you once said that you remember one
perhaps now that is all we are
mere shadows of nothing
but of one another

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Instead of trying to change SPiderman's race, how come the SJWs aren't trying to support the creation of a Luke Cage movie in any way? Luke is already black himself. And Luke wouldn't even NEED his own movie. Luke was actually a member of the Avengers in the comics. He could become a new member of the avengers. This is why I hate SJWs. So what Spiderman's race is changed? He still fights crime and will make snarky remarks. Nothing helps in changing his race to me, and I'm black myself.

I do wish we had more films with our already black superheroes. The Comic industry keeps throwing this junk at us. Lady Thor! Black Captain America! It’s honestly a little condescending, don’t you think? I mean I don’t care if you want to reimagine a character, but I think I’d rather see a cool original character as a female or minority than just repurposing white guys.

Of the huge glut of Marvel movies made over the past decade, I think Thor is without a doubt the weirdest for several reasons. 

One, although Kenneth Brannagh directed it not even one person directly referenced Shakespeare (I mean, even the first Iron Man had an “alas poor robot Yorick; I engineered him” moment) .

Two, In every other Marvel movie it’s always THE WORLD or the COUNTRY or the UNIVERSE but in Thor the stakes are ONE SINGLE ROAD IN A TINY SOUTHWEST TOWN and ONE SCIENTIST’S PUBLISHABLE RESULTS. 

what i’m trying to say here, is that was a movie that lived and died not so much on its narrative gravitas but more on the marketability of its protagonist’s abs and THAT’S PERFECTLY SOUND WITH ME.

It's Raining... Ultron's!

The OFFICIAL international Poster for Avengers: Age of ULTRON was released today and you know what they say.. A picture says a thousand words. Here’s what the new poster tells me what’s to come in the movie.

 - Ironman AND Captain America are both front and center in the new poster. Meaning: this is SO foreshadowing the upcoming relationship between Cap and Stark. Ahem… Civil War. 

 -I SEE VISION! But… Oh Joss Whedon YOU TROLL. We can clearly see him but not really. DAMN YOU LIGHTING. 

 - Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch on the right hand corner. Clearly you see they are on the team but on the background. I hope we get a great story for both of them.



 - Thor looks good (LIKE ALWAYS) 


 - Did you all catch the A in the word May. 

- And thanks to the wonderful Internet the people who looked closely at the credits, it seems Anthony Mackie will return as Falcon, as well as Haley Atwell (Peggy Carter) AND Idris Elba (Heimdell) Interesting NO Tom Hiddleston… HMMMMMMM.

  -And of course raining Ultron’s!

 - Compare this Poster with the First Avengers poster and you will notice that all the heros were kinda distant.. In this poster they are more united.. We do know that Whedon hinted that by the end of this movie, the avengers lineup will not be the same.

This poster seems like there’s ALOT happening… So ladies and gents BUCKLE UP ITS GOING TO BE A BUMPY RIDE.

UPDATE: Here is another official poster that Marvel released. 

LOOKING GOOD. (No Ultron’s though)

No Whip

by Ihateallergies


"what if Darcy was Bruce’s daughter? (conceived before the radiation created the Hulk)
I just really like the idea of Tony flirting with her and then she goes over to Bruce and she’s just like “hi dad” and Tony gapes at her”

I tried to post this on tumblr multiple times but it wouldn’t work, either that, or AmericanAirliines has 4 of these in their activity, all with progressively more frustrated tags, and I just can’t see them.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to start a series where various people in the marvel universe are Darcy’s parents, and this seemed like a perfect place to start.

Words: 604, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of Happy Father’s Day- Love Darcy

via AO3 works tagged ‘Darcy Lewis/Tony Stark’

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Ok. But then if the new Thor should have edits under #newthoredit, then why can't we just make a new tag for Thor Odinson the character & make it #thorodinsonedit. I don't blame anyone using #thoredit to tag non Thor things, since the movie is called Thor. And at this point frankly it seems the fight was lost on keeping #thoredit just for Thor the character. Some silly fights have cropped up & even spamming of the tag of non Marvel stuff.

I’m so uninterested in your point and this convo tbh

thoredit tag was on tumblr for years. Thor Odinson has existed for decades. A new character was created, they can have a new tag instead of taking over the old one.

aaaand i have no idea what you mean by non marvel spamming, haven’t seen that. all i’ve seen in the tag are characters like loki and jane, who both have their well known tags. end of story.

and like, btw, i do not in fact have the power to change anything, other than spreading information about what has been the consensus about the tag for years now, so you will excuse me if i keep my disdain and the occasional use of the ignore button over people who put anything other than thor into the thoredit tag

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i feel like CA: TWS should have changed something in stony fics or at least the characterization of steve rogers. what has changed, absolutely nothing. still stupid/naive/evil!steve. perfect boyfriend!Steve. prize!Steve. perfectly mentally healthy!Steve. same old rich boy sob story. Guess who else has a sob story? literally everyone else (*maybe* except Thor)

Actually, even Thor has a sob story (brother tried to kill him multiple times, both his parents murdered). :p And I guess the stagnancy in st-ony fandom has to do with the fact the movies after TA kinda underscore how little the two of them mean to each other, so writers just keep writing post-TA fic. It’ll def change once AoU comes out and they actually interact (albeit negatively). But for now, you can read Bucky/Steve or Sam/Steve for your dose of post-CATWS Steve.

