New Nalu AU sketches

so these are the first sketches for a non magical AU short comic I’m planning.

I don’t want to spill many detailes right now, but some

Natsu finds an abondened cat. it’s leg is hurt, so he calls Gajeel to ask him which vet he goes to with Lily. Now guess who that vet is?^^

Natsu along with Gajeel, works in Gildarts’‘ car repair & paint shop, so I really have to practice drawing these overalls and cars 

right now I still don’t know if there’ll show up more than these characters, since I don’t want to make the whole thing that long. probably Cana since it’s Gildarts garage. Levy will definetly be mentioned, as well as others

Lucy is driving a Volkswagen Polo GTI 1998. (VW Polo is one of the most popular to have as your first car in Germany by the way)

just to warn you beforehand, I apperently suck at doing panels and page layouts. so let’s see how the whole thing turns out in the end :D

ok so i ranted about this elsewhere but i’m gunna say it here as well

do NOT guilt trip people asking you not to tag their fanart as ‘kin’ or ‘me’ lol y’all are so quick to say how the person hates mentally ill people for such a simple ass request like that??? which is really gross honestly?? the art is still THEIRS, even if the character they have drawn is not. you are not entitled to another persons work. i don’t care if they’re nuerotypical, if they kindly request that you do not do this then simply respect their wishes.

i myself don’t mind when people tag my fanart this way but seeing people guilting others when it’s their own art rubs me in such the wrong way lol!

not to mention there are other mentally ill folks on here who do not want you to tag their fanart as ‘kin’ or ‘me’ because of their own mental illness so like

please stop lol you can still have a connection to a pic AND also respect the wishes of an artist. i’ve done it many times, i know you can do it too

I feel like maybe the theory of Jude not wanting to announce their relationship has to do with something other than keeping the two of them safe from judgement. Jude looks super uncomfortable so something had to be be bugging him, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so rude and blunt to Connor. It can still have something to do with avoiding the judgement, but something had to set Jude off.

i’m going to be honest right now

i have stopped caring about who A is a lot

I mean, i still want to know, of course, but it’s not what is making me watch the show

I don’t even do theories anymore…

what i want to see is the girls interacting with each other and with their families

and see them dealing with the aftermath of the doll house

and i hope we get a LOT of that, pleaseeeee, don’t just brush past it after 2 episodes, pll, please

The creepy admin who made a whole cosplay community crash and burn

When I was in high school, I joined my one of my state’s cosplay communities. Interestingly enough, I was at the end of my weeaboo phase when I joined, but I still loved my anime (and still do) and wanted to give cosplaying a shot. 

The admin of the group was, eccentric, to say the least. He had a near religious obsession with 80’s mecha anime  and he tried to push this onto other people as well and would make people donate money to him so he could buy more cosplays. I also found out that he had a “love quest” similar to Chris Chan, but since I was young and stupid at the time, I thought nothing of it.

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Coming Out With Sophia

Content Warning: Mentions of transphobia, hospitalization.

Coming Out can be difficult, dangerous, and repetitive. I know some people who came out in one fell swoop with a big announcement. I admire their bravery and envy their efficiency. Like many others, coming out is something I had to do over and over again.

As I said in my previous article, I first decided to come out after I got out of the hospital. I still wanted to die, but I wanted to want to live, and the harsh reality of those white walls had scared me enough to think that if I didn’t start being true to myself now I may never get the chance. As hard as making this commitment was, carrying it out was a different story.

The prospect of exposing myself to others terrified me, which was strange. I had been in numerous vulnerable and dangerous situations in the recent past, but this one scared me more than anything else I’d experienced. I think it’s because I had been trying to escape myself, I didn’t care what happened because I didn’t care about me. This was different. For the first time in a long time, I wanted to be accepted, I wanted to be seen as valid and worthy and, well, loveable. I worried I had embraced rejection so long that I wouldn’t be able to find anything else.

I delayed for a while, maybe a month, excusing it by pointing to how busy my friends were with the end of term. But, when the term came to an end and I was celebrating with two of my closest friends I had to stop myself from just blurting it out. I took them each by the hand and simply explained who I was. They were shocked at first, it wasn’t unbelievable but it was a surprise. There was a silence that felt like an eternity, and just as I was about to burst into tears, one of them said, “you know, that makes a lot of sense.” We talked and embraced for a long time, about my past, about what I wanted to do about it, about who I wanted to know.

