and dreaming of a better day


you are the only exception 


warning: quote is happy but full song will give you all the feels (ALL OF THEM)

all i think about, dream about and basically want to do all day, every day for the rest of my life is re-live hanging out and eating sandwiches at 2 am with this majestic being. <3 (HERES THE STORY for you curious souls :] )


"She is so beautiful."


screen tones are hard i give up

"Well, once you win, you can’t be turned down, right?" says Dongwoo. 

"I don’t think that will help," Myungsoo replies sheepishly to the collective surprise of the audience. 

"And why wouldn’t it?" asks Dongwoo, "you’ll be hailed as a champion, second winner to ever come from your district. A hero even."

Myungsoo flushes, eyes gazing towards Sungyeol’s direction despite him being hidden from view. When he finally replies, he does so so quietly Sungyeol had to strain his ears to make it out. 

"It’s because he’s here with me."

Myungyeol Hunger Games AU (HBD SARAH!)

  • Cardboard Mansion
  • Kronuslampora
  • #yolol

Why Does my Music always Sound stuck-up and depressing? Anyway, here is another piece i Wrote, currently under the Name Cardboard Mansion, due to it being originally a piece for askcr33p3rnepeta. But it is too sad and depressing for the Cardboard Mansion Nepeta lives in. So for now, I have to figure out how to write Happier music.

listen // years in the making - the books, unbearable long casting, production and advertising, us fans have been through a lot together; here is a mix to get you excited for the remaining days (pft, as if you aren’t already excited lbr)! hey guys, it’s actually happening. // 1. magnetic - jesse j. // 2. start a riot - jetta // 3. people like us - kelly clarkson // 4. echelon - jack trummell // 5. geronimo -  aura dione // 6. club can’t handle me - david getta // 7. we come running - youngblood hawke // 8. counting stars - one republic // 9. good feeling - flo rida // 9. pompeii - bastille // 10. we found love - rihanna 


every ArthurxCobb domestic ever 1/?

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Characters: Karou (fanart credit x)

"Beyond merely pretty, her face was vibrantly alive, her gaze always luminous, and she had a birdlike way of cocking her head, her lips pressed together while her dark eyes danced, that hinted at secrets an mysteries."