You know what I’m tired of? Seeing the same stuff from Marvel over and over again. Spiderman/Thor/Captain America. All of them just being repeated with added gimmicks of changes in ethnicity and gender of the main character to cash in on what people are talking about today.

And by all means cash in. We NEED more movies with POC casts and female leads that show strong women. But damn am I tired of seeing the same thing. I don’t need another Spiderman movie just because the character is popular and you wanna change his race.

Marvel has a list of OTHER POC CHARACTERS. And Marvel has a list of STRONG FEMALE CHARACTERS. All of which could be made into movies giving us a fresh new take on other superheroes. Cause frankly I’m tired of seeing someone swing around a hammer atm too. A quick Google search and you can find the whole list of Marvel characters with pictures and bios on these other great lesser or little known superheroes.


I just want a diverse cast and a diverse selection of superheroes.

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Random crossover with HP AU question: If you were the Sorting Hat, how would you sort (your take on?) one or more of the Thor/Avengers (Mythology/Marvel incl. Sigyn) cast?

Oh jeeze… um kay

Thor: Gryffindor obviously, especially post-first movie. He’s learnt not just humility but what it means to be truly brave, not just running around smashing shit. 

Loki: Slytherin duh

Sigyn: Damn, asgardian-centaur and I where discussing this not too long ago and we were stuck between her being in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. There’s fantastic pros and cons to putting her in either house. So this one’s up in the air still

Those are the three I’ve really only given any thought to, though I suppose off the top of my head I’d stick Tony in Ravenclaw, Natasha in Slytherin, Hawkeye in Hufflepuff, Bruce would I guess be a Ravenclaw too?? Oh! Jane a Ravenclaw and Darcy in Hufflepuff. Sif could be a Gryffindor- maybe all the Warriors Three are Gryffindors too? idk

i just talked to my ex boyfriend and he asked me what movies i like to watch and i said “i watch alot of marvel movies at the moment.” and he asked “you mean hulk, thor and all these?” and i said “yeah but i like loki the most.” and he LITERALLY SAID “oh yes and he is way better looking than thor.”
guess what bitches i am getting back together with this weirdo because he knows the real shit

Meddle Not in the Affairs of Dragons (This Means You, Nicholas Fury)
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by gwynhefar

“I suppose I should at least thank you for not going all scaly and wrecking my carrier. Even more than it already is.”

Words: 1464, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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I read a lot of Loki fic, which means I read a lot of Loki-and-Thor fic, which means I’ve read way more sibling-incest stories in the past three years than I ever anticipated reading in my whole life.

A couple of weeks ago I realized I’m totally over that trope. I never liked it very much to begin with (I love sibling stories, with all their complications and guilt and history, but I just don’t like that angle.) And, to be honest, I never ever saw even a hint of it in the interactions between Thor and Loki in the movies anyway… Lately I really find that reading those stories just makes me feel sad and uncomfortable. So I finished off a couple that were winding up anyway, and now I’m just not reading any more. I’m not sure if winter makes it more necessary for me to make some kind of change, but I do kind of feel better.

It’s remarkable how this shortens the list of available stories to read— I might find myself with a lot more time to read that biography of JMW Turner I got out of the library!

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How do you feel about Spider-Man going back to marvel ?

Conflicted. On one hand, I’ve been wishing for years that Marvel would get back the rights to their properties. While not perfect, I generally prefer the movies Marvel has put out to the other studios.

What I’m not happy about is what it means for Marvel’s other movies. Pushing back Thor? Ok, fine. But to push back Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Inhumans? That I’m not happy about. Also not happy that Spider-Man might appear in Cap 3. That movie’s too crowded as is.

No Spiderman reboot Marvel, do like DC did

OK l think it’s great that spiderman joined marvel and that he’ll be with The Avengers but we don’t fucking need another reboot! We’re had enough of the origin story and Uncle Ben dying! Hear me out, can’t they just let the amazing-spiderman movies be spiderman in an another universite. And just bring this new spiderman to the universe with the avengers. We already know his backstory.
What I mean is for them to fo it like DC did with their new Batman vs Superman. The Christian Bale batman is batman in another universe. While they made a new batman for The Justice League universe. They will just bring in Batman cause we already know his origin story.
Like do the fucking same think Marvel.