What Lies Ahead

     Well, that’s class finished, time to head to work!

     Lex stretched his arms out in the parking lot of the local university, limbering up after sitting still for so long in his Abnormal Psychology classroom. Easily enough, he found his motorcycle, a chrome 1998 Honda Shadow ACE 750 sitting in the middle of the lot, and quickly mounted it. With a turn of a key, the engine rumbled underneath him to a start. He put on his black helmet and kicked off, the loud engine puttering away as he went. The anon man grinned as his black silk tie flopped in the night wind, relishing the feeling riding the vehicle brought him. He always had his M licence, why didn’t he use it so much sooner?

     The pizzeria was only about 10 minutes away by driving, but even then the anon hoped that the loud engine of the motorcycle didn’t wake up the neighbourhood. As the loud rumbling echoed into the child establishment’s parking lot, Lex dismounted, brushing off his black dress pants and white button-up shirt. He ran his hand from his forehead back, his short, white, wavy hair magically cured of helmet-hair. 

     After opening up the restaurant doors and locking them behind him as he always did, he adjusted his book bag and walked to the office, knowing full well that his friends would not be active until a little while longer.

     As the clock struck twelve, Belladonna tossed and turned in her satin sheet bed, staring up at her ceiling, which seemed to mock her inability to sleep. With a huff, she tossed the covers off of her and donned one of her green vintage nightgowns, deciding it best of she brewed herself a small pot of chamomile tea from the little coffee maker she had near her mahogany makeup desk. As the pot of tea was brewing, she opened up the glass doors to her little balcony, letting the late spring air as well as the bright full moon into her room. She sighed and turned back towards her bed, noticing the dark necklace Axios gave her hanging off of her bed frame. 

     “You can feel free to call on me again. I will definitely hear you if you've got my necklace on… Take care and know that I’ll listen!”

     The deity’s words echoed her head. Would he really be up for midnight chat? Could she trouble the man with such petty trifles? He did say that he’d listen either way… What’s the harm in trying? Worst case scenario: He’ll say no. Big whoop. 

     She walked over to the hanging necklace and took it off the bed frame, wearing it promptly. Closing her eyes and grasping the near-black metal in her hand, she thought the following words:

     Care for a late night chat?

     As expected, the Pizzeria was still and silent. Really, the only two who would be awake were Goldie and Foxy, as they seemed to simply ignore the curfew despite waiting for the others to activate before moving. The only other one who might move outside of the curfew times would have to be Robbie Rabbit, in the mascot repair room.

     Axios had taken a brief pause in his exploration of this world, and was enjoying his rest when the enchanting woman from before once again entered his thoughts.

     Care for a late night chat?

     Well, certainly. He thought his reply to Belladonna. May I visit you directly or would you prefer I knocked on your door, hmm?


Vessurran Kids © kaladis-artist

Top Row [Left to Right]: Sallam, Ilimas, Ostara, & Beltanya.
Bottom Row: Maydon, Yule, Ithail, & Samhain

The Vessurra are a rare race of shapeshifters, usually born from the core of a stable planet. Reimei the Vessurra of Axios, and Omer the Vessurra of Yuzev, have four boys and four girls together. Each child born inherited markers from both parents, except for their longevity of life. Their current location is on the terraformed planet Terra. Where the family live in secrecy as they grow and learn more about their powers. Being hidden for so long, curiously of the outside world only grows stronger. As these eight children will soon learn, the world around them isn't as wonderful as it seems. 

hashkaa asked:

Etant donné que j'aime trop les Music asks je vais faire la chieuse: questions 1 à 20?