I was too cautious to do it all in one motion, so I came out to each person individually. Some of them were incredibly positive and some of them surprised me. For the most part, I had a routine. Before a social gathering I would take a friend aside and explain. Many of them had a lot of questions, some of which I wish I had been more prepared to answer. For some reason, it had never occurred to me to research, which is something  I definitely would do differently given another chance. Regardless, many of them would hug me and tell me they supported me. One of my friends more involved in feminist research helped me figure out what pronouns I wanted to use. One of the ones I was most anxious about was a tall bearded cis straight man, the partner of one of my closer friends who I had gotten fairly close with as well. With concern in his eyes, he asked me what would happen to all my ties. Since he’s known, he’s been one of the strongest emotional supports I’ve ever had, and when I’ve been afraid to correct names and pronouns, he has always had my back and taken extra care to make sure I am gendered properly when I’m not around.

I need to clarify that the majority of these experiences were so positive and supportive. I like to think I have assembled my chosen family well. Other experiences were less so. Once my plan was interrupted when one of my friends, having a fight with her trans roommate, made a very insulting comment. I responded that I was trans, and she became very silent and embarrassed. To her credit, she acknowledged her transphobia and tried to unlearn it. Not everyone did. Another friend reacted in a way I hadn’t anticipated. They seemed extremely progressive and I didn’t expect any problems. Soon after, they drunkenly cornered me, expressing how they thought hot trans people were, and asked if we could sleep together at different points in my transition so they could feel the difference. We have never been alone together since, and suffice it to say that was one of the stranger reactions I still don’t know what to do with.

The most difficult experiences were coming out to the person I had feelings for and my family. I had only known him for a couple months, but we had quickly developed an emotional connection. Romantic feelings hit me hard and that made me afraid. He wasn’t attracted to women and I knew once I came out that was the end of whatever could happen between us. So I delayed until I couldn’t, until one night we were in bed and I just said it. He started to cry and told me he thought I was his soulmate. That was tough. It made me regret who I was for a brief time, but with the lessons I’d learned, the occasional hotline, and his help, I got through.

After that, left my family. As I said before, my relationship with my family is…complicated. Actually, the situation I came out to them in was strangely fortuitous. I had just been released from the hospital again and decided this would be the best time to tell them. I simply couldn’t bring myself to come out to them in person, so I phoned most of them separately. Telling them that I had just been in the hospital let me convey to them how serious I was and how much I needed to be true to myself. In the immediate aftermath this proved effective and I had a brief respite from negative reactions. Once the initial shock had subsided, things were different. One of my family members wanted to have personal talk with me. In a safe, public place the conversation became sidetracked by calling them out on some of the abuse I had suffered. They retorted by explaining that similar things were done to them as a child and that meeting didn’t really go anywhere. 

The most supportive of them actually began using my name, but certainly did not want to discuss the transition at all. They also kept getting me to wear clothes designed for a different gender, which was uncomfortable. Others insisted on calling me by my deadname, using the wrong pronouns, and have told me they are mourning the death of (my deadname). One of them wouldn’t use Sophia because she said I “wasn’t a woman yet,” so she wanted to call me by a gender neutral variant of my middle name. She said she saw me as killing the man in me before I could step into a new body. Others refused to do anything about it until they were comfortable.

This was unfortunate, but not unexpected. Also not unmanageable. For better or worse, my family hasn’t been apart of my life for a long time and I no longer live near them. Since then, I have made several of them better understand who I am and what it means to be transgender. Some of them have become good with it, especially extended family. Some of them haven’t. None of them I regret. I am overwhelmed by the support I have gotten from my chosen family, and even among those who still have tension, I can tell you the relief at being able to be yourself and be treated as yourself is incredible. For those that didn’t or don’t support me, at least I told them who I am. Safety comes before anything, and I never would have come out to someone I depended on or lived with who I feared would have a negative reaction. But because I was safe and stable, I’d rather lose the love of those who can’t understand me if it means I can finally love myself.

To those afraid to come out, I understand the anxiety. People may pressure you, or insist you have nothing to worry about. Never feel you need to listen to them. You know your relationships better than anyone else. Also, never feel like you need to accommodate the people you are coming out to. If you aren’t comfortable doing it in person then by no means do it in person. If you feel unsafe in person but feel obligated, please consider other options or at least ensure you have a place you can go if things get bad. Remember, your safety is always more important than someone else’s comfort.

