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if your younger self was standing in front of you right now, would you say to him what you’ve been thinking about yourself?  Tell him he’s ugly, stupid, he does nothing but hurt people, tell him nobody loves him?  Is that what you’d say?”

ignore me this is why I shouldn’t draw art for my own AUs at like two in the morning i get feelings about multiple gamzees.


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At what point in the series do you think Brian fell in love with Justin and when do you think Brian realized he was in love?

Oh, Nonny. You had to go there. After I showed such remarkable restraint on my last ask, you had to ask the question guaranteed to make me ramble on for a century with all my thoughts, feelings, and theories. Very well. You asked for it. :D

Now, this is a really interesting question to think about and actually somewhat challenging to answer, because Brian genuinely didn’t believe in love. He couldn’t even conceptualize it. So while he may have been feeling all these emotions toward Justin that people generally associate with falling in love, Brian himself wouldn’t have recognized it as love even if it bit him on the ass (which, come to think of it, I’m sure Justin did).

My short answer is this: I think the first time we witnessed a true spark of love from Brian was during 1 x 07, and it built steadily all throughout the first season, and by the end of 1 x 17 he was absolutely in love. Now, that’s not to say he always accepted those feelings, or acted in a way that somebody generally would when they’re in love, because, come on, he’s Brian Kinney. As for when he actually realized it? I’d place it at prom, and one specific instance at prom, but I’m going to put that below the cut because believe me, I will ramble. However, we all know what happens at prom, and following those events, Brian tried to drown out the idea of being in love from his mind, mainly with drugs, liquor, and plenty of sex. But by the end of 2 x 02, I believe we’ve reached the point where Brian can’t deny to himself that he’s in love with Justin, even if he won’t use those exact words.

So, that’s the short answer. If you want the long answer, complete with pictures and a nearly episode by episode description of Brian falling in love with the incredible Justin Taylor, let’s hop along under the cut.

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the tl;dr of that post is basically “maybe when you feel bad if you like, do things like take a shower and do the dishes, then afterwards you’ll have the satisfaction of having done those things and will have a reason to feel proud of yourself instead of potentially feeling guilty for doing nothing when you’ve had ‘do the dishes & shower’ on your to-do list” and i’m not pleased at anyone who wants to pretend that’s Bad Advice.

and i say that as somebody who’s let my clothes rot on my bedroom floor for months at a time and showers, like, twice a week, maybe. i say this as somebody who goes into panic-and-breakdown mode if i’ve spent a whole day Doing Stuff and then don’t have time to chill out before I go to bed. i know what it’s like to not want to do the shit that i am obligated to be responsible for. i am a human that rails against responsibility. but i’m trying to teach myself that, while it feels really good to recharge by laying on the couch and watch netflix for 6hrs, it’s not going to make my chores go away, make me stop being guilty about not doing the chores, or give me any more motivation to do the chores after i veg.

it feels better to do just do the damn chores. it’s easier to be depressed when my house is a stinky shithole! not that it being pristine is a guarantee that i won’t be depressed, but it sure doesn’t tend to hurt! i don’t have to guilt-trip myself if i fail to do the chores, ‘cause my brain is fucked up and i deserve a little leeway here, but i’m also not going to tell myself that it’s fine if i just never try. that’s why i take issue with posts that say things like “it’s ok to never do anything but lay on the couch all day every day and watch netflix”— to me, that sounds like “it’s fine to never try to build a life worth living”, which is genuinely bad advice.

I should make another oreo white chocolate cheesecake soon. Before the whipped cream expires. Oh wouldn’t it just be so indulgent to use matcha chocolate instead? oh my oh my oh my <3

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