Chapter 30


I looked at Promise while she paced back and forth in the bedroom like she lost her damn mind. She’s been ranting and raving since I got back to the salon. Speaking of that I wanted to punch the fuck out of Macai for not warning me about what the fuck I was walking into. I got back to the shop after dropping Patience off just to find out pure hell went on while I was gone.

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" 崩れる (vb.) :  to collapse (col·lapse ) : to break down into an abyss of infinite feelings , such as pure hate .”

- an amalgam of fears and tough words- 

YAAAAAS ! I am finally posting this! I hope you like how I see Dei’s papa , I am still deciding on a name ,but I shall see ..

Anyway , tumblr doesn’t allow me to post them all at once , i still have a couple of pages to post . I REALLY WORKED HARD ON THIS , I STAYED UP 5 NIGHTS TO EDIT AND TO WORK ON THE DETAILS and still i feel like some pages need more fixing , i was just very tired holy shit 

I like it , i really do. Also, those are drawn on paper, edited in photoshop . I can’t find my tablet so i had to do the editing BY HAND. YAS BITCH, BY HAND.

IT TOOK FOREVER BUT IT’S WORTH ITTTT , hope you’ll like it i hope i hope i hopeee

I’m not sure what’s more embarrassing, when one denies evolution, or assuming one understands evolution by making bat shit crazy statements like, “if we evolved from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys around”. First of all, people need to do a little bit of research on evolution before talking about it. This is not debatable question, it’s called the theory of evolution, the same way it’s called the theory of gravity. Do people still deny gravity as well? Evolution is not just some random idea someone decided to come up with. No matter how much it contradicts your personal beliefs, it’s empirically proven with actual facts.

Okay. So as much as I really don’t want to, starting tomorrow I will have to limit my time on here to maybe just an hour. If that. I am falling behind on my homework; which needs to be done in order to have this class count as college credit, but that’s not the important part. The important part is that I will still be here so this isn’t a full blown hiatus, it’s a semi-hiatus.
I promise to be back eventually, I really do, but right now; my homework is more important since I have:

  • Research proposal
  • Annotated bibliography
  • Mid-term art project
  • Sketchbook assignment(s)
  • Research paper
  • Journal-ing
  • Therapy to try and find the money for
  • Prom to get ready for
  • Graduation to prepare for
  • Graduation party to plan
  • And even just time for myself where I can not feel like total shit.
So overall, I need more time that I can’t find. I do promise to be back; I’m not gonna disappear entirely. I will be back.

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hiii! are you still taking prompts? can you write about connor's reaction to oliver's HIV revelation and more importantly, how he got defensive when the others (wes and co, maybe?) find out about oliver? thaaaaanks, i kinda need a cure post finale <3

Yes! I’m always taking prompts love. 

"I tested positive."

Connor’s mouth fell open, he felt like al the breath in his lungs had been punched out of him. After all the shit that had gone down with Rebecca, he didn’t know how to deal with this. He was frozen to the spot on the bed, his mind running wild with the possibilities. Then he heard Oliver sniffle, and he snapped back to his senses. He needed to react, he needed to make sure Oliver was okay. “Hey. Shh.” He scooted forward on the bed, coming up to Oliver and wrapping his arms around his torso, ignoring Oliver’s protests as he pulled him close. 

"I understand if you don’t want to be with me anymore." Oliver said, unable to help himself as he grabbed the front of Connor’s shirt holding him close even though everything in him told him to push him away. Connor loves sex. With Oliver the way he was, they wouldn’t be able to do it as frequently as Connor wanted to. Oliver would understand. 

Connor frowned, pulling back a little and looking down at Oliver, “Who said anything about me not wanting to be with you?” He said brushing Oliver’s hair back over his head and kissing his forehead. “We will get through this. Together. Doctor’s appointments, diet change, pills, anything you need I’ll be right there with you.”

"But… But I won’t be able to have sex with you." Oliver protested weakly, "You love sex. You should be with someone who you can have sex with and not have to worry about catching anything."

Connor did love sex. “I love you more.” He said, pulling Oliver to his chest and resting his cheek in Oliver’s hair, “We can be careful. Use a condom. I don’t care about the sex part, as long as you’re okay.” 

Oliver shuddered in Connor’s arms and held him tighter, “I love you too.” He said, gently tugging them down against the mattress and curling up in Connor’s arms. He was usually the big spoon, but tonight he just needed to be held.

"So, it turns out you’re not that contagious." Connor said the next morning, reading over the pamphlet and doctor’s notes that Oliver had gotten. "This number’s low, and that means the likelihood of you passing it on is really low. And look." Connor turned around in bed and pointed to the paper so Oliver could see, "You caught it early. It’s barely had time to develop. As long as you take the daily pills your doctor gives you, and eat healthy, you’ll be fine. It won’t go away, but it will put a lid on it. It won’t get worse." Connor smiled down at Oliver, leaning in and kissing his lips softly, "You’ll be okay."

Oliver took a deep breath and pulled Connor down to him, hugging him tightly and kissing his cheek, “Thank you for being here.” He said softly, “I don’t… I don’t what I’d do if you weren’t here.”

The thoughts of Sam’s murder popped up, but Connor pushed them away and covered his boyfriend in a full body hug, “I love you. I won’t leave you. I promise. I’ll even sacrifice myself and eat only salads with you.” He tried to joke, hoping to hear Oliver laugh, and he was rewarded by a little chuckle.

"My hero." Oliver said, rolling his eyes and pulling Connor down to kiss him. They could get through this. With Connor still here, Oliver would be alright.

