it makes me laugh how many people are like “omfg Dirk and Jane’s friendship in this update is so cute!!!” 

like they’ve had a really great, really adorable friendship from the beginning. He rewrote a whole damn book for her basically and made her a robo-bunny out of a prized family heirloom. 

Their friendship has always been fucking cute as hell,


dramione challenge: News Story/Magazine Article

"Exclusive first interview with the newlyweds and never before seen photos of the remodeled Malfoy Manor. Only in this issue of Witch Weekly"

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Kristanna Headcanon

Kristoff has never been real good at sharing. Being raised basically alone only with trolls he has learned how to share stone, and carrots… but not people. Since he lost his parents, Kristoff likes to hang on to everyone he loved very tightly. He can’t let them go.

And he still hasn’t changed.

Anna is a royal. Many people want to talk to her. She’s always in the limelight. It’s okay when peasants come to talk to her, that’s fine. It’s even okay when the servants talk to her. But what Kristoff can’t stand is any snobby prince taking to her, dancing with her, touching her.

And every time someone gets too close, he always cuts in with a primal instinct clearly expressing:



Harry Potter Fancast
Lucas Till as Scorpius Malfoy

"Look, kid, Dipper, I’m gonna be honest with you here, I’ve been getting these weird urges to, like, perch on top of the Mystery Shack like some kinda masked vigilante of the night. You know, it’s liberating, in a way. Just me, the Shack, and the night.

"Anyway, I know it must be hard for you and Mabel and Soos to see me, your beloved uncle and generous employer, acting so out of sorts, but I want you to know that we can make it through this time of trial and hardship, especially if you go repair the roof over the kitchen. It broke last night, I have no idea how that happened. Also, clean up the feathers while you’re up there. They’re pigeon feathers. I mean, they’re probably pigeon feathers. I didn’t leave them. They’re not mine; It’s not like I know what a pigeon tastes like, or that weird fluttery thing they do when you catch them, or how they get feathers everywhere.


“I eat pigeons now. Have I mentioned that before? A lot of pigeons. I’m not ashamed, this is who I am.”

okay, but 23 yr old Enjolras who has never ever been kissed

and then he starts dating r who is afraid of moving too fast and enjolras is too nervous. but he just wants to smooch him so badly and at night he burrows his face in his pillow and pretends 

so instead he just stares at r’s face silently willing him to read his mind which in turns just freaks r out until enjolras just blurts out in furstration kiss my face, you dolt


meeting the angel ʚ♥ɞ(ू•ᴗ•ू❁)

this wip-angel-manami-college-(ara)manatou-au-mini-project is my first art post for 2015 whoa!! but yeah there’s definitely more to come so stay tuned!!


"You’ll be fine."

"It’s not me, M’Lady. I worry about you.” 

okay I literally just got hit with a thought tho

Theo learning Japanese to visit Noiz

Noiz walking down the street not paying attention to his surroundings

Noiz seeing Theos familiar face in the crowd of people

Noiz skeptical cause, why would his younger brother be in Midorijima?

Theo noticing Noiz and his face taking a huge smile, Theo walks to Noiz calmly while Noiz is seriously loosing his shit over this. Theo takes hold of Noiz’s shaking shoulders while he try’s to hold back a laugh, Noiz is just so happy he finally gets to see his lovely brother after so long.
Theo going in for a hug and whispers Nii-san in Noiz’s ear

Noiz burst out in tears.

—- the end

i’ve decided that the city council members are actually animals

they appear human until they get upset

i have no idea what i’m doing buh

AU where Sherlock is pole dancer at a cabaret called The Cameo Club.  Lestrade is head of security, Molly is a shy torch singer trying to get her big break, Mrs. Hudson is a retired dancer who plays mother hen to the other dancers.  Moriarty is the financier who funds the club with Moran as his bodyguard. Mycroft owns the club and hates the fact that his little brother works there.

