’s just watched his heart, his happy ending, his world, his everything sacrifice herself and he just looks so heartbroken. Emma made him wanna be a better man, she encouraged him to believe in himself as a hero, want to be apart of something and now she’s been taken away from him. My god and the look on his face when he keeps trying to summon her and she doesn’t appear…..

I can already tell this season is going to kill me and i can’t wait! Oh and a big go to hell to Regina, because bitch those little snarky comments wasn’t necessary. Emma’s son, her parents, and man were standing right there after she sacrificed herself for the town and YOU so show some goddamn respect. 

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what do you think of Urie's character development this chapter???

I think Urie is noticing that the more he tries not to act like Takeomi, the more humble he is, the more leader like he is. I mean, in this chapter, he had to defend both himself, Shirazu and Mutsuki. He, for the first time, put the lives of his comrades first. 

He wasn’t thinking of a promotion, he wasn’t even thinking of Takeomi.

He took the position of the leader without really thinking highly of himself.

And above all, he didn’t slaughter Aogiri or anything like that. He let her go free, and he was even surprised by that.

For the longest time, Urie’s surgery has made him less and less human, but I really believe that now, he’s gaining lot of his humanity back. And Urie did this without anyone’s help I may add.
So as far as character development goes, Urie is getting a lot better.

He’s a lot like Kaneki , in the same yet very different ways. Urie lacked confidence himself and he hid it behind resentment and anger. Now we’re really getting to see who he is, and so is he. And surprisingly, he’s not nearly as bad as people made him out to be.

I can’t believe how many random tidbits I still notice every time I read MTMTE. Like, for instance, the mystery of Pious Maximus:

Later in the same issue, as Prowl and Chromedome are going through the Institute…

Hey, that guy looks familiar… guess we know why he suddenly “recanted” his views. (Also Pious Maximus apparently went even further off the deep end, because Ultra Magnus mentions something about saving him from himself in one of the flashbacks at the start of issue 16.)

Oh, and this guy,

really made the most of his alt-mode exemption:

no wonder he was with the decepticons.

Dear SPN Fandom,

I was planning on going to MINNCON but I never found a ride. (I live an hour away from Minneapolis.)

As a Minnesotan, I am disgusted by what happened. Absolutely disgusted. I cannot believe that this happened to Misha in this state. I really hope Misha comes back next year. It’s been my dream to meet Misha, and those muggers better not have made that impossible.

I really hope Misha is okay, and he gets some rest. There is no reason for him to stay. After what happened he needs to go home and recover. He’s trying to play it off but its a big deal. Misha puts his fans first but he needs to put himself first this time.

And has anyone heard from Jared or Jensen?

Oh and another thing. People are using this as a chance to attack Jared taking time off from the conventions, due to his depression. Misha and Jared DO NOT NEED ATTACKS RN. They need support. Please stop the hate and spread the kindness.

Sincerely, A very upset Minnesotan.


Do you all actually think Liam meant anything malicious by what he said last night?

It’s Liam, he’s the boy who freaks out about his personal space (which he deserves) And then APOLOGIZES TO US FOR GETTING UPSET.

He’s the boy who wrote is the longest tweet ever about how they were never going anywhere and WERENT FINISHED BEING ONE DIRECTION.

He messed up, the words came out, it fucking happened. But do you all truly believe that he understood the gravity of his words or why you’re upset with him? Why he’s getting all this hate, people are telling him to KILL HIMSELF. Wtf? People are calling him fat, and stupid and homophobic. Which he’s none of, he just said something he shouldn’t have. He was bouncing around on stage, fuelled on the screams and excitement of a show after a long break and HE MADE A DAMN MISTAKE.

How about we explain to him, follow the cool ACTION 1D PLAN that had been suggested. Tweet him telling him that girl almighty can be about ANYONE FALLING IN LOVE WITH A BADASS BEAUTIFUL PERSON.

HELP HIM UNDERSTAND WHY THIS HURT SOME FANS, don’t give him death threats. There are better ways of explaining to him and making him see the error. Please stop telling him to kill
Himself, please please please!

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Do you think Vanitas is masochistic because all his time with xehenort has made him believe that he deserves every injury? Sorry if this badly worded.

