So obviously Peggy got married and had children, but if you’ll notice in Winter Soldier, we only see pictures of her and her kids next to her bed. There is no picture of her husband. For some reason, this sparked an idea. I came up with a headcanon/story for this at like 3 am one night when I couldn’t sleep. (Sorry, this will probably be long.)

Peggy and Angie get together at some point and fall madly in love, but Angie finally gets her big break on Broadway and Peggy is very busy with work. So they start to drift apart, and eventually (even though they don’t want to), they break up. Sousa is still crushing on Peggy, so he pressures her to go on a date with him. She reluctantly agrees, but they have a good time, and they eventually get married. They have three children. Peggy starts to resent Sousa because she feels like he pushed her into married life and away from her job. They have all sorts of problems, and their marriage is going down the drain. Then Peggy runs into Angie for the first time in years. Instantly, all their feelings for each other come rushing back, and they decide to go out for coffee. They talk for hours to catch up, and Peggy tells her she’s not happy in her marriage. Angie urges her to leave because she hates to see her so miserable. Peggy decides that Angie is right and divorces Sousa. Peggy and Angie finally get together again, but Peggy’s children resent Angie because they think she tore their parents’ marriage apart. They are also mad at Peggy because not only are they bitter about the divorce, but they are not supportive of same-sex relationships. When they are old enough to move out, they tell Peggy they don’t want to see her or talk to her again. Peggy tries to keep tabs on them as much as possible and make sure they are okay, but she gives them her space. She can’t give up on Angie. She’s already lost Steve. She won’t lose Angie, too. So they spend the rest of their lives together. Angie passes away a few years before we see Peggy again in Winter Soldier. Obviously, Peggy gets Alzheimer’s. Her children come back and decide to put her in a home. She wants to bring pictures of the kids and pictures of Angie to put by her bed. The kids refuse to put pictures of Angie in her room, but put the others in there. On her deathbed, she apologizes to her children for not being a better mother. They tell her not to apologize. THEY are sorry for for not respecting her relationship with Angie. And then one of her children pulls out a picture of Angie and places it next to Peggy’s bed. Peggy then passes away peacefully that night.

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  • 55. FIRSTS… first hookup

Okay I was on a cruise and he was really sweet and super chill. We were both on a Make A Wish and he is 2 years older than me! I still talk to him and he’s still a small crush of mine.

  • 60. RIGHT NOW… drinking

Water, always water.

  • 62. RIGHT NOW… listening to

Island in the Sun -Weezer (you think you have no idea what this is but listen to it and you’ll be like I LOVE THIS SONG)

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I head canon that the reason why Nagisa tells Makoto and Haru that he loves them so easily but not Rei is because Nagisa's love Rei is very different than his love for everybody else in his life. He doesn't want to admit it yet. Hint: He is in love with Rei and everybody but Rei realizes it.

Yeeees same reason he hugs anyone but Rei! They have a ~special~ relationship.

I wonder how Rei would react if Nagisa slipped it, casually, one day. Just an “I love you, Rei-chan!” after he helps him crack a hard pre-calc problem. Even though he hears him say it to Haru and Makoto all the time, he’d probably still blush profusely and stammer. And he’d mentally curse himself for reading into it, blaming it on his irrational crush…

I feel like this is one of those few weeks here I have loads of news to share, which may or may not be accurate considering I rarely have anything new to tell. I was going to make a post about it a couple of days ago, but as most of you know, Teddy has demanded my full attention.

Anyway, I’m really excited to tell that I’ve become a member of Armitagedaily. :) I’m still a bit over the moon, but very happy. :) After all, there is no such thing as too much Richard, and you can’t fight me on that. It’s an established fact. (Dude, even my dad has a bit of a man crush on him.)

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 So remember my crush, who played this horror game with me We’ve been bros since the first semester, especially when I started liking this gay guy ((I know he is gay but he is so cute)) and he started liking the gay guy’s really pretty best friend 

And we used to text and call each other whenever we saw them together bc they’re best friends so they’re always with each other 

And that we’d shift to their course, as a joke, to be with them in classes 

But haha 

Second semester, I now have a crush on him 

The him who still pines for this pretty and really smart girl 

And he still texts and calls me about her 

And I don’t know what to do I keep asking my friends to tell me things about him that’d make me like him less, to search for things I’d hate 

But he is so kind to me 

He is smart and funny I can’t find anything, they can’t find anything

Except for one 

 That he doesn’t like me back

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Ok so im gay and i have a straight friend and he is so cute and so nice and I wanna say I think i love him but i cant because he is straight. I cant just stop tjinking about him i think im in love what do i do??? I have never had a crush on a straight guy like this. Help!!!

It’s OK to like him. Nearly everybody has once liked a heterosexual. I too have liked a heterosexual. You can’t change their sexuality. You can ask them if they’d ever date someone of the opposite gender. Try to remain friends with them. You may not have them as a lover but having them as a friend is still a great experience.

Beyond happy!

I just do asked my dad for a binder. I told him that it’s better than me crushing my ribs or getting a heatstroke from wearing my jacket in the summer. He said yes! I’m going to be getting 2 wash safe binders and I couldn’t be happier! I had to tell him not to tell mom though. They’re splitting up but he’s still getting out of the habit of telling her everything, especially things that I tell him. I can’t blame him though. They have been married for 25 years. The point is that I’ll be getting a binder and a puppy soon. The binder first though. I honestly thought that he was going to say no but he really surprised me.


Keen & Ressler ± Ivan

“Good work” aka “i’m so glad you’re alive wifey”

“Yeah, you too” aka “thanks babe”

problems of a kpop fan

it’s like on one hand

but on the other hand