Want to know how to make my entire week and get me to smile like an idiot? 

Tell me I was on your mind
Me=instantly won over

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as an ace lesbian do you ever feel like you're 'living up to' the 'sexless live-in gal pals' trope? i know there's obviously a difference between what's being implied there and girlfriends who do not have sex but i cant help but feel, i dont know, declawed? or something? maybe im the only one hung up about this?

sometimes but i stopped caring about what other ppl think and it’s helped a lot. but no ur not alone. it’s pretty common. i can promise ur not any less lesbian for being ace. sex does not a relationship make. mutual trust/respect, love (be it romantic or otherwise), and mutual support make a relationship

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i have a massive crush on this guy in my year. He is a really good friend of mine, super cute and funny and we have a lot in common like we spend the whole of food tech making fun of the teacher and laughing too much that we get in trouble. But he is only nice to me when he's not with his friends. if Im around with his friends he is a total jerk and treats me like dirt and Im so confused bc he can be so nice then so nasty in a matter of seconds. Every time i ask him about it he ignores me. Help

ohhh thats so horrid u dont deserve that :(( is he just one of those fuckboys who think its cool to mess u around when their friends are there bc thats not right ahh im sorry he does sound nice apart from all that

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have u ever gone to school without wearing a bra??? i need reassurance that im not the only one who does that

no sorry


Clala’s Endless List of OTPs:

    Lars x Sadie (Steven Universe) [1/∞

        ↳ Look, I like Lars, he- he’s a nice guy…once you get to know him. There was this one time when the new “Army of War” game was coming out, but Lars was banned from the only place selling it. He wanted it SO bad. So who does he beg to stand in line for SEVEN hours? Me. I didn’t think much of it, but when I got to his house I saw he cleaned up his room a little, and he got a big box of Oyster crackers. They’re my favorite. He let me be his Player Two, and we spent the whole night together…

hey am I the only one who thinks their voice sounds different when im speaking other languages? like I mean there is a difference in my voice when im speaking english or german or french? or even russian? does that make sense

man i just don’t get it
my sister: would you date a guy who was bisexual?
me: of course????
my sister: what if he like– cheats on you with a guy
me: ???? ?? ?? uh, its the fact that he’s cheating on me at all that’s the problem. wtf does it matter if it’s with a girl, guy, or any other gender identity? i wouldn’t be like “mannn, he cheated on me… but at least it was with a lady! whew!”

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the mortal instruments. And it would have been wonderful if Clary accidentally on purpose got pushed off a cliff.

well shit man, mine’s going to be remarkably similar to yours

Push off a cliff: clace (not together, their relationship itself) 

Frick frack: Alec or Jonathan Morgenstern I’d be fine with either tbh  

Marry: Raphael

Set on fire: The Seelie Queen (fuk her) 

Wrap a blanket around: Jem (does he count, he always counts)

Be roommates with: Jace (he is the only one who is not slob and I cannot handle slobs im sorry)


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Im always afraid if i dont start the conversation there wont be one. And when that happens i feel that im annoying everyone. Does this happen to you?

Happens to me all the time to be honest. There’s maybe 1 person who starts the conversation with me, thus I really only talk to one person a lot. I don’t make a lot of effort to start conversations because I’m a stubborn bitch. But honestly, if you want to talk to someone, start the conversation. It’s better than having the thought back in your mind.

Playing His Game Excerpt #1 (Cover)
  • Playing His Game Excerpt #1 (Cover)
  • Cassie Thompson
  • Cassie Thompson's Album

i am a fucking dork and i couldnt resist recording these songs

i will maybe do more of this song??? maybe the whole thing????? possibly one or two other songs???

i dont know

i gave up on the harmony in this one because im an untalented shitbaby who is having a hard time harmonizing with herself for some reason

please listen to the actual song it’s amazing

and i would sound better if i had instruments accompanying me

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Any am I the only one who wanted to slap that Teresa girl?( Im sorry we Haitians are wild) i mean Troye has been in several did live shows BEFORE YouTube than she has the guts to say that Like BRUH but I also feel like Tronnor haven't been subtle

yah it blew my mind someone could even tweet that to him. im not surprised at all troye replied to the tweet, i know i would’ve been a lot more upset. he works so damn hard on everything he does and for that girl to just belittle him and all he’s done is upsetting. troye posted youtube videos of him singing before anything with tyler, and tbh he wouldve found his way into the scene eventually. sure tyler helped him get his foot in but troye has so much talent. so much more to him than his ships and that’s all he wants people to see in the end.

mind sex

my sisters and i are pretty open about sex and sexuality which has been a healing space for me

but the more i learn about my sexuality the more i want to be picky about who i have sex with or even kiss

because just meeting my physical needs does nothing for me, i can do that myself

but the mental, spiritual, intellectual connect i really appreciate and thats what i wanna fuck

i literally have a universe inside of me and only a very select few, maybe even just one is invited

cuz i offer so much and most people wouldnt appreciate it

i absolutely hate not feeling appreciated