Spain’s Rafael Valls won Thursday’s tough Tour of Oman fourth stage with a summit finish on the Green Mountain to take the overall lead. American Tejay Van Garderen came home second 5sec adrift with Spaniard Alejandro Valverde, at 19sec, completing the podium.

“I didn’t expect to win at all, especially with the riders left in the final group, and I thought it was practically impossible for me to win. “Van Garderen is one of the riders who can finish in the top five in the Tour de France and to beat him is incredible,” added the jubilent Valls, who picked up only his second career stage win and first since the Tour of San Luis five years ago.
“I had four difficult years, with a lot of accidents but I never lost hope. I worked hard during the winter and arrived in better condition than ever.” added the 27-year-old.

Results Stage 4
1. Rafael Valls (ESP/LAM) 5hr 46min 48sec
2. Tejay Van Garderen (USA/BMC) at 05
3. Alejandro Valverde (ESP/MOV) 19

General Classification
1. Rafael Valls (ESP/LAM) 18hr 05min 44sec
2. Tejay Van Garderen (USA/BMC) at 09
3. Alejandro Valverde (ESP/MOV) 19

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1. Internalized Racism Was the Price I Paid for Assimilating
For me, internalized racism happened when I adopted the prevailing idea that certain racial and ethnic groups were better than others. As an Asian-American girl growing up in a predominately white community, I thought that my white classmates were inherently better than me.

I received thousands of messages over the years that I didn’t fit in. My internalized racism did not happen over night. Until the second grade, my first language was Mandarin. I was that Chinese girl who had few friends – because nothing made sense. Everyone spoke too quickly.

So my ultimate decision to stop speaking Mandarin was not sudden. It was a calculated move. I had worked hard to learn English. It was a decision that roosted in my heart, waiting.

My assimilation began the day I decided that rather than speaking Mandarin, the language of my parents and ancestors, I would lather my thoughts and ideas in American English instead. Assimilation isn’t just adapting to the mainstream culture. Assimilation is when you lose touch with your own culture and start overvaluing the dominant culture.

For me, assimilation meant giving up an important part of my identity, and, yet, it also meant freedom from isolation. Not only did I believe those messages that race can determine someone’s self worth, I was applying these hurtful messages to myself.

I was so affected by internalized racism that I became its number one spokesperson. I criticized my parents’ accents because I was horrified that they would embarrass me. I didn’t want to be seen as an immigrant, and I was scared that my parents – in their insistence to be their very Asian selves – would blow my cover.

So my teenage outbursts were seldom about boys or the freedom to hang out with friends past curfew.

My outbursts were latent with unspoken hatred toward myself, my family, and this ever-present Asian identity that prevented me from being the person I thought I should be.

I slammed my door and gave snappy responses because it was easier than admitting “I hate myself and everyone who loves me.”

It was easier to support my oppression. Internalized racism was compulsive, like an addiction that, regardless of how much it made me hate myself, I kept going back to for more.

It made it so that I didn’t have to try to love myself; I could just give in and be what this white supremacist society said was lovable.

I was haunted by this chant in first grade: “Me Chinese, me play joke. Me pee pee in your Coke.” I was haunted by the woman who asked my friend: “Does she speak English?” because my silence couldn’t just be a symptom of shyness.

The more I internalized those messages, the more I hated myself.
I pushed away my family and culture. I became dependent on a system built on hate, a system that would rather turn me into a joke than see me as a fully actualized human worthy of respect and dignity.
Internalized racism was the tool I used to overcome my bad memories. Rather than face the daunting task of teaching society to love me (or even, loving myself when society refused to figure out how), I could transform myself into what society seemed to already love.

But internalized racism doesn’t erase these stereotypes. Internalized racism is like a dirty mop that only spreads the racism around. I had become a tool for racism and refused to associate with other Asian people.

Further, I pushed this racial hierarchy on other people of color as well. And yes, people of color can tear each other down, too.

My “whites only” attraction neatly disguised my distaste for all men of color. At the time, I didn’t see this attraction to white men as a product of racism; it was simply my preference. But I had learned this preference somewhere.
In fact, colorism – or the idea that lighter color skin is more attractive – is a remnant of colonialism, where the conquered are seen as lesser, uncivilized, and undesirable. Over time, colonialism takes you down psychologically.

