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Uhm agreed! Although I still love Lowell and whatever Ravi has going on but I am so about their lovely cuteness yes! I need more izombie people in my life! <3

i’m so for platonic ravioli rn because they’re just alejrao I LOVE THEM SFM and like if they never do anything romantic with them i’ll be 3000% ok because their friendship is perfect and goals but i would still enjoy romantic ravioli ofc

i have a few izombie people in my ranks (like wittching and lordmxrphy) and i know there’s more bc of all the stuff on my dash but those two are my izombie trash buds :)

Update: I will be posting a lot tomorrow of Colin and Rachel MacKenzie. I love them sfm!!

There will be some NSFW posts and a surprise guest from the Bachelor Challenge. I was going to try and post today and tonight but Outlander is going to kill me. I won’t spoil it for non-book reading fans of the show so I won’t say anymore. Just know that I have my Kleenex and Dewars Highlander Honey Scotch whiskey ready for tonight. 

I get sad when bangtan don’t win when they’ve worked so hard, but seeing them happy getting 2nd place really warms my heart

i love them sfm

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you have no idea how happy your love for tony and roxie makes me Jess, my fav B&B undercover personas ♥♥♥ (kinda obvs from my url ahahah :PP)

They are my loves ♥♥♥ I always wanted a Tony and Roxie url but could never bring myself to change my current one. I love your url! I can’t explain my love for them. It’s been my favourite episode since I watched it 5 years ago, and nothing can top it for me tbh I just love them sfm