sooO yep i decided to go ahead and just age up the triplets and send them off to college. more background stuff will come later - not quite sure when or how often, since school starts up again on Monday, but it’ll come.

buuut for now here they are (from left to right): Lennon, Everly, Esme, Elias, Aurora and Toby.

I sprained my wrist 2 weeks ago. And this wouldn’t really be that big of an issue if I wasn’t playing double the amount of volleyball this semester than normal. So I’ve been super bummed that I can’t play yet. 

But good thing: it’s definitely getting better! 

Oh wait, let’s not forget that on monday, I started feeling major improvements in my wrist, all the while my body decided to fail me. 

Dramatic I know, but I have some horrible virus that is causing me to miss work, miss volleyball even more and miss out on the phenomenal weather that MI is finally getting. 

So saying that I’m bummed is an understatement. I’m miserable. And it’s funny because it was one thing after the other. It was my cat, and then it was having to take exams in virtually all of my classes while I was in mourning, and then it was spraining my wrist, and now it’s this dumb virus. And I need to be better over the weekend, because my mom is visiting me from Friday to Saturday and we have lots of fun things planned. This just bites.

I’m posting this not to be a Debby downer, but to let you know that I trust that God has great things planned for me, I’m just going to have to live through this crap for a while. 

Prayers for good health and a happy and successful rest of my Junior year of college would be seriously appreciated.

God bless

A little transformation. Went from 130lbs to 200lbs with Hunter. First photo is the day before I had him, second is right before I started at Alpha, third is when I first started my workouts and the last is last week. I’ve lost 65 lbs and gained an insane amount of energy. Not only have I got close to my pre-pregnancy weight, but I know my goals will be met at this gym. I start my internship on Monday and I can’t wait to help other people achieve their goals. Being an athlete in high school and college and majoring in athletic training my first years, makes me realize that my dream has been the same all along. I strayed away for a while but it’s what I’m meant to do. I never had to lose weight and always gained muscle super easy, but after this experience, I have learned what it feels like to want that change more than anything. And I know how great the results feel. I’m very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and the people I have met since coming back to Chico. It’s not as bad as I thought… ;) #fitmoms #getfit #fitness #transformation #alphastrong #bealphastrong #alphastromggym #weightloss #postpregnancy

I am super happy to announce that my MFA Thesis Show will officially be on view starting Wednesday, April 22nd until May 4th. There will be a handmade artist book accompanying the work and an opening on Thursday, April 23, 5:30 - 8:00pm.

MFA Thesis Show 1

April 22 - May 4, 2015
Opening Reception: Thursday, April 23, 5:30 - 8:00pm

Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Bakalar and Paine Galleries
621 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Gallery Hours: Monday - Saturday, 12:00-6:00 pm, Wednesdays 12:00-8:00 pm

More details about all things involving the show on MassArt’s Facebook and website page here:

If I said to not ask any questions, would someone tell me how to remove finger nail polish? This polish remover is not working and I would rather chop off my fingers than teach a class of college students on Monday with hot pink fingernails.

The Final stretch.

Quite literally, this is the FINAL stretch o the year. This is the last Friday of the year, and Monday….we start finals week. I will, of course,  be freaking out about everything that I need to do and will half ass it all until it is all done, and then go back and make better.

There are only two finals I am worried about: 1 is my literature class, which is a remember and regorge type of test. The other is my Lighting and sound exam, which is actually a project….which I have NO idea what I’m doing. It’s quite a mess for me, and is more than likely the reason you will not find me at any lighting calls unless absolutely necessary.

The project is to make a lighting plot, channel hookup, and blah blah all that stuff that goes into lighting. GUESS WHAT I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO!!!! It’s really difficult, but I’m powering through it, even though I have no idea whats going on. Oh well!
We did do a really cool sound project where we had to mix some sounds and what not, and i recored a poem and added some cool sounds behind it. It was fun and chill, and everyone enjoyed the project.

We are completely done in the costume shop…all things put away, and what not. Man of la Mancha went really well and sold out a few times!

This year was unforgettably stressful. Have a great weekend!

Love Always,


instead of complaining/crying

about being passed up on jobs, i have started making a big deal about the things that *are* bigger than the jobs i’ve been looked over on.

like college night at the getty. i will be showing new prints monday april 27 along with the 4 community colleges in los angeles at the getty. THE STINKING GETTY. i will have work up at the getty and i can add that to my curriculum vitae and pat myself on my back and keep hustling until someone at the whitney and the guggenheim want me.

so instead of crying about things that don’t matter, i am celebrating the things that do.

Cole Imagine

A/N: I apologize to everyone for not being active on the writing scene, but I’m doing the best I can. Thank to the anon that gave me this idea, I thought it was cool because it was about college and I’m in college and ya also I’m sorry it’s mega late. If you have any requests feel free to message me but keep in mind that I have a list of requests so your patience is greatly appreciated. Love you guys to the moon and back ♡ 

