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Is there a theory that Hide's natural hair color is brown/black? Idk where it comes from. What do you think?

Thank you for the ask Anon, I’ve been wanting to do a post on this for a long time!

Yeah, there is a theory, although I actually think it’s most likely canon.

I remember a lot of people on Batoto and some people here said it’s impossible, because Hide has had a blond hair ever since he was a kid:

Ch.8, pg.16

And the black lines are just a style thing:

Ch.8, pg.16

Except they are not. 

Ch.84, pg.3 (Before Kaneki becomes a ghoul)

Ch.84, pg.7 (flashback around the time of the Aogiri Arc)

Ch.84, pg.7 (working for CCG)

When half his hair is black I’m pretty sure it’s not an art thing. It’s bleach.

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the one before the one with the flower crown

summary: a prequel to the one with the flower crown. dan is the new kid and phil just finds him really fucking pretty.
word count: 3.7k
genre: fluff, angst, smut smut smut

a/n: can we have a round of applause for the title of this fic thank you i saw some punk!phil/pastel!dan edits on my dash and thought, shit, i’d better finish this prequel. here you go guys! i hope you enjoy this little addition to what i suppose is one of y’alls favourite ‘verses c: prompts are open, as always! my mid-years start tomorrow though. #pray4krys2k15


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Favorite Scene from Each Episode of Veronica Mars - Day Six

An episode a day- you pick your favorite scene and explain why it’s your fave. Remember to tag #vm episodes in your post.


This was tough- not picking the scene, but the scene itself. 

One minute of screen time changes everything. Sure Logan Echolls is still the guy who has been a jackass to Veronica for the past year, the same guy who busted her headlights and arranged bumfights BUT he is also the kid who has to pick out a belt for his beating at the hands of his father. 

It was interesting to me that the beating takes place in a room that is essentially Aaron’s shrine to himself- his ego on display; and that the reason for this particular punishment is because Logan had the audacity to do something that hurt Aaron’s image and affected the public’s perception of THE Aaron Echolls. Aaron didn’t care about the bumfights in and of themselves, but that they made HIM look bad. 

He’s also pissed that Logan didn’t follow the script at the homeless shelter -serve some food, make a public apology, and restore Aaron’s “good guy, family man, action-hero” image. Instead Logan makes him pay for it, literally, because he knows that Aaron has to make the donation or risk further damage to his image. Logan knows how much that public persona means to his father and now we do too. Of course, Logan also knows this is going to cost him and he does it anyway. Was it only to antagonize Aaron or is he also trying to atone for his actions? Is he making an apology for the bumfight? First, with the donation at the shelter and now, with his flesh? Either way, it’s a powerful scene and it makes us rethink everything we thought we knew about the obligatory psychotic jackass.

It also gives new depth and meaning to certain scenes from the previous episodes; like in the Pilot right before he smashes Veronica’s headlights, he asks: “Do you know what your little joke cost me?” Or, in The Wrath of Con during the flashback scene of them in limo when Duncan sprays Logan with champagne and Logan says: “Dude, this is my dad’s tux.” 

As Logan lifts his shirt and that door closes, I think oh man he probably got a beating for both of those incidents too. And I start to wonder just how bad things are in the Echolls house and then we pan to: 

Lynn drinking and listening to her son being whipped and I’m floored. She’s just going to stand by and let this happen? How often does it happen that she doesn’t seem shocked or surprised? Is she afraid? Has she tried to intervene before and gotten hit? Or does she just hide away in her booze and let her husband do this to her child? Wow.

I also have to say that the sleight-of-hand at work in this scene is amazing. A violent person who beats his son and has a temper exists here in the “Who Killed Lilly Kane” world of Neptune and yet, because this feels so extraneous to that case, I never once think of Aaron Echolls as a suspect. It’s a well-planted clue to both the murder mystery AND what becomes of Lynn Echolls. And it all happens in a minute of screen time without any dialogue! Kudos, Rob Thomas.

