Happy Birthday Elizabeth Taylor!
(February 27, 1932-March 23, 2011)

Her sunny looks often led the critics to overlook her powerful performances and underrate her acting ability,  but she has won over her detractors  with tenacity and dedication to her craft. She was always striving to push herself to the limit. Revisiting her work is revelatory. Every time you watch her films you discover something new.

-Paul Newman


idols probably separated at birth 92 liners & vocals : aoa’s yuna and exo’s chen

+bonus booty ♥

Bryan suggested a living wall for the dining room… The plants are all live herbs in containers. The shelves get smaller in size as they rise up the wall because the plants on the lower levels need to receive light in order to survive.

The walls made of moldings were Bryan Fuller’s idea. He had seen them in a restaurant. For ours, I chose moldings that had voluptuous curves. We wanted it to become a singularity, and the color needed to be the indigo of the night sky, without going black on camera.

—  In decorating, he’s a man of good taste - LA Times Interview of Hannibal Production Designer Patti Podesta

Transform, performed by Isabella Bunny Bennett!

The humans behind the robots you know and love have some amazing talent, even without the makeup on!

Whether you’re watching for the first time or sharing with others, take a look at the beautiful message Isabella has in her single, “Transform.”

For more information on her band, Steam Powered Giraffe, visit their website at:

Compilation of SPG’s Animinniapolis Show 2014

Attempting to make a list of all of the awesome Animinnapolis videos out there! To be updated as new videos pop up!

A Way into Your Heart: Video 1

Go Spine Go: Intro / Video 1

Entire Show: Right here!

Panel: Clip 1 / Clip 2

Lil’ Steve Adventures: Video 1

Also check the SPG PERFORMANCE VIDEO LIST tag to see other lists like this from all previous shows and conventions, dating as far back as to Youmacon ‘12.


We had a good time with our top five Lee Pace looks so I thought we could try something else.

Top Five Lee Pace roles/characters

1. Joe Macmillan, Halt and Catch Fire- both hot as fuck and in need of a serious hug. I want to give him the hug and then ride him.

2. Ned the Piemaker, Pushing Daisies- the cutest cutie to ever cute (but I still want to ride him).

3. Roy Walker, The Fall- heartbreaking and just a beautiful performance by Lee. I’m fascinated with how they filmed this movie.

4. Thranduil, The Hobbit- sassy and badass all in one. No one else could have pulled this off. He’s not too hard to look at either.

5. Whit Coutell, Ceremony- the British accent, the hilarious lines, and the hair. Lee is without a doubt the best thing about this movie.

This was really hard and yes I know I left off Ronan, and Calpernia, and Garrett but there’s only room for five! Ok your turn vikisil desert-power-6 ladywyldfire and anyone else who wants to share.

[Starcast] "You want to see a legend?"...Shinhwa, an ancestor's performance

There is a group of men here.
Looking at the silhouette alone, the pose is pwak~

Natural hand movements,
a pose with ease.
Who are these oppas?

"An angle as if measured by a ruler"

"Powerful group dance"

"Intense pose"

Do you have an idea now?

A legend in the idol world. “Shinhwa” has appeared. Shinhwa is performance, and performance is Shinhwa. Before getting into the main topic, let’s take a look at the key points to their dances for the past 17 years.

