Feeling a little better today so I figured I’d post about AP~~~

So for starters I’ve now seen all of the rival couples’ first events together and rather than make long posts for each one I’ll condense my thoughts here (excluding Chase/Maya since I already did theirs):

Like I said before I like how Luke and Selena is developing. Their event is different in that they actually meet for the first time in it which makes their relationship more rushed than the others which is fascinating~~~~

Owen and Kathy strike me as childhood friends who have liked each other for a long time and just never really put it out there. Their first event was actually pretty juvenile for two people who frequent the bar regularly but it makes them different and less stereotypical I think!

Julius and Candace probably had my least fav event so far but this is more because of how different the English version is compared to the Japanese one. The dialogue makes less sense in the Eng version although I do like that Julius is blatantly pursuing Candace~~~~

Jin and Anissa’s event left me more wondering more why Anissa wanted to see Irene specifically than anything~~~ I’m thinking it’s because she didn’t want to worry Jin but ah anyway it’s very similar to their TOT first event but I’m still keeping my hopes up that they will be one of my favorites~~~

Gill and Luna is another one that’s a tad different in Japanese so the disparity left me a little confused. Putting that aside though I think these 2 are going to be a good match because I can picture them as successful rich business moguls running an empire together~~~

Calvin and Phoebe is growing on me way more than I thought it would! Like although it’s clear they haven’t known each other as long as some other couples Calvin has grown way attached to Phoebe while she’s so into her own thing she really doesn’t notice. At the same time unlike Julius Calvin isn’t really chasing Phoebe down, he’s just a lot more subtle in showing how he already cares for her~~~~

And last but not least are the adorable Toby and Renee. So I kind of like the implication that by this event Toby and Renee are possibly dating already (although I guess it would be awkward if you married one of them at this point). Not only did it seem like they were on a date but it sounded like they were making plans for another one. Plus they’re the only couple that had hearts over their heads for the first event I THINK. Anyway if that’s true than its cool to see an actual couple already in action~~~~~

Oops these became longer as I went on~~~