Could be, though going with the novel as a resource, I would theorize it has more to do with conditioning.  His method of training by definition involved hurting himself constantly (killing Unversed), started on his own initiative (or necessity) and enforced thereafter by Xehanort.  After enough time, I feel like he’d acclimate to the pain, at the very least.  Plus, given that he seems to enjoy fighting and combat, if fighting was always accompanied by pain, I could see it forming a different association- like he’s wiring his brain to associate ‘pain’ with ‘thrilling activity’ or such.  Again, this is delving into pure headcanon territory, but I tend to sort of interpret it that way. At the very least, it seems more like pain does not deter him, or he does not react or parse pain as a negative experience.  He honestly doesn’t seem submissive enough, or isn’t shown outright to be punished in canon.  

In a bit of a twist, when you think of Xehanort’s methods of conditioning Vanitas, given the carrot or the stick, Xehanort’s methods seem more like he is appearing to hold the carrot while using the stick secretly.  Example- Vanitas, of his own initiative, begins killing Unversed to grow stronger and because he can find no outlet from the vicious cycle created by doing so.  Xehanort appears and instructs him to continue doing this thing. Vanitas continues until he collapses from exhaustion, repeats this, for YEARS.  Xehanort, rather than creating the task, merely encouraged Vanitas to continue as he had been.  It seems like he was manipulating Vanitas while creating the illusion of freedom or choice?  At least in this specific case.  Then, like the bastard he is, when Vanitas is despairing and desperate and cursing his existence and all but wishing he could die to stop it, then produces an even shinier, tastier looking carrot- the X-blade, telling Vanitas that becoming it will end his suffering.  He does not use a forceful hand so much as he takes advantage of moments of weakness to plant the ideas he wants Vanitas to have.  In the end, Vanitas is perhaps more dangerous because he is motivated by what he sees as his OWN goals, planted rather than imposed on him by Xehanort.  If he KNEW he were being manipulated, I think he would be too unpredictable to be trusted to be obedient.  That is, however, very much like Xehanort.  Xehanort lets everyone else think they’re having their own way, while they are in fact simply following the paths he has laid out for them, to further his own goals

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Reunion prompt: Gold heads out for the reunion & sees Zelena. She asks him if he can give her a ride to the reunion. Belle finds the letter when she's about to leave for the reunion.


The Reunion
Rated Teen


Gold was about slip into the sleek black sedan when a woman’s voice called his name.

He turned slightly and cringed.

A tall redhead was tripping toward him as fast as she could on her bright green high heels. “There you are, Murtagh, darling! I was hoping I’d see you in town. It is a dreary little place, isn’t it? Can’t believe I got by here as long as I did.” By the time she had finished speaking, Zelena was barely a foot away from him.

Murtagh instinctively placed himself behind the open car door, holding it across himself like a shield. Every time he released a new book, Zelena made it a point to show up and throw herself at him. Eventually she got bored and went off to find someone else to bother. But she always seemed to come back to him. She was still in the midst of her latest fixation (letters every week, some written in lipstick and signed with a slashed “Z” as though he didn’t already know her identity). She had been at the reading he did before leaving New York, but his security team had kept her at bay.

How on earth had she known he was going to be here, this weekend? He had meticulously avoided any press, kept it off of his website, hadn’t even mentioned it to the few in his social circle he deemed friends.

And then it dawned on him that he was an idiot. Zelena’s sister, younger by about a year, was in the class he was here to address. The same class as Belle. Though, to look at them you’d never realize it, the two girls had been almost friendly back in those days. They were both very bright students. Regina was by far the more ambitious. A trait which seemed to run in the Mills family.

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We might hate them, but they are smart

With the new development, I think it’s safe to say Zayn is still with Modest!, SYCO etc. BUT they made it their mission to make it seem like he wasn’t.

We got the announcement about him signing to RCA - the only ones commenting on the fact that if he was with SYCO or not was Billboard. I made a post here about that. 

We have gotten articles hinting he might be with a new management team - Sarah Stennett x x x - but we have gotten no confirmation from Sarah Stennett herself. 

