(I couldn’t get the first thing he said on camera eh)…eight years ago or ten years ago or something like that, trying to figure out what Las Vegas was all about when we used to come here. These kids Ryan and, uh, Brendon, um, taught us that there’s the strip and there’s everybody else. Everybody else is thinking about a way to get out or a way to make the best of themselves, and, uh, we remember thinking that talent’s important and luck’s important, and that kind of stuff, but, like, sheer-will is probably the most fucking important thing you can have. You know, yeah, if you’re not gonna defend your dreams, no one’s gonna defend them for you. Whatever it is that you do, that separates you from the strip, that seperates you from the rest of it all, whether it’s making art, making films, or doing your hair strange, or wearing fucking paisley suits, whatever it is, keep doing it and never stop.
—  Pete Wentz at my Monumentour concert date in Las Vegas, 8/15/14.

does anyone else have pavlovian responses to words because you have read so much fanfiction? like you read so much about a ship and there are just words that you associate with them so when you read that word you just kinda fade off into a haze of that ship?


they gave us everything we wanted and we couldn’t handle it like i’m pretty sure every single darvey shipper is in need of a bloody defibrillator right now

all of us across the world just laying on the floor gasping for air because harvey told donna he loved her and not only that he told everybody else like 900 times throughout the entire episode and was super protective of her and oh god the way they looked at each other at the end somebody please just jumpstart my heart and pump some air into my lungs because i. can’t. breathe.

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sorry but if you aren't a person who would have had "no homo" affect you, you cant take that phrase and turn it into a fucking joke ??????? honestly this blog is fucking bullshit filled with people calling themselves queer bc its fucking trendy or w/e. love from, a real fucking queer person

haha yeah sorry i forgot that lesbians and gays are the only Real queer people!!! everybody else is clearly putting up with all this abuse just to keep up w the times!!! way to throw us under the bus you piece of shit ha do us a favor and never taint this blog w your presence again


Hogwarts AU: Norman Osborn -> Slytherin

It’s the family name that lives on.


***Hey! Could you pretty please do a Newt imagine where you come up in the box, and you have a British accent the same as his, so you tease everybody else? Thank you so much, I love your writing!***

This is a fab request, thanks so much! And thanks for the help Queen of The Hobbits (a.k.a my Partner in Crime)

The box comes to a stop and the ceiling above you opens up. The sunlight is so bright compared to the darkness you had just spent the last half an hour in. You cover your eyes, the light is blinding. You can hear noise above you but your eyes are still adjusting.

"What is it, Newt?" The voice is masculine but young, probably around your age. Whatever age that was.

This Newt fellow says nothing for a long time and you finally regain the ability of sight enough to look at the figure in front of you. “It’s a girl.”

The noises above silence and you laugh. “What? Were you expecting a cow?”

You look at their faces and your expression drops a little, “Piggin’ hell, you weren’t actually expecting a cow were you?”

Newt seems like he’s trying to hold in a laugh while the others just stare at you dumbfounded. In unison, the boys above you look between you and this blond haired boy. 

"Newt. She… She speaks like you…Her accent… Did she just insult us?" This comes from the guy with the funny eyebrows, you don’t like his tone very much. You narrow your eyes at him.

"Now listen here, you twat, you don’t use that tone with me. I’ll let it slide this time, but it’s a one off, you hear me." You end your sentence with a pointed look in his direction. He looks nervously at Newt who has been watching the scene with amusement. Newt extends his hand and you take it. He pulls you up.

"They’re not all bloody wankers, are they?" You ask.

"More or less but they don’t skive. You’ve really thrown a spanner in the works, you know?" In response to your question, he asks another.

"Mate, I’m starving can we talk about this over supper?"

He smirks and puts his arm around you. “Welcome to the Glade, mate.”

CABARET - Feb 15 ((Full Recording)) ((Emma's Last Performance))

So here it is —-I’m sorry it took me so long to upload, I’ve been a bit busy, but here it is :) 

There is definitely some sniffling ((I’m so sorry)) but it is not nearly as bad as I thought it was ((I spent the better part of the 2nd act tearing up, so yeah, I thought it’d be way worse haha))

I hope you enjoy —-all of you dear anons that kept asking me upload it; here it is! This performance was PHENOMENAL & by far one of my favorites I’ve been to! Em was so good, and Alan & everybody else too! :) 

((Feb 22 performance with Andrea Goss will follow soon! I’ll have a listen & then put it up, I promise! :)

Michonne should have a sexy love interest...

I kinda wish the show would create a new character that was probably in his late 30’s to early 40’s, handsome, mature, and intelligent to flirt with Michonne.

It just got me thinking of that since I’m sick of people making excuses as to why Rick runs and hugs everybody else including Carol and all this Jessie babble and the fact that Rick gets shipped with everybody meanwhile when it comes to Michonne in the fandom, it’s like, “Rick or Nobody.”  *rolls eyes*

I’m in favor of listing male love interests for her after next week’s episode if they are going to shove Jessie down our throats.  I might have fun with this, it might give me an excuse to google sexy men anyways. lol

You're The Only One Who Knows

'The main thing about this practice and about all practice is that you're the only one who knows what is opening and what is closing down; you're the only one who knows. There's a slogan: “Of the two witnesses, hold the principal one.” What it's saying is that one witness is everybody else giving you their feedback and opinions (which is worth listening to; there's some truth in what people say), but the principal witness is yourself. You're the only one who knows when you're opening and when you're closing. You're the only one who knows when you're using things to protect yourself and keep your ego together and when you're opening and letting things fall apart, letting the world come as it is - working with it rather than struggling against it.'

- Pema Chodron, Start Where You Are.