About Broken hearts

I remember when I fell in love and I got my heart broken.
Then I grew a new heart out of new people,new friends who would help me recover saying things like “You’re better than her” or “She doesn’t know what she’s missing” ,you know,the typical things that friends tell each other.

The shards of that first heart are probably in some bin where all dreams that have faded fall into shadow.
And now I’m here in love again,asking myself how I got here every time I kiss her,and at the same time,hoping it had never happened.
Few are the reasons which start that last thought,but the important one’s that:

• Being in love sucks.

emperor-of-matzah asked:

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6. Five facts about your best friend. If you have more than one, pick one. Or do them all!

I have 4 + 1 (my qt), so I’ll do one for each.

1. Alia: She is the funniest of all my friends and I literally, literally don’t know how the heck I’d be where I am without her. I LOVE YOU @arabization (won’t tag for some reason)
2. Hajeen: My best friend for like, 18 years, and she knows me almost better than anyone.
3. Monsey: She moved to a different state (but only about 45 minutes from me) years ago, but it only made our friendship stronger. She’s also a petite one, like me!!
4. Caroline: She is probably (now) the most different from me, but the fact that we can still talk to each other for hours on end proves how strong our bond is!
5. Has the best laugh in the entire world (seriously, I wish yall could hear it!!)

20. Five facts about any random person.

I choose Ethan!

1. He is very intelligent.
2. He is a very supportive and trustworthy friend.
3. He is a great listener!
4. I value and cherish his friendship so much!!
5. He is super talented (I’ve noticed!).

Thank you =)