It can be one of the hardest experiences of your life, and it can cause innumerable difficulties in a vulnerable situation or hostile environment, but if you can and you’re safe, it can bring you closer to yourself than you’ve ever been.

Wait until you’re ready, you’ll be welcome here whenever you join us. We can’t wait to meet you.


something I’ve realized:

you are not required to accept an apology. if someone hurts you, it isn’t your duty as a mature person to forgive them. you can be mature without condoning what they did or even without responding to them. it will not keep you up at night or negatively affect you if you decide that they don’t deserve your forgiveness. it is absolutely your right to deny them. they were the ones that hurt you. this is your life and these are your choices. you don’t have to justify someone’s wrongdoing. and you’re not immature or a bad person if you don’t want to.

an apology that still holds you responsible is not an apology. if they say… I’m sorry for doing this, but it was only because you did this and I didn’t have any other way to react… NO, that’s not an apology. take responsibility for your actions. they are your actions and nobody caused you to do something shitty; you just did something shitty, end of story. similarly, the reason I am hurt is not because I misinterpreted your rudeness. it’s because you gave me that rudeness to begin with. perception is not the one to blame. if someone does a bad thing, it’s a bad thing. you perceived it as bad because that’s what it was. if someone says… I’m sorry for doing this, but that’s not what it actually meant, you just took it the wrong way… NO, that’s not an apology. i did not take anything the wrong way. you gave it to me the wrong way.

another thing- do not reprimand someone for taking control of their life and clearing their surroundings of those who negatively affect them. they have the right to choose who they associate with, and they have the right to only associate with people who make them happy. they are under no obligation to keep you in their life if they don’t want to or don’t feel the need to.

there are some really, really amazing people in this world. there are people who will support you and love you and be kind to you; it’s not worth staying with someone who doesn’t give you that same respect… especially if they make you feel bad or talk behind your back just because you took the initiative to drop their negativity.

you deserve happiness.

Thinking Out Loud

Okay so you all are very lovely, and I know none of you but I know you won’t judge this harshly.

I’ve never written a FanFic before but I was listening to Ed Sheeran’s song Thinking Out Loud and now I can’t get this out of my head. I’m still unsure how I feel about FanFics but I’m gonna do it anyway. I hope you like it.

Setting: A Cinderella Ball

Robert joins Kym at the table, finally done with his master of ceremony duties. They greet each other with a smile, “nice job baby” Kym says as he sits down. “Thank you” says Robert as he kisses her on the cheek. “We have to get going soon if we want to make it to your surprise” he says, “well where is this surprise” Kym says with a suspicious grin. But Robert loves this kind of stuff way to much to tell, “you know I can’t tell you that.” He stands and puts his hand out “you ready?”

Kym hesitates “not until we dance to one song.” “Deal” says Robert.

Then Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud starts to play. Robert thinks ‘oh thank god its a slow song’ He grabs Kym’s hand hand pulls her in close.

They begin swaying to the song, cheek to cheek enjoying the moment. No one is paying attention to them, swaying and smiling to the song off to the side of the room.

Kym leans back a little to look into Robert’s eyes, and begins mouthing the lyrics to the song:

“And baby, your smiles forever in my mind and memory. I’m thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways. Maybe it’s all part of the plan…”

Robert has the biggest smile on his face the entire time. As she says plan he leans in and kisses her. They break away and he kisses her forehead, then whispers in her ear “I love you”. She looks at him and smiles, kisses him and says “I love you too”.

Kym rests her head on Robert’s shoulder as they sway to the rest of the song. They both can’t help but think how lucky they are to have each other.

The song ends and Robert grabs her hand “ready” he says to her, “definitely” she’s says back. They walk out and say their goodbyes. After they get into the car, Kym has the biggest smile on her face. She can’t help but ask “so really? Where are we going? You gotta give me something!” Robert smiles and says “okay fine, I’m only going to tell you one thing….we are going to New York City”

Kym gives out a small excited little squeal and wraps her arms around his neck. “Oh my gosh Robert!” She kisses him on the cheek, “I love New York!” With the biggest grin Robert says “and you’re gonna love what we’re doing even more.”

