Why We Buy Cards Despite All of This Anxiety:

With all of this considered, why do we buy cards at all?  They’re expensive, impersonal, and generally speaking make us uncomfortable, yet we feel compelled.  One may say that it’s their artistic value that makes us want to keep them around, but why not just write a letter on nice looking paper?  The real reason we buy cards is because they’re clever, but that clever isn’t our’s, its someone else’s.  We’ve outsourced even our most intimate sentiments to those “experts,” the clever writers locked away in some cramped warehouse, who are just “better at explaining than us.”  While this may be true, it doesn’t really change the fact that we’ve removed ourselves from the gift entirely.

Having another man recite a beautiful poem to your lover and then saying “that’s what I would have said if I was clever like him,” doesn’t really seem to cut it.  And neither does giving a card that’s “clever” instead of just giving a letter, even a letter which is written by you.  Yet we, for whatever reason, would rather give someone something impersonal, external, and “objectively” clever, than something personal and kind of stupid.

What’s Better:

Ask yourself, in all seriousness, which is more important and meaningful; a clever remark from a sarcastic dog on a piece of nice card-stock, one of half a million exactly like it, or a half-coherent, misspelled, and almost illegible, letter written by a child with the utmost personal sincerity in marker on construction paper?

for a special boy on a special day. happy 32nd birthday, sam winchester ❤️

Birthdays aren’t really worth acknowledging. Being a Winchester, Sam’s never put too much stock into celebrating. It’s pretty overrated, if he’s being honest. Growing up, they never stayed in one place long enough to lay down roots, so it’s not like he ever really went to class birthday bashes or Christmas parties or saluted the New Year with anything other than Dick Clark’s. He hasn’t had a valentine since the last year his whole third grade class had to participate, and Easter egg hunting was often forfeited in favor of tracking down a black dog or dismantling a nest of ghouls.

It’s not that he minds it, at least not now. When he was a kid, Sam wanted to be able to invite everyone over for punch and cupcakes and lame party games, but these days his birthday isn’t quite as big of a deal. It’s just him and Dean now, and sometimes Cas, and with all that’s been going on the past couple years, any birthday that isn’t spent fighting for his life constitutes as a pretty good one.

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Domestic!Calum: Je t’aime

This is not my picture I found it in an old folder and I do not own it. If it is yours and you would like for it to be taken down just let me know :)
Warning: I’ve not spoken french in a solid three years and I could quite possibly have fucked this up and said some offensive things. Don’t hate me. Here’s Valentines Day Calum
So this isn’t anything new, I’m just posting it (finally) on the domestic blog so yay for that :) 

February 15, 2016

It had been an extremely odd week for you.

Everyone that you normally talked to was being suspicious and quiet, like they all knew something you didn’t. It was like they were walking on eggshells around you and taking extreme measures to avoid you. And it wouldn’t have even bothered you really, because Calum could make it better. But even he was being odd. Normally you woke up before him and made a small breakfast for you both to share before you headed off to work and when you got home dinner was waiting for you. There was even the random call in the middle of the day where he would distract you and make you giggle in your office like a school girl. But those had stopped. Practically all human communication was cut off at this point and you were moments from snapping.

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companionableassolitude asked:

at some point eggsy had enough and thats when the yelling starts. before it had been seeking approval, but now hes pissed. hes so pissed off. hes not really listening to what comes out of his mouth until he hears his own voice say "you just dont want me to be like you, yeah?" and harry, for the first time ever, flinches. harry hadnt flinched while staring down valentine (eggsy knows, remembers every second of that day) and suddenly he gets it. harry doesnt hate him, harry hates himself.

THE SAD LOOK ON HARRYS FACE WHEN EGGSY REALISE… like he’d try to apologise and eggsy would have none of it, bc he did what he wanted to, but they both know that he did all of that bc of harry. and Harry still doesn’t understand why the boy would look up to him instead of his dad, and he likes, cups eggsys face with a frown and looks deep into his eyes and eggsy looks much much older than he was. and he murmurs “I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry, eggsy” over and over again. “what did i do to you, I’m sorry, I’m sorry” and its so quiet and eggsy tries to make him stop and make him understand but he’s kinda pinned in place 

Kpop Bias List
The Challenge: Make a list of your top 10 kpop biases using gifs.

not in order

tagged by bby thuhunhan thanks a lot this hurt

1 lee donghae

2 kim jonghyun

3 luhan god i love his face

4 kim jaejoong really just congrats on your face

5 song mino i hate him

6 jung hoseok actual ray of sunshine

7 kim jiwon

8 mark tuan

9 seungri i really do love this idiot too much oh my god

10 zhang yixing he’s an angel how can you not love him


your name spelled with your favorite songs (+ tag 10 people)
tagged by kawaiisoosquishy thaaank youu <3

V - valentine’s day-linkin park

I - i wanna rock-twisted sister

C - come as you are-nirvana

K -  kashmir-led zeppelin

Y - you’re so dark-arctic monkeys

tagging thuhunhan kawaiisoosquishy boomboompowpew bap-leggo luvcrazyjiyong error-r4v1-not-found kawaii-b2uty skideiu sujumon-secre7s blondragon and basically everyone who wants to do it <3


I am watching Glee, and Puck falls for this fat girl Lauren Zizes and for Valentine’s days he sings her Fat Bottom Girls by Queen…and I hate that song.

