if you text me at 3am or somewhere around that I will love you forever know why? because it is the time where you’re the most honest. seriously both of us should be sleeping but you can’t or you’re too pumped because of this party you went to and you’re thinking “hey, how about texting her. maybe she’s awake and we can talk because I am so tired but honestly I can’t think of anything better than texting with her”. because you chose me over sleep. because out of all the contacts you have on your phone, you chose me.
—  midnight thoughts

why can’t i ever be someone’s first option?
why can’t someone feel the same way about me as i feel about them?
why am i always the loyal one?
always the one feeling the most?

maybe i’m too over emotional.

i’m sorry for being so sensitive,
it’s just,
when someone betrays you,
you think everyone else will do the same.

and you are.
you’ll find someone better than me and not even give US a second thought.

not even give my unexpressed feelings that you know well of,
a second thought.

you are really what i thought you were,
a fuck boy,
just like every other guy i ever liked.

—  Fuckin’ fuckboys hurting me.
Update: Dr’s Appointment

For now, everything is not as bad as I originally thought. It’s necessary to get a second opinion, folks!! The second doctor says my condition is most likely not nearly as serious as the diagnosis the first doctor gave. Physical therapy and possibly surgery in the future, but that’s much better than a lifetime of having to take a heavy amount of medications and going through multiple surgeries for something that can’t be cured. Thank you so much to everyone who wished me the best this morning, I truly appreciate it with all my heart.

A special thank you to the-authentix-life gypsyydangerms-panda-xoasapjeevy @notyouraveragesteve  uncreativelyweirdg0dziiia and @bluemoonpassion for taking the time to send me positive vibes and encouraging messages. You amazing individuals have no idea how much your kindness means to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you <3 <3 <3 

I have another appointment scheduled for next week to go over any findings from xrays and other tests, but until then, I’m going to stay in the realm of nothing too serious being wrong :) 

Music of Life — (closed rp)

Termina had become a distant, almost forgotten, memory in Link’s mind. If not for coming across the old, rather magical entrance to that other world in his travels once more, he would have buried the memory somewhere in his mind, in the near future. But as fate would have it, the green-clad-hero could never shake the ghosts of his past, and so with a final decision out of pure curiosity, a wondering to see how things fared now, he found himself once more in the lands of Termina.

The land was more peaceful now, better off than it had been when he had stumbled upon it as a child. His feet carried him further into the world without a second thought, thoughts racing with a mixture of his first visit— and his second.

The second visit was much more welcoming to his mind than the first.

'I wonder how he's doing,' he mentally questioned, gaze drifting over towards the Great Bay entrance.

And so he walked, his steps large in stride and pace hurried with building tension. What if’s began to pile in his mind, doubts and phantom events that may or may not have occurred. Had his previous interference with time been for naught? Did they truly live on to lead a better life, and not one with a swift end to a young life?

Sapphire eyes scanned the shore, watching as the waves moved in and out, leaving foaming bubbles and broken shells in their wake. The ocean looked calm, all hints of the eerie atmosphere from his childhood wiped away. Was this a good sign?

He wasted no time and headed towards where he knew was the Zora Hall.

My very first tattoo on second skin! Ah! I had so much fun AND did waay better than I thought I would!
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What's your opinion on Mockingjay part 1? I personally thought it was the most underrated out of the movies.

I liked it a lot, it was so much like the book, I was very happy about that because the first one wasn’t at all like the book. And the second was better than the first but it still had a couple of my favorite parts missing like when finnick and katniss scared peeta.

Day One: Prom/Wedding

I know I’m late for the first prompt but I don’t care! Better late than never right? Plus there’s no way I was gonna miss out on Jashawn week and considering the little artwork involved I decided to throw in my own art. I’m a big sucker for weddings so I thought I’d try this out. I hope you guys like it.

I’m gonna try to work on the second prompt tonight hopefully.

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First, CONGRATS ON JOHN REPLYING! Second, my ONLY complaint about the trailer is how flat everyone sounded. But I'm sure that was just editing/ trailer stuff. I actually liked this more than the TFIOS trailer. And I'm actually excited about some changes I see, like Angela being a bigger part. As long as they get the "anti manic pixie dream girl" part down, I'm sure it will be great. What did you think?


I thought they were great!! Cara was much better as Margo than I had imagined so I’m happy about that. And as much as I love Nat as Isaac, I think I may love him more as Q. And like you, I’m really excited about Angela having a bigger part. The reply John just posted on his tumblr kinda puts my mind at ease about the manic pixie dream girl thing. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should check it out!

Drama #95: Fated To Love You

Year Aired: 2014

# Episodes: 20

Genre: Romantic Comedy


An eccentric and kind-hearted chaebol heir and a meek, yet principled “post-it” girl decide to marry after their unintended one-night stand results in an unexpected pregnancy

My Thoughts:

I really enjoyed this drama. This was my first time watching Jang Na Ra. I loved how she played her character. She was shy, quite, sweet, and cute. Jang Hyuk didn’t surprise me, I have watched him two other dramas.  It was weird watching Choi Jin Hyuk playing the second lead, but I like this doesn’t always go for the male lead role.

