Imagine.. imagine that.. let’s say, we have a friend and he meets a guy. He meets a nice guy. Funny, charming, handsome, of course. He’s intelligent. He’s… cultivated. Very open-minded. So much that you go, “wow, he’s so open-minded!” You’re touched. That’s what seduces you, touches you. He touches you. He’s tender and fun. Let’s say you meet this nice guy, what do you do?

Sherlock having the flu, but he refuses to admit he’s sick, adamantly insisting that they go out on a case that Lestrade has, and John finally giving up on trying to convince him, but halfway down the stairs Sherlock just sinks to the ground because he’s too weak, and John has to half carry him up the stairs and sit him down on the sofa and wrap him in warm blankets and make him tea, and Sherlock is still grumbling the whole time about how he’s not sick even though he can’t get up, but then when John leans in to kiss his sweaty forehead he jerks away and finally blurts out that he’s sick and what does John think he’s doing trying to kiss him, that will make John sick, and that is unacceptable.

Outlander Review, Episode 1x11, The Devil’s Mark

I’m going to warn you now, this review is hella long, so I suggest only read it when you have some good time to spare. Oh by the way, I’m a spoilery reviewer, so you have been warned.

Jesus I loved this freaking episode. Toni Graphia, let me just stand up and give you a standing ovation because you did the damned thing.

As a book reader, I couldn’t be happier about what these writers did with this episode. Even the deviations from the book were executed brilliantly. Ugh. I loved it all.

Anyway, this will be my first Outlander review, which is slightly remiss of me, but I just didn’t think I had it in me to do more than one review of a TV show per week. I still don’t which means that next week’s efforts might go to reviewing Lallybroch, instead of whatever shitfest Scandal comes up with. (Yeah, I’m bitter, and what?)

Anyway, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.

What I Hated


Moving on….


1.  The theme song.

The Skye Boat song is everything and I always get a tingle whenever Raya Yarbrough’s vocals kick in.

BTW, Does anybody else love the part in the opening when Claire is running through the woods? For whatever reason, I get extra chills watching that part of the opening credits.

2.  The starlings synchronized flying in the title credits.

How was amazing was that? And apparently, there was no movie magic involved, it was real? I need to know how they got the opportunity to film the birds doing that. What great luck.

3.  All the scenes between Claire and Geillis

These two actresses were just fantastic. The nuanced way that they both handled their scenes was impeccable. Lotte Verbeek really came into her own as Geillis Duncan tonight. There was nothing I didn’t love about the performances that she gave. Caitriona Balfe is always amazing of course, and we totally take her talent for granted because we’re so used to her being able to take us to those emotional places, but man, even she was a revelation in this episode.

4.  Claire and Geillis being literally thrown into the Thieve’s Hole.

That was harsh man, and how Geillis didn’t have a miscarriage there and then, I don’t know.

5.  Geillis:  "You only have yourself to blame for this

To be fair, she’s not even wrong. I know that this wasn’t what she meant, but let’s face it, had Claire stayed put at Castle Leoch and continued to play ‘Let’s-slap-the-bitch-who-wants-to-take-my-man,  she’d have been just fine.

6.  Claire:  ”Jeanie told me where to find you in the woods. If you didn’t want to add file to the rumors, then you shouldn’t have made it common knowledge that you were under the full moon dancing naked and burning effigies.“

Claire makes a good point to be honest.

7.  Geillis: "I started with white arsenic a few months ago. I thought it would kill Arthur off before the child began to show.

Jesus, Geillis ain’t loyal to her husband that’s for sure. But I think we already knew that. 

8.  Geillis:  "We won’t be here long. Dougal will come for us.

Erm….about that….

9.  Claire:Jamie said that Dougal told Colum all about your affair and your baby. Colum banished him. Sent him to his wife’s funeral and commanded that he stay away. And sent Jamie with him. No one is coming Geillis.

I know who Geillis is and what she becomes, but in that moment, I couldn’t help but feel for her because she suddenly realized that Dougal had chosen to obey his brother rather than stay and fight to be with her. Men are the freaking worst.  

