This transformation only took me 3 months to accomplish! Its a 20 kilo difference between the pictures.
For 12 weeks I'be worked my ass off at the gym.. 1-2 Times’ a day, only cardio. I’ve been eating salad, chicken, soups and absolutely no sugar. And all this, working out every single day and eating clean has taken me to where I want to be, in only 13 freaking weeks! :D
Don’t give up guys, you are so close!!!

169 cm
Weight before: 92 kilo.
Weight now: 71 kilo.
Goal weight: 65 kilo.

You can follow me at angiegowingstrong at tumblr! 🍉🍓🍐

Dark Shadows Challenge Day 38

You’re throwing a dinner party, which 4 DS actors/writers/production staff (living or dead) do you invite?

John Karlen, Grayson Hall, Humbert Allen Astredo, Lara Parker

I’m not very good at being a socially interesting person, so I chose these people because they could carry the conversation on their own and I wouldn’t have to say much. (Also because they’re all awesome amazing people and seem really fun to be around)

I wouldn’t invite Jonathan Frid, because by all accounts he was an introvert who didn’t enjoy parties with people he didn’t know, and I respect and empathize with that.


Hi my dear friends and followers :3 Thank you all so much for following me and making this whole thing worthwhile! I’m so glad you’re baring with me since I only update my simblr every other month or so. 

Anyway I saw these cute pants by Pollination Tech today and fell in love with the mesh by Skeleton Tea

So I hope you guys enjoy your Gift, a studded jeans with cool sneakers (which took FOREVER) and a sporty tank top. 



Bust – 5$ (without color)

Mid Thigh- 10$ (without color)

Full Body- 15$ (without color)


Extra characters are 5$ each!

Will Draw:
Suggestive Themes
Same Sex Couples
Sonic Themed only!
OCs/FCs/Canon characters are accepted

Will Not Draw:
(sex, offensive material, gore)

(will only accept 3 at a time, commissions will be done by order)


((I’m trying to help my mom take care of us while she gets a new job (seeing as it took over a month for her to get one last time) Knowing that we will be pretty tight on money and food so to help out I’m opening commissions.

If you cannot afford one that’s completely okay! If you’d like to help me non-commission-wise it would be extremely helpful it you’d promote me! Thank you guys so much for your time! <3 ))

 Please message me at with your questions and commission info! I will accept payment through PayPal only!

So yesterday I tried to play Ultimate Storm 3. I haven’t played for 6-7 months and I wanted to get all the trophies because I completed all the other Naruto games. I started to play it and when I picked my top team, which Naruto (main), Sakura (second), and Konohamaru (third) I just stopped the game but I still continued after some thought. I only played three tournament matches and one D rank mission and I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I just stop the game and took it out of the system. I only gotten one trophy yesterday which got me too 51% which is about half of the trophies. I thought it was pretty sour reminder why I hate this new Naruto so much. It’s just sad because I used to love this show to death but one freaking ending just made hate it so much that I can’t even play a freaking ps3 game of it after 6-7 freaking months. I traded it in that same day too and got MKX. I’m so glad I got rid of it but bitter at the sametime.


Finally after months of procrastination I finished this redraw.

I decided when the first trailer for the new fe game came out that I wanted to draw this pretty lady, but a photoset of her with darker skin was what made me want to even more (unfortunately I lost the link to it but when I find it I’l give credit for it)

So here the bae is ;3;


Recent stuff Ive been doing/getting. :D Got around to getting the crystal pick that only took me 8 months to do.. oops. Ended up camping araxxor while i didnt have to deal with the bullshit that is the minions, Got 3 leg piece and 2 eyes over the couple days. LOL Managed to get another legio pet so now i got 3/6 and with only 2328 kills. And 120m ranged xp, now to maybe save up for a purple or something. :))

I’m so ridiculously frustrated. I constantly bounce back and forth in weight and it’s driving me crazy.

It took me 3 fricken’ months to lose 10 pounds, but only 2 weeks to gain it back.

My family unfortunately has the genetics where we gain weight super easily and losing weight is REALLY difficult

This feels so pointless and I feel so fat
I just want to cry I’m so upset right now

anonymous asked:

Why does your picture have your cuts in them. Thats really attention seeking....