Robert put his arm around her and she settled into him, anxiously waiting what he has in store. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have him, he truly was the perfect man.

….okay, that’s it. Short and kinda quick but sometimes those are the best ones. I think haha okay well, if you read it thank you and if you liked it thank you even more.

I didn’t even want to go to the gym today. I came home from work, ate dinner, watched GoT and totally checked out. I wasn’t “motivated.”

Then I started thinking about all of the people who inspire me on here; thefitally themarzipanvolta aubernutter hashtag-gymlife and others. I realized that they go out of habit, discipline, dedication, and desire to succeed. They may not always have “motivation” but they still go because of their self-control and willingness to do what it takes to reach a goal. They aren’t quitters, and I didn’t want to be a quitter either.

Autistic representation in books...

(Please only answer if you’re autistic.)

Do these books have good autistic representation? I don’t want to waste money or time on books that give inaccurate, offensive representations of autistic characters.

-The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime by Mark Haddon

-Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safron Foer

-Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s by John Elder Robinson

I imagine the last one is probably good because it’s autobiographical, but I still want some second opinions.

Also, can anyone (again, autistics only, please) recommend some other books with autistic protagonists? Books where the protag is obviously autistic count even if they don’t actually say it, but I’m especially looking for books that do say it. Books by allistic authors are okay as long as their representation of autistic people is good, but autistic authors are preferred! Also, books by/about underrepresented autistic identities (autistics of color, autistic women) are definitely a plus!!

Please add opinions and book recommendations in the reblogs (rather than sending them as asks) in order to keep them all attached to this thread for easier perusal.

Chapter 3:


“I had blinders on. Other people rarely phase me,” said Violent, “There’s only one person I need to approve.”


“Do you want a drink?”

Now, this was weird to Jason. To ask whether he wanted a drink was polite, of course, but it was strange that Matt felt so at home at Trixie’s apartment. Curiosity was eating him alive but he still did not want to ask. So, he just assumed Matt was a person who took the “make yourself at home” talk when you walk in through someone’s door quite literally.

“Sure, I’ll have what you’re having.”

As he walked into the kitchen, Matt pondered for a second. For some fucked reason he even wanted to impress Violet with the type of drink he chose. He looked through the cupboard which contained the drinks and could not decide. He started taking out the options one by one, viewing the labels and estimating the prices.

After taking his shoes off and waiting for Matt to come back, which was taking him way too long, Jason walked into the kitchen to see Matt having taken out every bottle there was. He was placing them on the counter, studying them.

Matt was embarrassed. Really embarrassed.

“Er, what are are you doing?”

“I’m looking at what there is, I was going to take the-..”

Jason walked over to the counter and grabbed a raspberry absolut vodka. He held it by the neck and waved it in front of Matt. “I’ll make the drinks, you put this shit back,” he was laughing at this point, “You’re a fucking weirdo.”

“Oh, fuck yeah.” Matt said, matter-of-factly.


After sitting, sipping their drinks and talking on the couch for about an hour, Matt found himself getting, and moving, closer and closer to Violet. It seemed natural.

“So, Violet,” he started.


“Jason - that’s kind of, more intimate - I like it.”

“No it’s not, shut up! What were you going to ask?”

Matt wanted to know everything about Jason. He wanted to ask him about his first pet and his favourite childhood memory. He wanted to ask about his biggest fear and what he does on a saturday morning, ask about his mom and whether she would like him or not. Just everything.

“I don’t know, I’m attempting to keep the conversation going.” He muttered out.

“Am I that boring?” The smaller boy laughed.

“No, you just make it hard to talk.”

“Well, thanks for that.”

“No, fuck, not like that.” Matt stuttered on his words, “It’s just… I just.. You’re quite…” Fuck, “You’re intimidating. Not in the bad way.”

“Is that supposed to be flattering?” Jason held his hand over his heart mockingly.

Matt unconsciously moved closer to his petite companion and rested Jason’s legs on his lap. Jason wasn’t paying attention either, instead, he leaned his head closer to Matt’s shoulder.

“What I’m saying is that you’re-”

The click of a key startled them both and Jason quickly pulled his legs off Matt’s warm lap. Confused, Matthew instantly felt like something was wrong and moved slightly away from the boy sitting next to him.

As Trixie walked through, he instantly shouted for Matt to help him unpack the stuff. Jason felt really out of place.

