I can’t believe that I forgot that I’m actually a really brilliant writer which is shocking — especially since that was my  so called claim to fame — but I found an old archive of my old work and Im so impressed with myself.

I know a few of you have asked me to republish some of the hip hop articles I wrote in the past, if you’re still interested in reading them send me an ask with your email address. I might post them on here but just in case I don’t I’ll email it to you!

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I don't really know a lot about kpop. Do you think you could suggest some songs/groups maybe? Thanks!! (:

MMMM oh my god I’m really glad people are coming to me for kpop advice even though I just got into it all in November / v \;;;;

The groups I’m super into right now are EXO, BTS and SHINee (like I know all the members etc etc) 
Top 3 EXO songs I like:
My Lady (not a MV)

Top 3 BTS songs I like: 
War of Hormone
I Like It (not a MV)

Top 3 SHINee songs I like:
Dream Girl
Why so Serious?

tbh I like SHINee and BTS’ music and dance a lot more but EXO is just really charming

other songs I like: 

Humanoids ( ♥ ♥ ♥ )
Catch Me
(TVXQ has a SHIT ton of other songs I love their music is really good)

On and On
Error ( ♥ ♥ ♥ )

Taemin (SHINee):
Pretty Boy (ft. Kai from EXO bc they bffs)

EDIT: AlsO if you wanna get super crazy obsessed like me I highly recommend watching variety shows because it helps you get to know the members more anD THEY’RE JUST REALLY FUNNY AND CUTE 
I’ve watched EXO’s Showtime (12 eps it’s basically them just doing random things all the time) and BTS’ American Hustle Life (8 eps??? BTS go to LA to learn TRU HIP HOP SPIRIT) 
BTS also uploads random videos to their youtube you can watch the subs here SUPER FUNNY

i really hope no one is shocked that wwe used #GiveDivasAChance hype to their own advantage? they’re known to take other peoples ideas, and make it look like it was their creation and make it hella generic.

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(๏_๏) - I stalk your blog (∩ -∩ ) - I really like you(r blog)(° o °) - you shock me(^ 3 ^) - I want to kiss you (creo que la distancia no es problema XD) (>^ ▽^) > - I want to hug you(°Д°) - You scare me (me retas mucho) (・・;) - How did I end up here?(≧∇≦) - WE NEED RP SMUT ME YOU NAO

//no te reto lloron dfgh bueno si, poquito lsdfgnfg I love your blog too <3 Don’t touch me, toxic monkey-mun (?) -tackle hugs- <3 smuut but my net, I can’t RP sdfg

Today I helped an elderly woman at work by carrying her bag up and down the stairs to the store I work at. She was so grateful as she explained that she had an illness and she always had to count to three before carrying the bag just one step up or down. Just before she left she looked at me and told me she would keep me in her prayers tonight. Seeing her that happy about my small contribution to help her made me sad, because it was obvious that no one else offered to help her with her bag during the day. She was shocked when I offered to carry it. People should really be nicer.

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OH GOD I'M THE SAME. I really dislike dogs and everyone is always so shocked, it's as if I announced that I commited war crimes or something like that :l my boyfriend has dogs and they are okay but I just can't bond with them or anything?? I just don't really get it


i dont mind dogs from a distance omfg. like they can be cute!! or when im just visiting a friend with smallish dogs its not awful. but then theyre so smelly and loud and you have to walk them and deal with their poo and pissing on everything and they’re just so annoying im sorry give me cats any day

Dear Charlie,

I got really embarrassed yesterday because I had to go in with my mom to straighten out my college things. The guy that i think likes me was sitting RIGHT next to the main desk. I was embarrassed because i knew he saw me and being in the position in general was just embarrassing. After class he told his friend that he STILL wanted to ask me out at the right time. I was honestly really shocked because he is also a lot older then me (about 6 years older) and thought it would be immature of me. I don’t think i like him back, but it is really nice to be liked!