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Can you do a fic where Killian and Emma are separated somehow and he finds her, but she thinks she's hallucinating and he has to convince her he's real? Thanks

She hates him for this.

(Well she can never really hate him because she has this big crush on him.)


But he is the first kid who ever respects her for who she is, and she’s never had someone like that - more or less - a friend.

And when things are going well - she’s not being sent back into the foster system to find another family - they become best friends quickly. He makes her laugh and smile when she’s having a horrible day. He makes her talk when she doesn’t want to, and that always lifts a tremendous weight off her shoulders. He allows her to vent about her frustrations and troubles every time she is aggravated from her dumb foster parents.

At one point, she nearly runs away, but she simply can’t pull through because Killian wouldn’t have liked that. In any sense, he’s always been her anchor at bay, and she’ll be forever thankful for his contribution to her life.

At another, when she’s sitting outside under the bleachers because at least ten people picked on her for being an orphan with no friends or family, he somehow locates her despite the odd choice of escape, and holds her closely. “I’ll always be your friend,” he murmurs. For any reason, she’d usually ignore that, run, deny that - but - no, this time, he’s real and serious about this promise he’s made her.

She knows when she gets into any fights, it risks getting her sent back. That’s why when she’s sitting in the Principal’s office with a bag of ice against her cheek, a split lip, and scratches on her knees from falling on the pavement, she knows it’s going to be a big hole in her chance of staying with her current family. They may not be the best, but they’re better than some of the other people she’s been around with, so it’s of course better than that.

And the fight isn’t her fault. She gets tired of being picked on, it was only a matter of her own self-defense and pride, nothing she should be punished on.

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I really wanted to post some photos from the other day, which was like the best day ever! 

It’s a tradition in Iceland (idk if it’s anywhere else) that students dress up in costumes when their last year of college is over, and celebrate having finished school - with lots of drinking all day. 

So here are my favourite photos of the day (my phone died so I couldn’t take very many ugh), of me and my friends! The first two are from the day when we were in costumes doing a scavenger hunt, and the second two are from the evening, at a restaurant and a party woo. (I didn’t take photos with anyone else on my phone, but other people took photos with me on their phones, I don’t just have two friends just so we’re clear omg) 

But yes, basically - amazing day!

just, lolz!~

so sasuke will bother sending Naruto hawk message birds and meet up with him in person.

but he won’t even bother sending sakura any messages or have any type of contact with his “family” what so ever?

wow, ss is so “canon” alright. XD (although maybe he doesn’t know he has a kid but whatever this is still very funny. XD)

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For the ask meme: Utena!

Yay! Thank you :) This is gonna be long

Favorite Male Character:  Well, there’s something about the dudes in this series that made me go “uuugh” most of the time, but Miki is actually a good guy. He still needs a lot of growth but so does everyone else. He needs to fix his relationship with Kozue and stop idealizing women. 

On the brighter side, he’s a smart, sensible kid,also he has a great friendship with Juri and he’s just too cute. I mean, look at him.

He just has to stick with Juri and get away from certain bad influences and he’ll be alright.

Favorite Female Character: UTENA TENJOU, the girl prince herself in all her foolish glory. 

I just have a soft spot for this sort of innocent, well meaning heroic characters. I know that she might not be as interesting as other characters but she’s still very complex in her own way. If it wasn’t for the brightness of Utena the show would be a stream of endless suffering. She’s a good contrast to all the cynicism that goes on around her. As everyone else, she’s not perfect, she’s too dense, insensitive and is inconsistent with what she believes and what she does sometimes, but she gets to learn from her mistakes! And she actually gets up and does something about it instead of angsting! I love how she keeps being true to herself even after everyone else tried to put her down. And don’t get me started about how she manages to be so cool and such a dork, and so adorable at the same time… But if something really made me like her as a character was this:

This girl has gone through the greatest tragedy of her life, she was so devastated after the death of her parents that she lost all reasons to live, but when she meets this other girl whose suffering is way worse than hers and there’s no one else that would help her she just decides to be the one to do something about it. That’s a big amount of compassion and kindness in her which makes her truly heroic. And then, near the end after she has been betrayed by the person she cared about the most, she doesn’t back down, because she knows it’s important to stop Anthy’s suffering and make her realize that she’s worth it, that there’s someone who loves her and she doesn’t have to endure all that pain anymore.  I just have so many feelings about this character.