“I’ll just leave your stuff here, Trix, I’ll see you later.” Jason started getting up to leave, he didn’t want to disturb the homely atmosphere which was forming around the assumed couple.

“What? No, stay, I bought Chinese for tonight.”

“No it’s really okay,” Jason started, but Trixie looked at him disapprovingly, so he sat back down.  


It turns out, that Jason giggling like a girl is something Matt would happily experience every day.

“So, what have you two been up to while I was shopping?”

Before Trixie even finished his sentence, Jason replied with an instant, “Nothing!”

Matthew laughed nervously, maybe there was something more to the two untucked drag queens in front of him. Maybe that’s why Jason didn’t want to be seen so close next to him. He felt hurt.

As they ate the Chinese, Matt kept on slurping whilst eating his noodles. Jason kept on nudging him to stop but this only encouraged the unmannerly behaviour, increasing the amount of tiny splatter stains on the couch and the volume of the annoying sound. They were both giggling and kicking each other’s feet and Trixie just smiled as he picked up all the rubbish. The others didn’t even manage to notice as he walked out.

Whilst cleaning up in the kitchen, he overheard the whooping of pillows coming from the living room and a high pitched scream, assumingly coming the smaller boy. This was followed by even more tittering and begging to stop.

At some point, Jason jumped on Matt’s back and started throwing fake punches at his shoulder blades. They completely forgot that Trixie was in the next room.

Trixie thought that he should be somehow offended that his two friends forgot about him. In spite of that, he was too happy to be bitter. The other two deserved a break and Trix thought they would be good for each other. Even if it’s just for laughing on the couch.

Somehow, Matt ended up on top of Jason tickling his sides and making his tiny figure shake and squeal. Again, all that was going through Matt’s head was that he could get used to this.

It had gotten to the point where Jason had tears running down his cheeks, screeching to be let go.


There were three opened bottles of vodka on the table. The guys were telling each other old, embarrassing stories about their lives.

It was getting late and the booze was slowly starting to set in. Trixie was tired, or so he told his friends, and made his way to bed. The two others tried to make him stay but he thought they’d be better left alone.

“Well, I’m gonna get going, it’s nearly morning,” began Jason, “It was nice seeing you again, Matt.” He over pronounced his words, doing his best to imitate being sober.

“No-o! Only because someone,” Matt looked at Trixie, “Is a puss-y who can’t hold his dr-ee-nk, doesn’t mean you have to go!” He was hiccuping and opening his mouth too wide to be clearly understood. The younger boy couldn’t help but stare at his lips, which he puckered as he asked Jason to stay.

Jason didn’t want to be left alone, drunk, with Matt. He didn’t want to do that to Trixie, even though he didn’t know what was actually happening. Before he could stand up, Matt was laying across his lap, mumbling into the pillow and mock crying for him to not leave him alone. The bigger guy couldn’t be easily lifted Jason just groaned sarcastically.

“Goodnight, ladies, make sure I don’t have to bleach the couch tomorrow.”


Jason laughed at a stupid impersonation of Big Ang that Matt was doing, deep voice and exaggerated eye narrowing. He reached for the vodka the moment it left Matt’s lips; now that Trixie was gone they weren’t behaving half as well as the did prior.

They sat cross-legged, their legs overlapping and Matt’s head on his shoulder. Sitting in silence, they both realised how comfortable they were with each other. They noticed between themselves, how close they allowed themselves to be after not having known each other for long at all. It was new to both of them.

Matt watched Jason as he tilted his head back, the smooth line of his throat exposed and he suddenly had the urge to kiss it. He wanted to leave love bites on it, claim his territory… He watched as Jason’s adam’s apple bopped when he drank from the bottle and his thoughts consumed him. He was almost admiring the motion. But for now he had to settle on just nuzzling into Jason’s neck. This made them both smile.

Matt took the bottle from Jason and sat it between his legs, holding it with one hand to keep it from spilling.

His other arm moved behind the boy next to him and in this moment, they realised they were cuddling.

“I can’t,” Jason whispers, “It’s not fair on Trix.”

Matt narrows his eyes in confusion, burning them into Jason. They’re only half opened but very much in focus. “What?”

He was confused. It did seem like there was something between Violet and Trixie. Jason and Trixie. But Matt was wondering why Trixie would leave them alone if there was anything between them. Wouldn’t he be worried that leaving the two, drunk, could lead to something? Matt was really worried that, maybe, Trixie trusted him enough to stay in his lane and he instantly felt guilt filling him up.

