Richard Brake’s last couple of scenes in Subterfuge are the most glorious thing~

You start the movie thinking “wow, this guy is pretty over the top uh”, and then the movie keeps going and he just keeps losing it more and more, and by the end he’s become nothing but a total mess of pure hysterical rage. I mean look at this guy.

And then he gets the most pathetic fight scene with the main dude, and I’m still laughing because the main dude utterly destroys him and he just looks like he’s kicking a puppy while he does it. All Brake’s character gets to do is punch (and miss) him a bunch of times.

Also gratuitous screenshot because look at his goddamn face:


The pictures looked okay when I took them but here’s what I wrote. I was tagged by thursdaysangel-tuesdaysdemon

Since she didn’t follow the original script I can’t copy it (I know the original is down there but it looks simple so I wont.

One specific detail I’ll point out about my handwriting are my a’s. I was writing a story casually when I noticed. My A’s are different from my lower cAse a’s depending on where they are placed. When I write At verses amAzing this deal happens. The same goes doe my E’s. I know there shouldn’t be a difference but most people do A and (A lowercase)/E and (E lowercase).

As for my cursive. I don’t use it much because it looks too… how can I put this? I barley lift my pencil when I write print of cursive. Half the time I don’t understand my own cursive so that’s why I tend to avoid it.

But mainly my hand writing varies on my mood. If I’m in a hurry/angry/frustrated or of sorts the words are closer together and (A) shows up more than (a). When I’m in a good mood/happy/calm my handwriting tends to be spacey and ‘bubbly’ as this chick described.

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  • Two-column grid
  • Infinite scroll
  • Scrolling status on hover
  • Customizable colours
  • Two customizable images
  • Four extra links
  • Heart sidebar hover effects
  • Image opacity (optional)
  • Hidden captions (optional)
  • Tiny cursor (optional)

Extra Info

  • Broken heart shapes and idea inspired and based on this graphic by Sehduction.
  • Optimized for Google Chrome.
  • Description looks best when it does not go past one line on the theme.


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  • me:*suffering from anxiety* making phone calls makes me really nervous and i dont like doing it
  • mom:you'll never get over it if you dont do it often! make more phone calls! you just have to get used to it! everyone starts somewhere!
  • me:*throat closes* *anxiously vibrates*

Happy 34th birthday,Joseph Gordon-Levitt !

I think that’s one of the biggest roles that movies have, and tv shows have, in our world, is that they make you have empathy, they make you understand other people’s stories.  You know, when you watch a movie, ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ and you feel like you understand what it’s like to live through that and you can empathize with it more.
—  Josh Hutcherson on how he thinks the entertainment industry has an impact on changing perceptions for the better