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Do you really think sarah will be in hotel I mean she's already in american crime story. I hope she is tho

Yes, I think she’ll be there, even in a really small role. I will be genuinely shocked if Sarah isn’t in season 5. It’s just like how I expected Evan to return; some people are just permanent fixtures in the franchise. I’m certain she’ll show up in ‘Hotel’ even if they have to pull something like they did for Lily in FS.

Alright, so the episode has me shaking!

This episode was gold! Pure gold! I honestly didn’t see it coming and am purely shocked. Like, when she went off to fight, all I was thinking was “oh god, oh god! NO!” and then she came back down and I was so happy! Until 20 seconds later where I was really shocked and actually it didn’t really sink in. But seriously- she has been saying the entire time of the alliance that she was there to save her people and that feelings were only weakness.

Yes, she recognized the feelings she has for Clarke and they aren’t gone obviously but she is there to rescue her people and she never said that her people included Clarke’s- only Clarke did that. While it is unfortunate, it’s true. Clarke is going to go in, guns blazing. This is a girl who will do anything for her people and that will never stop. Octavia will be with her and they will fuck that mountain up and I believe that.

Clarke and Lexa will do anything for their people because they are the leaders and if anyone questioned that- well, you really can’t now. Lexa will sacrifice her happiness for her people and that is a true leader, unfortunately. Lexa said to be a leader is to look in the eyes of your soldiers and say “go die for me.” But it is also to do anything to keep them safe.

I still ship Clexa and Bellarke, but I do not believe this is the end of Clexa by any means as long she survives the finale. I think Clarke, no matter how hurt and betrayed she feels, understands and she’ll see that Lexa saw the opportunity and took it to save her people no matter the cost- because while Clarke wouldn’t have made the deal, it would have been tempting.

If Lexa becomes a main character in anyway, I think her journey should be learning to accept the Sky People as hers, like Clarke did with the grounders.

Well, that is my view on the Clexa ordeal..


all the things i ship ★ april ludgate and andy dwyer

april, you are the most awesome person i have ever known in my entire life. i vow to protect you. from danger. and i don’t care if i have to fight an ultimate fighter, or a bear, or him. you’re mom. i would take them down. i’m getting mad right now even telling you. i wanna spend the rest of my life, every minute with you, and i am the luckiest man in the galaxy.


Cas making himself at home in the bunker

Cas coming home


Louis: Look!
Interviewer: Is that uh- did somebody kiss you there?
Louis: I gave him it.



Black Mirror is a British anthology series that focuses on how technology intersects with our lives and what kind of darkness can result from it. The show isn’t old people complaining about why modernity is bad, but just explores the darker side of our relationship with technology as it impacts our lives. Its very raw, very chilling, and incredibly honest. Though its basically a sci-fi, its set up to be incredibly close to how we’re living now. In certain episodes, you can practically see how the episode’s reality could be ours even tomorrow. Since each episode has a different cast, story, and setting, you don’t even need to watch them in order and you can skip any episode that makes you feel uncomfortable.

There are six episodes, with at least two more confirmed to be made this year. Robert Downey Jr. even expressed interest in making one of the episodes (The Entire History of You) into a film. There’s also an episode that features Hayley Atwell and Domhnall Gleeson, two tumblr favorites, in a story that’s been compared to the movie Her in terms of themes.

Since some of the episodes are more chilling and shocking than others, if you have any doubts or concerns about triggers, I welcome you to come to me and ask. I would be happy to let you know what triggers a certain episode may have so you know if you need to skip it. However the show has yet to do any of the usual triggers (rape, gratuitous violence, gore, drugs, etc) since it relies on raw reality to shock you. Most episodes aren’t scary like a horror movie (perhaps one I can think of is), so you don’t need to worry about any jump-shots or monsters or gore. Just really tense moments that have you holding your breath wondering what they’re going to do next.

Go forth and watch.