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Prompt Call

My birthday is next week and I am celebrating it Hobbit style again.  Since I would like to actually post all prompts on the day of my birth this year, I’m going to do the first sentence meme.  Send me a first sentence and I will write the next five.  It is my thank you to all of you making the last year on tumblr such a good experience.

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1. Insecurity: my uneven eyelid jfc

2. fears: the dark, thunder, any bugs & people that are better looking than me

3. turn ons: that breath play thing.. like the hands around neck & hardcore baekyeol smut & jongin

4. life goals: becoming an air hostess, go to university, have the chance to meet jongin/exo, have lots of children & other stuff

5. things i like: exo, baekyeol smut, gogglebox, cheeky nandos, my hair

6. weaknesses: breath play, jongin in a suit, jongin’s lips, just jongin, exo - playboy (sekai ver), sehun’s ‘it’s you’ performance (jfc that was hot af)

7. things i love: my sister, my cat, my hair, jongin, all of exo, my even eyelid

i’ll tag nini-soo, jongbaeks, cumgodkai, yourbiaslikesitroughkaisoo-brownies and anyone else who wants to do it. ily all & you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to ok ♡♡


Tokyo Ghoul + Zodiac Signs → Cancer

↳  Emotion, Diplomatic, Intensity, Impulsive, Selective. Cancerians love home-life, family and domestic settings. They are traditionalists, and enjoy operating on a fundamental level.  The moon is their ruler, so they can be a bit of a contradiction and sometimes moody.  Cancerians make loyal, sympathetic friends. However Cancerians need alone time, and when they retreat, let them do so on their terms.



Billboard brings up a VERY interesting point!  Ellen was the host of the Oscar’s when she tweeted that picture, NPH is going to host this year and how can he NOT mention her tweet - and possibly try and top it?

I can easily imagine him bringing up the current #2 tweet as part of his host banter.

Which would be LEGEN -wait for it- DARY!!!

Captain Cobra

I’m rewatching the second part of the finale, cause you know reasons.

When Henry figures out that Hook has been turned into HookiePoo, a one-handed coward deckhand; he doesn’t get frustrated, he doesn’t discard Killian, he doesn’t ignore him and tries to bargain with Blackbeard to get to his mom.

He takes Killian’s side. He knocks Blackbeard out and convinces Hook that they can sail on their own. Everytime Hook hesitates, Henry never scoffs, he never sighs or shows frustration. He shows infinite patience, he thinks of loopholes so Hook is not uncomfortable (he knows Hook cannot fight so he comes up with the Wookie strategy). He takes him to his mom, knowing for sure that will be the way to shake Killian out of the character he’s been written into.

Henry knows that this is not the real Killian. And he shows him infinite patience and trusts him, never doubting that he can do it, even if he messes up.

And this is probably because that is how Killian treated him everytime they went sailing and Henry made a mistake and Hook never scoffed, never hesitated, never sighed but showed the lad infinite patience and confidence.  

(And this is probably because Killian himself experienced that when Liam taught him how to sail)

Alright everybody, I promised smut and fluff after PiP, so here be the smut. This is a continuation of a drabble series I started back on Halloween in which Katniss escapes dealing with her sort of an ex by making out with Peeta. Part 1 here, and Part 2 here. Part three continued below the cut because…well because of smut. ;-D

Many thanks to the fantastic abbythebear for her editing prowess and always hilarious comments. I really wish you guys could read some of the things she said on this one. I may post them later.

Happy reading!

Surfacing slowly from sleep, Katniss groans. She was having the most wonderful dream. The last remnants of it escape her grasp and she sighs. That’s when she notices something odd. Something heavy lies over her stomach, pinning her to the bed, and a cool breeze tickles across her bare shoulder.

Why is there a breeze in her bedroom?

Cracking her eyes, she checks her immediate surroundings. Cream curtains dance in the winter breeze and the stark morning light filters through the gauzy fabric. Katniss pulls the unfamiliar blue comforter up over her body and the loose shirt she’s wearing slips further, exposing some of her upper arm. The bed shifts beside her and the weight over her middle tugs her into a solid, warm body.

The previous night comes flooding back and she nearly leaps from the bed, but Peeta’s arm tightens around her, an iron band holding her to him. He mumbles something and she turns her head to look at him.

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Oh, well, these are acceptable, aren’t they.

(Incredibly tempted to correct Broadway World’s captions on the Enjolras-involved shots, of course; Colbourne is a darling but he’s so tremendously not Ash.)