Amber, I’m sorry for everything those people did to you. I’m sorry that we, as fans, couldn’t protect you from them. To those who disrespected the biggest influence in my life, I hope you feel as bad as she did because through your actions and words, she was extremely hurt. I know, she wouldn’t want any harm to happen to you so why would you say such negative things to her. It’s just so disappointing. Thank you to those who thought about her feelings and to those who shared some kind words to her. Amber, we’ll be with you every step of the way. So don’t feel lonely, we’re always here for you.


gerard’s surprise at the size of his fanbase || source

I adore Mass Effect so much.

With Mass Effect, you make one Shepard, and you stick with them through all three games. You see them struggle. You see their very worst and very best moments. You see them build relationships and end them. You see them make decisions where there are no positive outcomes. You see them sacrifice themselves over and over. You see them tired, and worn out and on the verge of giving up hope. You see them die. But Shepard never gives up. They never stop hoping or fighting.

Throughout the course of all three games, the crew become your friends and your family. You see them grow and change and flourish with (and without) your guidance. You get attached to them. And when some of them become numbers in the ruthless calculus of war, you feel Shepard’s pain. You feel the loss. You mourn them.

And when Shepard finally ends the war, you feel the relief. You feel proud of all of the characters that helped along the way. You feel hope, for the future. And you know the fight was worth it.


'Have you ever wondered what the further prophecies of the witch could have told you if you hadn’t burned them, Captain Pulsifer?'

                                                                   ‘Who is this?’

                                                                                             ‘Hello Newt, I’m Adam’s brother…’

  • stop saying things like “gerard way is/isn’t trans !!!!!!!”
  • he hasn’t said much about his gender identity so don’t assume that he is/isn’t anything
  • he’s given his pronouns as he/him so please respect that
  • don’t harass him to “just say he’s questioning his gender/just come out as trans/just say he’s nonbinary” because he might not want to do those things for personal reasons
  • just because gerard has talked about his gender and hinted at his possible questioning of gender identity does not mean you can go about assuming things about him and harassing him about it
  • if he wants to publicly talk about his personal gender identity in a more in depth way he will, but for the time being he has not and we as his fans need to respect that.