That’s internalized racism at work. This self-hate has been passed down over so many generations that we actually have people who say (and think) shit like “You’re pretty good-looking for a dark girl” and “I can’t bring home a black guy.”

My desire to be more white was also my way of supporting the racial hierarchy. I had become my own oppressor. (Or at least some version of Bobby Jindal.) I was thinking like a white supremacist (in an ironic sort of way), and that needed to stop.

2. It Took Me 20 Years to Recognize My Internalized Racism
I attended a pretty diverse university where, for the first time, I encountered a plethora of other people of color who felt safe, comfortable, and empowered being themselves culturally and existing in a community with each other.

Suddenly, my internalized racism felt silly. I was reminded of how much I missed myself and my culture.

I started becoming friends with people who happened to be Asian. (I say that they “happened to be Asian” because I had finally decided to look past race and look for good friendship instead.) I finally dated my first non-white guy.

When I started seeing people for who they were rather than what they represented, I realized that that was all I wanted for myself while growing up.

Instead of searching for liberation, I became complacent with a system that punished me for what I represented. Instead of identifying my oppressor, I identified with my oppressor.
3. I Decided to Relocate So That I Could Heal from My Internalized Racism
For me, choosing to relocate to Hawaii after college was the best decision of my life. Though it would bring me to the other side of the world, I knew that I needed to immerse myself in a culture where people looked like me. I knew my way of thinking was beyond unhealthy.

This decision scared me, but it also excited me. I had deliberately shut out a part of myself and now I was finally allowing myself to see it.

In Hawaii, I taught middle and high school math. Most of my students were of Asian backgrounds, but none of them really fit my own stereotypes. I had students who were nerds, preps, goths, jocks, band geeks, dropouts, and stoners – being Asian wasn’t equivalent to a single identity.

Over time, I stopped rejecting my Asian-ness, because what was the point? Who was this performance for?

In retrospect, I don’t think I really needed to move to Hawaii. I was already in the midst of a transformation. I was embracing “new experiences” that really weren’t that new. I was finally saying “yes” to who I truly was.
I was me. My Asian-ness was only one part of me. I only needed to be true to myself.

4. I Choose to Live My Truth – I Choose to Love Myself
W.E.B. Du Bois describes internalized racism as a “double consciousness” where we look at ourselves through the eyes of others. We look with pity and contempt because we can never measure up.
We become our own oppressor – because we hold the keys to our own shackles.

I had wasted so much time trying to be someone I thought I ought to be when was already so perfect as myself.

I moved to Hawaii to be a math teacher. But before I moved, I joked about that a lot. Haha, I’m Asian. Of course I teach math. This joke meant nothing in Hawaii – because most people are Asian, and Asian teachers teach all sorts of subjects.

I am back on the East Coast now, and I still teach math. I can’t say that I am not aware of the stereotypes, but I can say that it bothers me less.
This is who I am! I am good at math, and I actually really enjoy it. I am alright at driving, but mostly I am just too careful. I am great in English Literature, and I actually minored in English.

I can speak Mandarin, and I am not ashamed about speaking it in public anymore. (Screw the ignorant people who think I am a foreigner. This stereotype no longer bothers me because I know there is no shame in being a foreigner. I can speak two languages. It’s a talent to envy, not a skill to be suppressed.)

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Would you do First serious fight for our beloved Cobert? You do angst like nobody else, so I know you'll do this justice :) Also, bonus points if you include first reconciliation

Okay, its-because-of-his-lordship…this is probably not technically a fight, but I felt like it was better suited to fight than to argument. I mean…internal conflict is a fight, right? It is a bit of a spoiler to An English Summer, but ah…who cares. :) Second installation to this earlier drabble: Desperation.

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Series: Fairy Tail
Pairing: Gajevy, (slight) Laxana
Rating: K
Requested by: anonymous
A/N: Hope you guys don’t mind me combining these both requests into one, because I think that merging them up did have a great outcome. (Hope you guys don’t mind the fact a little Laxana, either. ^^; Since this story was perfect to fit my headcanon of her traveling with them so well)

I’d also like to dedicate this one to eqqlo​, blanania​ and rboz​ for the amazing job they are doing! x) Amazing artists. So yeah, even though I’m not sure if this can be fit in any prompt, it is my entry!