Whenever I would go into this one bar that song would always come on and I knew there was this guy that liked me there and so I can only assume he would request it…it would have been a coincidence if it happened two or three times…but I went in there often and EVERY TIME this song came on a short while later.

It really creeped me out…I was also the only fat girl there most of the time, so it is safe to assume it was directed at me.

Anyway, Lauren Zizes said that song sang to her made her feel like crap, and that made me really happy. Not that her character feels like crap but that I am not alone in disliking that song when directed at me.

anonymous asked:

ok i can really understand BOTH sides of this ace day conflict, but i also think it'd be cool to have it opposite of valentines day? or maybe that should be aro day... i just hate conflict :/

I think one of the suggested dates on the Aro Day poll is the opposite of Valentine’s. 

It’s OK. We’re only about a week out from the date, then it’ll be done and we can move on. 

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How long hVe you and you girl been together for x

We met in January. I didn’t ask her to officially be my girlfriend till the day she flew here which was February 15. She did that cause I hate valentines day cause my grandpa died on that day. I was gonna wait to do it but I met her and I just fucking needed to make her mine. But we have been each other’s since we met emotionally. We haven’t gone a day without talking since we met. I’m lucky as hell. It’s funny cause my siblings have this weird thing about getting married really quick and it working out perfectly. My brother got married at 4 months and they’ve been together 10 years and my sis got engaged at 6 months. We will have been talking 6 months when she moves in. Dating for four. Like I’ve loved others before. And talked about the future with others too. But with her it’s not even a “maybe”. Everything is factual. When we get our apartment we WILL. When we get our first house we need to, over Christmas we are flying back to Virginia, it’s not a maybe of if. We just.. Are. Being with her is like when you were little and you took your comforter out of the dryer and wrapped yourself up in a little burrito and nothing in the world makes you feel that content? That’s like being with her. She wraps me up in all her love and the sheets never get cold

why are some people SO against prom and Valentine’s day?

I really hate when people think it’s cool not to care about things

it’s not. 

I have multiple friends who are like this and it’s sorta exhausting bc I feel like I can’t do stupid fun shit without them bitching about how lame it is and it’s like damn can I live

I got tagged by @maggiemcdonaldmua to do the 20 facts tag

1. I only have sisters (two younger and one older half sister)
2. I was born and raised in Oregon
3. I have three Instagrams I update regularly, this one @rebeccashoresmua for beauty, @wonderingincolor for creative/lifestyle and @rkshores for personal, it’s kind of a pain, but then I don’t feel like people are getting content they don’t want
4. I hate painting my nails
5. I studied fine arts and Spanish in college
6. I live in Seattle & I never want to leave
7. I love coffee, probably too much
8. I also really enjoy tea
9. I try and spend an hour drawing in my sketchbook everyday
10. I prefer having my days planned out
11. I married my highschool sweetheart and first boyfriend
12. I wear the necklace Jeff got me on our first Valentines day everyday (so for over seven years)
13. I really want a dog
14. I enjoy cooking and I love trying out new recipes or making ones up
15. I enjoy learning new skills and I would go back to school if I could
16. Painting and drawing brings me so much joy, I still aspire to be a full time artist at some point in my life
17. I want to have two kids
18. My best friend @frankiedoeslife and I have been friends since we were ten years old
19. I have really been enjoying calligraphy lately
20. I prefer making tutorials over all other types of blog posts/videos

mermaid--skeleton asked:

To your anon.. (Please post?) This passed year we celebrated our one year. He really lead me on to it being special but I received nothing after buying him gifts. At the end of the night I made a pretty huge deal about that but he explained he never knew how much it meant to me and he was saving the big gifts for valentines day. Which he was! He said from that point on we would celebrate our anniversary as a priority. I hate saying it like this but maybe you should make it WELL known that


It feels like this entire semester you were always too tired or you didn’t feel like spending money so we just kind of slept together and ate cheap dinner when it was convenient.
I know it’s good to make new friends but you’ve easily spent over $40 tonight with people you hardly know and you even made time to be with them. You’ve cancelled so many dates with me after planning in advance too…
You even kept saying you’d get me a gift for once after all of the things I bought for you over the course of like two years and you never gave me anything. You missed Christmas and my birthday because you “forgot” and Valentine’s Day when we said we would buy things for each other.
I should be happy that you’re making friends but quite frankly I’m really jealous that you’re willing to do all of things and spend all this money (because you fucking hate spending money) with them when you’ve never done any of that with me. All of the expensive dates were paid with my money. It doesn’t feel fair that lately you’ve been letting all of your stress out around me while you go have fun with other people.