Sherlock meets John when he comes into his private clinic after falling off of the pole during rehearsal and twisting his ankle.  They hit it off and Sherlock invites him to come to the club once his injury is healed up, saying that he’ll get him a seat in one of the VIP booths overlooking the stage.

At first John is hesitant and mentions that he doesn’t usually go to strip clubs and Sherlock explains that it isn’t one. 

When John finally comes to see Sherlock on stage, he is awestruck by the time and artistry that he puts into his performance.  It seems closer to him to an act in Cirque du Soleil than a performance in a smoky cabaret.  From that day forth, he comes whenever Sherlock is performing, making a point to be within eyesight of him on stage and always makes sure to go backstage to praise him.

I had a lot of feelings about 6x03 Brittana spoilers, so I wrote them down

The soft morning light shining through the window sheers light up your eyelids and make you turn your sleepy head away from the awakening day. Your body and mind start their slow release from slumber, yet you keep your eyes closed. If you didn’t open them, you could stay here, in this dream world, in her arms. The weight of one arm across your stomach and the other under your neck and pillow. You lay on your back, and feel her sleepful breaths tickle your neck, and tease the hair against your ear. She is soft and warm stretched against your side. Her arm wrapped around you. Claiming you in her sleep. And old habit, perhaps, from the times you’d run. That was so long ago. Then again, it wasn’t.

You feel like you’ve lived two lifetimes in the two years since you’ve graduated. This past week was a reminder of how far you’ve come. Spending a week trying to recruit self-involved, bitchy cheerleaders for Rachel’s new Glee Club, showed you how scared you were. How - like the high school cheerleaders today - you were terrified of losing power. Losing your place. Losing your reputation. Terrified of letting anyone see the real you. The real you, you spent so much fruitless energy trying to hide, ignore, and discount. Back then, things were simpler. Your worries, so trivial, viewed through the lens of experience of life and mistakes and disappointments and heartache. Why did you waste so much time? You smile sadly and sigh at your old misguided ways. What did you know. You were just a kid.You hardly recognize the girl you were from the woman you are today.

For today you woke up in her arms. As you do every morning. But here, back in her bedroom, where it all started, you feel nostalgic. The bed spread still smells like her, and her mom’s fabric softener. The crack in the ceiling paint still stares back at you in the dim morning light. The busy floral wallpaper, that you never liked, but now is a comforting reminder of innocent days. Now it’s bare, only pin holes and stains left by adhesive, adorn the walls. All those pictures and decorations now pepper your room, in your apartment. The one you share with her, all those hundreds of miles away.

You stroke down her arm that lays protectively across your stomach, and tickle your fingers over her knuckles. You study the fine hairs and the pale freckles that dot her skin. You know each and every one. You’ve known them for years, yet you still stare. You study. You commit them to memory. Again and again. She shifts her leg and you shift yours, in deference. To give her more room as she sleeps. The faint twinge of ache left over from last night’s lovemaking makes you smile. The pads of your fingers dance over the back of her hand. Her hand that touched you so sweetly, and gripped so firmly. She’s always been so strong, and so soft. Always both with you. Always just the amount you needed. You turn your head towards her, and watch her sleep. Her breath, stale from sleep, still has traces of you on it. You press your lips together, and can still taste her. You. Together. Us.

Her fair eyelashes flutter. Her breaths change. She’s awakening from her dreams. It’s funny, you think, how people dream at night. But to you, it’s the first dawn of morning, coccooned in sheets and blankets and limbs, and her, that is the true dream. You always had honest talks late at night, in the safetly of the dark. But with morning, came truth, and a living dream you never want to leave. You’ve thought about this for years, and today you’re going to make it happen. You will never have to leave her side, awake or asleep. She’s chosen you time and time again, and you’ve come back to her so many times. You’re here to stay. Your fingertips caress her fingers again, and you linger on the third one. You pet it lightly, up and down. You sigh and smile as she opens her eyes.

“Good morning,” she mumbles with happy sleepiness.

“Yes, it is a good morning,” you reply. “A very good morning.”