First of I’m just going to put….HALLELUJAH!!! I’ve been trying to upload these god damn photos for about 3 days….

Anyway…These are my lino prints and mono prints that I created as well, I created more but these are my favourite from the bunch. I have done mono printing before and not liked it but this time round I am happy with the result and think it’s worked out well. I enjoyed lino cutting although that was more time intensive and you can’t erase any errors you may have done. I have enjoyed trying out different techniques for print and other techniques are in my sketchbook. 

Section 8: Testing- Any Errors or Admissions and Correcting Faults

Image Size:

I had to edit the photos of my clients, as they were too big to fit onto the website. I couldn’t upload the original files as they would be horrible quality as they would have to be repressed to a certain size. I did this by individually editing the size of the photographs on Clikpic:

The Logo: 

The logo was a big error in this project. I originally started making the logo on Adobe Photoshop, despite knowing that Adobe Illustrator was the best software to create a logo on. I did this because I was more familiar with Photoshop so I thought it would be the easiest option. However once I did a few drawings and realised it looked too much like an artist logo instead of a photographers. Therefore i decided last minute to change my logo and develop it on Adobe Illustrator. This turned out to be the right decision as my client much preferred this logo that I created. 

Original Logo (created on Photoshop):

Final Logo (Created on Illustrator):