1:A song that makes you happy.
Knockin On Heaven Door - Guns N roses
2:A song that makes you cry.
Aucune, cela fait bien longtemps que je ne pleure plus.
3:A song from the 80s.
Beds are burning - Midnignt Oil
4:A song from the 90s.
Smell like teen spirit - Nirvana
5:A song from the 2000s.
Now you’re gone - Basshunter
6:A song by your favorite artist.
Dieu est un fumeur de Havane
7:A song with a day in the title.
Sunday Bloody Sunday
8:A song with a month in the title.
November Rain
9:A song that reminds you of a loved one.
Strobe (Deadmau5) ou Wildcat (Ratatat)
10:A song from a movie soundtrack.
Axios - Halo Forward Into Down
11:A song that starts with the first letter of your name.
Bad Habit - The Offsprings
12:A song that starts with the last letter of your name.
Ne partons pas fachés - Raphael
13:A song you’ve liked for years.
Where is my mind - The Pixies
14:A song you know from a friend or family member.
Strobe - Deadmau5
15:A song with a color in the title.
16:A song by an artist still alive.
Livin on a prayer - Bon Jovi
17:A song by an artist that is not alive.
La Noyée - Serge Gainsbourg
18:A song by a band that broke up.
Don’t cry - Guns N Roses
19:A song that plays on the radio.
Snow Patrol - Chasing cars 
20:A song you love by an artist you hate
Je ne trouve pas.

C-DIC microscopy of copper by ZEISS Microscopy
Via Flickr:
C-DIC microscopy of copper, imaged with Axiocam, EC Epiplan Neo 20x objective and ZEISS Axio Imager <a href=“” rel=“nofollow”></a>

Fitur baru corolla

Tokyo -Toyota akan meluncurkan Corolla Fielder dan Corolla Axio di Jepang mulai 1 April. Keduanya akan menjadi mobil pertama yang mengusung paket fitur keselamatan terbaru Toyota, yakni Toyota Safety Sense C.

Toyota Safety Sence C meliputi Pre-collision System (PCS), Lane Departure Alert (LDA), Automatic High Beam (AHB). Paket fitur itu merupakan bagian dari pendekatan multi antisipasi untuk keselamatan aktif bagi kendaraan.

Cara kerja Safety Sence C menggunakan dua unit radar laser dan kamera. Paket ini mengintegrasikan teknologi keamanan seperti PCS, LDA, dan AHB. Laser akan mendeteksi obyek yang berada di depan kendaraan, jika terdapat potensi tabrakan maka alarm akan menyala.

Paket fitur itu akan memberikan peringatan kepada pengemudi sesuai dengan peringatan lalu lintas yang ditemuinya. Atau saat mobil bergerak mendekati obyek yang menyebabkan meningkatnya potensi tabrakan.

Selain itu, pengemudi akan mendapatkan bantuan pencahayaan sehingga jangkauan dan kejernihan pandangan meningkat. Bahkan, mendeteksi lampu dari mobil yang datang dari arah berlawanan atau lampu belakang mobil di depan yang melaju searah kendaraan untuk menghindarkan kecelakaan.

Keduanya mengalami perubahan desain pada eksterior maupun interiornya. Corolla Fielder memiliki desain yang lebih sporty, sedangkan Corolla Axio memiliki desain yang lebih modern. Bahkan, Toyota menambahkan satu varian lagi yakni W × B grade yang dibalur warna putih dan hitam sebagai edisi khusus.

Mobil dengan penggerak dua roda depan dan transmisi CVT ini mengusung mesin 1.500 cc 1NZ-FE yang diklaim hemat bahan bakar yakni 23 km/liter (tipe Corolla Fielder). Sedangkan tipe hybrid yang mengusung mesin 1.500 cc 2NR-FKE dengan konsumsi BBM 33,8 km/liter untuk tipe hybrid.

Toyota telah menetapkan target penjualan 6.000 unit Corolla Fielder dan 3.000 Corolla Axio unit per bulan di Jepang.

Today’s #sundaymorningview. Reading Khalil Gibran’s “secrets of the heart” and reaffirming my faith in the universe. 🙏💭💛
“Before my soul spoke to me, I imagined the Past as an Epoch that could never be returned, and the Future as one that cold never be reached.
Now I realize that the present moment contains all time and within it is all that can be hoped for, done, and realized.” In that spirit I challenge anyone/everyone to seize the day and hope extra sincerely, love extra selflessly, and smile more freely. For a minute, for an hour, or all day, be a source of light, kindness and love love love (especially yourself)! #axios by oh.miss.rose

anonymous asked:

Is Axios a planet buster?

     Planet buster? Not sure what that means.

     Axios is one of seven gods I made up to guard this one planet I also made up. The planet outgrew the need for gods, and the pantheon agreed to slumber away and Axios decided to travel the universe, just exploring.