Day had proven to be tough, although quite productive a posteriori, as well. Her skill was improving, and that was a fact - perhaps this little journey next to Laxus, Cana and the others was better idea than what she thought at first. On a second note, scratch that - of course it was. Freed and his runes were worthiest opponent one could ask for, Cana had taught her how to endure alcohol better, and Laxus’ lead was… Well, Laxus’ lead. Mind was set on eventually extracting positive from it. Although between all that… There was still certain thing missing. Tch-. That Iron Dragon Slayer dumbass…

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Sterek w/ 14 and added to the end 'for the first time.' So, things you said after you kissed me for the first time. :D

"I love you. You’re a fucking idiot, but I love you," is the first thing Stiles says after he kisses Derek for the first time. “Don’t you ever fucking do something that monumentally stupid again,” is the second. His breathing is ragged, and his hands are shaking from adrenaline but he’s doing a hell of a lot better than Derek. Who was just shot through the stomach because he tried to sacrifice himself to save Stiles. Who totally had things under control until a certain stupid self sacrificing werewolf fucked up his plan. 

"I thought you were going to die," Derek says. He’s got his hand on his stomach, trying to stem the bleeding as the skin knits itself back together again. 

"And you think I would have been okay with you dying for me?" Stiles asks. 

"I’m a werewolf, Stiles." 

"Yeah, but if they had shot you a couple inches higher you wouldn’t be anything anymore," Stiles said. "Fuck, just shut up and kiss me again, and promise me you’ll never do anything that idiotic, ever again." 

"I promise," Derek says. "And hey, I love you too." 


Can we just talk about the fact that in the first moment Dean and Sam had a good conversation about that he could be better with time and in the next moment Castiel walked in and told them that the Blade is at a safe place and then Dean just walked out to go to sleep for like more than 4 days and we all thought that everythings okay but after he has walked away from Cas, his face just goes down and for one second i thought that it could be a little demon face and then we got the last words from Sam “Dean’s in trouble.” And this is were my mind fell apart. I just can’t stop think about what Sam could know and what we all don’t know..

  • What do you think about the ending? Let me know please ;)


First photo, up: Bright Before Sunrise, by Tiffany Schmidt. Why I love it so much? Because it’s something everyone should ask themselves. I remember looking at myself in the mirror a few nights after finishing Bright Before Sunrise, thinking, “Who is this girl? I owe it to myself to find out.” It captures everything the book is about —changes, possibilities, opening your heart to new people and new things and being so much more and so  much better than you thought you were. 

Second photo, up: I’ll Meet You There, by Heather Demetrios. Why I love it so much? This book deals with the impossible. Skylar’s impossibility to stay in her hometown, the impossilibity of Josh’s life ever being normal again, the impossibility of things turning out the way they wanted to. But they have hope, hope that life gets  better, and the last sentence captures that feeling perfectly.

Third photo, down: My Heart and Other Black Holes, by Jasmine Warga. The quote from the picture is not the full quote, but I don’t want to spoil anyone, so I’m just gonna say it fits the novel, and it’s so inspiring; It’s about embracing your sadness and wanting to fight it. It’s about wanting to live. And it’s beautiful.

Fourth photo, down: Welcome to Christmas, CA, My True Love Gave To Me, by Kiersten White. I cried while reading this short story, and it was the reason why I started reading the author’s other works. I don’t have much to say about why I love this last line to much, it’s just the feeling that something is right, and you found what you’re looking for. 

What are your favorite closing lines?

things i’ve done today

1. slept until 3

2. watched pitch perfect for the first time

3. proceeded to immediately watch pitch perfect for a second time

4. caught up on the last three episodes of agent carter

things i did not do today:

1. go to class

2. do the assignment that’s already late that i need to turn in tomorrow sometime

10 years later.........,,

Michael and Calum were both starring at each other’s. The first one was uncomfortable under his ex-band mate’s gaze and didn’t dare look him in the eyes. The other one was too shocked to realize how uncomfortable he was making him.

At least, this is better than I thought it would be, Michael thought.

Calum has changed.  His hair was longer and he had grown older as faint wrinkles started showing on his forehead. His right arm was covered with tattoos and he was wearing a formal black shirt with a loosened tie.

Michael had changed too. And Calum had blinked once or twice and was really considering pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t just daydreaming.

“Michael?” It came out more like a question and Calum was really unsure about how to react. He gained his senses back and straightened his posture.