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Breakaway is an angry album. Looking back, it’s easy to see how My December came next. This wasn’t sustainable. It’s too volatile; it was bound to explode. It’s full of rage and spite and power. I know I keep using that word: power. But it’s true. It’s what comes out in her voice, it’s what we see in her performances, what we watch in her videos, what we read in her lyrics. She claims her emotions—or lack thereof—and forces them in front of you, but instead of being distracted or getting caught up in her emotions, I only feel mine. Emotion is difficult to claim as yours because it rarely feels neat enough to belong to anyone. That’s why the transition into Kelly’s later albums is so explosive. We all carry everything that she sings about inside of us, but we keep it bottled up. She doesn’t allow us that comfort; even her songs about being unfeeling are full of power. There I go again with that word. But they are! Emotions are power, whether they’re repressed or channeled or indulged or used against you. That’s why they’re so wonderfully absurd. Instead of drowning in them, I like to dissociate from them. It can be hilarious to watch yourself be so grandly melancholy or full of spiteful joy. It’s easier to make yourself a story that way, and you know, “romanticizing” mental illness isn’t the worst thing you could do. It makes me feel larger than life when I scream along to “Behind These Hazel Eyes,” which is convenient when I want to die. Some may call the wedding/funeral back and forth in this video melodramatic, and I’m not going to argue with them, but I do have to ask: why is that a problem? The worst times I’ve ever been through have been when I haven’t been allowed to feel anything at all—because of abusers making emotional expression dangerous, or the dull roar of depression, or the shrill panic of trauma. I can’t think of anything but sound metaphors. Music saves us from having to listen to ourselves when we’re running, panting and red, or crying, hiccupping and wet. Put it on as loud as you can and pretend that your body doesn’t exist. I was afraid to cry until I was in my late teens, but once I unlocked it, I spent years bursting into guttural, choking, gulping sobs in my best friend’s room as she rubbed my back and her mom brought me tissues. I didn’t know why I was crying. I didn’t feel upset. But it would come, washing over me, every time I stepped in her doors. Crying isn’t dignified, we’re told. It’s immature, it’s weak, it’s embarrassing. I’d much rather give up my dignity than my soul, and if I’m going to be crying all the time anyway, crying the ghosts of years of hurt, then why not play with it a little bit? Sometimes when I am at my lowest points, I wear my highest heels and my least waterproof mascara, and sometimes, I wrap myself in baggy clothes and blankets, cover my face with moisturizer, and smoke moodily out of my bedroom window wishing I spoke French so I could think mysterious French thoughts to myself. I have hazel eyes, but that’s only one part of myself that Kelly allows me to celebrate. If I hated every time I felt terrible, I would only make myself feel more terrible. I am very sick sometimes! I spend large chunks of my theoretically fabulous life being miserable! I am also beautiful and strong and glamorous! They’re all shades of the same weird, messed up brain that controls my breathing and my toes. I don’t forgive what happened to me, but I can’t change it. Sometimes the hardest part of forgiveness isn’t getting over the hurt that’s already happened but acknowledge the hurt that is still happening. I’m not a huge advocate for forgiveness, honestly—some things don’t deserve it. Maybe that’s cruel or bitter. I’m okay with that. But it can be cathartic to forgive, and I am all for release; I just happen to find it in other ways. I guess I’d always rather forget than forgive, but I don’t have either mastered yet. Neither did Kelly at my age, though. Maybe I’ll get there.


For #LureLecter, I wasn’t sure whether to enter but I had an idea and ran with it. 

This is a lemon and thyme roasted quail served with a waldorf salad

Quail - to represent the Ortolan and power over god, Waldorf Salad - has apple to represent temptation, Deer Jaw Bones - to represent Will’s psyche, Plaid and Paisley Roses - the beauty and precision of his life that was left behind, Cranes made from Sheet Music - to represent the future Hannibal has if he loses and gets caught but how it is still all a performance, Goblet - the goblet was a gift from Italy and represents Bedelia. Lures - to catch him.

It looks a little different from my original plan, but deer jaw bones cradle quail better than I ever could have imagined! I hope you like it, I’m just glad I had an idea.

anonymous asked:

I looked up Flower and that girl group has like 20 members in it. How is that going to work?

ok so before yall start moaning lets get some things clearer:

- 9 girls from flower (actually, 3 of 9 are actually vocalists the rest are performers (something like pcdolls) plus 4 girls from little mix = 7 vocalists (if i’m not wrong girls generation has 8 members and they do a pretty awesome job, u gotta trust more in girlbands power dear!!

- i dont want to hear a shit about the single not being released worlwide for 2 reasons: it’s probably a single for the flower group and it will reach a different kind of public which is also good for little mix.

- can yall be happy for once about something? we’re getting new music after waiting for months CELEBRATE!!!!

Maggie Siff update!

For all you MAGGIE SIFF fans out there, she just wrapped shooting on the pilot for a new Showtime series, "Billions," co-starring with Paul Giamatti and Homeland’s Damian Lewis. Billions is a “fictional drama that takes a forensic look at the world of high finance by tracking the approaching collision between two titanic figures — the hard-charging, whip-smart U.S. Attorney Chuck Rhoades (Giamatti), and the brilliant, ambitious hedge-fund king, Bobby “Axe” Axelrod (Lewis).” Maggie plays “a highly in-demand performance coach who works with some of the most powerful and influential figures in the world of high finance.” In other words, a smart, strong character. I really think that’s her forté and part of why I admire her work so much. I mean, really, how did she manage to make the most unbelievably unrealistic character—Tara Knowles, a physician who re-falls in love with her high school sweetheart, Jax Teller, now the handsome, sensitive President of the Sons of Anarchy biker club and a reluctant murderer—a remotely believable character? That took a lot of work, and we took the ride with her. 

