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The Carmilla fandom is becoming more embarrassing as the week goes by. I'm sorry if it felt that I'm putting you on a spot. I just felt like since you're the only one with rational thinking in the fandom, you felt the safest to talk to. You may delete this ask if you feel this ask is in anyway patronizing.

I feel this man. I just try and scroll past the things I don’t like honestly.


just a reminder that it’s okay to unfollow all the negative blogs that make you feel bad/anxious and that you really should do it cause fuck everything you’re here enjoy something and you don’t need to deal with negative/rude people all the time

The only acceptable outcome in tvd that I will approve of that includes Nina leaving and season 7 is that Elena and Damon leave Mystic Falls together at the end of season 6, but Damon goes back to Mystic Falls for whatever reason in season 7 and convinces Elena that he won’t be long but shit happens and he’s there for the whole season instead and then the last episode is Damon returning and reuniting with Elena wherever they are and saying “I’m home” and that’s literally it. Done. Roll credits and we ignore the last 7 years.

For The Summer
Part 7

of 12 (Eventually 14) to the

Fill Me In Series


Rating: Teen and Up
Pairing: Hollstein
Word Count: 1240
Summary: You know you’re definitely going to miss Carmilla when you both go away to college, but at least you’ll have her for the summer.

Je m’appele, Laura.” You start. You’re sitting across from Carmilla on your bed. You can see the sunsetting from where you’re sitting. But there are storm cloud on the horizon too, bringing the promise of rain tonight. You’d finally convinced Carmilla to teach you a little bit of French. You’d only been at it for maybe thirty minutes.

Carmilla had explained the greetings and goodbyes first which you figured were easy enough for your first less. And you’re proud that you don’t sound like a complete idiot, even though you don’t exactly get the accent right. Carmilla just looks amused at your concentration. You put your hands on her knees and squeeze them to get her to continue with the conversation.

Je m’appele, Carmilla.” She finally says. Her hands remain at her sides pressed against the mattress. “Ca va?” Carmilla tilts her head in that animalistic way she often does and watches your expression to gauge your thought process. This is an easy conversation though and you know your response.

Ca va.

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“Stop it, you dicks. I will cut you.”
-Me, (serious about the former but not the latter) anytime anyone yanks a blanket off of me or pulls the pillow out from under my head.

Getting really tired of people on this site using the word ableism incorrectly. Ableism doesn’t mean inconvenient or offensive. It means actual oppression based on discrimination of people with disabilities. Stop throwing it around to describe people using words you don’t know or not agreeing with you.

civil war mumbo jumbo so you can keep scrolling if you don’t care

how can people view tony stark so black & white??? he’s not 100% evil villain like people are acting. Look, Bucky Barnes is the love of my comic life, but I don’t see how people can expect Tony to just be like ‘it’s fine’ with whatever is going to happen.

auo isn’t out yet, but everyone and their uncle’s brother (maybe outside of tony people, idk i don’t spend much time in the aou fandom area) are blaming Tony for it 100%. I don’t have an opinion until I actually see he movie, but guilt. He’d feel guilt. You combine that w/ the the theory that Winter Soldier/HYDRA/Whatever killed Tony’s parents.

do you honestly expect Tony to just sit there and take Cap’s side because he’s Cap & everyone should listen to him??? Honestly. I know he’s supposed to painted the ‘villain’ but use your head. If that was me how could I just take someone’s word? Even a man like Steve Rogers. If something happened because Bucky in MCU is very much a wild card, then you’d just feel even more like shit?? then everyone would continue to blame you because I think they all have a secret ‘blame tony for everything’ club. oh it’s raining? tony whaT DID U DO.

and pls, look at how bucky get’s the shield in the comics & who gives it to him. 

Stop shitting on Tony Stark about a movie that won’t even fucking come out until next year. Honestly, you read five spoilers, read the comics (EVEN THOUGH MCU CIVIL WAR IS DIFFERENT, TONY IS NOT SOME SPITEFUL PRICK also I’m not saying he’s a spiteful prick in the comics, I’m just trying to get people to open their eyes to maybe, for five seconds, look at this through tony’s eyes) & people think they know the entire plot of the movie.

mcu does take some things from the comics, yes, but it’s not a 100% adaption.

daphne isn’t shallow simply because she knows what she likes

daphne isn’t stupid simply because she isn’t a natural born genius

daphne isn’t vain simply because she likes fashion and wearing make-up

daphne is resourceful and ambitious and gorgeous and traditionally feminine ALL AT ONCE and you will deal

oh boy I love tumblr’s dogpile mentality. they quote a couple of reviews that spew reductionist, proto-feminist logic about natasha being “reduced” to a love interest in this movie and the quotes are reblogged hundreds of times. meanwhile, I’m sitting over here with a ton of quotes from a bunch of interviews that have nothing but praise for her relationship with Bruce and consider it part of the heart of the film. And this seems to be the dominant critical consensus on the matter.

basically, just because one person on the internet agrees with you doesn’t mean you’re right. not that I’m 100% right either, but think about this a little more critically. are love stories inherently sexist? is this love story inherently sexist? is it wrong for a character, regardless of gender, to open themselves up to someone and allow themselves to be vulnerable? isn’t Bruce doing the same thing? is natasha’s character not supposed to display any emotion other than snarky humor; is she not allowed to want some semblance of a normal life after the horror she’s been through? is it weakness to desire such things? is it a totally invalid way to learn more about both characters?