If you don’t understand why using her name — Caitlyn Jenner — matters, this should help.

In a new video, vlogger Nicola Foti (aka soundlyawake) says the things that need saying about intentionally misgendering someone.

Caitlyn’s transition might not make a lot of sense to people who don’t fully understand gender identity yet. That’s OK. It can take time to fully understand something new.

But here’s a good rule of thumb:

And listen, nobody’s perfect. This is a learning process for so many people. That’s what makes Caitlyn Jenner’s openness pretty cool. We all have an opportunity to gain new knowledge here.

So if you make a mistake, keep Foti’s advice in mind.

“Hey isn’t your name actually-”
“But that name is prett-”
“I knew you before you "decided” to be male so I can’t call you anything bu-“
My actual name is the name I go by.
I was never that person. Please respect me by calling me my pronouns and never bringing up ANY names you knew me by.

Will Caitlyn Jenner Lose Privileges at Her Country Club Because She’s a Woman?

Caitlyn Jenner has been a member of the ultra exclusive Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA for 15 years now, but when she joined, she was living life as Bruce Jenner, a male, which carries different privileges at the club.

According to TMZ, some of the privileges that Bruce Caitlyn used to enjoy will not be available to Caitlyn her now simply because she’s a female, which is pretty upsetting on a lot of levels.  [Corrected to show them how to write about transpeople correctly.]

The site reports that the main dining room and bar are male only and are actually attached to the men’s locker room, where women are obviously not even allowed. There is a women’s restaurant, but it’s apparently not as nice.

The good news is that Sherwood is open to Caitlyn filing an appeal and they’re currently closed for renovations until December, so they do have some time to work things out.” 

Read the full piece here

1. On the one hand, they’re being consistent and recognizing Caitlyn correctly as a woman.


As much as we need role models like Caitlyn Jenner, dont forget about trans people who arent in the limelight. Trans people who dont have access to surgery or cant medically transition. Trans people who cant socially transition due to safety. Trans people who arent accepted. Trans people who are kicked out. Trans people who stay ‘in the closet’ due to ignorance and transphobia in their lives. Trans people who are mocked, harrassed, and disbelieved. Trans people who have no support. Trans people who have no one. Trans people who have lost their lives.

People like Leelah Alcorn whom the hype has died over. Dont let them be forgotten. Every trans person matters

Great new OSHA guidelines for employers!

“Yesterday, the Department of Labor’s Occupational and Health Administration (OSHA) released a best practices guide for employers regarding restroom access for transgender workers. The guide recommends that all employees should be permitted to use facilities that correspond with their gender identity and recommends providing additional options such as all-gender restrooms.

You can read the “Guide to Restroom Access for Transgender Employees” here or below. This guide follows a historic decision by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), in a case brought by Transgender Law Center, which confirmed that it is unlawful discrimination to deny transgender employees access to the restroom consistent with their gender identity. If you’re experiencing similar discrimination at your job, check out our guide to filing a complaint with the EEOC.”

From the Transgender Law Center’s website


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  • Courtney:I feel that this Vanity Fair cover has now made the story about 'how good does Caitlyn Jenner look' rather than, the real story behind it, which is-
  • Alaska:=This is a person going through a journey and not everyone going through a transition is a fucking millionaire who can afford to go away and then be revealed as the gorgeous swan, like this is a journey for a lot of people and I think that's why 'About Bruce' was really great. I think the Dianne Sawyer interview was really great, because there's a lot of people on this journey and we need to be really understanding of people who are on every step of this journey.
  • Courtney:[w/r/t Willam saying the only thing that matters is passing from the neck up or whatever] this is a genuine issue that I have, right, with the whole trans argument, is there's this whole thing, a lot of our society at large, talking about 'passing' and 'how good does she look' but I'm kind of offended by the concept of 'passing'. It shouldnt be about whether you can pass in society it should be about how you feel on the inside.
To all my fellow trans dudes out there

- Having your period does not make you any less of a man
- Shaving your body hair does not make you any less of a man
- Having longer hair head hair does not make you any less of a man
- Having boobs does not make you any less of a man
- Wearing clothing from the women’s section does not make you any less of a man
- Wearing makeup does not make you any less of a man
- Being called your birth name does not make you any less of a man
- Being called she/her does not make you any less of a man
- Liking feminine things does not make you any less of a man

Your gender identity is only something you can decide.

No one else can decide it for you. You know yourself better than anyone else. Don’t let anyone else decide your gender. No one. Only you decide. Not your parents. Not relatives. Not friends. Not coworkers. Not strangers. Not even doctors.

If you identify as a male and and say you’re a man. Then you’re a man. It’s as simple as that. You are what you say you are no matter what. Don’t take crap from anybody. You’re you’re own person. Own yourself. Be yourself.

They’re also opposed to adding a third gender box on government forms, saying they don’t believe it will stop discrimination. Instead, it would put “a target on the forehead of anyone with that option recorded.”

“We’re not saying you can’t ask about gender,” Oger said. “That’s the relevant word: ask.”

Repeat After Me

Trans boys can still wear make-up and dresses.

  • Trans boys can still wear make-up and dresses.
  1. Trans boys can still wear make-up and dresses.

Trans boys can still wear make-up and dresses.

Trans boys can still wear make-up and dresses.

Trans boys can still wear make-up and dresses.

Trans boys can still wear make-up and dresses.

Trans boys can still wear make-up and dresses.

Because make-up and dresses are gender neutral