10.  Crowd: “We’re going to burn the witches, we’re going to burn the witches.

Ugh. Basic provincial people from 1743 are basic.

11.  Claire: “Is that what I think it is?

Geillis got jokes for days. Even as they walk past the townsfolk building a bonfire for their burning ceremony. I’m pretty sure it occurs to them both that these people are erecting the stakes to burn them on, even though the trial hasn’t even begun yet. These people want to smell burning flesh real bad. 

The Trial

12.  Ned Gowan:  ”Make way, make way please. I demand to be let into the proceedings.

Yay! Ned came! I remember at this point in the book thinking that it would be Ned who saved Claire and Geillis, but then I became afraid for Claire when it became evident that he wasn’t going to be able to stop the crowd from getting their pound of flesh.

13.  Ned: ”Your honors as we’re all aware, the Witchcraft Act of 1563 was repealed by the House of Lords in 1735, I therefore submit that this entire trial is illegal.“

Yay’ Go Ned! I really loved how he played to the Scottish inclination to hate all things English by suggesting that they seemed to be conducting the trial the English way. He totally manipulated the judges presiding over the trial, and you could see that they were a tad uncomfortable at the notion that they might be abiding by laws set by the English. Lol.

14.  Jeanie testifying against Geillis.

Seriously, that bitch wasn’t loyal.  I hope Geillis makes her pay one day. Painfully. 

15.  Jeanie: ”On many occasion I have heard Mrs Duncan singing in the hall outside where Mr Duncan was sleeping. Ominous incantations to be sure, would send the kitlings running from the house. Animals have a nose for these things ya ken? They sense evil.
*The crowd murmurs*
Ned: ”Now we are to take the testimony of a cat?

Gotta love the shade from Ned there. I love how he went on to expose Jeanie for the lying, vengeful wench she was. Go and catch your eyelid on a nail Bitch.


16.  Changeling Baby’s mother:  ”She took the child in her vile embrace and spoke strange spells over it. When the sun rose, my good man and I went to see. There we found the changeling child, dead, in the hill. And no sign of our own wee bairn. It was her who’d done the wicked deed Sir, I know it in my bones.“

I know I should have felt sympathy because her baby died, but…she was the one who left her freaking baby in a tree overnight. Education is fundamental people. By the looks of her though, she was the one who passed on the disease to her little bairn. She was scratching like she had a bad case of syphilis. Just saying.

Once again though, Ned manages to cast doubt over her testimony, and he did so with so much compassion. I love that guy.

17.  Alistair Duffy: ”With my own eyes, I saw her standing in the battlements during a great storm. I saw her call down the lightning with a flick of her hand. Thunder roared as she laughed her eyes red as flames, with a look in them that would steal the soul from a man. Then the winds rose up and her cloak flapped opened around her. And she leapt into the sky and flew light a great winged bird.”

The man just plain lied. And the backwards villagers who just wanted to witness a burning swallowed his lies hook, line and sinker.

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I just find it ridiculous you know. I know we do have to credit artists but in the first place they should know that the internet is a vast place. Anybody can steal their shit if they put it online. Its a risk they should have considered. Just saying

Cont.. Not that I approve of stealing. Its right to give artists credit. I just want them to know the risks to their actions.

Let’s put your words into a different context (I replaced a couple words which are bolded to show how ridiculous your claim sounds):

“ I just find it ridiculous you know. I know we do have to credit writers but in the first place they should know that the world is a vast place. Anybody can steal their shit if they put it out to the world. Its a risk they should have considered. Just saying. Not that I approve of stealing. Its right to give writers credit. I just want them to know the risks to their actions.”

By your logic then, we shouldn’t even post anything online, or even share anything to the world because someone will probably steal it and mark it as their own. Writers shouldn’t publish their works because someone will probably steal a character. Photographers shouldn’t upload their photography online because someone will probably steal it and watermark it as their own. Singers shouldn’t release their songs because someone will probably steal the lyrics and musical composition. But they do it anyway because they want to share their hard work to the world.

