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Yeah, Type Tridoron’s helmet looks a whole lot better in the picture where Mr. Belt’s face was on it. But hey, there’s been worse final forms. *shakes while thinking of Wizard Infinity Dragon Gold and Decade/Diend Complete*

maybe it’s only bc I haven’t watched these shows but I don’t think those are too bad

I mean, it’s clunky as hell, but I can deal with it

these are just… I can’t hate them bc I love that toei had the audacity to invent these forms and force their viewers to look at them

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I feel like they’re punishing us for everything bad we ever said about type formula.

a deliberate act of revenge

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Apparently "White Beauty Standards" means white people don't get a place in an "I am beautiful" post. I just, fuck, I keep crying, fuck that OP, as if I've never been made to feel like shit for the shape of my face or my body or even my skin, White as it is.

I hate who the whole body positivity movement has turned into “Shame all body types that are “ideal” instead of “everyone’s cool”. 

-the Polish one

so i haven’t been drawing due to being sick and also not knowing what to draw

so instead i guess i’m going to tackle the project of modelling all my DA OC’s?? i need to practice face/body types as well as skin and hair painting SO a little self-indulgence can only help that i guess? so here’s atheris. in progress. very in progress.

obvs very quick mudbox sculpt detail, i’ll probably have to bring her in zbrush to do her hair buah

i hate myself rant

1) My recent Gru.via post about chapter 435 has a giant grammar type where Juvia says, “Juvia is happy is happy now”…HOW COULD THAT HAPPEN! I read and re-read and proof-read. And I still get a giant typo! This is why my sister should NOT fall asleep on me. Just before this post, I was walking in circles and bumping into everything as I cover my face in shame.

2) There’s a Juvia-hater out there who is replying mean things to mine and other Gru.via posts…I wanna call them out so badly but my sister won’t let me since it’ll cause drama when they didn’t actually do anything mean to me…I still hate them…if you hate Juvia then you almost hate me…at least that’s what I think.

3) I’m losing Gru.via fans to Na.via and Ga.juvi… I like them as BROTPs but never as an OTP.

4) I realize this doesn’t actually have to do with me but whatever. I’m still sad.

5) I can’t beat my sister in SSB when she plays Zero Suit Samus…WHY? I can beat all the other characters she plays but not when she’s Zero Suit Samus. The only battle that actually counts! And then she calls my characters over-powered (LittleMac, Ike, and Shulk). I only agree about Little Mac because that’s just a fact. Damn that game that I have been playing everyday for at least an hour since summer break has started.


First of all, she’s not my actual aunt. Just a dear friend of my mom who actually REALLY isn’t much older than I.

Second of all, she refuses to understand jack shit about LGBQTIA+ issues.

Third of all, she uses my christian name when the name I have published is “Chazi”, and is the name I generally prefer to go by.

Fourth of all–I had NO fucking idea that anyone would equate a woman getting a “boob job” to the type of dysphoria that causes you to bind every fucking day and hate hate hate what you see in the mirror because it is not you.

This is still my fundraiser.  This makes me “selfish” and makes me “spit in Heavenly Father’s face” (you know, because I don’t have a very deep relationship with the God whom I honour and love). This is what has inspired her to tell me that I need to “look beyond myself’ and apparently fucking solve world hunger.

I’m really upset by this.  I’m too ill and tired to be angry–I am so tired and I am hurting and grieving and want to cry.

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"Come find me pls? Im in a ditch." Levi squinted at the message, running a weary hand down his face and glancing at the time. It was 4.05am. He hated to say it, but it wasn't even the first time this had happened. He didn't even bother with scolding Eren now; he needed to find the boy before he passed out. "That doesn't help me much." He typed, laying back and waiting for a response. It didn't take long. He was almost out of bed before he checked the reply. "I'm right under the moon!" Oh man...

It was a long conversation going back and forth trying to understand exactly where Eren was and his level of drunkeness didn’t help one bit.

In the end Eren described something that Levi recognized because the idiot was literally lying down in their backyard, looking between his phone and the moon every few seconds and giggle sobbing.

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What makes me mad is that so much of the hate Felicity is getting is from women. Like out your shipper preference aside and realize how problematic it is that once a female character on this show (ie. Thea, Laurel...) shows emotion, suddenly she is "whiny, selfish, and boring". These "fans" are basically saying that once a woman shows emotion, her value is suddenly less. So instead of spreading hate, freaking realize the bigger problem here. Goodness.

THIS. the problem here is not Felicity. it’s the mindset of the viewers. i want to sit down and talk with each one of them face to face and help them understand the real reasoning behind their “hatred”. 

although i’ll admit, i probably wouldn’t feel as strongly as i do if tumblr hadn’t had such a strong influence on how i view women and sexism in the media. i sometimes wish people were forced to take classes on it in high school as part of an FLE/health class type thing.

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do you think Selina and Talia would ever get along? I always thought it would be cool if we see them having some type of relationship between them. Sometimes I hate how they try to make them "fight" over Bruce like in Hush when Talia basically throws it in Selina's face that Selina hasn't "made love with Bruce yet" ( I hope you know the scene I am talking about).

Sure, I know the scene. ;)

Hmmm, difficult to say. There was a comic book in which they (and Bruce) had to work together but a certain tension between them never left. They don’t have a lot in common… I mean yeah, they’re both strong in their own way, kick ass, can have a fierce temper, and work to achieve first and foremost their own goals.

