Speed sculpt in Zbrush of a creature from the Steve universe.

Finished this guy before bed last night, Only spent about 5 hours on him total so hes pretty rough but its nice to be able to sketch an idea out so quickly and in 3d. I threw the gold render up here just cause I thought it fun to see. 

A huge semi-flightless bird, used as transportation on certain planets. These creatures cannot fly by are capable of gliding long distances (leaping over ravines, waterways).. to give you an idea of scale, the top of Steve head would just brush the frills under its chin…. Would love to turn this fella into an articulated 35” long doll. :-)

I was inspired in part by a bearded vulture and in part by primitive “birds” like archaeopteryx with a dash of the roadrunners from Rango ;-) Im probably going to go back and re-sculpt a lot of him as i didn’t have my references for most of the sculpt. :-(


The song is an old Irish lullaby called ‘I see the moon’ and can be found here :)


i’m a rap god and you can’t quite touch me

[quietly prays that the fandom has a good laugh about misha and jensen being stupid idiot friends who were goofing around like all friends do and doesn’t turn it into “proof” that they’re actually cheating on their wives and boning each other]


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