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the richonne scenes coming up this sunday got me like ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Foggy lungs dan

36 fairly unique pokemon asks
  • 1:If you had a key stone, how would you wear it?
  • 2:What in-game battle was the hardest?
  • 3:Is the idea of catching them all/completing your Pokedex overwhelming?
  • 4:If you were a trainer, would you go on an adventure?
  • 5:The biggest Pokemon-related disappointment
  • 6:A spinoff series you would like to see more of
  • 7:A pokemon you've always wanted to use, but haven't
  • 8:A pokemon you'd like to see more merch of
  • 9:A pokemon you think is overrated
  • 10:The tastiest looking/sounding berry
  • 11:Your favorite trainer class
  • 12:The game with the best soundtrack
  • 13:Your most and least favorite villains/anti-heroes
  • 14:Your most and least favorite professors
  • 15:Your most and least favorite champions
  • 16:Your most and least favorite rivals
  • 17:A game you just couldn't get into
  • 18:A pokemon you'd like to see in Super Smash Brothers as a playable character
  • 19:A pokemon you used to love but don't like as much any more
  • 20:A headcanon you like
  • 21:A headcanon you dislike
  • 22:If you could only have one single pokemon, what would it be?
  • 23:Poffins, Pokeblocks, Pokepuffs, etc; do they sound/look appetizing?
  • 24:Did you like the idea of Black 2 and White 2 instead of Grey?
  • 25:Did you like the safari zone?
  • 26:Do you enjoy Nuzlockes?
  • 27:Do you enjoy other special runs? If so, what one(s)?
  • 28:Do you have Pokemon from a Ruby/Sapphire of yours on ORAS?
  • 29:Do you prefer nicknamed or unnicknamed pokemon?
  • 30:Do you prefer your pokemon in regular pokeballs or do you like other balls?
  • 31:Are escape ropes useless?
  • 32:If you aren't one now, if you were in the pokemon world would you be a vegetarian/vegan?
  • 33:Do you miss seasons from BW/B2W2?
  • 34:Did you ever run into a shiny that you couldn't catch?
  • 35:What's your favorite kind of battle: single, double, triple, rotation, or multi?
  • 36:Your favorite battle frontier attraction?
  • [or, feel free to send me other questions!]

Honestly growing another head on my chin


The good life ××

   I feel  a bit better today and I thought it was necessary to put my two cents on how people behave around here. I’ve heard cases from other roleplayers, I’ve respected their opinion and it seems that this is a reocurring issue in this community (not fandom, roleplay community in general). I often get people touch the same point whenever they try to comfort me, that a ‘lot of people want to thread with me’, that I’m the ‘oldest Pagan Min’ (which I’m not, there were at least three others before me) and things among those lines.

   Here’s the deal, popularity in that sense means nothing to me because people will rarely approach me, they won’t communicate with me out of character and it does feel like I’m — either intimidating (which I’m not, I’ve said time and time again that anybody can talk to me and ask for a thread and such) but somehow, people are still nervous to approach me.

   Why is that?


   Yes, I can understand but when you say you’d like to interact with someone and there’s seemingly no effort on your part to do so, how are roleplayers supposed to feel? I’m not here to be praised, I’m not here to be seen as an idol (inspiration, perhaps…), to be pointed as ‘popular’ and ‘hard to approach’ because I’ve reached a virtual line that turned me into this person that can’t be grasped. I’m no different from when I began the blog with only a couple of followers. I interact with almost the same people I used to back then, I’ve met new people, I’ve had people step out of their comfort zone and we’ve become good friends and partners.

   I can’t read your mind, I don’t know if you want to thread with me if all you do is follow and not direct a word towards me. I don’t approach people because I never do that, it’s not anxiety — it’s giving people the space and comfort to do whatever they want.

   What’s the point in all of this?

   The roleplay community is tainted with this view that people are impossible to approach, that ‘quality’ blogs and ‘senpai’ status are nice but in reality, those terms are harmful. Put yourself in the other roleplayer’s shoes — they want people to talk to them, they want to be friendly, they do their best to be approachable but everyone’s calling them by these terms, pushing them further back into a group of ‘elite’ blogs and that somehow, you need to be part of a ‘clique’ to interact with them. Be careful with the way you treat ‘popular’ blogs because I can genuinely say that they might feel alienated, praised for the sake of being on good terms with but mean absolutely nothing when they seek interaction, comfort, friends or partners and all they get is either nothing or the same talk about how popular and quality they are.

   We don’t care.

   I don’t care about how many followers you have, I don’t care if you see me as quality or not, I seriously don’t care but yes, I like the compliments but when that’s all I get and the human side to a blog is missing, I’m going to further dive into a shell of feeling like I’m just here to play a character, to reply to things, to answer memes and pretend I’m someone else because the moment I behave as the mun and want attention, affection and comfort, people either shrug it off or start brining up things about the character. I’m feeling this as a person, the character is no issue, it’s how the community works and treats blogs sometimes.

   So, please — for the sake of making others happy and giving yourself the chance to meet new people, be careful with how you treat blogs, try to approach them, ask for interaction…Don’t sit and expect people to know what you want when you haven’t spoken up. I respect the difficulty you might have in doing so but it has to start somewhere and it’s by stepping out of your comfort zone, learning from your mistakes, knowing how to behave towards another.

   Remove the idea that just because a blog has a certain amount of followers or a certain theme or writes a certain way, that they won’t pay you attention. You don’t know until you try and I can assure you that even if they aren’t available to thread, I highly doubt they will be disrespectul and mock you for putting the effort to message them and ask for something.

   You are free to love your blogs, you are free to consider them idols but — don’t go around saying that, it puts them in an altar and alienates them from the rest of the people, makes others feel inferior and above all, makes them feel more obligated to be on the blog, obligated to reply and be active. Respect the person behind the blog, love them as much as the character because truly, that’s what matters and as much as you might enjoy interactions, you should also respect the mun and give them proper attention…unless you want them to feel like they are indeed a machine that’s supposed to play a character and nothing more.

   Before you try to say someone is asking for attention, try to understand how they are feeling. Yes, I want attention…Is it that bad? To want to feel loved as person and not as a character? I don’t think so and this has to change.

   Thank you.


Watch calif0rnia—dreamer :) she’s really good

× Smoke Break ×

I was tagged by lindira!

What is your name? Devin
Where are you from? 
Southeast Pennsylvania. I’m living about an hour from where I was born now.
What is your favorite color? Green, and if I had to pick a shade lime green.
Favorite band/artist: 
Fffuuuh. I’m tied between Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. Please don’t try to make me choose. plz
Favorite number: 3
Favorite drink: Foxtrot tea! That stuff is super good.
Tag Ten people you want to get to know better: Ten’s a bit over the top for this small of a meme in my opinion, heh. I’m cutting it down a bit. If you’re not interested, please ignore me!

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