But in the end, even without Batman in the picture, I’d say they’re too different to really get along. Talia is very melodramatic, serious, so full of herself, and often blinded and/or manipulated by her devotion to Ra’s. Selina is much more rational and more down to earth, she has a more light-hearted, humorous side, and doesn’t take any bullshit. I doubt she could take Talia’s mannerism seriously, maybe even pity her a bit for letting a man dictate her life that much, nor would she tolerate the al Ghuls’ continuous plans to kill 2/3 of humanity.

Also - taking Grant *cuckoo* Morrison into account - Selina would never want to befriend the woman who raped the man she loves.

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hey, i got into an argument on facebook today and thought about you. just wanted to say that I really admire how you can keep it together and articulate your points so beautifully in the face of some truly vile bullshit sometimes. I tend to get really stressed out and upset and type barely coherent arguments sometimes (such as today haha), but you're really inspirational to me to try and do better. Hope your day is going good!

OMG, you over-estimate me! I completely avoid facebook partially because I could never handle all the BS on there. If you could see me physically in the moment of dealing with hate…you’d would see sometimes I can’t emotionally/psychologically handle it and how easily I lose my cool. Being able to take time away and type out my thoughts is much easier than handling it IRL. I have developed some coping mechanisms for handling hate online, but most of them involve avoidance (of my activity, blocking people, keeping anons off, etc), and it upsets me a lot sometimes when I’m exposed to it.

There’s nothing wrong with having difficulty communicating at times (or even all the time). A lot of people have that experience when they get upset–and different people have different abilities and methods when it comes to communication. But I do understand it’s frustrating when you can’t articulate what you want to say. That said, even when you have the best arguments and phrasing, really stubborn, ignorant people will STILL not listen and talk over you. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in debates with people on here where my arguments completely decimated theirs but the person still wouldn’t acknowledge they were wrong. Sometimes you just have to walk away from toxic people.

Anyway! Thank you for this nice ask! I hope your day went well too :>

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I know this sounds really lame but I really really hate myself because of the fact I don't have a thigh gap. I am a generally skinny girl and I don't have a super flat stomach and I definitely don't have a thigh gap and it makes me feel so fat. I think it's because these days the image of beauty is super toned models with thigh gaps and it's making me hate myself and I constantly compare myself to everyone else who has a thigh gap and I don't know how to get out of this headspace :(

DEFY CONFORMITY THEN, DON’T FOLLOW MAINSTREAM AND BE BE-YOU-TIFUL. There is no perfect, there is no ideal body type, face or anything. In our society we follow the mainstream in justifying a perfect characteristic for certain ideals - the perfect figure, the perfect weight, the perfect skin, the perfect … But the fact is, there is no realistic perfect. We were born individual and therefore can not all be the same, cannot all have the same characteristics and not one of our features can be defined as ‘perfect’ for everyone. It is for this reason that we need to stop giving into this mainstream, stop falling into the habit of wanting something someone else has and start loving what we’ve got. Don’t let your relationship be crushed by following the mainstream, by giving in to the unrealistic ideals we set. I think it is about time we all started celebrating what we’ve got and stop hoping for things that we haven’t and in most cases can’t have. Stop wasting our time worrying and caring about the physical imperfections that make us who we are. It is about time we start using that time to focus on real issues in the world - the environment, poverty, inequality, oppression, starvation, murder and so on. Think about what we could have achieved if used the time we took critiquing ourselves into looking for solutions for issues in a bigger picture. If I can do it, you can do it. Love yourself and everything about you, because it is those characteristics that make you different from the next person.


“My friend hates me. I think…I might hate me at this point.” Fienelef frowned at this, seeming deeply perturbed before shoving her face back into the bed.

“Well that is unfortunate since I love you very much,” Jae turned fully now to her friend, arm resting comfortably on the back of her chair, “There is a reason for this apparent hatred, I’d imagine? I’ve never known you to be the type to associate yourself with the emotionally superfluous.” She gave a gentle smile, “I am afraid I cannot help if I do not know the alleged cause of this sudden bout of self-loathing.”


Okay, I don’t even know how to start these type of things, specially to you. It’s the first time i write something for your birthday (crazy, huh?) and I couldn’t be happier that you’re finally 18. That means we are even closer to meet! I can’t wait to hug you and finally tell you face to face how much you mean to me… And that you’re a freaking dork. 

We have been through so much and i’m happy that we are in a good moment in our friendship, because i’d hate to spend your birthday not talking to you like we were a few months ago. 

Today, in your birthday, I wish the best the world can give to someone, I wish you money and peace and confidence and love, so much love. And happiness. And concert tickets. And trips, specially with me. Sorry I can’t give you a real gift or go visit you in this special day. Happy birthday, nerd. I love you a lot.

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how come you dont get mad at the mis translations of the naruto manga

mmm I suppose it’s because I have a Japanese friend that I met in collage and she translates and sends me the pages via email so? I guess that’s why? I don’t like making a big deal out of the misinterpretations because I have better things to do than to sit at my desk and type up hate chastising others for not being perfect in their abilities.

I hate trying to come up with dislikes for my OCs

like especially of the food variety

because when your OCs exist in a medieval-esque fantasy setting, ostracizing them from certain types of food can immediately backfire when they’re starving and need something to shove in their face