I think it’s interesting

When you go through a break up it’s a lot like starting a relationship with yourself, you have to learn to love yourself. There is no one else out there who’s going to care for you in that kind of way any more.

You spend more time on your own, than with a partner so you have to learn to put up with your own self more, without someone else to take your mind off certain problems.

Maybe one reason I’m not finding things so hard over my last break up is because my last relationship taught me to love myself more and over the past year I’ve grown up a lot.

I do love myself and I am so confident in myself as a person right now, more than ever before. I don’t need any significant other to tell me this cause I already know.

And this isn’t me saying I don’t ever need a man ever again, but I think break ups are easier if you love yourself and I know I made the right decision when breaking up with my ex.

If anyone bothered to read this I hope it made sense….

I would imagine that croach can sit motionless for hours on end when he has to but when he’s nervous, or what he would equate to being nervous, he’s very fidgety and has to do something with his hands.
Sometimes he folds paper, sometimes he does little weavings, but if he rely needs to take his mind of something he’ll do a bigger project. Knitting for example.

When I need to keep my mind off of things, I reblog and post on tumblr. It’s a good way to take a breather. tumblr is not good for procrastinators though.

Trust Issues

I’ve seen my therapist maybe three times in total now and already she’s been so lovely and made me realize so many of my issues.

My biggest being trust issues.

After an extended two hour session yesterday I realized that there is no one in my life who I am honest with and who actually knows anything about me. Like literally no one, everyone just has fragments of me, I feel like it’s that way for a lot of people, but with me it’s like tiny slivers of understanding with a lot of assumption tangled in.

I never realized what an issue that was until yesterday I want friends who know me and love me and enjoy doing normal things with me. I think a lot of my past issues with friends have been from drinking and drugs, and I need more people in my life who enjoy life without those things.

So last night I was helping a friend through a very tough time and he asked me to take his mind off of it, so I opened up to him about my job and just how secretive my life is, and he was so excepting and kind and didn’t bat an eyelash. It didn’t fucking matter to him and I just started sobbing because EVERY person I have told has had a negative reaction and he just said “it’s just your job hun, it doesn’t change what a great person you are”.

I love him for that, we were both there for each other through some rough stuff last night and I think that’s the most important part of friendship.

anonymous asked:

So I keep getting shut down by lesbians when I tell em I'm bisexual. Sometimes not even shut down, but disrespected. Or they question whether or not I actually like girls. What do I do? Is this a lesbian thing? It sucks. I can feel all the cute lesbians slipping through my fingers :(

Aghhh yeah. I know what you’re taking about and it pisses me off that girls are gonna shut you down bc of your sexuality. Isn’t that everything we stand for?? It makes me mad that there’s inequality within the gay community still, so as a lesbian, I apologize on behalf of other lesbians who need to be a bit more open-minded! Chin up, baby love. We’re not all like that xoxo

To anyone who’s scared because Markiplier is in the hospital:

It’s totally understandable for you to be scared. It’s a frightening situation with unknown factors involving someone who has a lot of people who love him, and certain recent events have definitely put folks on edge about the health of our heroes. I’ve been in this particular boat with my own family, so trust me, I get it. But it isn’t a hopeless situation, and we need to remember that.

Do your best to keep positive, okay? I know it’s hard, but you can do it. Take a bath, exercise, watch a movie, do something that will at least partially take your mind off things. And if you need a hug, I’m here.