Alice and Mary talk about Rapunzel’s hair.

So I put on Jem for my niece while I was trying to brush her hair (white chick trying to brush a little black girls hair did not go well. Things got hella poofy hella fast) and I thought she’d hate it. Turns out she LOVES it.
Her comments: “they’re all best friends and they’ve got each other’s backs”
“What’s the deal with the misfits anyway. Jem is way better. I like Stormer though.”
As I was yanking through her hair, “I really like this show. I hope they have it all on here (netflix)”
“I like Jem the most. Jem and the one that looks like me (Shana)”
She’s also been singing the songs and humming the theme while she does stuff in the kitchen
She wants to be Jem for Halloween and she wants jemstar earrings for her birthday.
She’s 9.
I feel so proud. We’ve been watching Jem all weekend.