Axios did something a little bad on Tuesday and I was kind of upset and hurt. I don’t wanna go into the details of his less than amazing deed but he made a promise to give me all his attention on Wednesday night when I got home from work (last night) I really didn’t expect anything besides sex, but when I got in from work he said he was hungry (which isn’t unheard of, he eats likes a fucking horse) so he suggested cheese and crackers, which I didn’t mind. I heard glasses clanking from in the kitchen but I didn’t think anything of it. Then he came in with this bottle of wine.

We usually take turns buying wine and it was actually my turn to buy.

Me: Where’d you get that? *huge stupid grin on my face*

Axios: Well, last night my girl tried to do something really special for me, but I was so caught up with my own stuff that I didn’t realise it and I really hurt her. So tonight, I wanted to apologize and do something special for her *saying all this with his crooked smile that i love so much*

Me: I suppose I’ll have to buy wine twice in a row now, since this is my turn and you bought a bottle.

Axios: You will do no such thing, this bottle doesn’t count. This is just me doing something for my baby to say how sorry I am.

Me: *gets up and gives him gimaculous hug* I love you so so so much.

Axios: I’m glad you’re happy. I love you too… can we eat? I’m really actually very hungry.

It may seem small, eating cheese and crackers and drinking wine on the bedroom floor, but that’s what I like; small gestures that hold a huge amount of meaning. He’s been talking about letting me taste that wine forever but we never got the chance to. I would much rather have small gestures with a lot of thought and meaning, than big empty gestures. I’m simple, and very easy to please ^_^ 

Of course after the cheese and crackers and wine he fucked my brains out….andddddddd

I HAD MY FIRST G-SPOT ORGASM!….I would have squirted but I was confused about the intense feeling so I held it back. Needless to say, I was punished for holding back

PS: “gimaculous” is my own word to mean REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY big lol

anonymous asked:

A planet buster is someone capable of destroying a planet.

     Axios and any of his siblings would be physically capable of destroying a planet if they banded together, yes. As it stands it would take Axios some time to completely destroy a planet Earth-sized.

Axios is tired…but I need more cock.

I want him to get some sleep, he’s not been getting that much….but my pussy is empty and aching.

Oh god I’m so conflicted.

Be a selfish cock starved whore or be a caring considerate little :(

undercover-hussy asked:

I want to know your life story :p lol. When did you get married?? And where is he? Or is that Axios? I'm curious!


ok, pay close attention

I met my husband when I was 16 yrs old. We got married when I had just turned 21 and 6 months later (last april) I left him because he got verbally and emotionally abusive. he would get mad at me if i came home from working 2 straight shifts and didn’t stay awake or didnt wanna have sex. he didnt want me to have any friends, male or female. he nvr wanted to spend any real time with me. he hated my “little girl” personality. accused me of cheating alllllllllllllll the time. didnt want me to wear sexy clothes. would only call me baby if he wanted something. he would time me and if i took a minute or 2 minutes longer than usual to get home, he would be so angry. he didnt even want me to visit my parents, and they lived half hour away on foot!!! it was awful. and no, i didnt realise all this before we got married. only after. so i left.

before I left, i met Axios. Axios was a customer I had when i was still a grocery packer. After I got promoted and stationed in the back of the company where customers rnt allowed, i didnt c him anymore until a few months later. one day when i was coming from a lunch break. he was always nice to me when i was a packer and he was a good tipper lol so when i saw him again i went to him and we talked. we exchanged numbers and became friends. the sexual attraction was there and then the mental attraction started to grow.

I’m not 100% proud of it, but in a way I did leave my husband for Axios. My life with Apokalypz (my husband) was a mess. i was so unhappy and cried all the time. Axios showed me tht i can have the man of my dreams. the man i read about in books and wanted to be real was real. so i took a shot. and I don’t regret it.

at all.

I won’t lie, i haven’t had the best life, it’s only started improving in the past year. Axios has taught me alot abt not asking permission to be happy. abt accepting myself and my quirks. so i am happy now. i think happy may even be too weak a term. i’m ecstatic ^_^

sorry if i talked ur head off, lol but u did ask

PS: No, his name isn’t really Apokalypz, tht’s a nickname he gave himself. i suppose it’s fitting