Louie never learned English, but she was fluent in phone. 

Cutting my losses with Reign and giving up all hope of ever watching it again. I’m throwing in the towel. I’m out.

I may still reblog Mabastian or Reign when it pops up on my dash, but I won’t be searching the tag anymore. I’m just so done with it.

Message me when Conde’s dead/beheaded (preferably) or just gone for good and I’ll consider looking at the tag again.

RIP Reign.

Today the world lost one heck of a little bird

Today I said goodbye to my best friend for the last 7 years. Louie was my first parrot, just a little budgie, a little “parakeet”, but if you met her, you learned that “parakeet” just meant she was small in stature. She was with me through all of the most difficult events of my life thus far. She was the only genuine supporter of my Michael Jackson phase. She’d sit with me for countless hours on tumblr, hence why my original URL was bloggingwithabudgie. She was my first pet that was actually mine and larger than a fish. It took me a year to convince my family that it was a good idea. And that little bird is the only regret that I have from doing the Disney College Program, because I missed out on spending that time with her. I love you, Louie. 

Happy me back home in Warsaw. I miss home, my fiance, my Louie and my #fiat500 Countdown begins now: #30 days left 👊 (på/i Copenhagen, Denmark)