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These are my Iphone’s lock and home screens. Yes, surprise, it’s Ren! lol 

Also, confession: i’m an organizational freek. Everything needs to look tidy and in order, so i’m on top of all the notifications and emails, otherwise i can’t sleep lol 

It’s hard to keep up with who has done this or not, so i tag everyone that has not done this yet!

The Oyster Major 
“~*named after Halley himself*~”
“… Bucephalus … shh …”

I haven’t done anything visually artsy in months so forgive my sloppiness, and instead, entertain the idea of a wide-eyed Edmund Hewlett staring up at a starry night sky while in uniform. 

Whoever it was that coined “SAVE HEWLETT 2K15,″ bless you. The phrase has been a mantra every time I write down the date.

Turned on the tv this morning and was greeted by the Goblin King.

Well good morning to you too, Jareth. Why yes, I would love to dance :P

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lol I just got online, WHAT THE FUCK LOUIS?????? i'm shocked, how beautiful he is?????? stunning. everytime i see him i'm glad he's my n^1. when did he flew back? yesterday right? i don't understand those pressed anons about harry in cheshire, do they even know how close every city is in the UK? lol, i mean, louis probably was in cheshire too, at their house, and went to london today for work lol.



when sad about working on Saturdays - put your fave lipstick on to make yourself happier :)   

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I’m not confident enough to say something like that, but I have grown enough to be able to lend a helping hand. Our chance will definitely…!”

aka ch. 158 fucked me up so much ;_;

He’s offering her a pomegranate seed. Because I’m subtle like that.

I still need to finish coloring in the rest of the pomegranate but I am too happy with it not to show you what I’ve got. This is what I suspect Marianne would wear in the winter - her wings are bound up behind her and she’s got a moss cloak. The dress is hellebore flowers and also pinecones lol

And yes. pomegranate. Because mythology references are my jam.

Anyways this is going to be a series of pictures one for each season. Winter and Spring will be Bog and Mari - Summer and Fall will be Dawn and Sunny.


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'#did you guys know i hate every single person on this planet' ?? what

sigh its dumb like, i was just scrolling down someone’s blog and i saw a post ab larries that really pissed me off a lot -_-

it’s stupid bc larry is the most popular ship in the fandom and so that means that there are a lot of different kinds of shippers, and it bothers me sooooo much when people put everyone into the same bag


comic practice :v

Hey guys I found a manga that should be up the alley of anyone who likes Zero Escape or Higurashi or Madoka or any other crazy story of characters save scumming their way to their ultimate goal

Murasakiiro no Qualia/Qualia the Purple

Look at this art it’s so great

and just man seriously it’s a great story of QUANTUM PHYSICS FUCKERY

The main character here basically bends quantum mechanics to her will by twisting logic around it’s amazing

also is pretty gay at some points

though really the main character ends up basically bisexual at the end on account of being a conglomeration of all the different versions of herself, gay and straight and bi and everything, which is kinda crazy but also kinda awesome LOL

so yes pls read I don’t wanna give too much away just do it