(Told you this was going to be long, the rest of the answers are under the cut)

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Okay so here's my aou review

Overall, I liked it. I liked:
-nat/steve platonic best friends forever
-Clint basically being Wanda and pietro’s dad
-Maria hill/cobie smulders/robin sherbatsky as she will forever be known
-nick fury
-aunt nat

There was some weird stuff:
-Bruce crashed in the ocean????
-tony just up and left??
-is Clint gone for good too???
-Rhodes as a new avenger??
-also Clint has a secret family???????that doesn’t seem real??? He has two kids and their names are PIETRO and Wanda and thEY ARE BOTH FINe

Things I didn’t like:
-Clint and tony leaving
-Bruce/nat. I really thought and hoped nat would have a platonic bff thing with all of the avengers and now she is suddenly going after Bruce???? I don’t see it???? Why does there have to be romance whenever a female character exists and a male character exists???
-tony creating all the problems in this
-Tony’s vision of everyone dead
-vision being able to wield Mjolnir. I will maintain forever that none but Thor and Natasha Romanoff are worthy enough of wielding it. I don’t care if he’s a machine. I don’t like it.

Things that utterly destroyed my heart:

Overall I still really love WHEDON stuff, from Firefly to Buffy to this. I’m not sure how I feel about him not really being involved in the Avengers: Infinity part 1&2. I really loved the acting in this, especially by Olsen when she felt Pietro’s death. I hate Bruce and Natasha together. I don’t see why she has to be involved with anyone and I don’t like the ship or the way it was portrayed. I like that she put duty ahead of herself and activated the hulk. I don’t like the splitting of the avengers. Maria hill is my love. Hayley atwell makes me happy. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are the best part of the film and NOW MY HEART IS DESTROYED THANKS JOSS.

Tl;Dr I liked it but my heart is broken and I don’t like Bruce/Nat

okay, so i am very late to this party but thank u reesusofficial xoxo

so i have ben affleck (idk his name yet like super late ya no) but he’s going to be a big time movie director/producer/screenwriter who dabbles a lot in sci fi/comic book movies or tv shows FAH REAL. sort of like jj abrams. but then he’s also a big time bachelor who dates a lot of models like leo or adam levine or george clooney. and he has four kids i’ve decided - three girls and a boy

then i have victoria justice (whose name is likely nayeli but idk about last name) and i was thinking of making her a puerto rican victoria’s secret model lawl and maybe in a kardashian esque family

but if anyone has any plots or needs something or w/e just hit me up or s/t. cause u no

no but hear me out

marc being a merman with a beautiful tail like a blue betta fish. and he happens to have lungs too so he can breathe air and be out of water altogether. and like he actually likes being around humans and talking to them, learning their stories and about their world just as long as they don’t tell anyone, especially authority cause he doesn’t wanna be public or captured or whatever. oh and also he has a love-hate relationship with kids. they can be annoying sometimes.

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SAME ANON FROM BEFORE: A raft was needed for my tears when Foggy found out Matt is Daredevil. Matt looked like such an infant tearing up it made me so sad. Now, time to ruin your life with an AU: Matt with kids. Think about it. He has a son or daughter and he touches their face every few years to get a sense of what they look like as they grow up. *cries about it*

NOOOOOO MATT W KIDS IS MY DOWNFALL!!!!!!! can u imagine his kid closing his eyes and touching matt’s face just so he can get a sense of how his dad sees the world oh my go d dont im gonna sob