el-diablo17 asked:

What do you think the most deserving best picture win at the oscars has been? (In recent history like 1990+)

I’ve actually really liked most of their picks recently. Well, definitely more since 2000 than in the ’90s.

- Unforgiven is one of only two times that my favorite movie of the year is also the movie that they gave Best Picture to (Bridge on the River Kwai being the other one).

- No Country for Old Men is in my Top 20 of all-time.

- I especially looooove The Silence of the Lambs and The Hurt Locker as well.

Benedict Cumberbatch Fandom Post-Oscars Edition

I’m really just trying to put my thoughts together. We are living in fractured fandom age. No longer does everyone squee and smile about about everything he’s done. No longer are all his appearances looked forward to. You can blame a lot of this on a lot of things but overexposure is definitely a factor. He’s done a lot and I’m  trying to compare him to other actors I’ve followed or hell any other fandom and I honestly think he’s been more exposed than most. Of all time? No. During this past year? Oh definitely. Personally I don’t even follow that many BC blogs that much anymore (even if I run one).  There’s also been a noticeable decline in BNF blogs with regards to him. In fact I can’t think of any BC blog that hasn’t changed just a bit.  There are noticeable things like the tags on his photos have changed from “OMG YOU ARE THE MOST PERFECT MAN TO EVER BREATHE” to “Pretty!”  

We all appreciate a lot of aspects about the man but he’s also said a lot of dumb shit. And I’m not even talking about the fanfic thing (which I could write a whole post about). I’m talking about from everything about asexuals to autism to colored ( a mistake but God everything around it is so problematic that it’s amazing).  But then again at the end of the day when you do that much press in a shortened period of time when you’re going to fuck up. Right? 

Then there’s the whole has he changed? Is he different? Or is it us as the fandom who has changed? Have we decided to demand more from the men and women we devote our time, blogs, and money (so much money) to? I don’t know Benedict. I didn’t know him before the Oscar campaign and I won’t know him after (unless a lot of weird things happen). I will say that there were times I have seen him be amazingly charming and there have been times when I have seen him simply show up for an interview. Most of the latter has happened during the Oscar campaign. But  as I’ve said before there have been flecks of “our guy” still in there.  

A lot of us just stopped giving a fuck.  I’ve noticed it for a while. Many of us have noticed it. I think the Jimmy Kimmel appearance really kinda’ cemented the drastic change. Last time v. this time is amazing. People on the ground, photos from the set, stories from the set, gifs of it before it even aired, gifs immediately after it aired, squees and conversation heard around the world. This time there were gifs, I think I’ve seen one story from the set, and though it’s true he didn’t do a skit, last time the gifs were almost constantly on my dash for days after. Hell the full interview hasn’t even been fully giffed. Last time…gosh multiple versions of the same set of scenes. And again I don’t even mean just the skit. 

Also how quick did the name thing come and leave our dash? How many of us even watched the conversation he did (tiff-related I wanna say) live? As compared to when he went to Japan and so many of us stayed up all night just to watch a stream of him arriving at an airport? Things have changed.  

So what the fuck am I saying? Many of us are waiting for the Oscars to come. We won’t see him as much but the times we do see him will be quality times. We think he’ll shut up for a bit and not say something stupid every other week (remember that week when it was constant and you just woke up thinking ‘fuck what did Benedict say today?’).

I don’t know if it’s going to go back to that time, that halcyon time when we were IN LOVE with this man. When he spoke and a smile instantly crossed our faces and a dreamy look settled into our eyes. I don’t know if we’ll think “perfect man is perfect” over and over again as we read through an interview or watch a video of him. 

I don’t know.

I do know that he could win. He was very good in TIG and though the odds are against him, hell the odds could be in his favor.

I do know that there is hope and though we may not get back to who we were before evolution isn’t a bad thing.

And there are new fans.

And that is a great thing. New fans breathe new life into any and every fandom and sooooooo


The BC fandom post-Oscar season, post-TIG will be different and evoled, but hopefully he’ll be different too.