I know this was a remake of a Taiwanese drama of the same name. I didn’t watch the other version, but what a lot of fans have said is  that the Korean version was better than Taiwanese.  

The drama also had a good OST. My favorite had to be Ailee’s “Goodbye My Love”. That song brought the emotion for the sad scenes right to the feels.  Even though I have rewatched most of the drama already I’m only really going back for the main couples cute/dorky moments. Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra showed that their past chemistry has grown.

I thought we were the better side in the first half. We tried to put them under pressure but conceded a silly goal. We tried to play football and deservedly made it 1-1. The second half was a bit more even. We then conceded another silly goal, which we really shouldn’t allow to happen, but we showed good character and more than deserved to score the late equaliser. Timon [Wellenreuther] is a young goalkeeper, there’ll be games when this sort of thing happens. It’s tough to take, but he’s frustrated as well
—  Benedikt Höwedes on Schalke vs Hertha Berlin

When I first found RvB it was because it was on the local news for whatever reason. It was maybe near the end of season 3, and I watched a few episodes and that was it.

The second time I found it, I marathoned it all in a weekend. All 7 seasons at the time. From then on I’ve been watching as they aired. I can remember watching brand new episodes from Season 8 while in the hospital from my first round of C-diff. The episode with the first animation in particular. It made my day better.

Basically what I’m saying is this dumb web show has been part of my life a lot longer than I thought.

So I’ve not watched Insurgent yet, but...

Now, I’m not one to rely on critic reviews…at least, not until I’ve seen the movie myself. For Insurgent, I had high hopes. After reading the series and seeing the first movie, I was pretty pumped to see the second. Then the trailers came out. And with each one, I become less and less excited. And now, because I will be seeing the movie this weekend (I think I will, at least), I looked up reviews. Which I did with Mockingjay Part 1…and I disagreed with all of those reviews. Of course, I’m a diehard THG fan. So there’s that. But still, the reviews for Insurgent all seem relatively the same. And many say: the movie is a step back from the previous, and the real shining star, at least in terms of performance, is Miles Teller. Which is cool. I like Teller. But still, the leads need to be pretty big hits too, don’t you think? There are things I didn’t like about the trailers, which all ready put me on edge a bit, and now I’ve gone and tainted my mind with reviews. Hopefully I’ll think better of it once I’ve seen it for myself. Not to be a downer on the movies, because I enjoyed the books. Or, well, the first two. Allegiant was a huge disappointment for me, in deliverance and the actual plot. But still. I hate in when people bash on my Hunger Games movies, so I’m trying not to be that way with Insurgent, since I enjoyed Divergent. I guess I will just have to wait and see.  


So the first photo is me in seventh grade, around march, i didnt know there was such a thing as more than two genders. I always felt awkward dressing feminine but i had no idea why, i just thought i was being silly. The second photo was a year later when i got frustrated with my hair and, inspired by my cousin, i got it cut short. I felt way better but i still identified as cis. Granted i knew about the gender spectrum and was more educated. Middle school ended and over the summer i realized i might be genderfluid. I identified as genderfluid ((shown in the third and fourth photos)). Then around December after the aftermath of a bad breakup i focused on myself and realized i didnt feel comfortable as being referred to as a female and after a while i came to the realization that i was trans. I cut my hair more but i also liked dresses and make up i liked being feminine. I was confused and i felt horrible for identifying as male when i did feminine stuff. But then i saw that many people considered clothes and make up gender neutral i was relieved because i wasn’t a fraud. So im going to spare you more of my life story and just wanted to say, thank you to all the people who support trans people who can’t come out or cant transition because of their families. Im Clint (he/him/they)

I would take your hand in mine and run and You would come
Along without any second thoughts, and believe it or not
I would be sweet and kind and everything would work fine,
In fact even better than! Everything would be grand!
We would dance through the night and it would be love at first sight,
When you’d wake up to me and be the first thing I see
Every morning of my life. Then we’ll remember the time
When I took your hand and away my heart ran
With yours close in tow. They say sometimes you just know
and now it must be true because nothing could shake the way I feel about you.
—  AN

I think the worst thing is when you know somebody is way better than you and you feel like you’re constantly living in their shadow. Like they’re the first choice and you’re second choice, people will settle for you when they can’t have the person they really want. And you can’t just cut this person out of your life, because they’ve been there since the day you were born, and you love them to death, but you can’t help being jealous over each time they get attention and you don’t. It sounds crazy selfish, but you can’t help it. And I think that might be the worst feeling ever, because you get left with the guilt and anger at yourself for feeling this way, because they can’t help it that they’re better than you.

When you first begin, remember that we are all different, with different backgrounds, bodies, and circumstances. You must begin from where you are. Focus on what’s going on in your own body and stay as mindful as you can while practicing. Be patient. The second your mind starts to interfere—I should be doing better than this; The person next to me is much more flexible than I am; I’m not good enough (all very common thoughts that come up in the beginning)—just keep bringing your focus back to the breath. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. Focus on the practice and try not to become hung up on the result
—  Rachel Brathen, Yoga Girl.