“You and Trixie seem to be getting along well…”

“We’ve been friends for nearly ten years, it would be kind of weird if we didn’t,” Matt laughed.

“Friends?” Jason felt, oddly, relieved.

“Yeah, he’s my bestfriend. What did you think?” he suddenly came to the realisation of what this whole thing must have looked like, “Oh God, no!”

“It seemed like it.” Violet sighed.

“No, oh God, no, I love him but…” he grabbed Jason’s legs and turned them both to face each other. As he did so, he rested both of his hands on Jason’s small-boned knee’s. “It’s not like that.”

At the same time as his cheeks were turning crimson, Jason’s head was feeling dizzy and he knew it wasn’t purely because of the buzz. The edges of his lips curved shyly and he felt so exposed to Matt right now, who was eyeing him as if he was the most beautiful thing in the world. Jason felt like the most beautiful thing next to the man.

“I’ve gotta go,”

“No, please… Sorry if I did something-…”

“No, no,” Jason didn’t know how to phrase himself, his head was all over the place, “I don’t want…” Stop looking at me like that I can’t concentrate, “I don’t want this to be a drunk thing, again. So maybe…”

“It’s not a drunk thing.” Matt blurted out before the other boy could continue, “Besides, it’s late, I don’t want you to get hurt and… Yeah.”

“Is that what it is?” Jason teased, “You’re not just wanting me to sleep with you?”

“Well, depends what you mean by sleeping, but I’m thinking that can come a bit later.” The older boy laughed.

Rolling his eyes, the petite boy smirked. He quickly got up off the couch, pretending to not be phased by how much his head was spinning, and walked to the door.

“Come on,” Matt moaned, “I can’t have you dying. I want to see you again.” He was holding onto Jason’s arm as if his life depended on it.


“I mean it. If you get hurt, I swear to-”

Jason put his hand on Matthew’s face jokingly, making him shut up. He slid his hand down his face drunkenly and rested it on his neck. Then he proceeded to kiss Matt’s cheek. “I’ll see you soon, okay?” 

anonymous asked:

I am not okay with it either but i do understand that arima is a ghoul investigator,he was trained to kill the ghouls and not show any mercy,that's why they call him god,so he gave kaneki a chance because he understood kaneki didn't deserve what he got,other ghouls don't get that chance,he could easily just kill him and get over with it

i really didn’t want to turn this into a wank or anything, sorry. it’s just that chapter 139 had such a great impact on me, i was crying for days. i’m still not okay with how arima handled kaneki to be honest. even though you’re right, he could have just killed ken back then but he didn’t. i don’t think he showed mercy because he thought that “kaneki didn’t deserve what he got”. i think it’s because arima understood that kaneki was something special and because he found him to be interesting (just like in kafka’s “a crossbreed”)

I'm so confused and I really need advice

So a while back there was this law student who I was talking to for 5 months who attends law school a few miles from my college. We didn’t talk for a while so I reached out and he said he was still interested

Since then, we haven’t talked and we matched again on jswipe almost 2 weeks ago. He still checks my snap stories and I texted him once or twice within the past month and he never replied

I don’t know what to do. I keep crying. I miss him and its different with him…I haven’t cried from not talking to any of the other jswipe guys, only with him. I want to reach out so badly but I wouldn’t know what to say, don’t want to be up his ass/annoy him, and im not sure if he wants anything at all anymore.

Does anyone have an answer? Should I really just try and let go? Or should I message him on jswipe since he was active 3 mins ago?

anonymous asked:

Caitlyn Jenner or Laverne Cox: Who would you date? You can only pick between the two. You cannot refuse one or the other.

What is this, a drinking game that I didn’t know I was signing up for?

But if you want me to entertain this answer, Laverne Cox. Now, if you have said “Laverne Cox or Dascha Polanco”… then you would have a longer discussion, as I weigh the pros and cons. And then there’s the matter of me being polyamorous, and I’m gonna ask “Why do I HAVE to choose?!” 

Oh… that’s why you asked me to pick only one… smart… Laverne. Still her. 


Yuusuke and Massa trying to show off to each other. But end up with Massa who want to try to spin the gun.

Massa : Do you spin your spear?