Then we have ‘Zayn’ himself on Twitter making it seem like he is finally free, and making us ‘all’ believe that. He is tweeting tons of selfies, which he didn’t before = he is in control of his own Twitter (lol not). 

He changed his profile to this caption: fuck whoever tells you no ! do you be proud and love lots ! :) - again making it seem like he is finally free 

The reason why this is good, is because people will then believe everything coming from his account to be real, so when he retweeted that 5H vs. LM tweet, people genuinely believe HE is throwing shade and it is in NO WAY promo. 

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Thank you for answering my ask.. I actually had no idea that Bryan did not have rights to SoTL and Clarice. Also what you said is very true, in that this show is literally like a big piece of fan fiction. It took events and changed them and put them in different orders.. turned some male characters to female, ect. I just wish I felt as excited as you do about Will/Hannibal. There is a lot I just don't understand, like why Hannibal was going to cut Will's head open? Then saved him in the next ep?

I think it’s important to remember that Hannibal admitted to having eaten his sister, Mischa, after she died. Even though he did not kill her, he told Bedelia that she made him “betray himself” and then he forgave her that betrayal. It was through the act of consuming her that he found this forgiveness, and so he believed that in order to forgive Will he had to eat him as well. In their world betrayal, love, and forgiveness are deeply intertwined…

It can be sort of hard to wrap your head around if you look at love as something inherently positive that brings out the best in us. This is not always the case, and that is especially true for someone like Hannibal with such a twisted moral code who is capable of such deep and consuming love despite his other monstrous qualities. Basically in his eyes the only way for him to forgive Will was to consume him as he consumed Mischa, but in his mind that did not mean he loved Will any less. If anything it was an expression of just how much he loves him entirely… And it was only after the events at Muskrat Farm that he realized he did not want to kill Will.

Hannibal’s love for Will is as destructive as it is genuine, and when you start looking at it that way his motivations begin to make more sense. I think he’s been over the whole wanting to kill Will thing since those events though. He no longer wants him dead, and the only way he now wants to consume him is body, mind, and soul while he is very much alive and in his life as often and as closely as possible.

It’s a shitty thing

when your partner gets security called on him, and the police, and removed out of a store for being black.
Not even kidding, Trin, who is the super tall super sweet Trinidadian man I’ve been seeing, went to the grocery store a couple hours ago to get some food, and employees started following him around and when he asked “Can you please leave me to shop in peace?” they took it as him being confrontational and called security, he explained he would just purchase his food and leave, they said no we believe you’re being aggressive with us, he wanted to leave the situation and the store all together so they called the cops.
He didn’t want to deal with the cops, Trin has little patience for this VERY obvious bullshit. The cops made him stop exiting the store by himself by putting their hands on their guns and yelling at him to halt. They threatened him from leaving on his own gentle will so they could forcefully and embarrassingly put him out themselves. That was a doorway for something bad to happen, but I’m so proud of my baby for staying cool and not allowing room for them to find an excuse to physically harm him, or worse.
Trin is a sweetheart, but I do believe he was probably very annoyed with the situation and they heard it in his voice, and mistook it for aggression. Because he would never put his hands on somebody or truly make them feel fear for their life. He is very tall and intimidating, so he tones it down so much.

Like I am so annoyed. As being (/) black myself, he was explaining this to me and I was just losing my cool, and I said, “You want me to make a fucking phone call/come down there?” cause I know people who work at the store he went to and I would’ve ripped them a whole new goddamn asshole. I would’ve requested security cameras, the whole fucking nine yards. I don’t care if you’re half, quarter, teaspoon, full black thats fucking rude and offensive to everyone. Ooh I wish a motherfucker would’ve followed me around a store, I would’ve made them feel so ashamed for being such a disgusting human. 

It’s so fucked that the best thing I could tell him to do was, if a person is following you around and you feel it’s due to race, ask politely why you are being followed. Stay calm. Keep your voice level. If they are rude to you, excuse yourself, place your things down calmly and leave the store. Because I am so frightened that one night, he’ll be the next victim to…well, you see what’s been happening..
It’s just fucked. My blood is boiling.
fuck everyone in that whole fucking situation who are ignorant little fuckfaces.