I agree that there is a higher risk in posting things online. However, there is always a risk in sharing anything to the world, online or offline, which is why copyright exists. Unfortunately, we’re not at that stage yet where digital media copyright laws are as stringent as copyright laws for older forms of media, so we have to rely on us being good people to reduce the amount of theft on the internet so that this risk is minimized.

As much as the internet has adapted to us, we need to adapt to the internet as well.

I just hope all of you who get likes and have follows are so freaking grateful. It is such an amazing thing and Taylor doesn’t HAVE to do any of this for us. She is busy planning a tour for us, yet she still comes on as much as possible. I know it’s hard when you think she doesn’t know you or doesn’t care about you, but she does. Please, please cherish every single notice you get because they are rare and beautiful and amazing. Also, for those who don’t have follows or likes (YET) please don’t give up hope she loves you so much and owes her career to all of us as she’s said before. I KNOW TAYLOR MAY SEEM LIKE OUR BEST FRIEND BUT PLEASE DONT TAKE HER FOR GRANTED. ❤️

It seems like us white folk sure like “turn the other cheek” stories when it’s black people doing the cheek turning. My facebook has been flooded with images of black people giving cops water bottles, lining up to protect cops, kids hugging cops etc, typically shared by a white person with a comment like “Omg this is the stuff they should be doing instead of rioting!!”

A Time and Place for Misbehavior- chapter 14

by sobeautifullyobsessed

genre:  AU Romance with healthy doses of NSFW

characters: AU Benedict Cumberbatch/OFC

content: Mature

chapter 14 on AO3

…..And as quietly as that, she knew herself to be free of the fears that sought to cripple her, accepting that if there should be pain and disappointment and loss sometime down the road, they were the smallest cost possible for the rapture of being his for this span of time.  Anni had never wanted to give herself over more completely to anyone, to surrender herself without reserve to a man’s desires.  So freed, she held nothing back, loving him with abandon, hungry for his pleasure, which in turn fed her own.

The hunger of her mouth, seeking her fill of his every flavor and texture, memorizing the firm arcs of his musculature, and the planes and hollows of his torso, so she might return again and again to those spots which pleased him best.  Hungry hands nested in his hair, loving its wavy, auburn thickness, her fingertips massaging and drawing from him rumbles of pleasure; her hands anchored in his hair and guiding him along every inch of her skin, to be savored by his wonderful, wandering lips.  Her supple curves pressed against him hungrily as well, relentlessly leading him to sink into her completely.  

Benedict took all that Anni was offering, unaware—perhaps–that he had broken down her last defense, responding zealously to the tidal force of her passion.  

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I like to imagine that in the past, Wrath ordered asked Envy to attend an official meeting/ceremony/other boring stuff in his place. I remember how he was avoiding his assistants when he visited Ed at the hospital and it certainly wasn’t the first time he was escaping from his responsabilities as fuhrer.

So I’m pretty sure he convinced Envy to take his place once.


I don’t know what Envy did or said with his face, but Wrath never asked them again. (Also he may have slept on the couch that night.)

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“… I’ve actually lost it.” 

      Yep. Definitely hallucinating the white dragon and enormous man that had blinked into existence in her yard… right? 

“Now to decide between amazed and terrified.”

I just wanted to point out that

Kjelle doesn’t care about traditional gender roles one bit.

She tells Owain that she doesn’t give a damn about any songs or poems that talk about how lovely she looks.

She’d rather have war epics written about her valor and deeds in war.

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Tall people at concerts..

I don’t hate you okay, I understand, I’m 5'7" and I know people totally hate on us but we waited in line early too and we deserve our spots, I have really bad eyesight okay I’m sorry if I’m blocking one of you shorter people but I can’t see, next time if I’m blocking a shorty I’ll pick you up okay free of charge don’t hate me

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13) “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”

“Come on, Sybil, you can do it!  Just a few more pushes!”

Sybil groaned and dug deep inside her, trying to find the strength through all the pain and exhaustion. 

“Come on, love,” Tom murmured in her ear.  When it began, he was at her bedside holding her hand.  Now he was up on the bed, practically sitting behind her, her body cradled between his legs as he continued to grip her hand (more like she was gripping his) while his other hand held fast to the rag that was being used to wipe the sweat from her brow.  “Come on, nearly there!”

“UUUUUUuuuggggggghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!” she groaned through gritted teeth, before gasping from the exertion. 

“Well done, Sybil, the head is crowning!”

Cousin Isobel and Tom’s mother were there, helping deliver the baby.  After what had happened with Sybil’s first birth, the Bransons didn’t want a repeat of those near tragic events, so here they were at the hospital, with Isobel and Margaret Branson taking charge.  Dr. Clarkson had been by and based on everything he had told them, felt that unlike the last time, Sybil’s second delivery looked to be without complications, and everything truly was going as it should.  That being said, he still hovered nearby, ready to step in should trouble arise.

“Oh God!” Sybil painfully gasped. 

“Come on, love, you’re doing so well!”

“Oh shut up!” Sybil spat.  If looks could kill, Tom would be dead.  “I can’t believe you talked me into this!”

“Which part?” Tom asked with a chuckle.  “Having another baby?  Or delivering it ‘naturally’?  Because I think it was your idea to do both–”

“Just shut up! Just–AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!” she screamed as another contraction wracked her body.  Her child was eager to get out (and she was eager to help it).

“Almost, Sybil!” her mother-in-law cried.  “Oh, look at all that curly dark hair!”

“You hear that, love?” Tom grinned.  “Our daughter has your hair!”

Sybil groaned.  “Stop…being…so…SMUG!” she grunted between breaths.  He had been boasting ever since she announced she was pregnant that it was going to be another girl.  He had been right about Saoirse too, and now it seemed she would never live it down, how her husband just had a “sixth sense” when it came to these things.

“I love you,” he whispered into her ear.  “You’re so beautiful–”

“TOM! STOP COMPLIMENTING MEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“It’s a girl!” Isobel cried, and as soon as she made her announcement, the baby’s wails began to fill the room. 

Sybil gasped and groaned, her body sore and exhausted, but despite that she craned her neck, wanting to see her daughter.  Thank heaven for Tom; despite her mutterings to him, she knew it was his way to try and help her through the pain.  He helped her sit up a bit more, and even reached out for the baby, once his mother finished cutting the cord and swaddling the child.  She smiled as she placed her newest grandchild into her son’s arms, who happily brought the baby forward into Sybil’s.

“Oh…” Sybil gasped, gazing down in loving wonder at the dark, curly-haired child she had been carrying for nine months and was now finally here with them.  “Oh Tom…she’s so beautiful…”

“Aye…” he murmured, smiling through his tears as the baby continued to wail.  “And our lil’ Sybbie has quite a strong set of lungs, too!”

Sybil rolled her eyes at her husband’s name for the baby, something he had started doing several months ago when he would kiss and talk to her belly, calling the babe inside “Sybbie”.  Well…maybe it’s not so bad, Sybil thought to herself as she looked at the pink crying bundle she held.

“Still mad I ‘talked you into it’?” he teased.

Sybil gave him a look, which was quickly followed by a smile.  “As you said, it was ‘my idea’…” she grinned, before turning her lips to meet his.  “And like all my decisions when it comes to you, Tom Branson…I regret nothing.”

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hey yo i think i won my debate in class today?? like man i was really nervous and shit for this but tbh i legitimately came up with shit on the spot for counters obvs and i was so under prepared on negative facts abt putin but i still swept the floor w/ his ass.

legit man i even tossed shade bc one point he was like “i give up” and i was like “oh but i thought yesterday you told me you were confident” like ma n i was internally freaking out and everyone else thought i was chill but if they looked barely close they’d notice holy fuck i was shaking and swaying back and forth




why do people who hate taylor swift never shut up about the fact that they hate taylor swift

Trying to brush up on my music theory
  • Website:*gives very easy-to-follow lessons about what scales and chords and progressions are, etc.*
  • Me:ok great! :D
  • Me:Now can you tell me why these things are like this and when and why I'll need to use them for certain types of music? :)
  • Website:lol whut
  • Me:whut
  • Website:uhh I think I left my oven on bye
  • Me:wtf