Yuusuke : Do you spin your gun?

Massa : That spinning gun is cool, right.

Massa : *Massa trying to copy Yuusuke* Do you spin your gun?

Yuusuke : You can’t do it, can you? *laughing*

Massa : *leave*

Yuusuke : *still laughing*

Thanks to masayume85 for providing the video ^^

Newest in my line of “if I could vid” thoughts:

Multi-Holmesian fanvid set to Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to New York,” in which New York is represented by Elementary. The verses would be a look at adaptations that came before. “Everybody here wanted something more/searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before” is a variety of Watsons, all white dudes with moustaches, and then as we hit the chorus of “Welcome to New York” it cuts to Joan motherfucking Watson in all of her resplendent glory. The second part of the chorus (“it’s a new soundtrack/I could dance to this beat”) can be more focused on general Elementary things.

Then we have the second verse: “When we first dropped our bags on apartment floors/Took our broken hearts, put them in a drawer/Everybody here was someone else before/and you can want who you want/boys and boys and girls and girls” which can be a lead up to Holmes stuff– first line is roommate stuff maybe, second line… okay, I’m totally seeing the Granada part where Holmes slides his hypodermic into the drawer while Watson looks displeased, tbh. And then you hit “everybody here was someone else before” which is just the perfect time to go cascading back through Holmes’ over the years, and with “you can want who you want/boys and boys and girls and girls” you can look at various H/W match ups, including a bunch of the non-white dude matches. And then you hit the “Welcome to New York” chorus again, and this time that first part focuses on Elementary’s Holmes.

Again, the “it’s a new soundtrack” section would broaden out to more general stuff. I don’t know what to do with the bridge yet, but it might be case-centric? (“Like any great love, it keeps you guessing/like any real love, it’s ever changing/like any true love, it drives you crazy/but you know you wouldn’t change anything, anything”)

And for the final “Welcome to New York” choruses we focus on Bell and Gregson and Alfredo and Ms Hudson– it could just look at those characters, and other secondary characters, or it could specifically focus on canon characters and how they transition amd change in Elementary canon (Lestrade, Gregson, Mycroft, Ms Hudson all apply here) by putting them against footage of their counterparts from other adaptations. Not in a hateful way, but in a joyful way, looking at how we get all these shiny toys.

This post brought to you by sleep deprivation and the fact that I listen to loud pop music during my commute to work every day. Also the fact that pan-Holmes fandom needs more vids set to stupid happy pop songs.

Also I’m getting a little low on prompts. I write for a ton of different ships, lots of kinks and preferences. My navigation page can help give you an idea and I have useful links on my FAQ.

Edit: You all have to let me know what you want. Preferences…kinks….etc. I prefer to have something to work with instead of playing a guessing game. I can write faster that way.
Quick announcement

Hi all,
I would just like to let you know that there is a reason why I’m a lil slow on requests. At the moment I am right smack bang in the middle of my A Level exams (which in England is essentially the last hoorah of formal education). So I’ve been trying to be a good student and do all of that revising nonsense, meaning I haven’t had as much time as I would like on here, playing guitar, and other stuff I actually want to do.
However, I will still post your requests! Just be patient.
After my exams and stuff (which will be roughly in another 4 weeks) I will be doing a whole lot more on this blog, believe me!

I had a great talk with my mom today when we were alone. I told her about Caitlyn Jenner and, for the fun of it, asked my mom if she’d still accept me if I felt that I was a man with the body of a woman, and that I wanted to make every effort to become a man physically as well.

She said the most amazing thing: “I won’t lie to you: it would be hard to accept it at the beginning, but I’d get used to it. I may be old school, but I’m always fine with what you do, as long as you don’t do evil things and hurt others with them, which includes cheating, lies. You’re my daughter. Parents who don’t even try to accept their children shouldn’t be parents. You know, the easiest part of parenting is changing diapers and staying up all night, and then later helping your kids with school and so on. The hard part is standing by your kids’ side and be there for them whenever they need you. I don’t mean when your kid spills juice and you need to help them change. I mean when your kid is down, emotionally devastated, and their heart is bleeding, so you bleed with them and help them up. And actually, even that’s not hard with some faith.”

I’m just…wow. I had to share this, it’s so great.

P.S. I had a similar talk with my dad a while ago and he said similar things. So, my folks are kinda cool. :)