“Yeah.” Michael replied as he was rocking back and forth on his feet. He licked his lips and continued. “Yes, it’s me.”

Calum gasped and walked closer to his ex-band mate and was now standing in the elevator. He got close enough to smell the cigarette smell going off from him and scrunched his nose.

Did he really change? Or did he just go and got even more bad habits?

Michael froze as he saw the look Calum was now giving him. He was judging him. Just like he used to do. Just like 10 years ago. He was seeing the bad in him and was disappointed, a look Michael knew oh too well. Michael swallowed hard and felt his hands start shaking and his heart beat fasten a little bit.


“He’s late.” Luke said looking at the clock on the wall that showed 4:39pm,

“Again.” Calum added rolling his eyes. “He has probably forgotten that we even had a meeting today.”

“Or, he’s just screwing some girl.” Luke added.

Ashton who was reading lyric sheets looked up at the wall and frowned. “We should talk to him about this.” He took his phone out and searched for Michael’s name in his contact’s search bar. “I’m going to text him.”

“Talk to him about what?” Luke asked incredulously standing up to get him guitar.

“About his bad habits.” Calum said taking a pen from the table and tapping it against the wooden chair. “About partying, girls, sex, his responsibilities…”

“Right.” Luke said sitting back down. He yawned and rubbed his eyes before strumming some chords.

Ashton gave him a playful smirk. “Seems like you aren’t getting enough sleep Luke. Does it have anything to do with the fact that Isabelle had finally moved in with you?”

Luke frowned and rubbed his arm shaking his head sadly. “No.”

Ashton frowned. “Trouble in paradise?”

Luke sighed. “She wants to move back to France. She doesn’t like it here. She’s by herself most of the time since I’m on tour and all her friends went back to France. We’re always on the edge these days, it’s frustrating.”

Calum gave him a smile. “Same with me dude. Karen’s been by herself taking care of the twins. She calls me up crying at times, saying she can’t do it anymore especially since her mother moved back to Chicago. Also, I feel like such a crappy dad. My kids made their first steps and said their first words and I wasn’t there for it. For those important moments of their childhood.”

“I’ve been having problems too.” Ashton piped in. “Kim’s sick and Nadine recently went back to work with Sean being a newborn too things are not going well at all.”

The three lads were lost in their own thoughts when Calum spoke up.

“We can-.“ He stopped talking. “No.” He laughed nervously. “That’d be crazy.”

Ashton looked at him skeptically remembering his own crazy thoughts about quitting the band.

What they all didn’t know was that they were all thinking the same thing: giving up the band for a better family life.

The studio room’s door opened and Michael strode in with no care in the world.

“What’s up guys?” He asked plopping himself down on the couch next to Luke.

Luke coughed. “Dude, what’ve you been up to? You reek of cigarette!” Luke said between coughs.

Michael shrugged his shoulder looking at Luke then turned his gaze and met Calum’s eyes. They were full of disappointment sadness and frustration.

His gaze immediately changed and met Ash’s one. Dissatisfaction and distress.

Michael bit inside of his cheek. He knew he had done wrong. He knew he was screwing up but he didn’t know what to do about it. Not when each one of them already had his own problem. He couldn’t just add himself onto their lists.


“What are you doing here?” Calum asked not commenting about the smell.

“I-“ Michael didn’t know what to answer and looked at Ashton for help. That’s when Cal noticed that Ashton was with them too.

“Ashton! Hey buddy! What’s up?” He asked enthusiastically.

“Hi Calum.” Ashton replied just as enthusiast.

Michael looked away. Even this sort of normal friendly greeting was too much for him. Him, who was used to none of it anymore.



Spain’s Rafael Valls won Thursday’s tough Tour of Oman fourth stage with a summit finish on the Green Mountain to take the overall lead. American Tejay Van Garderen came home second 5sec adrift with Spaniard Alejandro Valverde, at 19sec, completing the podium.

“I didn’t expect to win at all, especially with the riders left in the final group, and I thought it was practically impossible for me to win. “Van Garderen is one of the riders who can finish in the top five in the Tour de France and to beat him is incredible,” added the jubilent Valls, who picked up only his second career stage win and first since the Tour of San Luis five years ago.
“I had four difficult years, with a lot of accidents but I never lost hope. I worked hard during the winter and arrived in better condition than ever.” added the 27-year-old.