Okay. No.
1) Those aren’t ‘cuts’ they’re scars that are 1-2 years old.
2) If I was attention seeking every selfie I put would have my ‘cuts’ in them- that is the only selfie I’ve taken with them showing.
3) It’s nearly summer. It’s fucking hot. I was inside my bedroom and for the first time in MONTHS I kind of liked how I looked and I like my dress, so I took a picture. I’ve not worn short sleeves outside OR inside my house for 4+ years because of my scars. If I was an attention seeker I’d show them daily.
4) They are a part of me. You wouldn’t call someone with a birth mark or scar from an accident an attention seeker for showing their imperfection. Whether assholes like you like it or not they are part of who I am.
5) Get the fuck off of my blog if you think that my picture is attention seeking. I don’t even know why I’m justifying myself to a person who’s too weak to even say this off of anon.
Although I can’t hate you, you’re just ignorant and small minded and that isn’t your fault. However you need to rethink your definition of an 'attention seeker’

8 Questions Challenge

Tagged by ayakomarie!  Thank you for tagging me ^_^

1) Why did you choose your URL?

I was on tumblr a month before I decided what my url would be. I knew I wanted something with “otome” in the title, and it took me weeks to figure out what to add to it.

2) What is your middle name?

I have two as well!  Though I don’t really like sharing them ;A;  Since most forms and applications only have space for one, I go with my first middle name, Kay.

3) What fairytale/fictional pet would you have?

Something fluffy?  Or maybe a dragon if they were cute and affectionate.  

4) Favorite color?


5) Favorite song?

I’ve really been loving ひろ by amazarashi lately.

6) What are your top three fandoms?

otome, Karneval, and Hamatora (though I’m not active in the last two, I just stalk the tags)

7) Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

Because I can see things I like that interest me.  And I can learn a lot of new things.  And I can find friends with similar interests who also teach me a lot of things!

8) Tag 9 followers to do the 8 questions challenge.

romancingpixels, sonnet009, nadeshikoshiraishi, juungi, fabicchi, and anyone else who’d like to answer!

My mother took almost $300 out of my bank account to punish me for staying late at my boyfriend’s house

I am 24 years old. And she’s only mad when I stay at his house, no one else’s.

I. Am. 24. Years. Old. With. A. Career.

I’m moving out in 3 months I need that $300. And it’s just fucking gone because she was angry.

emjoyfitness asked:

Drunk story: Last year in November I went to my ex boyfriends 21st birthday party (had broken up for around 3 months and were still good friends). Got really smashed on cheap tequila. I'm talking the really cheap stuff that tastes like bathroom cleaner.. and I ended up being pushed in the pool by someone. I lost my big toenail and my phone was eaten alive by the pool. The toenail is still only half way grown back & it took me a month to get a new phone

Holy crap???

anonymous asked:

Hi this is random but I don't have anyone to say it to.. So I've been eating pretty clean but only working out like once a week maybe twice and I started to feel really good about myself and was finally starting to love my body for the first time ever. So I took progress pictures and I look exactly the same as I did at my highest weight 3 months ago :( idk what to do. I'm considering trying some sort of diet since eating clean isn't working for me :/ ugh

Clean eating is working for you sweetie. Sure, the results might not come as fast as you want but you started feeling better and that matters  ♡ You don’t need to diet to lose weight, diets are silly and pointless ♡


Took some photos of my books. After handing out the copies I’d already promised people, I had two left for me, which is great! Because it lets me show off that wrap-around cover I did easier. Heh~

I’ve only got two books out now, but I can’t wait for this stack to get bigger. Man on the Other End will definitely be out by the end of the month, and that’ll be three to my name. 

It’s so exciting. Thank you for reading and helping me live this dream. <3

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Funny how my 19 year old brother wants to always throw into an argument that I, his 23 year old brother whom just graduated from college with a bachelors in science that only took me 3 years to earn, still lives at home. Now I’m working at a pharmaceutical company, thanks to my degree, making more money than him. Meanwhile he graduated high school left to the army, was medically discharged for a condition starts his own masonry “business” and works with his sperm donor smh I’m sorry father who was never in his life, still lives at home. Wow sorry for bettering my life and doing so putting myself in debt, which I have knocked 3 years off because I pay a shit ton of money to them, can’t afford an apartment at the time because of that. I know he’s my brother but I honestly couldn’t give a rats ass about family anymore. I’m done, I got my mother, father and sister, I’m all set with everyone else who doesn’t talk to me anyways. Bye