No news yet on when the Billions pilot will air, but she did tell me it went really well, besides the freezing cold NYC weather! While she was in town, it was great to host her at my place for a private reading of “A Woman, A Part,” along with Cara Seymour (currently co-staring in Soderberg’s series The Knick) and some other fantastic actors, their managers and my brilliant, tenacious producer Scott Macaulay. It was the first time Cara and Maggie met, and hearing them read together was magnificent. I can’t wait to see them on set as Anna and Kate in my film. 

Below: Giamatti plays Maggie’s husband - here on location in NYC in January. Not as cute as her real husband, but not bad! 

Cleansing the Soul pt. 1

Castiel asks Death’s daughter (the reader) to perform a ritual on Dean that will transfer the Mark.

Alright guys, this is a request from lilsuey02​ which I have decided to break down into two parts. Part two will be posted soon after this one. I hope you like it! Feedback appreciated.

Dean x reader

Warnings: none



"You what?" Dean asked incredulously. He looked at Sam across the table but he looked just as shocked as he was, one hand still turning the page of a lore book.

"I’ve found a way to cure you of the Mark of Cain." Cas replied.

"Yeah, I heard what you said, just - how?"

"There is a process called ‘cleansing of the soul’ -"

"You’re just going to ‘cleanse my soul’ and I’m healed?"

"Let me finish, Dean. Through this process the mark will be transferred. I am not powerful enough to perform such an act, but I have found a being that will be able to perform and withstand the process."

"Like an angel?" Sam asked.

Cas looked mildly uncomfortable at the question. “Something of that nature.”

Dean snorted. “Yeah, like an angel would really want to help me.”

"Dean, please. This might be the only chance we have." Sam implored.

"Fine. But don’t expect me to be happy about some angel digging around in my crap."

Cas tilted his head and squinted his eyes. “No one will be digging..” Dean stopped and gave him an exaggerated look. ”Oh. I understand.”

"So," Dean started, standing up, "when do we wash away my sin?"


"Excuse me."

You looked up from your coffee and saw a handsome stranger looking at you nervously. It was a bright day, the kind of day you enjoyed when you weren’t being bossed around by your father, who, by the way, was Death. You were more than thousands of years old, but your outer appearance was much younger than that. Though you were not like humans, you admired their ever changing cultures and liked to keep up with them, preferring to spend your time around living people rather than the dead. You never aged and you could never bleed. But that’s not something you shared with just any human, which is why you were surprised when this one asked about the supernatural part of your never ending life, out of the blue, while you were sitting at your favorite coffee shop.

"You are…Death’s daughter, are you not? (y/n)?" the blue eyed man asked. "I am Castiel."

Some of the confusion was swept away at the angel’s name, but as to why he was approaching you, you were still uncertain. “Ah, Castiel. It’s been a while. New vessel, I see.”

He cleared his throat anxiously. “Yes. (Y/n), I must ask you about something.”

You leaned forward in your seat, intrigued. “Go ahead.”

"I have a friend, a man, and he has been…marked."

"Are you talking about Dean Winchester?"

Castiel looked surprised. “I - yes. I am. How do you know of him?”

"Honestly, Castiel, it shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to you. For one, he and his brother both started and ended the apocalypse, and two, my father tells me all about his little escapades and Dean was mentioned quite a bit when he was trying to get free of Lucifer and saving Sam’s soul and yadda yadda yadda." You stopped and took a breathe. "So. Dean has the Mark of Cain. I’m assuming you want me to do the whole cleansing of the souls ritual thing."

"If you are willing. I cannot make you -"

"I’m in," you said cutting him off. This was the most interesting thing to happen to you in decades, hell if you were going to miss out on the fun.

That was four days ago. Now you sit in an empty warehouse with Castiel and the Winchester brothers, preparing to remove the Mark.


You don’t really know what you expected when you met Sam and Dean, but it wasn’t two ruggedly handsome men who looked both fierce and gentle at the same time. They were walking enigmas to you, Dean especially. His green eyes captivated you and you found yourself wanting to lose yourself in them until you remembered what you were there to do.

Dean was against you before he even met you, thinking you were an angel, as Castiel led him to believe. But his hatred faltered for just a moment when he first saw you. Your back was turned to them as they walked into the run down building and Cas called your name. You turned around, (Y/H/C) hair shining in the dull light from overhead. He was stunned by your beauty. You gave him a huge smile and his heart stopped. He had to remind himself that you were an angel before he could walk any further.

"You must be the man I’m taking the Mark from," you bantered.

