I’m currently reading Avengers/Invaders, circa 2008, where the Invaders are accidentally transported from the midst of WWII to Manhattan in 2008 in the middle of the Civil War. Invaders!Bucky manages to come face to face with Bucky!Cap……..and I may have flipped out, too full of emotions to function properly.

Which is when I finally knew exactly what I should commission the fantastic kelslk to draw. Look at this brilliance; it’s absolute perfection. She is phenomenal and I’m utterly in love with this.

a little too fast: a wally & linda mix
songs for when it’s complicated because you’re way too into a younger guy who’s also your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend’s cousin… and the (second) fastest man alive.


i. classic - MKTO // ii. sweet piece of candy - someone’s little sister // iii. can we dance - the vamps // iv. froot - marina and the diamonds // v. my racing thoughts - jack’s mannequin // vi. fast as you can - fiona apple // vii. girls chase boys - ingrid michaelson // viii. drove me wild - tegan and sara // ix. did it again (feat. kid cudi) - shakira // x. all the pretty girls - fun. // xi. nuclear seasons - charli xcx // xii. if i go - ella eyre // xiii. adios - serayah mcneill // xiv. be good - emily kinney

I seem to go on a lot of weather rants.

Ugh, I’m awful. It makes me feel really unjustifiably bitter whenever I hear people talking about how beautiful or blue or bright or sunny the weather in Seoul supposedly is. The lack of actual blue sky here is one of two things that I will never ever ever ever be able to accept or adjust to here. (People pushing/touching me is the other thing.) Do other people just not see the constant haze and layer of smog?! I want to know the secret. How does this not bother other people?! Ugh. I just miss blue skies and bright sun so very very much. That was one of the nicest things about being home in Kansas recently. Even though it was the middle of winter and it had decided to be really fucking cold for the days I was there, the sun was still shining beautifully in a way that it just rarely (if ever) does in Seoul. (This does seem to be a Seoul-specific issue, because I remember far more blue skies when I lived in Gwangju.) To be fair, the weather has been acceptably warm for this time of year, at least, despite the haze. Also, my mood has always been very weather dependent and I hope to live somewhere where the skies are almost constantly clear someday, like the desert. In addition to not being able to live somewhere really smoggy, I could also never live somewhere it rains a lot, like the Pacific-Northwest. I would literally die of misery.

Today was also not a fantastic day, so I’m feeling both justifiably and unjustifiably bitter about a lot of things right now. That’s probably part of it.


Haru craving to touch Rin’s face from the start


you boys♡ (≧∇≦)


It can’t protect, it only destroys.


jiyong and his precious laugh (●´□`)♡


The song is an old Irish lullaby called ‘I see the moon’ and can be found here :)


gif request meme : souffleauxpommes asked:
              game of thrones + favorite familial relationship
"Nothing will happen to you. Nothing. I could not stand it. They took Ned, and your sweet brothers. Sansa is married, Arya is lost, my father’s dead … if anything befell you, I would go mad, Robb. You are all I have left. You are all the north has left.”

but see, there is strength in being gentle. when you are humble and patient and filled with love, the world gives back to you. i know there are those who would use my kindness as an excuse to be cruel. i know that there are situations where teeth and fists and fire are the only solutions. but so much in this world opens up when you take a moment to ask even the grass what it feels like to be in such a large family. i will take those who walk on me. there are hundreds of others who grow alongside me. there is much to learn from the shy softness that those who are all bitterness will never get to see.


…and that’s the story of how the Princess fell in love with the Pirate. (x)

I am so ridiculously into you. I don’t even know how to describe this feeling. It’s like… it’s like a train speeding through the wilderness in the dead of night, wild and free and dangerous - no, it’s like a hot cup of tea and a blanket after walking through a snow storm - no, it’s like the stillness of a sunrise or that quiet dusky hour before dark - no, more like a lone walk on the beach when the waves crash into the shore and you can feel everything at once. It’s like a flash of lightning right outside my window, how time stands still, how everything is illuminated. There’s magic in that, and fear, and beauty too. Yes, you make me feel things I don’t even have a name for.
—  I’m a writer but I’m speechless