Results Stage 4
1. Rafael Valls (ESP/LAM) 5hr 46min 48sec
2. Tejay Van Garderen (USA/BMC) at 05
3. Alejandro Valverde (ESP/MOV) 19

General Classification
1. Rafael Valls (ESP/LAM) 18hr 05min 44sec
2. Tejay Van Garderen (USA/BMC) at 09
3. Alejandro Valverde (ESP/MOV) 19

#TourofOman   #TourofOman2015  



Fitnerd did get me to the gym this morning for a 3 mile run.  I didn’t want to go.  I unpacked, lounged around, put away laundry, etc.  I did everything I could not to go.  Usually, when I feel like this, once I get started it’s fine.  This run was so hard the whole time.  The second half was definitely better than the first, but it was a total head game and exercise in mental strength not to get off the treadmill. 

I spent the rest of the day helping a friend move stuff into a storage unit and then had sushi for the 4th time since vacation started a week ago.  Hopefully, I don’t give myself mercury poisoning. 

Tomorrow, I’m volunteering at an adventure race. I have friends who live on the mountain.  Just when I thought I wouldn’t be able to get miles for my team tomorrow due to the volunteering, the following text conversation happened.

Friend: You coming tomorrow? 

Me: yes

Friend: bring snowshoes

Friend: and your skis

Friend: After lifts close….hike up, ski down!

Me: K

So, apparently I will be getting some miles tomorrow in both the uphill and downhill fashion. The sun will be setting, so we should get some pretty spectacular views.  I’m a little nervous that I’ve gotten myself in over my head.  I do not have backcountry skis.  I don’t skin up mountains.  And I certainly don’t telemark down (though I do admire those who do…it is a beautiful thing to watch).  She’ll be carrying my skis, I’ll be carrying my boots.  I’ll be snowshoeing up, she’ll be skinning up.  If you don’t hear from me tomorrow night, I may be stuck on the side of a mountain with shredded legs. I’m nervous.  Which means I should do it.

I really enjoyed tonight’s workout but I feel so gross about myself. I just need to continue working out and eat healthier foods. I was doing so well until I got sick and then I never started working out again.

But despite the fact that I’ve not been doing so well, I’ve had 2 NSVs today. The first one of the day was fitting into a size 12 jeans. It’s been a while since I’ve worn this size and I’M SO EXCITED. (I also have no idea how I fit into a smaller size when I thought I wasn’t making progress.) My second NSV of the day is fitting into the shorts I’m wearing in this picture. They were given to me a few years ago but I’ve hardly worn them. They fit me better now than they did when I first got them.

I think the best thing about not being poor anymore is that you can afford good clothes. And if you’ve been as poor as me, to the point where you have to wear second hand clothes, you know to appreciate a piece you picked yourself. When I was younger I thought things will never change, but they did, and I’m glad that me and my family can enjoy a better life now. I will leave home soon, that means going far to a world much different than the west. First I was scared and didn’t feel like I could be the way I want to be, but being scared was my first mistake and I learned I should be happy the way I am without trying to hide as something I am not. 

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Ummm... Elena and Ruslan

  • when I started shipping it if I did: literally the second i heard they’d paired up after she split with nikita bc i wanted them to be better than him and viki 
  • my thoughts: what the fuck are you two playing at why do you have jumpers with your SHIP NAME on it
  • What makes me happy about them: THEY ARE INFINITELY BETTER THAN DUMB AND DUMBER. also they’ve done so well for their first year together!! 
  • What makes me sad about them: how can u be sad about ruslena it’s impossible
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: um there’s really not that much so idk
  • things I look for in fanfic: ^^
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: whoever makes them happy i guess 
  • My happily ever after for them: ELENA AND HER HALF GET MARRIED and stop with the platonicing and get a cat or a dog
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: elena is the little spoon
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: GOOGLING THEMSELVES FOR FAN ART
A Little Slice of Home

Helloo! Or Ayubowan! as we say in Sinhala. So after much thought about what my first post should be, I decided to show you my favorite place in Lanka, home. What better way to represent this beautiful island than with blue skies, paddy fields and coconut trees. I grew up in this little village, with jungle as my back yard. The first picture is the view from across the road, the second view is from behind my house.