Dean grunted. “Alright, listen here angel lady, I don’t owe you any favors if you do this, understand?”

You cocked an eyebrow and looked at Castiel questioningly when Dean said “angel” but he shrugged, giving you an apologetic smile. You turned back to Dean.

"I don’t ask favors of people I help willingly, Dean Winchester. And I would actually like it a lot if you weren’t so rude to me, considering I’m about to take the Mark for you. I mean come on, dude." Your little speech surprised him, you could tell. He was expecting you to talk more like Castiel, no doubt.

He fumbled for words and you saw Sam shake a little with laughter. You rolled your eyes at him and pointed towards one of the chairs you had set up. “Sit,” you commanded. He sat immediately, making you laugh. “Good boy!” you said, still laughing. If looks could kill, the face he was making at you would have had you bleeding out on the floor.

"Chill out, I was joking."

He grumbled something incoherent that you ignored. You sighed and took a seat opposite him.

"Let’s get started, shall we?"

Here’s the power duo from my acrobat!au, Lan Fan and May! <33

Look at them cuties.. but caution though, these two might look very cute and friendly but they are in fact “monsters” in disguise.. whenever they perform, they destroy the show with their fierceness and presence.

Also May in this verse, as you guys can probably see, isn’t as short as in the Manga. She is only slightly smaller than Lan Fan (who is slightly shorter than Ed (in this verse he’s around 1,66m and so Lan Fan is around 1,63m and May is 1,59m))

Now i have to draw Ling and Ed together, probably doing something stupid, but i don’t know how i’ll do that ^^’

Hm, hope you guys enjoy~

I picked up thisbeautiful treasure in a comic store dollar bin, and I highly recommend you doas well.  I love this book. There’s nothing quite like reading a comic that tries so hard and then fails spectacularly.  But if you cannot or are unwilling to scour through boxes of old reject comics, then come on a journey with me and my scanner to a parallel world where the hammer of Thor is found not by Donald Blake but by Jane Fucking Foster.

No, Jane, Thordis does not have a nice ring to it.  

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#48 Recap

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Three loops with Erik Abbott Main’s Macbeth. 

I’m not sure even I have my thoughts together to write this post. EAM meant so much to me in the hotel. He’s a truly gifted performer and extremely generous to the audience and fans. I’ve been a devotee for almost two years and applaud him in every way. It was time he took a break. And I look forward to seeing what he does next. 

I enoyed watching his final performance as Macbeth. He brought great energy, power and emotion last night—like he always does. And a very bloody rave. He greeted me in the hallway after Rave #3 and caressed my face with his bloody hand and gave me a bloody kiss on the cheek. At the final banquet, the entire table stood up to toast him. Well deserved!

I must admit that the crowds got to me last night. And despite it being one of my cardinal rules—Don’t get ahead of the action—I knew that I had to beat the audience if I wanted a chance to see certain scenes. And so I did. I watched almost the entire second loop from new vantage points. It was the smartest thing I could have done after 48 shows. bloodwillhavebloodtheysay always talks about finding new angles to keep the show fresh and this was one show where I took advantage for an entire loop. I can’t express enough how exciting it was to see Macbeth coming AT me rather then chasing after him. I felt slightly obnoxious—like I was waiting for him at certain points—but I also appreciated the new views. It was eye-opening and shed new light on the character. (I’m amazed this still happens after so many shows, but it does. It happened last week with Jesse’s “Boy Witch.”)

My only diversion from Macbeth was a quick trip up to 5 for a bathroom break and a check on Matron. It was Ryan VanCompernolle. The 1:1 was powerful and emotional and …  well, I won’t spoil it. But if you catch Ryan in the role, check it out. Amazing!

At the end, I waited around after the finale to be the last one to leave the ballroom, as black masks ushered me out. I even applauded after “A Nightingale Sang” ended. Hoping that EAM heard it. 

It was an emotional night and I still feel sad today. I’m hoping to gain the interest and energy to pursue new cast members. I know this is all part of the cycle and that I must move on. But today I give thanks to EAM for all the moments and memories. Now go wash that blood off your face… 

News/Reviews: The RTR is one sneaky beast
Not too long ago the Mustang RTR was let loose with monstrous proportions. To be exact, a supercharged 5.0L V8 making 725HP. What’s all the recent hype about? Well not only does it look good, not only is it powerful, but it’s better than what shelby has made and what Saleen has created! That’s why the RTR is the evil horse to kill hellish cats with!

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🔘2.24.15. the day the car news will change. #thenewallcarnews🔘