“I know this is only our first day of class but be prepared for lab on Wednesday!” your professor shouted while erasing the white board. You pulled out your planner and a gel pen before scribbling ‘Study Chapter 1’ in the column labeled Monday. You started packing up your stuff when the boy next to you started to say something. “Hi so I thought that since we were going to be tablemates, I might as well introduce myself. I’m Cole,” he said as he held his hand out. “I’m Y/N, nice to meet you,” you said, shaking his hand quickly. “Are you in a rush?” he asked. “Yes and no. No because I have nowhere to be but yes because I need to go study this stuff. It’s only been a day and I’m already lost,” you laughed, trying to give the impression that you weren’t panicking on the inside. “Well if it makes you feel better, you won’t be totally on your own in the lab. You get a lab group and he’s good about giving instructions beforehand so you know exactly what to do,” Cole said to you. You both stood up and headed out of the room. “How do you know all of this?” you asked him as you two walked down the hallway. Cole opened the door that led to the staircase and held it as you started to head down. “I had the same professor for microbiology last semester. I liked the way he taught so I decided to take chemistry with him this semester,” he explained. “Oh well I guess it wouldn’t matter who my teacher was, chemistry is not my strong suit. I just need it for my degree,” you told him. You two continued to walk until you stopped in front of the library. “Well I am pretty into science. If you want, I could help you,” he suggested. You watched him as he stretched his arm and scratched the back of his head. It was apparent to you that you were going to struggle with this class and having a friend who could help you wasn’t a bad thing. Plus his good looks were a bonus! “I’d like that, but if we don’t get an A on this lab on Wednesday then I won’t ever talk to you again,” you said with a smile. He laughed and shook his head before gesturing for you to go into the library.

You pulled your goggles down over your eyes and stood in front of the contraption sitting on your lab table. Cole had explained this all to you and you knew exactly how to do it, but that didn’t mean you weren’t a little scared. You looked down at the packet on the table and read the instructions one more time. “If you keep questioning what you’re doing, you’ll do it wrong,” you heard Cole say from across the table. You looked up and saw him standing in front of his own lab station. “You can do this Y/N,” he said with a thumbs up. You took a deep breath and slowly pushed the small lever on the left side to allow for some base to go into your solution. You stopped it, swirled your solution and checked the color. You put it back down, knowing it wasn’t done yet. “Add some acid,” Cole whispered. When you looked at him he was concentrating on his own solution, acting like he didn’t say anything. You slowly added a few drops of acid before swirling your solution again. Cole looked over at you and a large grin grew on his face. “Y/N it’s perfect! You got the balance exactly right!” he said excitedly. Your face lit up and your teacher approached you. “Well done Y/N, it looks like you are a pro at titrations already. Go ahead and clean up your station,” he said as he examined your solution before turning to walk away. “Excuse me! I was just wondering if I could know my grade for this lab,” you said nervously. “You will receive an A on this. Keep up the good work and there will be more where that came from,” he said. As soon as your professor walked away you quickly turned to face Cole. “Cole I did it! We did it! This is so great!” you said happily, jumping up and down. “I would hug you right now except we are in lab and you aren’t supposed to do that! Congratulations Y/N, you did great!” Cole said with a giant smile. “Thank you so much for your help! I couldn’t have done this without you,” you said sincerely. “Does this mean you’ll keep talking to me?” he asked, sticking his tongue out. “Maybe,” you said jokingly. You started cleaning your station and you realized you were excited that Cole was able to help you. He was very nice and definitely attractive. Maybe he’d be good for more than just science you thought.

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the local schools, colleges and the university all have different spring breaks so my boss gets really confused when giving us overtime. everyone else is back to classes starting monday but me and he looked at me today with the beediest eyes ever and was like, "oh well i'll have to give you all the overtime." and was grinning like hell and sat me down and asked me when i wanted to work and it was cute but now i have no social life next week at all lol.

I feel ya, I ended up working 53 hours during my spring break.

That work life. 

I’m 98% sure I failed a literature quiz today like a good English major.  I’m hoping for a D or maybe even a C.  It’s only worth 5%, but still.  I have too many plots running through my head.  Once I got the quiz, I recognized the names but couldn’t think of any pertinent plot points.  I got A’s and B’s on the other ones, so my professor’s going to know something’s up.

okay so after having a day-long pity party from some family members who have seen or heard the things i have been bemoaning for a while now i have decided to pull the brakes on my own bullshit

now, i mean everything i have said. things don’t seem too optimistic most of the time and it can feel like i’m drowning in college crapola. but i know myself enough to know that i will never ask for help. so it’s time to help myself. i have started by deciding not to take any classes this summer.

in a week’s time, i will be home and my summer vacation will officially begin. i have decided that the following monday, may 4th, shall be the day i start my new summer plan. that will give me at least 8 weeks before we leave for my sister’s college tour. what is my plan?

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  • today, i helped a friend get started in ged classes so he can get his ged and start college
  • my mom gave me extra money today so that me and that friend could go out to eat because she’s proud of us
  • i finished glazing several major art things today, including my giant godzilla head, and they’ll be done by monday
  • i almost got stuck in a parking space because of my wonky car but i DIDN’T get stuck and i managed to get out without any help
  • i avoided the temptation to buy things i didn’t need even though i have money
  • i saw a cute bunny in my yard
  • i have a job interview in the morning
  • i’m almost not sick anymore

lolololol my mom tried to tell me everything in my life is going bad because god is trying to teach me something but uh honestly i’m just not feeling the whole “everything in my life is going bad” thing ngl

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15, 29, 62

In the past year have you…

15. Made a new friend

YES! I started college so I made a ton of new friends this year. I’m constantly making new ones.

29. Name something you CANNOT wait for

TOMORROW IS MARATHON MONDAY! So tomorrow is the Boston Marathon and my school is actually the half way point. We are known as the “scream tunnel” because basically the whole school shows up and screams and we can be heard from a mile away. It’s also a tradition to kiss a runner(s), so we all make signs. This is mine this year: 

(hillary also went to Wellesley so it makes it even better)

Right now…

62. Listening to

Lust For Life by Girls. V good band. V good song.