Sri Lankan’s are a very happy, laid-back people. Some may mistake this for laziness, but, it’s just that nothing ever worries us. Of course this differs from person to person but generally we are very relaxed. I mean how stressed can you get when you go home to this *points at pictures*? Like every little village nobody keeps to themselves here. Everyone gossips. Everyday after work, you’ll find the men sitting at village store playing checkers and having a good laugh over a warm cup of tea or a glass of Arrack (alcohol made from either molasses or coconut flowers) and a hopper (a bowl-like pancake is the best way I can describe it, I’ll post a few pictures on food later). People love knowing what their neighbors, their neighbors siblings’ children or even the neighbors cat (I kid you not this happens more often than you would think) is up to. It gets annoying, yes, but, I know when I leave home in a year or so I will miss knowing what the mysterious bunny-tailed cat roaming the village has been up to.

The newest attraction in the village is,who I like to call,  the “Voodoo Lady”, she’s our local soothsayer. Think Asterix and the Soothsayer. Except we have cool things like devil dances. Almost every night I hear drums playing a beat from the top of the hill for the “Voodoo Lady” to scare away ghosts, ghouls, goblins, whatever you need to get rid of. As cynical as I am about this lady and her devil dances, I have yet to witness one, mainly because I’m scared. I have too many secrets to be revealed, you would be scared too! It’s nine o’clock and the drums have started playing, someday soon I will gather my courage and get ya’ll a photo of a devil dance.

Until next time! (I would say that in Sinhala but it’s a complicated translation and it depends on when I will write again, lol, so I’m sticking to English)

- Jina 

first month i was so sad
second month a little mad
third a bit delirious
fourth i was so glad you left
and i got back my head
guess i grew up a bit
forgot what i saw in you
just wish i could press undo

now you’re not even my type
funny what happens with time
and i heard all the lies
and now i laugh and
I thought you were better than that.

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(just addressing what u were saying in the video u posted today) the 3rd book in the Sweet Trilogy came out back in April and the "4th book," Sweet Temptation, is a retelling of the other three (some parts, anyway) from Kai's perspective. I though the second book was better than the first, and the third was about as good as the second. I thought they were suuuper cute, so. if you like that(:

i heard about how it’s from kaiden’s perspective….. sounds kinda dumb.
but thanks for letting me know about the second one :)

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Hi I'm gunna start writing fics of my own (not supernatural no one can do better then you) and I was wondering how long they should be?

Here are my thoughts on the matter: Personally, I don’t think there’s any hard and fast ruling on this one. The ones I’ve seen on my dash seem to be one to two thousand words—some are shorter and some are longer, but that is the average. HOWEVER, I think that getting your story told is much more important than worrying about word count, so think about your story first and word count second! 

Ohh man. Making Scar-lett Asian was the best thing ever. Like she’s all about pummelling through harmful stuff including racism?? Like “You think I’m submissive just because I’m Asian? Let’s fight. Fight me. Literally try to punch me in the face. I’ll ‘try’ not to set you on fire. On second thoughts, you better pre-order a fuckin coffin and find someone who can stitch assholes back together, I am so not holding back.” Also she is literally the phrase “The only thing thicker than my boyfriend’s shield is my head” and “fight me”
I love her so much. Charging head-first into battle with her classic battle-cry. Her brother screaming peeking out between his fingers and covering his eyes. Black next to her trying to keep up but laughing too hard. Strike racing ahead silently but snickering away and messing with her. Sparks just lost for words. Everyone tells Phoenix not to grow up like her half-jokingly, but Phoenix secretly admires her. So does Clara, she’s shy as hell, but wants to be like her.

She’s exactly the same with videogames. Strike would be like “Wait there’s a trap let me get it!!” Scars like “Sorry wh-” *cue long string of Vetnan and English swears*

DIY Til The Day That I Die

So I found a lamp at a boutique that I knew I had to have… until I looked at the price tag and noticed it was over $300. Yeah, no. Not even in the realm of possibility could I spend that much on something I will probably hate in a year or two. So I decided I would make my own. So I found an ugly $5 lamp at a flea market, spray painted it, and bought some seashells off of ebay for a few bucks.  I thought it would take tops a few hours. After it was all said and done, I ended up spending about 20 hours on this project, which for me is still better than $300. So here’s a comparison for ya. The first one is pretty much the same as the one I found in the boutique, only twice the price. The second is mine. Whatcha think?