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after reading chapter 18 of tbs sebastian left a bitter taste in my mouth, like he treats ciel like shit and still has the gall to talk shit to alois. he specifically said to ciel that they werent dating so ciel couldnt say he was cheating, but he still was a douchebag to our blonde-haired baby. ciel pissed me off a bit too, blaming it all on alois after he kissed him first, i feel so bad for alois like seriously he needs more love and sebastian needs to grow a pair and stop being so possessive

…i read this ask when i got up today and i thought about it while i was at the park for two hours walking through rain and hail. i was so upset haha i was like what the what huh why whyyyyyyy would this person think this. so many questions. just… ???? ?? ???????????????????

are you reading the same fic??

sebastian treats ciel LIKE SHIT? im sorry, i dont know if youre fucking around or what haha but sebastian only does EVERYTHING for ciel. he’s the one in love, ciel isn’t even in love yet. ciel DID refuse him at the convention, or did you not recall. go back and reread, i’m like…i dont know, this is borderline funny to me just how stupid this ask is. all sebastian was doing was saying you refuse to go out with me, we’re not going out, therefore i can’t cheat on you. all facts? also - sebastian didnt TOUCH those guys. they’re friends and colleagues. 

alois. kissed. ciel. first. 

your eyes are fucking fogged with alois-love, seriously. go back and reread this shit i cant emphasize that enough. also, alois was a piece of shit in this chapter. all sebastian wants is for ciel to be safe, he takes him home, knocks on the door. alois answers, but what does he do? HE DOESNT EVEN ASK IF CIEL IS OKAY. alois seriously doesnt even LOOK at ciel because he’s too busy checking sebastian out! and he asks SEBASTIAN what happened to his face, while ciel is there a drunk noodle in the guy’s arms. 

alois slaps ciel in the face numerous times like a chump. sebastian isnt having that. sebastian doesnt lay a finger on alois but he tells him hey man cut it out he’s drunk he doesn’t need to be fucking slapped around. to which alois answers GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. alois starts everything, alois says are you done feeding him your bullshit to which sebastian IGNORES AND DOESNT REPLY TO. 

dude dude dude alright alright okay okay alright okay. youre pissing me off as i type this haha im so fucking befuddled and shit. no but okay anyway alright, you do whatever you want, im going to kill alois off now thank you now bye.

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Hey, Han.. my boyfriend just cheated on me with some other girl and he swore he won't ever do it again. I keep getting the feeling he's lying to me behind my back. I have been with him for 7 years; lately i'm just feeling so mad and sad. My friends are telling me he's still cheating on me, but I have found no proof that he is and I just don't know what to do..

NEVER TRUST THE WORDS OF A MAN WHO CHEATED ON YOU. Men are sick scums. No matter how long you’ve been with him, you need to be free from his grasp. Once a liar, always a liar. I’ve never thought that quote could be oh so true but it is. I’ve experienced that shit so many times because of my dumb self.   You have to care about yourself more than anything. You have to love yourself. Letting yourself go through this amount of pain in your heart is unbearable for me because someone out there is being treated so badly because of your bf’s selfish ass decisions. No matter how much you love him, does he love you? If you say yes, then why did he cheat on you?? You deserve better than this. This is just my opinion tho, you do what you think makes you happy the most.


“She loves you, you know,” says Peeta. “She as good as told me after they whipped you.”

“Don’t believe it,”Gale answers. “The way she kissed you in the Quarter Quell…well she never kissed me like that.”


so after all the angst and suffering we went through in S1 and people insisting that RinHaru could never be anything more than a rivalry we got—

  • Haru shyly asking Rin to make rainbows again, then quickly jumping into the water out of embarrassment so it’s Rin smiling and muttering to himself ”…Heh. Okay. I’ll make rainbows for you.
  • having silly contests like ‘who can undress faster’
  • but then there’s Rin purposely wanting to lose a volleyball match to get the punishment of trying to make Haru laugh because Haru’s laughter equals winning
  • Haru nudging Rin to speak up more and be louder
  • Rin nagging Haru about a childhood promise where the one who’d grown taller was supposed to carry the other bridal style a 100m and Haru’s only request to that being that they wear their swimsuits only as Rin carries Haru
  • Rin initiating the tickle attack on Haru to hear him laugh
  • Haru asking Rin if he’d rather they share a bed like they used to as children when he stays overnight
  • Haru letting Rin wear one of his most favorite shirts which always makes him sleep peacefully and even coming around to offer Rin to scan through his ‘water porn’ after putting up such a struggle
  • reading each other’s essays out loud to embarrass the other which ends with Rin tackling Haru to make him stop while he stubbornly continues to read Rin’s ”My Shining” that is about Haru
  • both Haru and Rin being childish and teasing and embarrassed and openly happy and just so expressive in each other’s presence
  • also Haru warily asking Rin if he’ll leave in the morning and agreeing to accompany him on his jog because he wants to spend more time with Rin
  • Haru watching Rin as he’s asleep, smiling fondly and wishing him goodnight
  • when they’re about to leave in the morning, Rin admitting that he kept his dolphin toy after noticing how upset Haru was when he denied it earlier but then of course, quickly dashing off before Haru can respond
  • Haru reacting astonished for a moment before he softly laughs to himself ( and damn you can hear the happiness in his little smiles and laughs) and moves to catch up with Rin

yep, definitely unhealthy, the amount of happiness they experience through each other is freakin lethal man

‘here enjoy i’ve sold my soul to this au etc. etc. ’ x 

grantaire and his dopey dragon with bonus!teeny dragonrider gavroche brought to you by notorious dragon nerd sas batcii