Screencap Meme - Daredevil + Bruised & Battered

Requested by babageneush

So after watching the MADE teaser video for the umpteenth time, I realized that it’s chock full of GTOP evidence. HEHE

Ok so the lyrics go, “She got me like bang bang…” and throughout the lyrics, a ‘she’ is mentioned again and again. Also, in the video, they’re constantly being chased by female gangsters, so to speak.

And so I started to think of all the other female models in the video and how they fit in. And I realized that each member has a girl after her, except for GD&TOP (cuz they’re both gay and in love, of course.)

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“what did i say about monitoring your health >^>”

because apparently being a high school pdhpe student gives me the best qualifications to help a sick votbear =3= ft. team-reverie

sweaterkitty-fluff asked:

maybe you could name the OC Hunter or Aleks(Alex)?

the name Alex is poisonous to me 8D I hate it
(same with Karl oops)

I guess it’d be easier to pick a name if I showed u what he looked like <:3c

that’s him right there .w. he’s a bear that’s always tired but despite that, he doesn’t act cranky towards anyone, he’s pretty sociable if u have similar interests with him :3c but ye, other than all that idk what to name him OTL

anonymous asked:

So I was reading over your post on Master Hiko being all cute with baby Kenji and all I could think of was Kenji pulling on his hair when Hiko was bouncing him on his knee lol.

Woooo yes, Kenji, fearless hair-puller of destiny. Also climber/slapper/general ne’er do well. 

(Artist unknown, found here, lemme know if you know who it’s from and I’ll add a new source)

My new watch I got today! I love it  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Really now. You’re going to use THAT map? 

This map here?

You have a golden opportunity to create something LESS similar to Earth, but you’re still going to go with THIS map?

Damn you are a lazy bastard. Also, lol on ‘1 or 2′ new species. Yes, please, show us what form of earth wildlife shall wow us on this totally alien world.